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Author of the Iron Druid Chronicles and the Seven Kennings trilogy, co-author of the Tales of Pell. Likes tacos & despises fascism. He/him.

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@ConfusedLinnet Thanks so much! @BBolander I just kinda figured recently that I *average* 15k a month but yeah, often fall short is that.
@fullcircleokc Thanks for having me! Your store is wonderful.#amreading Blight of Blackwings by @KevinHearne I am in awe of the cleverness of this presentation. Having all th…
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Thanks for reading! Thong looks great @ZaneINC Hot yellow thong tho, highest quality. He can’t swim in those heavy robesBaby Yoda is packing for the beach. Thong is gonna look pretty good I bet really is required viewing.
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @GiantTourtiere My god where is this article? I mean regular hippos are already deadly af. I can only imagine the h… @GiantTourtiere Are the cocaine hippos available locally or do we have to get them shipped and pay customs tax @sadiecrandle He wings it! And thanks so much!Revisions on a manuscript this morning. Hoping to catch BIRDS OF PREY later. Hope you have a spiffy Sunday. @ghostfinder Oh cool! Did you like? @ChuckWendig Bloomberg: 12 billion! Mmm, mine all mine. Warren: 12 billion! Here ya go, everybody @Xenorye Thanks kindly. It was awesome to meet you too—thanks so much for taking the trouble to come say hi! Full C… @tpaulschulte923 Thanks for reading. @peripateticmeg It is a hopeful example, isn’t it? A career change for him, but still creative, and it’s finding it… RASTRUM is a multi-nibbed pen used to draw the five lines of a musical stave simultaneously. It literally means ‘…
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@rorecsama I didn’t check the release dates but I did find a couple that were new to me, yeah. They were under my r… @BBolander @JohnTibbetts2 I like the guest singers too. I put his stuff on shuffle today and it’s this really happy sort of chill @lacerys Yep he is @JohnTibbetts2 There are quite a few nowI like how Steve Martin just keeps quietly releasing banjo albums @HeyLuckyAnnie Aww! Thanks Annie!That’s not the job for me, but Senator Warren would be super duper great at it. (Also yay, thank you for reading!) library's address stamp landed in an interesting place on the map for A Plague of Giants. I give you, the sunken…
Retweeted by Kevin HearneWell, this was fun.
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @ThomasBurkhartB Oh yeah, for sure. The Seven Kennings is a trilogy. Next book finishes it up. @ThomasBurkhartB Thanks! For series, I know some vague bits about the middle and the end, and these become sharper… thou art in London or cool with getting books shipped from there, you have a spiffy shop that deserves support.… @kevin_strine @JGurley43 Well, I like writing them all. But Hanima is a particular favorite. @JGurley43 Yeah, Hanima and Gondel Vedd are pretty fun for me.A BLIGHT OF BLACKWINGS is the unforgettable sequel to A PLAGUE OF GIANTS by NEW YORK TIMES bestseller @KevinHearne …
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@HeckSpawn That sounds awesome! @ShelleyDarrah Yay on both counts! @alwayscoffee *fist bump* Glad you’re feeling better! @xenon_marina There are no laws regarding the cleanliness of one’s laundry I mean besides the judging glares of st… @xenon_marina Excellent! @abrashattitude1 You clearly know how to weekend @alwayscoffee That is an exercise I also struggle with but I did mine today too. @colohockeygirl Nice! @CactusCorps Very sorry about the funeral; hope the rest goes well @felisconcolori @ZaneINC Oh! I probably will at some point when I am drafting; at the moment I am revising and word count challenge… @sadieros Best of luck on all counts! @TexanCaveMan I am doing the three things listed, alas!Whatcha got planned this weekend? Reading something spiffy? Writing something rad? Working on strengthening your co… good overview of how we got to this point too: Who’s Profiting From Your Outrageous Medical Bills?
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @Veronica Petting doggies *is* productive! Your productivity has soared! @Uman2631 Pentel EnerGel, medium tip.When you want to buy a ticket and the ticket empire site doesn’t work so you call and they say use the website haha… @ChuckWendig Holy forking shirtballs that is rad my friendSUPERMAN: my nemesis is a billionaire who uses his riches to pursue his personal vendettas instead of helping peopl…
Retweeted by Kevin HearneFinally a purpose for the internet
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @JamesMendur Horse is innocent! Don’t even need to read the article @BrianKipper Still not the horse’s fault @Gryff713 @luckylukeekul He will be. Fear not. @veritopathy Yeah I think that’s itI find these videos both inspiring and informative and boy is that a million miles from the current occupant of the…
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @sblackmoore I don’t know, man. No matter what you do, the horse you rode in on should be exempt from all blame. Ev… sometimes get mad at other folks and tell those folks what to do, but then they lump in the horse they rode…! @xMPoly Kind of you—thanks so much for reading. I am writing more stuff as fast as I can!First, yay! Thank you, and I agree that Luke and Xe are amazing narrators! But those epics take at least a year t…
@Anamuk Gonna steal thoseAnd lo, the snö fell In a white pointillist blanket And Winter spake unto me And said “Verily, Cry farewell To y… @jayewells -26 Celsius here tonight. Awww yeaaahhh @JoscMonster @DelReyBooks anything we can do? @JoscMonster Egad, thanks.That Green Knight movie trailer going around? Super excited to see the show. Because I am into Green Knight stories… @i_like_skulls Yeah I am so ready for this @mightymur Yay! This is great news indeed! @TC_BB1201 @penguinrandom @UPS Oh no! I am so sorry! Not sure what @DelReyBooks can do—replacing the pin is rough,… @GraceFranzen Looks great!! And thank you! @ChuckWendig @erinmorgenstern @Planetpinto @DelilahSDawson @malloryomeara Ohhhh very nice Tell me about the fox t…
So glad folks are digging it. Thanks for reading & listening we did a good job and made it through Wednesday this pic of my dog with one contented and one panicked eye perfectly sums up 2020 so far @anni_pg Thank you! And happy creating!you just know that there's a train coming & one of them's about to roll the other on to the tracks & the train sepa…
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @renegadepoet22 But I do? I know the story’s getting better so I like it.After a week away from anything resembling a manuscript, I am back at it, having received notes for my sci-fi novel… n? I have no idea what happened there. YeeshAustralian and New Zealand peeps, I’ll be at Armageddon life n Wellington over Easter weekend. Hope to see you ther… morning from Mugg and Happy Toast you’ve been away and all the pets want pets before bed knife that turns anything it cuts into cake
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @jayewells @CohortVIIIGames I like all your tweets Jaye but I like this one the moist
@BookFilmAndTV1 No current plans, alas. @BNLittleRock It was delightful to visit! Thanks for having me! @EatRead That *is* Storm Crow btw @EatRead Please see my feed from last night. It’s all Storm CrowWhen USB-C ports were first invented, they were enormous. Thankfully technological advances have reduced them in si…
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @matociquala Heck yes @DanPopomatic It’s basically a delicious lemon drop and you get to keep the shot glass.I bought three different bags of beans from @cartelcoffeelab while I was in AZ. Time to open one. @jcvjonathan Storm Crow Manor in Toronto @plhamor817 An acquaintance