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bon appetit yeet kitchen @KevGoshdarn Washington Heights, Manhattan

playwright, performance artist, gay cousin || official martin short: fame becomes me fan account || amy sedaris connoisseur || insta: @kevgoshdarn || he/him/his

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My First Lady. @janeosanders keeping it real AF on a ladder. ❤️
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen @juju_hansen but one of us is supposed to be running the half marathon in 3 weeks! this is awful!
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen @alextobey1 Here to reiterate that while I see what it was doing and understand its dramaturgy, yes, it was too long and too loud!Bernie’s gonna show up on the trail tomorrow looking thirty years old and wearing a necklace that no one’s allowed…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchenmy new fucking kink is to be compressed like this makes me want to eat uranium so fucking bad. Literally what would happen if I had this many calories. That sou…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen @theruraljuror_ so blessed we were given this musical 10 gorgeous years agoHonestly the worst part of this all is that I was in a well-populated area of Riverside Park when I went down and n…! 5 miles into my 10-miler I twisted my ankle pretty damn badly. Hobbled to the subway. My foot can still bear… is not acceptable for Americans to need two or three jobs to put food on the table. It's not acceptable that ha…
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@Coreyblaketodd 🤪🥴🥵😈 @McHenryJD @joeycsims me but about GABBY BEANSsunday: just saw a woman weeping in front of the Leonard Bernstein plaque affixed to the front of the building where he livedwriting a gay play about vincent van gogh that this is getting so much positive traction. what world are we living in where any of this is funny or o… @brianbrownbear ok im listeningsugar... sugar... sugar, butter... sugar, butter, Who Signs Off On Debate Questions⁉️They’re🎁🎁4 trump.trump’s 70% A… @MariaRJH EXTREE EXTREE!Attack on Rue Plumet (Thunderpuss Remix) @jamesholod @mischabreslin This tweet made me GLAD they rejected me!!!tfw gigi drags jakey’s fun about this asinine Bryan Hawn iTunes nonsense that’s come into the discourse for some reason is that I b… hey @PeteButtigieg, try to not be so smug when you just got your ass kicked. You know how we form a winning coa…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchenShe’s playing a chair?
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchencan you imagine what it must have been like to be in the room the first time the cast of A Little Night Music sang… @shaneisland @housingworks You’ve met me, and you’re calling me a liar? Fuck you!this is a fitness account for the next 3 weeks. 22 days until race. 2 12-milers, 3 10-milers, 5 8-milers, and 5 10k…
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Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchenI’m listening to the score to Stranger Things :-) @georgiemorvis Shirley Temple :-)Edie, an LA icon, is afraid of rain.
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen1/ I am FURIOUS right now. @MikeBloomberg needs to take down this ad IMMEDIATELY. Read the thread I'm about to make…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen#hotboysforbloomberg
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchenOverheard in SoHo re: the Museum of Ice Cream: “It’s an actual museum” @dare_iicckk HmmmPete Buttigieg is the human equivalent of Bandstand the musical
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchenI'd be delighted to vote for @ewarren or @BernieSanders and I'm fine to vote for the others (except Bloomberg). Eli…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen @ashtonevans one of the worst dates i ever went on revolved entirely around the Brussels sprouts at rosemary’s, they are so fucking goodpiñata horsepowerare we not considering that this gay icon is a one-eyed one-horned flyin’ purple people eater @MildlyBitter @MsLizRK man oh man you are missing out, we gotta get you to galaxy at 157th/bway for a chopped cheese and a seltzer!!!!!!!!! @MsLizRK @MildlyBitter WHAT IS A CHOPPED CHEESE NICOLE WOW THIS IS SHOCKINGI'm #BlueNoMatterWho and favor @ewarren among the candidates. But all Dems need to work to stop the misleading nar…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen @brianbrownbear on my way @georgiemorvis @joeadamblah georgie ain’t never earnest!!!!!!!!!!!
people are dying from rationing insulin
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen🧚‍♀️
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchenI hate everyone
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen @alextobey1 alexthis one toothe two subway rats i saw making love last week are more new york to me than the vessel in hudson yards will ever be
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchendidn’t get the job i interviewed for, let’s at least get this viralgoofy in Hamilton be like “raise a glawrss to freedom”
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen @nickb1017 @McHenryJD Hey, Buck! @nickb1017 @McHenryJD Matthew BroderfistmeDuring Wednesday’s debate, @PeteButtigieg described Bernie Sanders as cultivating a “uniquely” toxic support base o…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchenI discovered something utterly horrifying about the new Harrison Ford movie and I feel compelled to share it all wi…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen @dare_iicckk Maybe you’re the one farting, ever think about thatcompletely insane to me that an organizer i really respected on progressive queer campaigns here in the city has s… that’s it?????? I thought they sing Lady MarmaladeAlan Cummings’s presence in this movie is lowkey disconcertingthis stage in this club is a different size in every scenenot this goth clown putting his fingers underneath xtina’s chin to lift her eyes to histhe wigs in this movie are unforgivableI hope Xtina got a frikkin cut of the sale that she gave Cher the idea for??????what the fuckAIR RIGHTS??????? THIS STUPID MOVIE IS ABOUT AIR RIGHTS?????????how did Xtina not realize Stanley Tucci is gay??? is she not familiar with his oeuvre where he plays all characters who read as gay????QUINN FABRAY?!is the plot of this movie a slow burn towards saving the club before xtina ultimately leaves town? what the hell“Well, it’s official, you’re definitely not gay” ????????????????????????????? xtina, you have him draped in she… is the longest movie i have ever seenHE PUT ON JEANS?! AFTER ALL THAT?!this is the worst seduction i have ever seen, this guy has NO game, is he really gonna kiss her with famous amos mouththe makeup on the men in this movie is AWFULthis movie is a low-stakes SHOWGIRLSdoing research on stanley tucci and i came across this stunning gem did not know how many memes I know so well are from this stupid stupid moviehow the duck have i never seen this film, i am in heavenWAGON WHEEL WATUSIKristen Bell serving major Frances Ruffelle in the 90s vibes @CallmeDdawg @Paigey_Mac we couldn’t even get through half of the first episode!!!!I am watching Burlesque for the first timelove is blind is unwatchableWhen my mom died, the hospital bill was 300 thousand dollars for a single 36 hour span. The healthcare industry and…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchenI’m sorry but this is SENDING me. The racist audience cheered for “what happened to Gone With the Wind” but then wa…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchenjust a fat triangle, no the start and the end of last night's debate, Bloomberg made Bernie's entire net worth just in interest.
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchenok drag me were given Shrek: the Musical 10 years agodamn Tati didn’t have to go off on James THIS hard 😳😭
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen @jamesholod you worked HARD today and deserve a TREATI’m not a Klobuchar fan, but that smug look of superiority has nothing to do with him being gay and everything to d…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchen @Karchswag back already? @nickb1017 TEXT ME IMMEDIATELY AFTER
Last week it was “Warren disappeared in the debate”. This week it’s “Warren was mean/nasty.” The double standard is…
Retweeted by bon appetit yeet kitchenI LOVE KATY KEENE SO MUCH