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Author of the Iron Druid Chronicles and the Seven Kennings trilogy, co-author of the Tales of Pell. Likes tacos & despises fascism.

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@tithenai THOSE BASTARDS @tithenai WHAT HAPPENED @casskhaw Think of all the unbearably cute grazing! I have seen sheared koala sheep though, and they are unpretty… @casskhaw Here is a koala sheep Butts and Where to Find Them: A Thread This thread is remarkably not safe for work. You've been warned!…
Retweeted by Kevin HearneToronto peeps, this is all full of awesome. morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'misprision'
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I’m listening
Retweeted by Kevin HearneYou should try.’all gotta see this cake @HooperAmyK Cheers! Thanks so much for reading!YOU’RE DELIGHTFUL FRANK @DarioOrs @DelilahSDawson @DelReyBooks @TerryBrooks They’re available in North America in ebook.This turtle was warming up on the asphalt of the waterfront bike path and was kind enough to smile for their pictur… is another Great Blue Heron a short bike ride away from the other one, and you can see they have a wee fishie… is a Great Blue Heron I watched for a while. They went fishing a bit far out for me to catch anything, but cam… the Great Egret thought it was time to go fishing and flew a short distance to seek a snack. 6/“Aahhhh yeah right there by my eye, sometimes the mud dries and cracks at the top of the beak and itches, you gotta… dignified individual is a Great Egret. You wouldn’t know it to look at them, but they have an itch they gotta… scopes out the situation before dropping down to the feeder. The situation: FREE SEEDS, NO CATS. 3/ Cardinal came by too; he likes seedy places like mine. Hoping the missing bits in his plumage represent molt… I went to a bird sanctuary—protected land, basically—and also caught some pics at my backyard feeder, lik… you like: * Pratchett-esque humor * mouthy goats * Fantasy tropes flipped on their noggins * the works of…
Retweeted by Kevin HearneWe are missing the point if this story becomes about Justin Trudeau being unveiled as "a racist". Here is an opport…
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @LeeshaHannigan @ChuckWendig @MykeCole @wallrike It’s time we put the Myke back in Christmas @ChuckWendig @MykeCole @LeeshaHannigan @wallrike Ah, the Jesus Myke Musical. That was a good one. My neighbor had that @ChuckWendig @MykeCole @LeeshaHannigan @wallrike Is that a Jesus Myke portrait like we used to have on our living room walls as kids @Richard_Kadrey Would be a pretty rad Halloween costume @MarciaL683 Very welcome
@JamesMendur Yep. Lower risk than being around their parents on a full moon @BadAstronomer @dduane Well I just wanted to know why he thought lasers were widely available He was advising me…’re thrilled that so many of you love our #PenguinIntern video, but it’s been brought to our attention that some…
Retweeted by Kevin HearneCarry a laser down the road that I must travel Carry a laser through the darkness of the night Carry a laser whe… real penguin “interned” at our book distribution center! Thanks to @MarylandZoo for letting us borrow one of thei…
Retweeted by Kevin HearneHALLO NECTAR FRAND Beautiful day at the bird sanctuary. We took our bikes this time and got to see a bunch of her…! @KevinHearne & @DelilahSDawson's newest Tales of Pell story, THE PRINCESS BEARD is just a few weeks…
Retweeted by Kevin HearneSafe to say that @DelReyBooks is currently the heavyweight of my TBR! Because, well, these books are damn heavy. My…
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @PVBrett @nukem83 Let’s get a wolfhound and a bottle of whiskey and disappear. Or: check out the Insta account livi… back to the bird sanctuary today. This time we’re taking bikes so we can see more stuff. Heard there’s an o… @meccalynette Cheers! @_PaolaCrespo Thank you for thisu can’t touch this - mc hammer
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @fran_wilde If they impeached a dude I bet they could pass around a hat and make millions @fran_wilde We could give them a groupon
@NotLikeFreddy You inspire glee in so many ways. I have really been enjoying that account that does little conversations with the characters @NotLikeFreddy Hee hee @nmitchum1982 Those are often at hobby stores/game stores. Or you can find figures and paints online.ESCAPE FIXED IT OH MY GOD WHY WOULD THEY SET A TRAP LIKE THAT WHAT IF THERE WAS NO ESCAPE folks: I was working on a thingie and the whole canvas rotated. I don’t know why and I can’t get it to go… @darclauz Is it odd for me, though? @homebird_rebel Probably if it’s mixed in a drink with extra ingredients, yeah. The addition of syrups and herbs and such! @jblack823 @sjwthehacker It’s going well. The Princess Beard is out Oct. 8; A Blight of Blackwings (sequel to A Plague of Gian… @jblack823 I haven’t but everybody I know who has tried has raves about it so that’s probably a solid choice. @JamesMendur @MerriamWebster It’s used as a singular pronoun when referring to a person so it would be they see. @jblack823 Yeah, it’s a Canadian gin and not available everywhere yet. I can’t get it in my town either—I got this… @sjwthehacker Photo is from 2012. @PoorRobin If you just google Brno and go to their tourism site they have it pictured. It is supposed to be a clock… @KatWithSword It is amazing. It is *supposed* to be a celestial clock. But Kat. That is not a clock. That is. Not.… Glorious and uplifting. I feel as alive and awestruck as the day, pictured here, when I visited a city squ… done! 4/ the first wee pour to let it bloom and it poufed up so nicely. CHEMEX INCOMING! 3/ These were prepared with a red honey process. I don’t know what that means except that there were bees invol… some new coffee beans this morning, which were grown on the side of a volcano that may or may not also be th… be clear, “they” as a singular pronoun was already in the dictionary and in very common use (since the 1300s). T…
Retweeted by Kevin HearneThe nonbinary pronoun 'they' has been added to the dictionary.
Retweeted by Kevin HearneRIOTS NOT DIETS. MÖÖÖÖÖÖ.
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @Greg__Fleming @Chad_Ribarich Yes, promo copy. :)
@Brandon0711 Thanks—I did write more! Seek ye Death & Honey and First Dangle. Both take place after Scourged. @cocopaforever @SubPress It was a giveaway through my newsletter—free, in fact, and not an actual raffle.Seeing folks get their goodies is so cool. Those @SubPress hardcovers are gorgeous. Just saw the art for TRICKED an… @allendmarsh Very welcome! @kacealexander Verra niceOmg what a cute helpful little dude! For those who do not yet know the wonder of Levi bread: Gin—and some others like it—use a botanical called Asian pea berry that reacts to a change in the pH balanc… tonic to Empress Gin was @DelilahSDawson (and @KevinHearne) day in my mail yesterday! You know I dove into #StarWars
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @RobinWolfraim Alas, I don’t know when!Awww! Three Frankfurters Man blew himself up! Such a waste. But lookit this! Aang agrees to allow Zuko to teach hi…, in this frame they’re back. I think that was just a continuity error in the animation. Unless the frankfurter… SHIT HE’S BACK BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE THREE FRANKFURTERS ON HIS FOREHEAD i think we all know but were they… says hi! And Appa licks him! And Appa’s tongue is basically the size of Zuko! Imagine being licked by a six-… IS THIS THING IS IT A BADGER TOAD IS HIS NAME SOLOMON TOADY let’s go with that I love the critters so muc…’ve all had days like this Days where we feel defeated So we trudge Trudge with our sky bison and flying lem… action sequence with Fire Nation zeppelins as the heroes gotta bail and regroup. The delay ran out the clock on… @Myshade1973 Yay!!Azula delays to keep our heroes away from the fire lord and I love this moment where she leaps over Sokka in slow-m… Fire Lord is hiding in an underground bunker past a lake of lava, so Aang, Sokka, and Toph fly over it and Toph…
Noooo! DO NOT HURT THE WATER TRIBE GUERILLA JUSTICE DAD WHO LOVES HIS KIDS 184/ HOPS ON THE HORNS FOR GLORY! Seriously that is a highlight reel move there. Agility class: Legolas 183/ witness the power of this armored and FULLY SUBMERSIBLE SKY BISON!! 182/ to stop watching Avatar last night right before the big battle so let’s get back to that eh?Folks are getting their goodies from my big giveaway last month and that is rad. Even more rad is that I have room… again shall “Monday” be a scourge unto mankind, but henceforth shall be a day to rejoice and be glad, for on…
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @JennMcKinlay Awww! Give Otto scritches for me! And enjoy the heck out of your delightful goth fest.The amazing @luckylukeekul is recording the audiobook now and reportedly having a blast with the parrot pirate capt…! I wrote a song inspired by “Kill the Farm Boy” (written by @DelilahSDawson @KevinHearne @DelReyBooks) for my n…
Retweeted by Kevin Hearne @ChuckWendig They got this guy too. Red delicious apples kill goat ranchers, basically @ChuckWendig You saw that one goat spit at a dude for just *suggesting* a diet of red delicious apples, right? @ChuckWendig See there, red delicious will eff you up. This goat kid (in)famously got pretty mad about being given…