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Kevin Maisto @kevinmaisto Minneapolis, MN

here for big structural change | professional contrarian | future New Yorker | Drake University alumnus | IG: @kevinmaisto | He/Him

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listened to Stupid Love and now headed to bed + kim petras = the conversation y’all need to have but refuse teens on TikTok are out here doing the lord’s work.
Retweeted by Kevin MaistoI am proud & excited to be voting for @ewarren She is the president we need to heal our country. She is the fighte…
Retweeted by Kevin MaistoI think this woman will be such an incredible leader of this country, my goodness husband & I have been raising kids for 27 years. Our eldest came to us when he was almost 3. His mom OD’d & his…
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How do we get more women to run for president? Elect one for president. I'm ready. #CNNTownHall
Retweeted by Kevin Maisto @BrettDBurger @ewarren @TeamWarren Minnesotan legendsomg same bernie bros tweeting the fake malia obama donations wired: sherrod brown's daughter, elizabeth brown, actual… we lose the race for the Senate this November, Steve Bullock and his vanity run for President will be a large pa… is a hell of a paragraph.
Retweeted by Kevin Maistothat's so rad, dude @plainjamie_ an icon, a king, a legendI think it's incredible that Hillary Clinton did better with black voters in SC against Bernie Sanders in 2016 than… corrupt and unjust system for working class people is inherently pro-epidemic. @TylerDinucci The prevailing narrative since Iowa has been that Joe Biden was falling. Sanders himself talked about… @adamcbest imagine thinking that bernie bros care about anything other than what is best for their cult leaderI think the overwhelming narrative since Nevada has been Sanders as the front runner and voters are rebelling again… @jaeceetee hurry up and apply!! quick!!yes recessions are bad and i don't wish it on the economy (only wish it for an incumbent running for reelection), b… the election?’ve watched this so many times. @RyneIsMean I’ve got three, you’re welcome to be my date at any and I’ll be sure the floor is cleared for you. @ericd Maybe try a collage? @ericd Give the men what they want @Laine_Mitchell D8 me @carsoneisenhart A king!!! @Laine_Mitchell I’m into this.and there’s a tweet because of course there is
Retweeted by Kevin MaistoNevertheless she persisted.
Retweeted by Kevin Maisto @ryanmer Next time, I promise 😘
don’t talk to me unless you look like this @mrsamherbst I appreciate your two cents. :) @mrsamherbst That’s exactly what politicians do: pass legislation that impacts how we live our lives. His votes aga… like a good time to remember that Bernie Sanders voted against life-saving gun control measures many times ov… Elizabeth Warren: "There's some billionaires who don't like [a wealth tax]. Some of them go on TV and cry. So…
Retweeted by Kevin Maisto @taylorgutie Oh totally! That was me agreeing with you. @taylorgutie Everyone hates on caucuses (and mostly rightfully so), but it’s the closest thing our primary has to ranked choice voting.Let me stop you right there: just TWO cents on wealth greater than $50 million will allow us to invest in generatio… Warren IS the consensus candidate. @kyry5 you're perfect, i love youBernie is out there trying to blame the debate crowd's poor reaction to his performance on the Democratic Party sel… @SiddakAhuja @IKEAtkinson Your tweet is false. Will you delete it and offer a correction? Voters Are: colleague @_amita_ has the overview of a giant @NPR project that we are launching today.
Retweeted by Kevin Maisto @popLOCKEdropit Umm, the icon in the middle? @sullyhasthots I’m kidding I love youDream big, fight hard. @sullyhasthots Sometimes you just shouldayn’t tweet so much.@ewarren is the only candidate who has released a plan for dealing with the coronavirus threat and who has laid ou…
Retweeted by Kevin MaistoYes! Why is this so hard to understand!?! She actually believes in her ideological project.
Retweeted by Kevin MaistoBest endorsement yet :)’s time for MSNBC to demand Chris Matthews’ resignation. start interviewing for a new role in two days and I can feel a zit starting to grow on my nose, I love my life :)Tonight was the first debate that Bernie walked out as the front runner... and he choked. We need a nominee, and… kept us here... for promos? CBS is the worst at this.‘Tell Me About It, Stud,’ Says Pleather-Clad Elizabeth Warren On Debate Stage In Effort To Court Bad Boy Demographi…
Retweeted by Kevin Maisto @Fientastic Hi grandpa @gabecortez It’s disgusting. @realDonaldTrump You’re pathetic @halbakt I believe you!! Marketing king!!!Want #MedicareForAll? Only @ewarren's plan doesn't raise middle class taxes. #DemDebate
Retweeted by Kevin Maisto @jswhitty Amy hates all gay men from south bend, you’re not specialI just want a president who knows how to use a microphone.I feel like there is a way to promote trade school without shitting on marketing degrees?PUBLIC DOLLARS SHOULD STAY IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS limits increase the ability for organizations to lobby Congress.Not a great debate for Sanders so far...
Retweeted by Kevin MaistoBeing from the midwest is not a qualification for being president. Next. #DemDebate
Retweeted by Kevin Maisto @misthiOSX lol that’s easierI’m not going to vote for Mike Bloomberg because he spent 20% of the money he has already spent on his own campaign… debate last week was invigorating. This debate is infuriating.Believe women. funded Toomey. Bloomberg funded Lindsey Graham. Bloomberg funded Rick Snyder. Bloomberg funded Scott B… much do you think Bloomberg paid to have supporters in the debate hall tonight?Elizabeth Warren talking about Bloomberg’s donations to Republicans over the years and I both wanted to rein in Wall Street. We both got our chance—but I’m the one who dug in, fought the bank…
Retweeted by Kevin MaistoIf your answer relies on polls to prove support, you’re losing.Get in, candidates, we’re taking Bernie down Warren DARING you to test her tonight
@WinstonOrozco_1 Imagine thinking this is a good tweet. Honestly, the toxic culture you promote - largely in servi… @JoeFCozza just me, just enjoying you just enjoying a weddingqueens only, just this week, Joe Biden has: - claimed to have been arrested in South Africa (no evidence) - said he worked…’s difficult to hold a candidate responsible for the vitriol of his online followers. But here, a paid Sanders st…
Retweeted by Kevin Maisto @SusanLaMotte @ewarren Elizabeth Warren is the candidate who puts in the works, does the homework, and offers meani… to see it. thanks, I'm sticking with my vote for Elizabeth Warren. dad’s childhood nickname for me was “Little Miss Question” and so I HAVE A QUESTION 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ Why do men…
Retweeted by Kevin MaistoThis is such a beautiful piece and speaks strongly of Elizabeth Warren’s character. I want that character in the W…*my one caveat... nobody expected Trump to win, and there is likely solid evidence that people voted congressionall… I don’t trust anything coming from Bloomberg 2) So was Trump in 2016, and Speaker Paul Ryan was evidence against… don’t care if Democrats nominate a broomstick: Trump is destroying our democratic government and cannot be re-ele… out before sunrise is such a rare occurrence for me that I always feel the need to tweet about it. @reedthurston @nbren15 y i k e s @carsoneisenhart :’( @reedthurston @nbren15 c h a o t i c @Mike2020 Absolute trash, this entire campaign.Date each plan was released: Wealth tax -Warren: Jan ‘19 -Bernie: Sep ‘19 Universal childcare -W: Feb ‘19 -B: Fe…
Retweeted by Kevin MaistoOn our call, Elizabeth Warren was so thoughtful and engaging. “Please, Charlotte, call me Liz.” And I could tell th…
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