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Comic book writer (Archie, Zodiac Starforce, WWE). My graphic novel BLOOM is out now! repped by @comicsispeople

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@marissadraws Wait what? (Also the Emmett Otter outtakes are amazing ) @marissadraws Yes! Some of the sets are so cool too“mommy, how are young republicans made?” is all of us watching fat bear week @kendallgoode
@VVitchDagger yea 70s horror hits different it’s very REAL in a terrifying waythe exorcist came out on december 26, 1973 I’m counting itwhat is the best year in horror and why is it 1974? Can See You Now available thru @shirtkiller All profits go to the Louisville Bail Project…
Retweeted by Real Housewives of Silent Hill Martin, Sergio Aragonés, Mort Drucker, Antonio Prohías, Al Jaffee @PlinaGanucheau I dunno the only things that help me are sleep more, and try to distract myself with activities tha…, promoting a 2021 release: “ as long as books aren’t outlawed it should be a fun read!”If Stanley Kubrick didn’t tap into his full potential then I am absolutely fucked @PlinaGanucheau :;points at the whole everything:: I hate it @KeezyBees YEP. NO THANK YOU @SamMaggs It’s a whole new kind of stress istg. NOT A FAN @heyshanmurphy whole pandemic quarantine is like my body and brain feeling like shit and then I feel okay for one day and I’m… @princess_jem4 Wait this happened to me today. I posted something to IG and it got one like and I was like “it wasn’t that bad” @EmmettHelenArt Bleach tie-dyed some shirts, ran a Star Trek TTRPG, and did my first raid in destiny 2!people love to say “don’t tread on me” and then run people over for protesting against a corrupt governmentme trying to open up a dog poop bag @travisjohnson @querlvox @EmmettHelenArt It’s the “Radioactive was originally written for the Spider-Man musical” for me (not that it’s eve… @cgsakurapink An absolute unitwhen ur an anarchist but you also love former Vice President of the government joe biden @evantickles It absolutely is. I make it through maybe every other American horror story @evantickles He always has one or two things that hook me. Whether it’s my love of horror or my love of watching Em… do not quote tweet people like this woman if you truly must dunk on them just screenshot it they really don… @TerriblyBland i will not forgive i will not forgetif any of u accidentally unfollowed me istg
@ivynoelle me watching this show @ivynoelle It’s his best looking show for sure and the music is great and Sarah Paulson is wonderful but The Ryan Murphy of it all...Ratched takes place ten years before One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest but Sarah Paulson is four years older than Lou… @PlinaGanucheau YE @PlinaGanucheau YA HOW BOUT THAT GIDZILLA SHIRT @AngrygirLcomics Damn I saw this happen to a couple other people today too wtfIt’s so depressing that one of the best things we can do right now is donate to bail funds. Basically pumping mor… @coleman_engle It was so easy! I wanna mess around with colors next @treswritesstuff @juliaereck Thank you! I’m so happy with how it turned out!before and after @slimyswampghost I had to grab my fave @slimyswampghost Holy shit @DoTheFangirl I think they turned out really good! In the way now. I’ll posts a before and after when they’re dry!disgustingnow from the top make it drop
Retweeted by Real Housewives of Silent HillBout to bleach tie-dye some black tshirts and I am stupidly excitedゴジラ
Retweeted by Real Housewives of Silent Hill @laurenmoran god I’ve probably watched hedwig 50+ times @nicksutterart ☺️ thanks! @JaredSmith113 CJ7 is probably his third best known movie in the US but I don’t love it. The Mermaid is super fun… @JaredSmith113 Yea I don’t think it had as wide a release and it’s not as slick but it’s scrappy and energetic and awesome! @chrrrmaine Same! I watched it a million timesi feel like people still talk about kung fu hustle but not this absolute classic tuna is the head of antifa ate one of these today which means the time of guising is near @so_engery Stronger than a moose
@Sweeney_Boo Looks amazing! Congratulations! @PlinaGanucheau @TAITCOMICS I think you can order it from there 10/1! @TAITCOMICS oh my godthe wwe thunderdome is an anarchist jurisdiction skipping past Minecraft videos in these YouTube tiktok compilations
@IgnatzHaderach is this trigunIn Portland/Seattle/NYC when u graduate high school they play this now @hamishsteele They release new planners every year that fit in it! @OKAYKELLYK I know! This interior color? It’s so nice! still have this first earthbound cover and I love it but those are good about these 2021 hobonichi planner covers @Kyanos The trailer just came out! Link in the thread @jpcoovert Here ya go! @NoPlaceLikeOh Thank you!
@PlinaGanucheau @p__gravel They should just load it on the switch for everybody like that u2 album @KnockOnWoodruff we shoulda knownme when white men call each other “brother” @p__gravel “And it’s available RIGHT NOW!”My wish list for January 2021 1. A vaccine. Gimme that shit. 2. President Joe sworn in 3. The skateboarding anime is good @kohquette I have the Ken and Chun-Li but I think they made a few diff ones. The image in the center is lenticular! @kohquette I still have one of these (with a USB adapter) and I love it @laurenmoran creature from the snack lagoon long Halloween name: THIR13EN GHOSTS GOING ON THIRTY GHOSTS @heyshanmurphy BYE SHANnew roommates can have a little Halloween twitter early as a treat
@Srganuch iconI will never forget when somebody asked Lil Wayne what his ESPN tattoo meant and he said “Entertainment and Sports… @i_am_ste @LukeHealy the other family that lived in the house were super into horror movies and they did like Roseanne-level Hallow…’m not really a ghost person but when I was a kid I lived in a former old folks home that was turned into a two…’s Halloween Adventure was the highlight of my year when I was in elementary school @adorkablescomik Scroll down for rest of collection @treswritesstuff ayyyyy!happy batman day tomorrow"Here's the good news: Mitch could lose his current job this November. Not only is he up for re-election, but more…
Retweeted by Real Housewives of Silent Hill @miskiart @LukeHealy my kettle is only a year old but I’m like 👀 @LukeHealy There’s a whole line and it’s all cute! i found a very cute microwave it has wooden accents
@afwassel The whole SCYTHE series!