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Illustrator with a green thumb. Working on #botanicatarot, curator of projects like #1001Knights & #BurlandFur, repped by @jessicamileo. He/him

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@SerenaMalyon HONESTLY though.I made this in blender lol
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨Some Kirbys for your soul 🌟
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @FlanCortes BLESS these Kirbys. What an angel!Are there any animation professionals possibly available to mentor someone with story development/pitching ? Asking for friend👀
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @civetravn Ah it wouldn’t be for a while I’m sure! @EthanMAldridge I WAS GONNA SAY - I clearly need to play a gnoll at some point!! @EthanMAldridge I know everyone is obsessed, but so am I - the gnoll!! What a friendly pal! @maruti_bitamin Oh my goodness!!
@Trungles How COULD you? (I'll text you) @onelemonylime Haha I will, it wont be for a while! (But when I tell you the idea I think you’ll be like “that’s perfect, ugh”) @onelemonylime I KNOW, I’m barely outta the trenches!!I FULLY blame @Trungles for causing this because he's starting another deck, but something just clicked for expandi… @boycameron I totally feel that! I really wanna like... magically jump to the stage where comics are drawn more qui… @boycameron YES, me too!Today's your last day to support this campaign! Our next stretch goal is a bonus for staff and contributors for t…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨Gonna be working on a new wallpaper soon too, if you wanna join me over there!! Just got the hard proofs for the most recent batch of Patreon postcards (and exclusive gold version backi… @shannondrewthis Haha nooooooooo... (but also I get it!) @shannondrewthis @varianjohnson Yeah I think B&N is shipping them early! Or it's because I preordered a few months… can get a copy now on B&N now, or preorder on Bookshop!!! My copy of TWINS by @shannondrewthis & @varianjohnson is here, and I can’t wait to read it!! @celineorelse @reimenayee The amount of intuitive input and customization while keeping as much plain text feel as… @reimenayee Haha, I'm learning SO MUCH from you and I really appreciate it!!Oh no, @reimenayee introduced me to Notion and then also to notiontwt and now I'm like... what if I spent a week or… @rah_ciach Yesss! The Final Chicken!!Really enjoy looking at cartoon show’s styles guides so decided to make my own for practice! 🤓✨
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @abellehayford The “I can break my own rules” is one of the hardest lessons I had to learn a few times!! So important!So thanks for the love and support an here it is my original video same as all going around but yes thanks for the…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨
@aleks_sennwald These animations are so wonderful!Drinking bubble tea on a rainy day ☔️
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨Finishing up this commission today! @sweetnfat Thank you! @dashiellsilva It’s so nice to see this again! So beautiful!A teeming ocean of pastoral wilderness envelops the towering beast of stone and iron.
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @AMoodyBun 🙏haha I’m glad and I’m sorry @joy_ang Yeahhhhhhh... I thought it was a driver thing because that’s been the case like... 4 times this year. But… @vasarru I am, as they say, a doofusAlso a note - I can only offer this in the US right now, sorry. (Phytosanitary certificates for international plant…, follow up question! For those who said yes, would you prefer: 1. A new Patreon tier where I ship new seeds an… all morning reinstalling and updating drivers on my tablet only to find out... I'd unplugged the input when I… @Scurvy_Dan Honestly I think it’s more a Wacom issue. I love my setup and my tablet but........ the mobilestudio ca… @unbefreakin Yup, did this research when I was living abroad. Should’ve been more clear that this would have to be for US dwellers for now! @killswitchkatie I'm seeing a lotta people in the comments saying that she's been hacked like this before? I hope t… @yoshisquared @Trungles I’m glad you said something. When are we scheduling the intervention? @lucchedonzi Let me have this, Daniel!! @_sheenas_ @victoriaying Thank you! The two pieces above are drawn in Posca and gel pen (for details) @Linken_log Hehehe thanks Lizzie! @conor_draws Thanks Conor! @VioletSorciere Haha yeah it’d hafta be *basically anything but ferns(I sorta wanna call this OnlyFerns™️ except I wanna do more than just ferns)Right now, I have a five bromeliad pups, two cuttings of tradescantia pallida, and could take a bunch of hoya cutti… seeds this week has me thinking again about doing some kind of semi-regular subscription box thing where…
@jeluto_ Me toooo, and this is such a great, subtle piece of fanart for it!! Well done! @jeluto_ Omg the Jojo poster!! So beautiful!Another boost for this! I think we’ll be making little flower cards like these! @Trungles Yes yes yes!! It looks so good! @lizmytinger Amazing, well done!! @nimasprout @lizmytinger They are finicky until you figure them out (and I think I’ve at least figured out tricks f… @lizmytinger If they’re white/green and firm, everything is good! You can spritz them while you water the pot too,… @lizmytinger I’d check on the roots in the pot - if they’re mushy and brown, that means the latter, and you’re goin… @lizmytinger Aerial roots growing outta the pot like this could be two reasons I think - the plant is so happy that… @reimenayee At this point I’m just following your geniusness!!! And I love it! @reimenayee DONT DO THIS TO ME @carmiico These are so cute!! I loved seeing your mushroom berets from a while ago, but... I may have to get one of these pumpkin caps!Hello #LatinxsCreate/#LatinesCreate! I'm a mixed race Mexican-American cartoonist and author. My dark fantasy graph…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @LionintheTrees Ooh that’s an intriguing addition - looking forward to seeing how that works!
@nicodelort I would love this, if it happens to the main character. I feel like this happens in a few JRPGs but it’… were some issues with the trailer so here it is ! Look out for our graduation film SUNDOWN, coming to Gobelin…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @Cy_lindric This trailer is beyond beautiful! Can’t wait to see the whole film too!!I think what I love most about @thisismollym is the enthusiasm and emotionality of her work that comes through in e…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @thisismollym You AND what you do are pretty damn cool, Molly!!!💖💖💖 @thisismollym <333333! And yesss that sounds like a BLAST!! We need to talk about my goddess Robin too, because my good loooord @amiycai_ It changed my mind a LITTLE about Brook so far! I’m liking him more than his introduction at least.(Oh btw @thisismollym - I just finished Thriller Bark so we're gonna need to talk about OP soon because I have FEELINGS)ALSO, obligatory Jojo fanart shoutout because I've spent many an afternoon shouting about JJBA with and at her!!! always puts so much into her work, and seeing that translated through murals, editorials, gallery work, comics,… keep my copy of SKIP within arm's reach, because it's BEAUTIFUL. There are so many ideas and emotions in Molly's… manages to do incredible work both traditionally and digitally too. I think there's just a constant ENERGY in h… think what I love most about @thisismollym is the enthusiasm and emotionality of her work that comes through in e… @thisismollym (OMG LOLA <3)The news is out!!! Excited to be working with @RexOgle and the team at @GraphixBooks on these 3 books. Big thanks t…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @davevaleza @RexOgle @GraphixBooks So excited about this!!!!!I've added these to youtube for easier viewing, if you're interested:! And will post the sq… @yopilyy Hah, that’s good! @juliaereck Aw that's so uplifting, thanks Julia! @ArcRincs This is super cute, thank you! @onelemonylime Oooohhh I hadn’t heard this before but I like its vibe a lot! Will listen again in the morning!💖 @killswitchkatie Ooh that’s a peppy Iron & Wine song I hadn’t heard before! Thanks Kate!💖 @sabattons Hole in one?? I love this song with my whole heart! You are so good at this!💖Surprise! I'm making a plushie for my next upcoming kickstarter! 🐯✨🌠 Sign-up here to be notified when we go live n…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @LionintheTrees Uhhhh SIGNED! UP!!I’m literally doing this because of @sabattons (but I’m also curious!) @AndreaDemonakos Oh no, that bee caterpillar plushie......! @LionintheTrees Hahaha omg Shirley @reedicule GET!!ITTTT!!!
we got 1 covid relief check...
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨The mystery squash is kinda bland, but grilled and doused in olive oil, sriracha, garlic sea salt, and pepper? Pret… @safifesse That’s very kind, thank you! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!🙏 @DanielNayeri Oh. My goodness.