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Tech columnist for the New York Times. My new book, Futureproof, comes out on 3/9. All bad tweets were AI-generated.

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@samjmintz cypher @Slasher no! the least he could have done was carry @Slasher it was brutal manWe've been through a lot this year, but nothing emotionally prepared me for the prepubescent kid who announced in V…
@Viss Yeah, I think platform structure also matters. Easier to give people banhammers on a site that is set up as a… think Reddit's moderation scheme works because people will gladly volunteer to moderate posts on a board they hav… to compare the reaction this is getting with e.g. Reddit, which has always been mostly moderated by unp… out @matt_levine's Soundcloud @alexia I think it's just trade publications vs. mass media? Every industry has its industry-funded Meatpackers Mon… @chrislhayes It's really good content! The line when he showed Putin's stripper pole and was like, "maybe it's for a giant shawarma"It's firmly in the YouTube documentary tradition (popularized by people like Shane Dawson), which is stylistically…'m not smart enough to have good opinions on Navalny/Putin but I watched Navalny's YouTube video (87 million views… bunch of bored Redditors singlehandedly destroying the efficient market hypothesis feels like it should be a bigg…
@Nataliekitro @ktbenner putting that in my email sigYou know it’s not great when this is the statement you give ⁦@ktbenner⁩: “All my official communications were consi…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @CaseyNewton this is violence
@noUpside many of them yours! grateful for your early work on thisThought I'd never see the day!
Two members of Congress, @RepAnnaEshoo & @Malinowski, just sent well-researched letters to the CEOs of Facebook, Go…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @DylanByers @alexeheath @Klonick Not saying it's a smokescreen, saying reporters should accurately describe what po… @DylanByers @alexeheath @Klonick Respectfully, I'm not sure "Facebook would never do anything to undermine its own… @alexeheath @Klonick I just think we should be very precise about how we use words like "binding." They mean things! @DylanByers How did independence promises work out for WhatsApp and Instagram?FWIW I mostly agree with @Klonick (who knows this stuff better than anyone) on the merits. I also think we should u… are a lot of people taking Facebook’s word that the Oversight Board is fully independent, and that its decisio… @edmundlee @OversightBoard Counterpoint: Mark Zuckerberg can absolutely overrule the Oversight BoardJust today, I’ve watched various right-wing figures ranging from Alex Jones to the Proud Boys vie for The attention…
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@BrandyZadrozny Torn between “they let it get so big” and “at least they’re telling us how big they let it get” @HarisAlisic that's just q-speak for "don't give up"Group chats have mostly devolved into a mixture of coping, denialism, anger at Q influencers, and Trump gold coin s… QAnon dead-enders are pointing to this as evidence that Biden was secretly one of the good guys all along (Q i… @erin_gs your lips to god's ears!The depth of the despair and anger in these QAnon group chats is pretty worrisome. If you have loved ones who are i… get the instinct to laugh at this, but the deeply emotional trauma this scam has wrought on family, friendships,…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose“A lot of YouTube journalists have just lost one hell of a lot of credibility,” wrote a commenter in one QAnon chat… this is helpful for somebody in your life who thought today was going to be judgement day
Retweeted by Kevin RooseSome QAnon influencers are still trying to convince their followers it's not over, and the followers aren't having… Watkins, the former 8kun admin who helped keep QAnon afloat for years (and who some suspected of being Q himsel…"And just like that Q was wrong. Well good day folks.""Been played like fools" "It's over" setting in on QAnon Telegram is "when prophecy fails" day for QAnon, and my brain is so broken from covering this for two years that I am… who believe baseless conspiracy theories often stay down the rabbit hole because they feel it's embarrassing…
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Remember that post-9/11 Onion headline that was like "shattered nation longs to care about stupid bullshit again?"… @cwarzel i understand why we're calling her MTG but it is very confusing to us former magic: the gathering playersYou gotta feel for the guy from the American Popped Corn Manufacturers Association who lobbied for a decade to get… @beccalew @unc_citap @tressiemcphd @alicetiara @dfreelon @kreissdaniel @shannimcg @ftripodi @rachelkuo @robyncaplan
If you (or someone you know) has successfully helped break a friend or loved one out of QAnon or another online con… @AkilahObviously Totally anecdotal, yep. And agree that racism (and anti-Semitism) is woven into the mythology, and… very personal thread about this story and why I increasingly believe addressing the rot caused by QAnon will be o…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @AkilahObviously I hear that, but rank-and-file QAnon is less white than you'd think. (Maybe 30% of the Q people I'… video is amazing, and the most detailed footage I have seen on what happened inside the Senate chamber.…
Retweeted by Kevin RooseDebunking and deplatforming is sometimes the appropriate strategy for conspiracy theorists (especially the violent/… lot of QAnon believers will be asking questions in the next few weeks, as Trump leaves office and the core Q myth… better question is what we do about the millions of people who are somewhere on the Q belief spectrum. I don’t ha… lot of QAnon punditry proceeds from the assumption that everyone who believes in it is insane, or stupid, or a co… wrote about Valerie Gilbert, a QAnon believer I know. Maybe you know someone like her, too.
The moderator’s dilemma
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @alexstamos never heard of it @TomPaineToday There's a lot of folklore about this. Big page admins think the algo gives their whole pages extra r…, if this sticks, expect a lot of hyperpartisan pages to start posting random articles from the BBC and NP… detail 6 people will care about: NEQ scores are given to domains, not pages, so if Joe Biden posts a Washin…, a few local news stories hit the engagement leaderboard today, which also happened the last time the… is re-adding NEQ, its internal publisher quality score, to its news feed algorithm ahead of inauguration.…
@lauraolin Ok but what is “Friday”This is raw QAnon/8kun stuff, straight to the president. They’ve been talking about this for days.
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @MattZeitlin think this says more about you than the timeline...“It’s coherent—and in my view absolutely appropriate—to believe both that (i) the social media companies were right…
Retweeted by Kevin RooseI listened to half of this, and it was extremely clarifying to see a certain kind of Twitter guy get absolutely pan… be closing @willsommer amazing, congrats! @Bernstein let's put Mystery in charge of deradicalizing teensSnapchat is paying out $1M a day to ppl who post viral videos to it's new TikTok-like feature, Spotlight. I spoke…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose @willsommer Does anyone actually say “the QAnon?”
Not me waiting for edits, singing "soon may my editor call" to the tune of WellermanSorting through the riot's wreckage w NYT's @kevinroose and NBC's @oneunderscore__ : Big Tech accountability; depla…
Retweeted by Kevin RooseThis effect -- people optimizing their personalities for algorithmic reach -- is not limited to the far right. But… @Rob_Flaherty rob, we need thisTomorrow’s historic NYT front page.
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In a cosmic sense, it is kind of funny that Facebook Inc. is struggling to contain a viral conspiracy theory about… @CaseyNewton I think it is simultaneously true that a lot of people cover it and that it got way too little airtime…*grinds teeth into a fine powder* After review, and in light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, we removed new content uploaded…
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I used to keep stories like this sent to me by listeners about their friends and relatives getting lost in a YouTub… @robinsloan the drunken sailor one slaps @evelyndouek @OversightBoard I don’t think people believe the Oversight Board is legitimate or that FB would ever r… think only YouTube truly knows how big this cohort of extreme right folks is. While everyone else is deplatformin…
Retweeted by Kevin Roose“Fellows said he gets much of his news from conservative commentators on YouTube” this is incredible
Retweeted by Kevin RooseShantytok may literally be the only good thing happening on social media right now very emotional discussion right now about whether Twitter has the right to de-platform Trump should widen the l…
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Watching tech companies struggle to ground their moderation decisions in clear and consistent policies, I'm reminde…'s scarier to think that "normal" people might end up rioting at the Capitol, but it's been a while since these m… were business executives and elected officials and decorated vets! A woman arrived in a private plane!I get the temptation to deride these people as bumbling losers and yokels (we all need a coping mechanism!) but man… was on Fox News this morning saying that conservatives are so censored by Big Tech that they're going to ha…
So there's a lot of confusion about what Parler being kicked off of Amazon Web Services (@awscloud) means. Let me d…
Retweeted by Kevin RooseIt's chilling that Parler can just unilaterally decide that it doesn't want to amplify incitements to violence and…
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You can disagree with these platforms’ decisions. Fine! But it’s just dishonest to pretend that the Oathkeepers and…