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i don’t know how to work a computer

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gonna become a gym teacher just to cosplay sue slyvester every day wearing an adidas track suitat my wedding or funeral ( whatever one happens first) i want their to be a flash mob and everyone i have ever talked to has to participate @HathawayLesMis the only special person is Me @HathawayLesMis only Special people get pj reveal @HathawayLesMis the thing is i keep my room extra cold and the pants are very thin so i haven’t come across a problem yet @HathawayLesMis i’ve only recently started wearing pants to bed when i purchased my minion pj pants. but they are s… since i was a young lad when i woke up my right pant leg would be rolled up to the middle of my calf. i always… in bed hungry asf and i turn over and see an unopened box of cheezit snack mix. i’m truly blessed @lnfinitygirI i would love nothing more than to be your lawyer years ago my hand was right next to harry styles and almost touched his hand.
@lnfinitygirI i’m actually in my last year of law school !!feeling cute and pretty. this is all natural btw ! @HathawayLesMis i just got offlittle brother said yes to going to mcdonald’s with me @C0WT0WN BOOBA @lnfinitygirI ideal wedding spot tbh 🙈 @lnfinitygirI wel someone had to invent them🤷🏼‍♂️ @pinkmattur @ggracebev i wonder what that’s all aboutme asking why my phone is going so slow and this being all my open tabs in google’m like papa smurf but a girl
@lnfinitygirI @lnfinitygirI OMGGGG?!?!? @megaholes sure i guess… is that how much the shirt costs @lnfinitygirI i love your minion in minecraft @megaholes can you buy this for me @southiehypehaus fat @hannahtheebaker customer at work asked if we had any girly pink donuts. was that you ?6th day working in a row… i think i’m gonna do something to end up on the news @petshr1mp @lnfinitygirI EGGGG hi
this is me leaving work after having a terrible horrible no good very bad to go home to sit in the closet and cry @taymarx1 YASSS those are so good hope it was delicious and you’re awesome and beautiful @taymarx1 what kind @ImJakeJohnston i’ve never been invited to a party Before 😟goodnight forever world @ImgivingupMama i love it for Me too thanks ImgivingupMama @jahntoo thank you it’s a little freaky though @hannahtheebaker a bowl aYOOO if Bryce Hall wins I will be GIVE AWAY New IPhone and €6000 😳🔥 Make sure to FOLLOW and RETWEET!! money phone g…
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wore this shirt to dog training class and the instructor said she loves my shirt and that it was so cute beautiful rn
Retweeted by maggie! @hannahtheebaker no but i said hi to herjust took the best shower of my life i feel so clean @hannahtheebaker i’m the #1 hannahtheebaker fan.happy graduation @hannahtheebakerWOMAN CAME INTO WORK AND PICKED UP AN ORDER FOR LOIS AND I SCREAMED
@livvyquack yes and then after that( even though i can’t recall your face ) i still got love for you … @MissTayIor and you’re right !! you’re smart !!! this is so true right herejust drank sweet tea and it’s summer… you know what that meansi love root beer and i hate cream cheese
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Retweeted by maggie! @HathawayLesMis drinking and driving ?made this during my break for my fav customer at work. i’m proud of it
@graceIandto0 k sorry @lorde you look really pretty and i love the new song !! great job 👏wait lorde ? isnt she the one who made that song like you can call me green beans 😂 @pinkmattur @hannahtheebaker ok well i did @pinkmattur yes it was yummyi actually love the winter @hannahtheebaker that’s how i make them expect that ham sandwhi hcrying over tv shows is my favorite pastime @hannahtheebaker ??old lady at work told me i was a winner and that i made her the best ham sandwich she has ever had 😁😁the way i eat a lot of donuts else want their body to go through one of those ringers like spongebob does
@TAYMACC_ i am now cause i’m eating the PERFECT baguette from panera likes it perfect ive never had a better one @ImgivingupMama naurrrrr not a horrible day :( hope it gets better mama @ImgivingupMama i’m Ok long day at work but now time to relax 🙈 how is your day @ImgivingupMama hi mamaanyone want to hang out or something @petshr1mp YASSSS HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! HAVE A EPIC AWESOME FANTASTIC DAY MAMA<333 @C0WT0WN they are really cute though gonna need to find one asap @yarbycece @C0WT0WN you go to sleep too @C0WT0WN go to sleep @cowgaill ur mad @ImJakeJohnston stupid weird men who need to mind their business and take their normal pillswhere did u get those normal pills @Dream i need some asapjamie lee bi curious
Retweeted by maggie!the more that you slay the less i know whatever account you make i follow im begging for you to like my tweet, watch my fleet, thats my oomf
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@ImgivingupMama yeah sure you can drive cause the one time i ran over my brother with the golf cart so i shouldn’t @GREASESTAlNS @GREASESTAlNS what do u need it for @GREASESTAlNS i have apple musicdad just asked if i wanted to go golfing with him…. like ?? @yarbycece no i’m in the bushes @yarbycece i’m outside your house @yarbycece she wants you arrested asap @hannahtheebaker i tried but i’m not good at the claw @yarbycece my mom said you pushed her down the stairs and now she has a concussion @yarbycece i smell liek coconutsfuck you @yarbycecemom asked me why i took a pic of family guy claw machine and i just said Lois @TAYMACC_ i’m sorry tay i didn’t check twitter last night. my apologies seriously i’ll get you it right now @ImgivingupMama <3 @ImgivingupMama oMg sounds like a very awesome day for a very awesome person like you quite frankly i’m jealous 😍 i…