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@behindthedish1 Yep and there is no guarantee we are getting Gio back either and TA is a FA the yr after that. So y… @ChiSoxFanMike I think a fair trade for him would be one of Vaughn/Kopech, one of Dunning/Cease, and probably a BP… @DSbest86 Probably none if we get those two. I would go into the season with them and if they are not pulling their… @behindthedish1 I am completely behind that plan. Hope that is what they do. If you cant restock your farm in 3 to… @BDavisStanCubs @BDavisStanCubs Yeah that snell trade is really to good to pass up but I get scared negotiating with Tampa any trad… @BDavisStanCubs No Pederson, I would probably go JBJ next if I had my choice. Way better glove and similar offense… @BDavisStanCubs Exactly my thought process. A million or two more a yr will get you Pederson. We need guys that get…, no! That is the tweet.Out of the list of SP that are left on FA. Besides Bauer of course, get Kluber and Walker. Probably the two guys th…
@Dudas68 I agree you need to do both. I think they get 1 or 2 pieces in FA and get the other pieces in trade. But t… @RadioJoe7 Did you forget the Sale trade? They gave up the #1 prospect (moncada) in all of baseball and #67 (#3 ran… trade involving prospects I am all for and here is why. The sox have every position covered for next 3 yrs at l… @SoxMach_pnoles He didn't have the worst FIP this yr, to name just one guy that had worse FIP was Bumgarner but the… @BDavisStanCubs Yep, what have you done for me lately. @BDavisStanCubs Yeah I think that ship has sailed especially this close to FA. @BDavisStanCubs I know you dont put value in '20 season but I am sure the FO people do. Him getting another injury… @BDavisStanCubs If he has another Gold/platinum glove and puts up another 120 wRC+ season you guys will be paying w… @BDavisStanCubs Because of what had made Bryant elite was his bat. With his shoulder, wrist, and back injuries are… @BDavisStanCubs You guys are literally choosing to keep Baez (basically the same as Lindor) over Bryant. So why wou… @BDavisStanCubs Lindor is also 2 yrs younger, switch hitter, plays a more premium position defensively (consider on…
@BDavisStanCubs Even eliminating '20 season majority of his value comes from his bat. From 2015 -2017 he was a aver… @arude8 Fair enough.Yeah I just think any trade with the Cubs is like trading within the division just because of t… @arude8 What if they asked for crochet? Would you do it? Right now I think he is ranked #86. I dont think you get B… @arude8 Yeah I have seen that group (meatball/dumb). The majority I have seen (reasonable people) have not been in… the big issue I see with this and what I have seen people say on Twitter is the cost for a rental player liked… @Mattheius2783 I completely agree that is why I said one or other but not both. I think the package I mentioned abo… @moscow_dave Yeah I think that is the problem they have right now. They have a short window with the guys I mention… @moscow_dave Yeah I am not saying trade both. I would give up 1 for a controllable ToR arm. 3 yrs of Snell in this… @BDavisStanCubs He was pitching in spring training this yr and was looking stronger then he did before. Velocity wa… @moscow_dave Fair enough but after bauer who do you see after that is a ToR guy in FA? I dont think this team can g… @BDavisStanCubs I can understand that argument but just like Kopech, Vaughn didnt play this yr either. I think Kope… @BDavisStanCubs Exactly so stupid. Anytime I talk about a trade with any team, usually the other fan base in the tr… @BDavisStanCubs From what I read in the comments it seems like they were talking down about Vaughn and he wont be g… trade probably wont happen on the sox end. I think they could do one of Vaughn/Kopech (Preferably Kopech), one… is probably asking to much for him again (wanted Vaughn at trade deadline from what was said by reports). If…
@GoCubs49 @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike So again you will only get Bryant for one yr. A… @GoCubs49 @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike Key word in that sentence "EARLY". Why would an… @ABelchy25 @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike Schwarber @ChiSoxFanMike I would just love to be a fly on the wall when Wheeler would have to explain to his wife that they a… @ABelchy25 @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike With his shoulder and back issues not sure about that and… @ABelchy25 @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike 2015 was his best season. He got hurt and spent 2 yrs rec… @ABelchy25 @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike If 18 out of your top 30 are pitchers in your system and… @ABelchy25 @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike Season coming. Bryant is not 145+ wRC+ guy anymore, which… @ABelchy25 @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike Actually have no issue with the cubs and wouldn't mind Br… @ABelchy25 @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike I agree with that but when is he going to be healthy is t… @ABelchy25 @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike Do your research if those prospects were so good, you guy… @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike Very true. I think the minors really got screwed up this… @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike Alzolay his numbers in minor really didnt set the world o… @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike What are the Cubs ranking from a farm? 26th the last time… @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike On a competitive team I see him as a 4/5th starter. For w… @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike That is fair but the cubs need controllable arms like yes… @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike I think you are forgetting guys like cease who was middle… @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike So just to give you example from Sox if they were to do i… @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike I agree with that. I think if he is traded now, he would… @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike He is being paid his value right now especially when look… @BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike With a average glove. When evaluating someone you cant ju…
@BDavisStanCubs @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike Was not top 3 in '18, '19, or '20. Using '16 or '17 to su… @ABelchy25 @ChiSoxFanScott @ChiSoxFanMike False. He is not even top 3 in war at his position (3b) over the past 3 y… @AroundPod @BDavisStanCubs Please tell me you are joking? Archer for meadows and glasnow. Glasnow was lights out th… @BDavisStanCubs @moscow_dave Lol, I know, just giving you a hard time. I know the cubs could use a good CF though,… @ChiSoxFanMike Mike another one was magglio! He was amazing as hell when he played for us. So we went from having a… @ChiSoxFanMike Hugely underrated. That 06 season he was a absolute stud. @BDavisStanCubs @moscow_dave Cubs need to stay away, this our cheap option, go find your own! Lol... @moscow_dave Oh yeah it would be nice. Offensively he is meh, he has had a couple really good seasons but you would… @moscow_dave Oh yeah I know and from what I remember KW loves JBJ too. They have tried to get him before in the Sale trade as well. @BDavisStanCubs Plus they know how to fleece everyone in their trades. Please tell me the last time they lost a tra… @moscow_dave Yeah that sounds like a typical offseason. I could also see JBJ as another cheap option if Joc is to r…
@BDavisStanCubs @suitedfours Exactly and I dont think the cubs want to sell low on him either. Should not be hard f… @Kendall_Litwin Exactly, a lot of red flags. Giving up a top prospect doesn't make sense. @flemdawg97 @ksawilchik Payroll currently at 100m @flemdawg97 @ksawilchik 150 to 160M @flemdawg97 @ksawilchik So what would be your offseason moves? @flemdawg97 @ksawilchik @flemdawg97 @ksawilchik I like that a lot. I like players that can multiple positions. He can play 1b, 2b, and 3b.… @ksawilchik @flemdawg97 You could also just have Garcia play 2b until he gets back? @flemdawg97 Completely agree but I feel there are lot of teams in that boat with trying to offload money, Colorado… @flemdawg97 Do you think the cubs are going to sell low on him especially with his career? I think they hold onto h… @Kendall_Litwin Completely agree with Springer and Pederson. You could probably add JBJ to that group as well. Also… @Kendall_Litwin You already have a liability in LF with eloy so putting another one in RF I dont think will be smar… @suitedfours I think when you get to the playoffs you need 3 stud pitchers to get through it. Having the last 2 pos… @22_bigal Darvish with Heyward could be a good package in my eyes. They wouldn't get a killer return and will proba… @suitedfours Right now I think they have the depth with Garcia and Engel. What they need is a starter for RF. I agr… @22_bigal Exactly. I think if I am the Cubs, I would try to sell high on Darvish and Heyward and sit on Contreras,… @suitedfours I personally like Engel as depth and a platoon guy. I think a lot of people underestimate depth. We ha… @suitedfours That I agree with if he turns it around but trading for him now makes no sense and there are so many d… keeps saying there are so many options for RF in FA. There really isn't when you consider majority of the… Kris Bryant a good player, yes he is. Is he worth what we will have to give up to get him, no he is not. Here is… @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanMike Didnt they just pay Lester 10M to go away? Didn't the Ricketts talk about losing a t… @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanMike Darvish has a little surplus in his deal but even with Heyward having his best seaso… @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanMike Not at 21M aav, especially in this climate. Imagine what they had to give up if they… @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanMike I would rather take on Heyward to get Darvish for cheaper then take on Bryant. Just… @BDavisStanCubs @ChiSoxFanMike The last sentence is exactly why I dont want him. It would cost a lot for a rental p…
@dpoz00 Personally I like the fact that he doesn't have a lot of miles on his tires (unlike sale) kind of reminds m… @newstyle23 @Spotted_Moo Having a normal owner, I would agree completely but we don't. There are probably 20 teams that want ba… @MarkRubes 1. Marquez (cost less then Snell) 2. Snell (because of price) 3. Sonny Gray (solid #3 SP) 4. Musgrove (l… @suitedfours He only has 3 yrs left on his deal but still very solid. He is a guy you swing for the fences for and… @MarkRubes @stevestone @MSPRULLIVAN @snellzilla4 @jasonbenetti He did win the cy young and looked like a absolute s… @stevestone @MSPRULLIVAN @snellzilla4 @jasonbenetti Steve, it sounds like you are using the Sale trade as an exampl…