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Illustrator with a green thumb. Working on #botanicatarot, curator of projects like #1001Knights & #BurlandFur, repped by @jessicamileo. He/him

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@genicecream HELLLLLLLL YEAHHHHH!!🎉🎉🎉
@amonns 👏👏👏 @quartermoose Thanks! I'm hoping it'll be a success!New block print in the works - gonna try a single block with a gradient for the first time! @thisismollym Yuuuupppp!! It’s more about your affinity with Hermes than being at the end of the game. Enjoy! @thisismollym Hermes, especially closer to the end of the game, made my heart swell so much!! @_spaddy 🙏🙏🙏 @jayembeeart This was my problem too hahah. Maybe one day though! @thisismollym My fingers FLEW to find it!! Yes and yes!! @_spaddy Don’t you dare tease me like this, I’m so ready!! @JennRavenna It never fails to bring light into my life.The people out here continuing to make Hades fanart are true heroes and I’m thankful for every single one of them. @bartlbae Thank you!(RTs 💛) my new shop is now LIVE!! ✨🌻
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨Ficus Elastica Tineke 🌿 Urban Jungle Collection
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨More fanart of @manny_oe characters. I've gotta get these out of my system. A lot more coming so yeah🤷🏾‍♂️…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @utarinsyis @Aluhnim Yeah Chan knocked this completely out of the park! @breebird33 Yeah I hear ya! Desks are tricky! @breebird33 I don’t think I’ve ever had it be SO immediate and SO specific haha. (But what desks are you eyeing?)(Btw I’m going down a dangerous line of thinking right now and none of you can stop me) lord you google “waxed cotton” and “adventure pack” one time and ALL your Instagram and YouTube ads change at once?! @TurboBurpo This is my first litmus test for any date - if you can’t be polite to someone in the service industry,… $15/hr min wage bothers you because it's more/ the same or "too close to" what you're making, direct that anger…
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Mushroom staff
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @shae_gal Haha, it’s if you’re interested!Staying warm with spices.
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @celineorelse Perhaps! (Yes but I’m being coy, don’t blow my cover) @100soft I bet! I love this lil dumpster fire! @100soft Haha Truck this is so cool!Posting this again for no particular reason... none at all! ✌️ has been giving me really vivid dreams and I woke up with this drawing fully formed in my head the other…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @utarinsyis A few people have recommended something similar! I’m excited to get one myself after these testimonials!!Trying to design a long cape without it looking costume-y but I also have The Count of Montecristo, FFTA, and Róisí… @nimasprout I really should! I’d just started taking it seriously in late 2019, and well... ya know. Will keep an e… @erinluxx A couple people recommended something similar - I think I’m gonna get one! @nimasprout Ah amazing, thanks for the tips! Right now I’m leaning toward a theracane and some kind of electric massage wrap thing! @NewdModel Thank you! @ChuckGroenink I feel you!! @NewdModel I love all of these!Body Issues: Comics About Body Image This is a companion project to my Art Model Comics, but instead of my own exp…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @AbiStevens_Art Me too! I spend too much time hunched over my desk. I’m looking forward to trying this!! @AbiStevens_Art @ScampiCub I was wondering which of those models would work better - this is great to know! Thanks to you both! @Nahjra I'm glad they help!!
@ScampiCub Ohhh, that's intriguing the way you pull it down to improve the massage. I'll see if I can find something like this, thank you! @h1ghpriest3ss ohhh I've seen Hasan Piker use one of those thera-cane things, had no idea what it was... I'll look into it, thanks! @Nahjra It's not pain (usually) as much as just a lot of stiffness in my neck. I have some family members who swear by those though!(I got a bunch of gift cards for massages two christmases ago and I didn’t use them immediately because I was too b…’m getting a bunch of ads for massage tools since going to get a massage is not happening at the moment. Anyone kn… @AbiStevens_Art That’s the plan! @sashanako Thanks Sasha!! <3 @freddiursa Hahah I'll put one in the mail to you in the meantime <333 @AbiStevens_Art Hahah yes! I wanna make some of these real! @nicodelort Thanks Nico!! I struggled with the palette in posca which is why I'd swapped to digital for the rendering! @peonees Thank you!I loved this as January’s wallpaper but I think I love it even more as postcards!! @farawaystardive My pleasure!! I’ll pop them in the mail tomorrow, thanks for your interest and your order! @farawaystardive I do have some extra as it turns out, so I added them back into my shop for whenever you're ready! @campbellwhyte Haha the danger of possibility! @LionintheTrees They’re too cute - I couldn’t wait!1. I've been obsessed with using colour lately. 2. I learned how to say hedgehog in Korean and can't be stopped.…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @LionintheTrees You did a second version too!! Ahhh!! @ArcRincs Haha it’s one of the meatier ones (and also shared a little too much of my mania when I research probably) @RitualBlush Thank you!!🙏 @RitualBlush Hahaha there's no pressure!!My very kind Patrons shouldn't have told me they like my in-depth posts - I basically wrote an essay on the schools… @RitualBlush It was a searchable PDF, thankfully haha (but I do want to buy a hard copy to have in my collection!) @JennRavenna Each and every one of my Patrons is enabling my obsessions and I’m very grateful for it haha @stephanie_draws Stephanie!! Thank you for joining - I'll have the full post up soon (it's like... a full essay, haha) @spiderflorist I'd seen his work referenced a lot but it's the first time I'd actually read his work! It's really interesting!Me on Twitter: "this is the plant, and a little cool blurb about it." Me on Patreon: *slams giant tome on desk* "an…
@TheGentGuy Not that I know of, but that’s what always gets me in FFTA - wanting to know how some of them would han… breakdown of what the goals of the Moonrise Fund is and what it offers! 💜✨✨
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨ @bogboogie Whoa, this looks so cool, Son! @farawaystardive I might have some extras if you still want some!Finally getting my holiday cards out, sigh. Just two weeks late✌️ non-artist community, this is actually so sexy:
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨Muting this, back to work now. @johannamation Oh lord, yeah you’re absolutely right. Maybe one day after some practice with smaller world building… @utarinsyis Yeah depending on the world, I think it might be a tough call! @Anontloudeac Oh no doubt. I haven’t read the full extent on how he is as an employer but his comments on his son’s… @ArtofCorrine Haha aspirational! @SugarBeetles a SOUL-CRUSHING no!This tweet brought to you by FFTA because it ALWAYS prompts this thinking in me, hehOne day I think I want to write an isekai story. I always grapple with those kinds of fantasies, because I think in… @Demi_Dawgs Oh nice, thanks for the heads up! @SugarBeetles Haha omg that last one!! @photokotorobo @yoshisquared Haha I enjoy grouchy Miyazaki @Demi_Dawgs @yoshisquared I need to watch the whole thing clearly!! @fahmida_azim You could easily do one with any of the pieces from Muslim Women Are Everything - they’re all gorgeous! @Linken_log Excellent choices Lizzie!
@aunjuli This is a good way to be! @hackedmotionart Words we should all live by! @Amarisse Excellent haha @tatifruities Ooh these were close seconds for me @allieoldfield Hehe the cat one is very popularAlso go ahead and throw that budget out there too so we’re not doing this weird dance around each other like some c…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨#Portfolioday Hi, Im Jordan Mitchell and Im a BG painter and Illustrator! I am looking for my next animation gig ei…
Retweeted by Kevin Jay Stanton🌿✨Oh boy I’m finding out that a bunch of packages I shipped a month ago are arriving now. I’m sorry if your packages… @Space_Man_Spiff Ugh yeah... My issue primarily seems to be the interplay with my tablet, the Wacom link (which has… @MysteryCupofJoe Thanks! And you're right, it does!