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Illustrator with a green thumb. Working on #botanicatarot, curator of projects like #1001Knights & #BurlandFur, repped by @jessicamileo

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@saffronscarf @nsumida It’s GLORIOUS!
@MaxHumphries Haha yessss, 30 years, no sweat!💪🌿I’m pretty happy with how it looks after a trim! Full vid: #kjsgreenthumb @rebeccamock Hell yeah!💪Gonna trim up this creeping juniper to try and bonsai it today! #kjsgreenthumb, cures, and fairy magic all in one flower. #botanicatarot @shaunaparmesan @BreeLundberg @thenicoleham @TurboBurpo That island is my true nightmare and I dread ever landing on its shores @BreeLundberg @thenicoleham @TurboBurpo I catch them when I can but I HATE IT every time.Thank you all for appreciating my deep, primal need to be a sassy, powerful, reclusive forest witch. @ourobora I HOWLED at this part! So good!! @thenicoleham @TurboBurpo You can do it!💪 my body goes into full tilt Bloodborne-levels of adrenaline when it happe… @thenicoleham @TurboBurpo Nicole, have you tried the digging trick to trap them and make them easier to catch? @sciencecomic @Proprietous @colinfanning Amazing! I’ll check it out!for @QueerBodies from last December 🖤 i struggled with shrinking my thoughts down to something gently didactic— th…
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@celineorelse “The air that morning was limp and clung to the newly disturbed earth. A scream cuts through it, echo… @celineorelse Sounds like you’ve got your next comic already planned and I for one CANNOT WAIT @ashesinacan000 Truly!! An icon! @celineorelse @celineorelse Haha JOIN ME, CELINE (but like from across a grotto and a meadow and with at least two large follies… @Proprietous @colinfanning @sciencecomic Haha AMAZING! @mouse_inhouse 100000%. I wanna be wise beyond my years, reclusive, mysterious, powerful, and dabble in herbal mysticism! @VanishingAge EXACTLY @acosmos It’s the BEST. THE BEST. @colinfanning @sciencecomic Amazing!! I’ll start picking out my vanitas immediately✌️Let me be clear though, just about being a hermit who dresses like a druid and lives in a garden. Ideally I’d just… is me NOW, this is who I want to be. @SaraAlfageeh I’m still open and shipping, because I can walk to the post office and it has a drop off box (I’m als… @joy_ang Aw thank you, Joy!💖 @ChristinaSketch Thanks Melanie! @dashiellsilva I fully believe that. It does kinda remind of the Animal Crossing theme too actually!Waiting on the pins still, but the proofs for the backing cards look great! @dashiellsilva Haha omg.Mabel is setting up shop in my town!
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @trudicastle She’s the sweetest!💖 @p__gravel Sounds amazing!! @p__gravel Ah I’m sorry! I look forward to seeing your rebuilt collection though! @kevinpanetta THATS THE CHANNEL IVE BEEN WATCHING!!💖 I’ll check out that shop too, thanks bud! @p__gravel Ahh that’s so cool to hear! Do you have a lot of bonsai? I’ll have to ask for recommendations on clubs!
@dune5and Bookmarking to make it when the sisters move into town! So nice! @twinowls So sweet! I love boxers so much!! @geeblets I’ll BET! What a dream come true! @twinowls Oh my goodness!! What is their name? @ShayEmms Give it a try! Sounds like you’ve got most of the materials! @geeblets What a beauty!! @DizniMau Yeah! It really stood out, and even though I’m usually pretty lukewarm about cypress I thought I should trust my gut on it! @hanselthelost Haha I hope so! <3 @geeblets EXACTLY!! @ShayEmms ah no doubt! But I went through a bonsai obsession as a teenager though so I already have a huge coil of… great beauties. Lots of potential in them, time to do a ton more research about how to best bonsai them! (I’ve…’all failed me. Thank you. #kjsgreenthumb @thisismollym Oh my gosh please! I’ll trade you something for it! @ghostietoad Hahahaha, thank you for understanding and supporting a mostly benign addiction! @JennRavenna Oh Jenn, you KNOW I’ve got my eye out for the full bonsai set and have been collecting stuff for a greenhouse room!!Well I had to buy batteries anyway, and then my hand slipped. Twice. @MaxHumphries @shminsington I had a feeling that was the case but doesn’t change the fact that you’re the best! @ourobora Oh I don’t think so, maybe I’ll take some! I’m waiting for the lotus leaves to open first - it doesn’t lo… @R_Dart Ooh I do have an adenium... @shminsington Yeah!! @MaxHumphries is the best!! @ourobora Oh I’ve already got a whole FOOT in terrariums (sorta, I made a moss one, and now I have a ... aquarium I guess with my lotus?) @hellocaris Aw that's so nice, thank you! I will peruse some shrubs on a supply run today and see if I find anything nice! @jessicasroux Ah yeah I'm getting ready to put a ton of my houseplants out for the summer and I've got like... pree… @MaxHumphries Haha MAX <3333 Sold! (but I will be commissioning you)WELP I CANNOT ARGUE WITH THIS. I'M GETTING INTO BONSAI @chootalks I think so, within reason! I've been watching a lot of Herons Bonsai on YT and he's very like "look you… @DizniMau Could be! I think that’s when I bought my original one a decade ago @nicodelort Yeahhhhhh it’s definitely a long term investment, but I once joked that waiting five years for my strel… @chootalks Hahaha truueee. Realistically I’d like to buy a tree to turn INTO a bonsai instead of growing from seed.… @DizniMau Sounds great! Maybe when all of this calms down I can find something like that! @bodhisattva_h More than ferns and carnivorous plants though? @BLAM_Marie Do it, that’d be awesome! I wonder if there are species best suited to it @allieoldfield Oh gosh idk. Maybe just a mugo pine to start? I love azaleas though. I do have a tiny natal plum and… @freddiursa Hahaha thank you for being the rare voice of reason. But I’ll likely be sending you pics of things I’m thinking of buying too @zoolootoo Zoe, I trust your judgment on this, as you know I basically IMMEDIATELY bought a plant for the office wh… @tagsalegirl Hahahaha, I MIGHT HAVE TO! @nicodelort Yeah that’s definitely a part of it! My last bonsai was back in college, a ficus I loved with all my he… @killswitchkatie Haha Kate noooooooooo! You know I can’t do anything by halves! (I’ll see if I can find a nice tree… rampaging through houseplant YouTube I’ve traipsed over to bonsai YouTube and I’m just like... I could do thi… talk me out of getting into bonsai. @quinnecl Ohhh I love these! @thisismollym Tell me about this kokedama you have in your floor??
*tattoo commission, darn autocorrectWorking on a fun tarot commission inspired by my King of Wands painting! @LucyKagan Aw thank you! @coleman_engle Same energy. @strangelykatie I’m thinking about him all the time too! Need my sweet coffee pigeon fix! @chootalks This is GREAT, and you are GREAT @SketchinGretch Oh gosh, I’m sorry! @davevaleza Dave! You look SO cute!
It’s tough to post a bunch of long vids on twitter though, so check out IG for the full thing! got a new container for my lotus babies! #kjsgreenthumb @DungeonsOnADime Whoa yeah that’s intense! @Rooneroo Absolutely! It depends on how you play it, but I think of it as a pleasant little game where you enjoy mu… sale on @everydayorig today! "Cloud Dancer" - 7x4″, watercolor, acryla gouache She pierces the clouds, twistin…
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@stuesclues Apples!One of my new villagers just gave me “jail bars” that he “made” and then told me he “likes to look at things” ... T… @cyanandsepia Oh they’re wonderful, yes! I’ve been working with them on something secret and they’ve been very accommodating! @cyanandsepia THEY DID?? I use catprint all the time!! I’ll ask them about it, thanks! @jaybendt Oh phenomenal, I’ve heard great things! thank you!