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@clippiiboii @hitchariide WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! @xWill23_ @CouRageJD One day he'll be on my level πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘ @CouRageJD I have never seen such inconsistent streaming. 0 hours? in a whole year? I can't believe it smh. @strvde @ClutchTheJoke You just SNAPPED @LIRIK You a whole lurker
@jakkuxd @hitchariide Twitch stays being buggy, cant believe it. @Jonezie Pain, they literally sent mine 10 mins ago lmao @hitchariide OMG THEY JUST SENT AN UPDATED VERSION Apparently there was a bug... LOOK LOOK @Marimbro I dont believe it does, my bots not marked as an "active viewer", it for sure effects the emote count tho LOL @Schusty05 @hitchariide SHHHHHH @kangaaarrroooo Lockdowns had me all kinds of bored @FULYEQUIPKID Check email @AAWXXIII Yup LMAO @iamblonix Check yo twitch email (could be junk folder)Over two thousand hours spent watching Modern Warfare... I don’t want to talk about it. 🀧 @JakeSucky He did it... The mad lad actually went and did it... @hitchariide The man is onto something. @FormaL We’ll be ready #H4F @PolarizeRW I feel special now. @ChefHecz @FormaL We've evolved 😳 @Class @GamersOutreach I love this so much. W πŸ’œ @FormaL Its beautiful... @hitchariide We gotta get @Mixwell back to teach you... WE CANT BE HAVIN THIS 😀 @ImDehV This site always buggin smh smh @hitchariide nunca es demasiado tarde mi querido davido, eres inteligente y puedes hacer cualquier cosa que te propongas cariΓ±o @newbornstarr Should be emailed to you. @PolarizeRW OVER A WHOLE DAY @zl_soul BIG FACTS @GIxtch_ ALWAYS 😀😀 @CharlieWallwork WE MOVE @lil_mario954 @ActualIyCasey @AbbyTheMS @PolarizeRW @ltsCamo what a wild streaming year 2020 was... They said i couldn’t be a full time MW3, Marbles, Fall guys streamer..… @AbbyTheMS @PolarizeRW @ltsCamo @lil_mario954 Its a tough life being a consistent streamer such as myself. @JoeDeLuca I WILL KEEP COMING INTO YOUR STREAM TILL THIS IS A THING WE NEED IT 😀😀😀
@Cracker_Jackd I just created a whole wave of cracked kids. @xroyalxstorm YOU AINT GOTTA SAY ALL THAT @joshjbeats I had no idea it was that bad @rogerskrt DUDE @xoCloudz ITS OUR TIME 😭 @TMillsEh Yessir, thats the default for a standard wired controller to PC.The man @NAMELESS made an easy to follow video on it a bit ago: Follow the steps and you're basically a pro.Seems everyone is just finding out about overclocking your controller. Yes, you can reduce your controllers input… @scump never again... @Attach bump: @CODLeague @CallofDuty @Treyarch @scump IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN IT WILL… βœ… Express βœ… OpTic back βœ… 100T back βœ… League Play βœ… One more to go... πŸ“ @ChefHecz @Yuhuuur *runs* @NeeksFPS IM SORRY*CDL Finals* Maven: "With that OpTic Chicago have taken a 5-0 lead on Expresss SnD" Me: @barish24 In season, so knowing them on the last day. @ChefHecz Im not too sure, i think its probably worth a shot with how ehhh some of the maps are playing.ITS HAPPENING ITS HAPPENING ITS HAPPENING LEAGUE PLAY BOIS MY GOD EXPRESS IS RETURNING FEB 4TH GET IT IN THE MAP ROTATION NOW @DougisRaw 500IQ plays right here @Treyarch AHHHH LETS GO @FormaL
@mindofkosmo @scump LMAO @100Thieves @ATT I see Logan. I hit like. @Nadeshot Oh the memories. @DylanEnvoy ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF US #H4F @Nadeshot New avi? @CODLeague OpTic vs 100T WE READY @Treyarch YES YES YES @krazyboar We can dream 😭 @Dirk_JDR ITS GOTTA BE DONE πŸ˜€πŸ’―The only patch notes i want to see for Warzone.. 😀 @Marimbro 25 MONTHS?!?!?! WE STAN DAN BLASTERLOYAL INDIVIDUALS ROLL CALL LIKE IF PRESENT @AcTiVe_Easy ROKKR bouta make the last minute comeback 😳 @Leopard100T We gotta get them a #RunItUp emoji πŸ’―Kickoff Match for #CDL2021 #OpTic vs #100T The rivalry is back 😳πŸ₯‚
@scump This man is an ENEMY 😀 @INTELCallofDuty I will not rest till we get #HBR 😀 @OpTic @H3CZ @scump @FormaL @DylanEnvoy @DashySZN @JordonGeneral @hitchariide @JorgeSummertime @blakecissel… @sebthe_crab 6 MONTHS?!? SEBBY STAYS LOYAL 😀😀😀😀 @ltsCamo @sebthe_crab You after that win @OpTicCHI I wonder who’s gonna win this one.. Might be too close to call.. @Treyarch AHHHHHHHH NEW MAPTHE CDL IS OFFICIALLY BACK NEXT MONTH I NEED IT I NEED IT. πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΌ @Shakker__ MERNIN BOOTIFUL @ltsCamo Why they do EU like this πŸ˜” @KyleMarriott99_ YOU TOO PRO STREAMER KYLE @Storm_shadow90 MERNIN ROY @lcruuzl YESSIR YESSIR @captainfattyv2 MERNIN BB @EpicRacismHater AMAZIN AMAZIN, HBU?!? @ABA_Demonz MERNIN @ltsCamo ROAD TO RADIANT @sebthe_crab ILYM MR SEBBY @Slothyxu GOODMERNIN SLOTHYBAEGOODMERNIN TWEETER, GRIND NEVER STOPS πŸ˜€πŸ’– @BreElainee Not at all. @Valkyrae THE VALKYRAE TAKE OVER @its_birchy @FormaL Wait this aint DM’s??!?!?!? @FormaL Mr formie warmie, can u owder mi sum cookies pweasee @oFabz Only pain. @JohnnyKF17 😭😭😭 @Flawsom ITS SO BAD @V3Loo I deserve it πŸ˜”