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Illustrator with a green thumb. Working on #botanicatarot, curator of projects like #1001Knights & #BurlandFur, repped by @richardsolomon & @jessicamileo

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Inking one of my favorite cards of the deck, at least conceptually! Join me at 10:30 EST to ink more of it together… @joy_ang YES!! @SaraAlfageeh First thoughts - @evelmiina or Yvan Duque ( Did you have a specific vibe in mind though? @yoshisquared @juliaereck Ooooh you really jumped into the deep end with a calathea, they are..... tricky. Can I as… @katherinelamart Oh wow your work is gorgeous!!! (Also I now have to find a rug like in that second piece because it’s just lovely)hi friends is disappearing for 8 months a good idea? no? oh. well anyway here's some new work
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @clementeworks I know literally nothing about it except that you once gifted it to me on Steam, and that’s more than enough💖 @clementeworks I downloaded it on my Switch to play finally, and thought of you! Will get to it soon! @Hannah_illo I have done this with MULTIPLE manufacturers! Don’t worry - it happens! @melodielapot Thanks for the shout-out!! @DrooliaSnott I can’t wait to find out what mischief this miscreants wreak.
@cutedirtydog 100% @killswitchkatie THE MACAQUE OMG @DevinElleKurtz @yoshisquared Wow, thanks so much, Devin! If you mock anything up and want advice, hit me up and I’… @whatagoodpup @shminsington @sam_schechter Aw thanks Jameela! @yoshisquared @DevinElleKurtz Thanks! It’s only halfway there - I wanna do another overhaul with all new merch late… @raspbearyart Thanks Oscar!! I LOVE the original piece you did, it’s a perfect editorial illustration. I got really… @shminsington @sam_schechter Thanks Lindsey!I was commissioned by a friend to draw his inner child. He was really inspired by a piece that @raspbearyart drew,… @DevinElleKurtz @yoshisquared FlameCon and SPX 2020. Dunno if this helps! @DevinElleKurtz @yoshisquared Oh thanks! I overhauled the way I table based on advice from Yoshi after we talked at… @karekareo Sure thing! I’m just starting out on this journey myself, so I’m always keeping an eye out for good reso… @clementeworks Truly iconic.Me + Prince = chill vibes only go into the meanings of each card, what each plant symbolizes, and why I picked that specific and accompanying ob… if you’re curious about the full cards and the meanings behind them, check out my Patreon - I’m posting a lot…
Happy Lunar New Year of the Rat! 恭喜發財!May this year be filled with good luck, good health and good fortune for you…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @hblumenreich Me, talking about Jojo for all of 2019 to anyone who talks to me.Finished this baby and sketching two new cards immediately! #botanicatarot got some new colored comics up on @vice today
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @mawoee Thanks Marie! @hanselthelost @RiggerArt I’m so sorry bud..... I don’t know how you manage to draw these dogs in need. Would you p… more dogs have shown up since I posted these pins!’ve sold a few already that I’ll be… @faith_schaffer Omg do it!! @faith_schaffer I can 1000000% see you doing this and want to see what you’d do!! @artroan_ I’m extremely impressed!! @kryhs_v @gallerynucleus (That’s the poster for the show, not the play I’m doing unfortunately!) @Britterson Ooph yeah I used to avoid pink and purple growing up, and way into art school. Now it’s my go-to color,…
@megthebrennan Yes yes yes yes!!Another banner I did for @Steam's Lunar New Year sale. It was pretty much a dream job to do this piece! Thank you t…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @JessiSheron @gallerynucleus Haha, thank you!🌿🔥😇😇😇🔥
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @Worthikids You have blessed us with this full throttle energy.✨ @JessiSheron @gallerynucleus Haha that’s Nucleus’ promo, not my sketch. Cats was immediately snatched up before I could pick it.I’ve revised this bit and a pal is looking into how it might get made!! @stephontherun @gallerynucleus Ding ding ding!🌿 @LeoRaTuba @gallerynucleus Hahaha no, I believe that was snapped up immediately. I love that they’re using Cats for their promo though! @amonns BLOCKED WITH MY LOVE AND APPRECIATION(patrons aren’t allowed to answer, as I just posted the full sketch there haha)Sketching out my piece for @gallerynucleus’ Playbills show next month! Any guesses which broadway show this is? @nicodelort Oh it’s WORTH it for that wisteria for sure!! @nicodelort 👏sounds great! @rattusRose We all wish we had the 1998 Rum Tum Tugger energy.... maybe one day💪🐈 @EthanMAldridge I mean she’s fantastic, absolutely. I’m always here for Helen. The settings and Prospera’s cell were absolutely beautiful.Hrm, I watched it. There were interesting ideas in it. And a lotta choices. @Trungles That must have been thrilling!!👏👏👏 @Trungles I kept an eye out for it in the RHG office but just missed it by a week. I’m SO excited to finally see it… @corleyms Excellent! I’m watching it now! @hblumenreich I’m not saying I want this for you, but I’m not NOT saying that either. @hblumenreich Oooh the SETS! @ajadraws Haha this is a good review, thank you! That’s about what I expected! @nicodelort What kinda cookies?Happy Lunar New Year! 🐁#SteamLNY2020
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @dashiellsilva @kjmartinet That’s more than enough of a reason for me! @kjmartinet Ohhh I’d forgotten about Titus! Maybe I’ll do a back to back feature to get extra inspired! @dashiellsilva Yeah I was mostly curious about Ariel haha. They’re such an interesting part of the play. Will be wo… @nicodelort haha omg you’re right. I’d mostly be watching it for the visuals honestly, so that’s not bad! @dashiellsilva Ah I should’ve known you’d seen it and asked for opinions!! I could definitely see that from the tra… @elyyon Amen, I’m in the same boat! I always try to contextualize why I didn’t enjoy something in case someone else loves it! @heyjenbartel It’s a joy to see!💓 @hellolyrianne All excellent points and good to know! Thank you for sharing! @elyyon Interesting, and good to know!! I watched the trailer and was surprised for some reason by the CGI. I might…
@hellolyrianne Oh nice, what did you like about it? @elyyon Oh really? Hated it for what reason, if you don’t mind my asking?A question for film twitter and Shakespeare twitter - is the 2010 The Tempest..... good? Worth watching? @thelfr Okay I’m here for 95% of this refurbishment process, and all in once the arachnid element is no longer in play hahaha @thelfr I’m here for this whole refurbishment process! (Now that the spiders are gone)Perfect timing from @Aluhnim - I just finished vol 4 last night!! @artroan_ @DerekWongDesign Ahhh this is why Ryan is the master of tropical plants - I didn’t realize that was an alocasia! @DerekWongDesign @artroan_ Oh I don’t know! I’m pretty new to big leaf tropically. I think I’d probably do what you… Pollen Mote pins are in my restocked shop! @dagnificent @camillabluejay @Ryan_Treadwell Those melodies are lyrics are etched onto our very souls @Ryan_Treadwell @camillabluejay Yessssssss💪thank you for letting me assault you with Sailor Moon nostalgia haha! @Ryan_Treadwell @camillabluejay Kristin is talking about what I believe will be episode 40! It’s ANOTHER power ballad! @camillabluejay @Ryan_Treadwell HARD👏AGREE👏 (fully recommend you switch to the DiC dub for the last episode of Seas… @Ryan_Treadwell I will be DMing you a link hahaha. Idk how jarring it’ll be from the redub. They changed a LOT for… @Ryan_Treadwell I mean... that’s fair! You must be watching the redub or the original Japanese I’m guessing?? The 9… @Ryan_Treadwell UH how is this not 10/10??? Are you watching the version that doesn’t have the power ballads??? @ieafysapien Thank you!! I’m really proud of how this card turned out!Painting the day away! #botanicatarot
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨Ooh I also started listening to the Graduation arc of #thezonecast and I’m pumped to catch up!! Bud is an instant favorite!🌿 @emeemay Absolutely!!I just finished watching the first season of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts and it was a really fun time! Into th… Lunar New Year of the Rat!!! Here’s to one full of good luck, good health & good fortune!! 🐭🍊❤️…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @VendyJurikova An eglantine rose!
@hanselthelost 💖 @fridayafternoon Blessssss @fridayafternoon Oh it’s the WILDEST of rides haha. I hadn’t seen all of it as a kid so when I was watching it as a… @fridayafternoon Yesssssssss love these two!!! (Although hoo boy, Stars goes to SOME PLACES)Also to art kids everywhere - I hope this is a feeling you get regularly or are close to getting to. Obviously I do…