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kevinrogers @kevinrogers687 England, United Kingdom

Works in the construction industry, Wolves fan and loves Horseracing dislikes EU, Liberal left & David Lammy

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@WakeyNic The bonds get sold off to countries such as China who use the ‘calling in’ of such debts to create a position of influence @jennyrickson Well what timing to ask that question as around now we would be booked into a Manchester hotel and ge… @SuzieCampbell3 @Eyecatcher_Pro Totally agree it lasted far too long to be just flu and I can remember being in bed… @SkyNewsNaz @TeamKnowhowUK Exactly the same as us and after the repair it has gone wrong again so we have now got n… @SkyNewsNaz Bought a Zanussi cooker from them and within a few weeks it broke down trying to get @TeamKnowhowUK to… @SuzieCampbell3 @Eyecatcher_Pro Me too I am convinced that I had it around the end of January and for weeks later I…
@Stuj4z Typically biased Tyler as he has been for the past 40+ years since the days of Bremner & co white tinted sp… @WeAreWolves_com Absolutely the amount of pressure we soaked up in the first half was unreal a classic game of two halves @Joannemalin7 Hi Jo even though he was only 71 years of age it was undoubtedly a life well lived judged by the fant… @Joannemalin7 Hi Jo I don’t know if you are aware but today was the funeral of Lichfield Town Crier Ken Knowles who… currently working with someone whose wife is a high roller in the NHS and says that a vaccine will be ready to r…
@estherk_k Dumb and dumber @NadineDorries Sorry Nadine but haven’t ministers left documents in public places before ie on trains ala James Pur… @NadineDorries Hospital wards are said to be ‘full to capacity’ of covid patients implying to the public that the w… @onedeswalker @tdl123 My first soft spot was for Alverton who was the apple of Jonjo’s eye who he won the 79 gold c…
@talkRobyn Mmmm feline canapés eh @lfnand Unbelievable ours go in once a week is that normal? Also I’m in the sore throat army but been working in du… @Timeform Typical
@roar1968 My god!!!!! @JamesMelville 4 @Wera_Hobhouse Pity they didn’t have one in your constituency just a few months ago
@Brian_Pocock_21 I wonder if the Blackbirds and Blackcaps know that they are being persecuted by their white neighbours @JeremyCordite Thought it would be Alex ScottA new first in a total waste of resources surely the package could have been smaller! @Iromg morning Mike this interview with Piers Morgan is a mixture of White Noise and Trump Biden 2 😱
@PauldMcNamee @DawnNeesom As a journalist is this the bottom rung of the mainstream papers @dailystar Who buys this rubbish? @FOBRacing £62 for the winner? And how much will the betting industry get out of it? Asking honestly here because I… @iancollinsuk hi Ian it has just been reported that Ed Davey and Caroline Lucas are prepared to row in with Labour… @GaryLineker Ask your asylum seeking housemate @JeremyVineOn5 @LozzaFox @theJeremyVine That vile Alibi woman is the female version of Dr David Starkey but only on… @Iromg hi Mike can’t believe the caller Anna blaming everyone but Scousers for flouting the corona rules as in a re…
@DawnNeesom @JeremyVineOn5 Sorry but any programme that gives that horrible woman air time doesn’t deserve any viewers
@onedeswalker Absolutely brilliant who I firmly believe who Jose Mourinho built his persona on @FOBRacing And no doubt gets to the front of the queue at the Centaur and orders for the whole of the BBC @Sonjamclaughlan Like a scene from Yes Minister @FOBRacing How greedy is Laura eh? Taking liberties now with 3 questions and a comment!
Funding Mum's Cancer Treatment - Carol's Story @FOBRacing Complete bollocks @Emmalouisajones @KellGardner Bottom left are you sure? @onedeswalker A bit of a tip for you today Mick, Kenzai Warrior who I took early doors at 16’s is now down to 8’s i… @onedeswalker Very interesting to see that Jason Weaver fancies a bit of an upset with Fivethousandtoone and with t… @berniespofforth Omg @truemagic68 @RobBurl I feel that if you have 250k followers then you have a stalking problem @FOBRacing Days like this make you realise how lucky you are to work in racing and not Tesco
@Archie44444 It’s not her mom it’s her brother Daniel @ajcdeane @SteveBakerHW Maybe not but at a time of crisis any MP accepting this rise should be ashamed of themselves @FOBRacing Proper names over the jumps with no Hafunaf or Nafounma in sight!
@onedeswalker Conor Coady scored though Mick blue skies n all that @berniespofforth @RishiSunak At the same time the BBC have their hands out for a £Billion bailout, personally I thi… @WeAreWolves_com Derek Doogan
@berniespofforth But I bet he doesn’t have ‘builders bum’ @WeAreWolves_com Home to Wrexham in the late seventies where we lost 2-0
Mask wearers, please have a listen to Dr Hilary Jones explain how masks are not only useless, but will actually cau…
Retweeted by kevinrogers @FOBRacing Which was moved from Uttoxeter as it had to be abandoned due to a waterlogged course
@ShelaghFogarty No we can’t the evil ones are the Trump hating Boris hating Farage hating journalists @ChilloWolf @nikkipowelly What about old Lizzie Birdsworth? @JoanneGrange Errr £12billion of muppetry if you don’t mind councillorOoh how her words now haunt her @GylesB1 It’s either Trafalgar, Berkeley or Celebrity!😀 @Abbeighx #horsesdontjudge @Iromg Hi Mike thanks to the caller ‘Mike’ that’s another 5 minutes that I’ll never get back! @Iromg Morning Mike if Margaret Ferrier refuses to go we could run a weekly competition to keep tracks of her movem…
@HorseRacing_Net Send her straight to FrankelWell said Morgan 👏👏👏 @BillEtheridgeuk Liverpool now breaking covid rules by letting in 7 @WHR @AnaglogsDaughtr Age @FOBRacing @UttoxeterRaces Even though traces of Zilpaterol were found in a dodgy supply of Victoria Sponge @Mickwwfc @JacquiOatley Or even Mourinho @onedeswalker Unlucky Mick but well selected all the same matey @tesssummers98 Both Sky and the BBC hate the Tories and bash them wherever possible and also LBC a case in point wa… @onedeswalker Hi Mick I’ve backed Raabihah and a little saver on In Swoop when the ground turned
@dazthevillan Safe spaces ? @Iromg Hi Mike I’ll raise you a Fish Curry @BillEtheridgeuk All the time people are losing their jobs as businesses are closing resulting in people losing the… @onedeswalker Have backed the winner twice Sindaar in 2000 & in 1980 Detroit ridden by the great Pat Eddery @sugarkane_12 A Casualty of doctorsAnything more annoying than the people on Hit List ? @JHerridge91 Ladbroke Hurdle and the Schweppes Gold Trophy @JHerridge91 Got me thinking what were other famous races once known by start you off: Mecca Dante Stakes, Hoover F… @truemagic68 @McGracing Certainly not from John Francome😀 @NadineDorries Then why did Jenny Harries the Government’s own Deputy Chief Medical Officer state on air that ‘give… @berniespofforth Heard this morning on LBC ‘The Black Farmer’ Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones will be donating all profits o… @SarahBSmithVA Hi Sarah just heard you on LBC with Andrew Castle and when attacking the President over masks I wish…
@berniespofforth At 5pm? must have been some night 👍 @dippy1952 @Iromg Does this mean that she will be the first SNP Minister to gain full independence 😁 @JoanneGrange @LichfieldLore @Robbirch1Birch But did the people know what they were voting for?
@JamieGlackin1 @gorbalsgoebbels And ironically now I’ve had the whip removed I can honestly say that I am the first… @NadineDorries Does this mean that she’s the first SNP minister to achieve independence @FOBRacing I’ve been on twatter for around 5 years and I have a grand total of 135 followers sob sob #goonkianlad @Natpirks @JacquiOatley Games are being ruined by these stupid rules that have been brought in over these past 3 years @mzeineh28 @gorbalsgoebbels @piersmorgan @NicolaSturgeon If someone caught the virus off her and it resulted in som… @GMB @susannareid100 @kategarraway So you’ll no doubt be calling for the resignation of SNP Margaret Ferrier then w… @iancollinsuk hi Ian I myself found a painful lump on my testical around mid August. I was able to make a GP appoin… @FOBRacing Is Teenoso or Red Marauder declared?
@thecarolemalone Considering that the vast percentage of people who spout fascism don’t know its true meaning I wou… @tesssummers98 Heard an American guy on Talkradio saying that not only are the written and broadcast media against… Mum's Cancer Treatment - Carol's Story @iromg hi Mike just listening to your interview with Neil Oliver and I feel that this government is missing a trick…
@MorrisseyHelena @joelpollak @willchamberlain What’s the betting CNN have it 60/40 Biden with Fox News scoring it 60/40 Trump