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Now we know that the vivacious @weevic1 is the first to join @keviclifton and @joanneclifton on the Burn The Floor…
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Hey guys. Id love to😀. My agents email is in my bio. Just tell him i said yes and we’ll sort it out👍 liked @keviclifton podcast with the absolute legend @TommyFranzen . So interesting, and great podcast to start the half term.👍
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton @keviclifton @ZooNationUK Loved the kept me company during the night as I’m laid up with a damaged kn…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonSo walking home from picking my boys up from school and my 9 year old tells me what the school have been learning t…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonHa yeah i read that too🤷🏻‍♂️😂 @keviclifton @ZooNationUK I really enjoy your podcasts, but this one was really special cos I saw Tommy perform on…
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton @keviclifton loved the latest podcast, it was extra special cos I saw Tommy on Friday in SomeLikeiyHipHop. He was b…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonThank you @keviclifton for a really interesting podcast episode with @TommyFranzen to hear his story of how he star…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonIf you do one thing today, make sure it's giving this superb #podcast a listen! And if you love @TommyFranzen as mu…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonI need help... I was up until 4am listening to @keviclifton podcasts and I’m absolutely fucked😫😂💪🏽
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonThis totally made me cry. Thank u ♥️😂😂😂 @keviclifton new podcast is getting me through my gym sesh! Loving it 🙌🏼👏🏼
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonNew podcast episode available. Wicked interview with Tommy Franzen one of the best dancers/choreographers i know an… it is 3.40am Currently listening to the Kevin Clifton show @keviclifton ❤️ best part of my Monday even this early 😂
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We are SO excited about this... ‼️Don't forget ‼️We will begin to announce our WORLD CLASS cast from Tuesday at 3p…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonTUESDAY 3pm (GMT)- Our UK 2020 Cast will begin to be announced! Who’s your guess on who’s touring with @keviclifton
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I like to watch the dances live from the balcony rather than stand near the cameras and screens CLIFTON is back with the BURN THE FLOOR cast on Sunday 12 April…& this time @keviclifton will be joined by hi…
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton🔥THE ULTIMATE BATTLE 🔥 Clifton VS Clifton, with worldclass dance production, BURN THE FLOOR... This is going to be…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonAnyone in the entertainment industry, whether you’re a performer or behind the scenes, needs to listen to @keviclifton’s podcast
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton‼️TUESDAY 3PM ‼️ We will begin announcing our cast of the Burn The Floor UK 2020 Tour... Keep your eyes peeled 👀…
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton🤓♥️
Yes yes yesss!!! Meet & Greet tickets booked to see the amazing dancers that are @joanneclifton @keviclifton in Yor…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonIm busy on tour with @OfficialBTF so had to decline x to hear♥️ u. Glad ur enjoying ♥️ Williams @robbiewilliams
Im so glad @keviclifton @OfficialBTF But saying your snubbed from the tour makes much better headlines then "Kevin wont be on…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonYes to both♥️!!!! Ok everyone what do u want me to ask @MOTSI_MABUSE ?Ive known her for years right back from when we use… on twitter understands im already on tour w @OfficialBTF , so cant do the pro tour. Not one ‘journalist’ f… Thursday to when @keviclifton wonder women with @StaceyDooley and @SusanCalman. @ZoeTheBall
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonBig up the @keviclifton podcast! Really connect with this one!🧡💭 ➡️ 2016, Started teacher training ➡️ 2017, Nearl…
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton @MOTSI_MABUSE @keviclifton has a brilliant podcast!
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton @keviclifton Loved the last one about growth mindset, really interesting listen 👍
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton @keviclifton Excellent podcasts Kevin have listened to them’re so missed on Strictly though, hope you’re back next year 🤞
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton @keviclifton Loved your podcast, so very honest & good to hear the lows alongside the glittery highs. X
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonHmmmm or maybe it’s because he’s going on tour with the PHENOMENAL @OfficialBTF with his insanely talented sister…
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton♥️ @PresNi92 @MirrorCeleb 🤷🏻‍♂️ @keviclifton loved the latest podcast once again.... so very interesting... thank you 🥰
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonU not listening to my podcast yet motsi? Come and be a guest on it♥️😀 your ears around the dulcet tones of Miss @StaceyDooley x
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonForgot my research folder today so instead of sitting here and doing nothing I’ve finally got the chance to listen…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonWho came to see Burn The Floor on the 2019 UK Tour? It was a 5 STAR spectacular hit ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐... But guess what? You c…
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Much to be gleaned from this. Particularly if you're a writer, crosses genres. Excellent.
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonGot to say a big thanks to @keviclifton for his inspiring podcasts. I’ve been going through a really bad time late…
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton♥️ u x mate are SO excited for the UK tour of Burn The Floor next year! Brother and sister duo, Kevin and Joanne Clifton, wi…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonSometimes I watch @SusanCalman and @keviclifton's dances on YouTube to make me feel good. They are the best. #BringMeSunshine
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Absolutely loving the new @keviclifton podcast. If you haven’t listened to it give it a listen it is amazing not ju…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonThe Kevin Clifton Show♥️ Don’t worry what anyone else thinks. Go out and be you♥️ episode available of my podcast. ‘Fixed vs Growth mindset in the face of a setback’ Discussing how we deal with…
Thanks wonder woman😀😀😀😀 partner. We’ll always have the waltz♥️’t wait for 2020. Best one yet! mate🤓 Brawler!!!!!!!!!!! 😀👊 u so much for making this♥️ u that really means a lot♥️
TWO CLIFTONS with the sensational BURN THE FLOOR 🔥😮 This is not one to miss! Get your tickets at…
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😂 Motsi. Ps, you are an AWESOME judge. Such an exciting addition to the @bbcstrictly family👏♥️ Strictly Champion 'King Kev' was eliminated from the competition last week. If you're going to miss Kevin,…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonSo sad to see @keviclifton leave #Strictly over the weekend. Made all the easier however by knowing we get to see K…
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton♥️ u Wonder Woman♥️ course its not true. Just standard tabloid nonsense looking for engagement through clickbait as usual. I dont ev…
Sad reigning Strictly Champion 'King Kev' @keviclifton was eliminated? If you'll miss him on the show you can see h…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonComing from someone who always thinks everyone is talking about me I couldnt relate to @keviclifton podcasts anymor…
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton♥️'ve been with @keviclifton on my commute so far this week... his podcasts are insightful and real. I'll be catching the rest of them 🙂
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonNo idea🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Tell me about it!!! recorded the latest one. Schedule wouldnt quite allow@for@a release this monday. The next one is entitled ‘Fix…‼️NEW DATES ADDED! ‼️ Don't miss your chance to see world class @OfficialBTF with @keviclifton and his talented si…
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"I really have discovered the joy of dance." And it's been a joy watching you every week @AnnekaRice and…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonLast night we found out that @keviclifton won't be lifting the 2019 Glitterball Trophy 😔.... However, the GOOD NEWS…
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♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ u @AnnekaRice for a lovely few weeks. You worked so hard and in a short space of time started dancing with yo… routine from my ridiculously talented flatmate @TommyFranzen, stickography and stunts. There's no unfinished business in @AnnekaRice and @keviclifton's Charleston.…
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Wrong movie kev😂
Did you see Strictly favourite, King Kev, on It Takes Two tonight? 👑 We just love his partnership with Anneka AND…
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My two new favourite podcasts @keviclifton #TheKevinCliftonShow and @Cparks1976 #TheTwoShopPodcast
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton @StaceyDooley @keviclifton ... well you’re both quite e x t r a 🤣👑 💁🏼‍♀️ 🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♀️ (never EVER change) 💕
Retweeted by Kevin Clifton🔥 More #Strictly News! 🔥 Get ready for an epic showdown as @keviclifton joins forces with @joanneclifton! Book you…
Retweeted by Kevin CliftonHolidaying soon so downloading @keviclifton podcasts to listen to while I am away 🚢☀️🍹
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