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@jkylemann Let’s goooo @blueyrowland @NBL Topic changed so I didn’t get a chance to respond. NBL has more talent than it gets credit for.… Daryl Morey going to the Sixers, how his philosophy could mesh with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, the need for a…
@DaveDuFourNBA Bane is a championship player. Can’t wait until one lucky fan base falls in love with his gameNBA is having a legacy coach boom. Current head coaches whose fathers also held the role: Stephen Silas, HOU (Paul…
Retweeted by Kevin O'Connor @jessica_smetana @D_Farmer Hmmm. My impression is it’s a northeast thing. This deserves a deeper investigation lol @DevinSabas You’re not wrong in terms of their games. I feel similar. Edwards is wired mentally much, much differently though @joeyspaghetti2 @ringer I’m with you Joey @MollySings2 @TonyMassarotti Olympics will prob do a bubble @nabilmurday Yeah it’ll be more like MLB and NFLHere's the video version of today's podcast with @BillSimmons: @jessica_smetana @D_Farmer It’s def a family thing on my mom’s side. All of her siblings pronounce it that way. My… @jessica_smetana @D_Farmer I always call my mom “mum” and it was a topic of discussion on our pod a few months back… The NBA held a call this afternoon with team GMs & presidents to detail the plan for a 72-game season set… @rudyluthi I’m with you Rudy. And Hayes has a big brain on defenseDraft SZN is upon us which means @KevinOConnorNBA is back with a fresh episode of #TheRestart He's breaking down…
Retweeted by Kevin O'ConnorNew video analyzing 2020 NBA draft prospect Killian Hayes, and I explain why he's ranked #1 on my big board. If yo… @brashnutz LOL. trust me, I wouldn't rat you outKillian Hayes is my #1 prospect in the 2020 NBA Draft but he could end up falling to the mid-late lottery. Here's a…🚨New @BillSimmons Podcast on the 2020 NBA Draft, trade ideas, rumblings and more (52:45). Before that @CC_Sabathia
New Tuesday Mismatch with @ChrisVernonShow on the possibility of next NBA season starting in December, plus prospec… could be a year when the best players are the ones drafted outside the top 10. @KevinOConnorNBA and…
Retweeted by Kevin O'ConnorI couldn't stop thinking about a viral clip of @MikeTyson pressing Boosie about homophobia. So I listened to their…
Retweeted by Kevin O'ConnorDraft SZN could become trade SZN. Front offices are expecting a lot of movement in the draft, so @KevinOConnorNBA u…
Retweeted by Kevin O'Connor🚨NEW @ringernba SHOW🚨 Me & @KevinOConnorNBA on the NBA talks. And dennnn “3 players that intrigue us this off-sea…
Retweeted by Kevin O'ConnorA few years ago at this time of year I lost someone to an overdose. Last year, I spent a lot of time reporting this…
Retweeted by Kevin O'Connor📣🎙️ANNOUNCEMENT🎙️📣 Welcome to Wrighty's House 🏠⚽ my brand new weekly podcast exclusively on @Ringer FC feed on…
Retweeted by Kevin O'Connor @mnsportsfan55 How do you feel about the Ball-Russell backcourt? @chasewhitney_ FWIW, I wouldn’t make that trade either if I’m the Hornets. But what Golden State is doing at #2 is… @chasewhitney_ Warriors may want him at #2 though lol. We’ll see. Lot of stuff out there, hard to know what’s real and what’s noiseIn my latest 2020 NBA Mock Draft, I’ve got the Hornets trading up to #1 and the Knicks taking Killian Hayes at #8.… @ByAlFrancisco Are you also a highly trained @CartNarcs?🚨New first-round MOCK DRAFT with latest intel written in the notes 🏀This mock includes a few fake trades 📈Top 50… @jkylemann One of my all time favorite draft prospects lol
@MoDakhil_NBA Those are good. Actions >>>> words I'd tell myself not to wait for opportunities to come my way, ins… @MoDakhil_NBA What is the number one piece of advice you'd give to your younger self, an 18-year-old Mo Dakhil?At @ringer/@ringernba: I wrote about Danilo Gallinari, who's about to be very, very popular:
Retweeted by Kevin O'Connoryou gotta be kidding me. this game lol @NBA_Observer lol @Falakurafaffu1 never! @ShulmanSeth @kaelinphoebe lol he's one of the league's better perimeter defenders, a good passer, and a reliable j…
Don't take Tom Brady for granted. @JGODYT @InfinityWard @Activision @JoeCecot Another gas glitch?!? @TheBuckStuff incredible @JorCru i hope that's a copy/paste error lolKOC shot his shot on an INTERSTELLAR Rewatchables.
Retweeted by Kevin O'Connor @IsaacKLee I’ll never understand why anyone would lie about their height. That’s no way to start a relationship.
@ChrisVernonShow @Cody_Hue @ringernba 😂😂😂Just spoke to Toronto Raptors President, Masai Ujiri. Masai - who is from Nigeria - has been at SARS protests in Ca…
Retweeted by Kevin O'Connor @Cody_Hue @ChrisVernonShow @ringernba I’m an idiot for not getting into this. I would’ve bought so many Luka cards lol @ChrisVernonShow @Ballislife @PaniniAmerica Wowwwww
@BMShoops @ChrisVernonShow Thank you for asking such a good question! Loved the convo about itIt’s hard to decipher what’s real and what’s misdirection coming out of the Warriors camp about their plans for the…
Retweeted by Kevin O'ConnorNew Friday Mismatch with @ChrisVernonShow on the Pelicans hiring Stan Van Gundy, and them we answer your mailbag qu… @deionbranch84 It’s an utter joke you were left off. @joshgondelman @dunkindonuts @ringer This is delightful
I'm excited to see what the Warriors do more than any other team. So much has been rumored about them but it's hard… report by Ethan: Warriors worked out Deni Avdija and loved him. I've had Golden State selecting Avdija… Heads: ASSEMBLE! @netw3rk and I are thrilled to announce that we’re heading to the Quantum Realm for our new…
Retweeted by Kevin O'ConnorThe Wolves Have Mile-High Potential. What Should They Do at No. 1? via @ringer
Retweeted by Kevin O'ConnorGood stuff from @YourManDevine on the Pelicans hiring Stan Van Gundy.
Retweeted by Kevin O'Connor @NBArath23 @JaredDudley619 Absolutely a necessity. I can't even fathom watching with a dub instead of subtitles @WhiteHype3 @JaredDudley619 Just finished it yesterday. Legendary. @JaredDudley619 If you haven’t seen Money Heist yet, bingewatch that. It’s incredible @Carter_Shade Clips like this are what hold me back from falling in love with his potentialapparently some media folk think analytics nerds are hurting coaches & the game in fact, these nerds are making fo…
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@mikelikessports Be unapologetically youAt @ringer/@ringernba: I wrote about Victor Oladipo, cub reporter Fat Joe, and mystery boxes:
Retweeted by Kevin O'ConnorThe Bucks’ last best chance to pitch Giannis Antetokounmpo just so happens to coincide with one of the most precari…
Retweeted by Kevin O'Connor @_Facci @BrianZilem Most underrated free agent out there, one of the most underrated players period @TheSmarmyBum Absolutely incredible. Night mode should be a permanent option (always available as one of solos, duo…
@ringer @Jonathan_Feigen Except go into the luxury tax? @JGODYT 🙈Me opening loot boxesNew Tuesday Mismatch with @ChrisVernonShow on what we’re looking forward to this offseason, the latest news on next… @samesfandiari I just don't see the Wizards trading Beal this offseason. @ByJayKing Tua should've been starting the whole season @Sethrogen Very nice @De_Italiano @Cristiano__02 Hahaha. smh what happened in our Gulag? I had some rough losses in there tonight lol @sam_amick @HomeDepot Sorry this happened Sam. It’s disheartening so many people still act that wayDescribe your favorite NBA duo in four images
Retweeted by Kevin O'Connor @De_Italiano Yes did our team destroy you tonight lol
@Nugget91Gaming I'd like to think of myself as our group's Draymond Green: a constant communicator who does all the… @DougKyed We’ve been spoiled for 20 years @SmrtAsh IG has fallen off a cliff @tom_badro Yes very possible @jkylemann this would be incredible @kneemund Yessss. Let me know how you love it @a_fishing_pole Lol I’m amped, ghosted and double timed @thejoseyumet Exactly. Only tweaks are needed to keep it fresh—opening stadium, the lifts at tall buildings, etc. a… @The_Cannon94 I will likely be on twitch in 2021 when I’m back in LA. My set up now is bad for streaming since I pl… @Nugget91Gaming I do whatever it takes to win, whether it’s camping or hunting. Every game is different @thejoseyumet Night mode is a dream come true. Gonna make it feel like such a new experience @stephentaa Console @vote4millsap For Warzone, my K/D is 1.06 overall. But it’s about 1.4 the past few months after a slow start getting back into gamingI’m pumped and jacked for this @steventurous Same here. I’ve only been around my mom since March 8. Thankful for that when so many have no one tho… @JamPackard Travels off the catch✨NEW: The Josh Allen Experience is a high-speed rollercoaster without seatbelts, but he’s convincing more people to…
Retweeted by Kevin O'Connor @JGODYT @lts_Iron @OPMarked Damn that was incredible. Quite a back and forth. I’d absolutely watch them go one on one again.