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Tech columnist for the New York Times. Reporter of Rabbit Hole podcast, writer of books, former Geocities webmaster.

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can we just have one normal thing please
@MikeIsaac @kateconger oh nothis is actually a pretty good example of something @kevinroose and i we’re talking about on stream last night whi…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose(the NewsWhip data also includes Facebook, to be clear)according to @NewsWhip (slightly different data set, includes Twitter/Pinterest engagement), 5 of the top 10 most e…'s coming up Bongino on stream, come talk about the debate with us (Poor Boys members not invited) time is the super bowl
@TaylorLorenz Ah yes, the famously dignified Twitter personality @MikeIsaacInside the campaign to 'Pizzagate' Hunter Biden. New from @oneunderscore__ and me.
Retweeted by Kevin RooseOne of @hasanthehun's fans called me "brunchpilled" in Twitch chat last night and I'm still laughing about it. @TaylorLorenz people who say “passion economy” have never seen the dead look in a YouTuber’s eyes as they grind out… the (pretty sus) claims of a Dutch researcher at face value is certainly a choice!'re streaming! Talking about AOC, Among Us, and whether Twitch is the future of politics.
Saw a number of journalists RTing this. It costs zero dollars to check something before you share it, friends! @pkafka excited for your quicom15/ SCOOP: Facebook ran experiments on an algorithm change in Jan 2018 and when it hurt traffic to right-wing opini…
Retweeted by Kevin RooseA lot of my approach to this stuff comes from the pioneering work that my colleagues @sheeraf @daveyalba @btdecker gotten some requests for info on the E.M.A.I.L. method we discussed on The Daily today. It's not an official… @eringriffith be the take you wish to see in the worldWe're doing this to encourage everyone to read news articles before Tweeting them, regardless of the publication or…
Retweeted by Kevin RooseSay what you want about Quibi's business model but this scene made me laugh for a solid 10 minutes't they just liquidate the golden arm? said the woman who interviewed him was "rather young" and that the producers wanted him to get a massage from her (he declined).Rudy talked about the Borat scene on WABC in July. Hosts asked him if he did or said anything regrettable during th… @PatriciaMazzei and @jennymedina story about a wave of anti-BLM, pro-Trump misinformation making the rounds in… @CaseyNewton @fmanjoo something about tide podsOn today's Daily: The big social media companies said they would avoid the mistakes of 2016. But in the first big t…
Retweeted by Kevin RooseSo many lies, so much hell. I talked to ⁦@BostonJoan⁩ about her new “media manipulation casebook” and the flavors…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @GenePark losing my mind @halophoenix sameWhen you’re winning:
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @joeljohnson jesus man @ashleyfeinberg fairAt the risk of ruining a genuinely delightful thing by overtheorizing it, two sitting members of Congress streaming…,000. Just shuddered thinking about the emergency House GOP Twitch seminar where they're gonna have to teach Dev… @cwarzel we gotta get elected to congress, inspire a generation of young progressives, or play Among Us, not sure whichAOC started streaming 5 minutes ago and has 200,000 live viewers already. (That is, uh, slightly more than @cwarzel
The whole Spygate arc (Fox News blockbuster --> Trump obsession --> ineffective campaign message) basically support… isn't "over," in the sense that the Durham investigation is still happening. But it's not going to be the O… (aka Obamagate) was a huge hit within the right-wing media ecosystem. But it was so hard to follow that it… wrote about Spygate, the conspiracy theory that spawned a thousand Hannity segments, which appears to be fizzling… noting that YouTube, unlike Twitter and Facebook, didn't restrict the Post's story. appears to be spending big on YouTube ads about the Hunter Biden emails. These ads, both less than a day old… @cwarzel I agree with this take broadly, but it's not like the 2016 "acid-washed emails" stuff was all that compreh… have been approximately one billion conference panels and symposiums about how deepfakes will be used to swin…"The machine that moves information through the far-right ecosystem is preparing its audience for the very real cha… @robleathern @FacebooksTop10 Hi Rob, as your screenshot makes clear, CrowdTangle uses “performing” to mean “getting… important to see qanon for what it is: not just a baseless conspiracy theory but a vague belief set meant to de…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose[laughs in Dan Bongino]
This #Foxconn story about how Wisconsin got absolutely rolled by charlatans and politicians eager to boost Trump is…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @travis_view this is immaterial but that is the most pilled bookmark bar i have ever seenI'm not generally super nostalgic for the golden age of local newspapers, but this @daveyalba @jacknicas story illu… @chrislhayes At least 2 Fast 2 Furious had some new plot points!I tried to stay offline this weekend but someone texted me that a Pizzagate rumor was going around. I thought they…, they’re just...doing Pizzagate again?
Incredible stuff from @katie_robertson inside the New York Post's newsroom as the bosses rammed a story through on…
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Big day in the "JFK Jr lives" sect of QAnon as the man himself is expected to reveal himself and replace Pence as T…
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This is just a magnificent piece of writing and thinking
Retweeted by Kevin RooseI talked to @emmabgo about her story on the Babylon Bee, the right-wing satire site that is outperforming The Onion… @BrandyZadrozny @oneunderscore__ @donie i regret this deep state canoe @chick_in_kiev @donie @oneunderscore__ @BrandyZadrozny i am dying to! @sriramk @donie @oneunderscore__ @BrandyZadrozny It's really not easy. Combination of formal conventions (blocks of… from experience, it's really hard to report about internet culture on TV without leaning on visual clichés… is great reporting, especially the answer about how to bring people out of QAnon and other conspiracy theory m… FB tweaked its algorithm to minimize political news, executives were concerned about the outsize impact of the…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @sarahkliff @TaylorLorenz to be fair, sarah, when you think about people's medical bills, they do tend to go away @AlxThomp (Newswhip counts FB + Pinterest + Twitter influencers, not just FB) (sorry my brain is like this) @jacknicas "we are limiting the distribution of the chonky boy until our third-party fact-checking partners can ver… @CaseyNewton do you need a tweeting mentorCongratulations to Drax, the "Chonky Dog" who "Realizes It's Time To Go On A Diet When He Breaks The Doggy Door," f… great, Bob!
YouTube's QAnon crackdown appears to be hitting many/most of the movement's biggest channels. Some of these had hun… what would be *really* useful from YouTube is a searchable database of historical performance data, simil…, I guess that answers that. claims that changes to its recommendations algo months ago cut views on QAnon content, but the movement was… has been a major asset for QAnon since the early days, when redpill videos like "The Plan to Save the World…'s updated policies will prohibit "content that threatens or harasses someone by suggesting they are complic… YouTube is cracking down on QAnon and Pizzagate, citing the threat of offline violence. the American First Amendment the best way to protect free speech? For @NYTMag, I argue that the answer is ... ma…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @karaswisher also, let's be clear, i push this crap much more often than *weekly*
@CalWells (they were always publishers)Really regretting that day in 2016 when I wished upon an enchanted lamp to be cured of my niche and useless obsessi… @AnnaDubenko as the underboss of The Horse Mafia, i accept responsibility for this errorTIL I should not do interviews on the radio before 8am. is related to today's Biden story: A few months ago the fact-respecting portion of the internet was outraged…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @MikeIsaac @eringriffith @ShiraOvide @daiwaka accio sherman act @gregorybrothers judicial banhammer @boztank @karaswisher @MikeIsaac @alexstamos @evelyndouek decent burn tbh @andrewmarantz it's goin great!Folks, we are not a Red America and a Blue America. We are a Dan Bongino America and a “obituary for the housekeepe… @AlxThomp @The_DailyWire @NewsWhip're live, talking about the QAnon conspiracy and how those that believe it are trying to reach new audiences. M…
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Don't miss @emmabgo's recent piece on the rise of the Babylon Bee, the religious right's answer to The Onion. most-engaged URLs of the last 24 hours, per @NewsWhip. The Babylon Bee (#1) has nearly twice as many engagement… @puiwingtam @jacknicas @bxchen I’m saying their coverage is a valuable reminder of what my brain used to feel like!There’s something charmingly nostalgic about tech reporters live-tweeting an Apple event like we’re in the Before T… if the paradigm we're using to think about about tech regulation is all wrong -- but the solution is all arou…
Retweeted by Kevin RooseThe @nytimes has a new feature called Daily Distortions that documents and debunks viral misinformation spreading o…
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@mayverywellbe @cwarzel We should! The videos are also available (on Twitch and YouTube) after the stream.