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Roman Catholic priest who plays the keytar

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@joe_pescespada If only @FrZ2003 Indults are never given. @kristinayouaw No.You do not have permission to hate yourself. @quthbert 😬😆 @quthbert Oh good, I missed Friday’s time I prayed the Litany of Humility all my eyelashes fell out and I've been so scared of that prayer ever since
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I have to say, Catholic Twitter (aka the school of hard knocks) really prepared me well for dealing with these people.Their response to an absolute ratio was to just call me gay—I had to look it up to get the insult. It’s pitiful, re… @MTN_Magnificat O goodness, just pray for them. My parishioners (present and future) are sticking up for me just fine.Lol, the local “Catholic watchdog” Facebook group is posting screenshots of my pool water and chili posts. On the… @MichaelLHoffman @HaleyCarrots @friarchrisg I love Twitter so much. @TH0MASBAHAMA For the record, my quote tweet was ironic (although Karen at the school really is fantastic) @becca_jmj @benito_cereno isn’t one of your cats evil? Perhaps there is a cure...Our school secretary’s name is Karen and she is the sweetest and kindest woman you will ever meet. #NotAllKarens this cycle year by year has helped me love God more and more. It’s so good. ☀️
Retweeted by Fr. Stephen VrazelAs I move beyond the period of existential shock at every realization that “____ was __ years ago,” it’s sort of co… @WB_Baskerville So it turns out medieval priests were not in fact 17 years old. @Hestia1996 The Hanging Gardens of Brutalism @Br0therBrother THAT DESERVES THE NATIONAL HYMN OF Fs BROTHER
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Could really go for some cailles en sarcophage right now. @lilpastagoblin @katn_america I can make this happen @goingblondzo know a gimlum and a goldo and maybe also a gando irl
Retweeted by Fr. Stephen Vrazel @Joeinblack The biggest and grandest comeback that I will never ever use: A woman says to me, “you would look bette… @jdflynn How I learned to drive stick: We kept an old Tercel in the shop at my dad’s business, but it had to be mov…
Retweeted by Fr. Stephen Vrazel @jdflynn How I learned to drive stick: We kept an old Tercel in the shop at my dad’s business, but it had to be mov… @FrDanFolwaczny @NostromoSerg Be a fisher of men, not a fisher of fish that resemble men. @FrDanFolwaczny @NostromoSerg Poles and Germans: pulled some normal fish out of the water and pretended it was a bi… @FrDanFolwaczny @NostromoSerg You have a generous definition of “win” @NostromoSerg Inspired: Baptizing the whole population of Atlantis with the sea.🎶Just an ecumenical Monday. (oh oo woh)🎶
Liturgical lisp @favourite_uncle Look I can’t argue with the quality of your own sense experience, but I grew up with a pool in the… @favourite_uncle Did you watch the video? The smell comes from ammonia reacting with chlorine. The only reason you smell anything is pee.Here's your yearly reminder that the reason public pools "smell like chlorine" is because they have more pee in the… @HalpernAlex @ChrisDStedman There is undoubtedly a ton of pee in that pool. @disillusioned66 tomorrowCan’t wait for Ecumenical Monday, when the Roman Catholic Church throughout the world begins celebrating the same day of the week again. @peternguyenn false prophecy @FrDanFolwaczny @fr_quizzical @CatholicChris_ It *is* overrated. #mayonnaiseonfries @Cmpatterson61 yes @gracemtherese Well, I did say wrong answers only...Before this becomes a feud, let me present a peaceful solution: crawfish pierogi (Basically, it’s just crawfish pie… @FrNickOFMConv @joe_pescespada Bummer @joe_pescespada @mvhaywilliams Where can I buy some of those? @fr_quizzical I am a founding member. @noyeahitsfineee one day @peternguyenn will forget he’s not the pope...tfw pausing in the middle of the Office of Readings *just for a minute* to check Twitter and this is at the top of…
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@ElenaFeick Swan content is definitely a wrong answer @Michael00y Good evening!please pray for a little old lady I’ve just collected who passed away alone from covid-19 earlier this evening
Retweeted by Fr. Stephen Vrazelme: yeah, I think I’m probably going to get to heaven me, after re-reading the sermon on the mount: 😬
Retweeted by Fr. Stephen Vrazel @JustaSoul8 We’ll see.I like this a lot. Not just because he’s my brother. I’m imagining processing into Mass with this being sung, and I… @StanDobis Well, I said wrong answers only... @JustaSoul8 Wow @Anna_Paolicelli Now that’s a good tweet @mabowes402 I can’t wait to see it! @TheHappyPriest Definitely a wrong answer... @RosieHill425 FYI, I have no fear of poopy diapers. Not that I ever do it anymore, but I changed plenty of my younger siblings’. @RosieHill425 Wow, sign me right up. I might unfollow you for that. @ChivalryFella That’s a good one actually @thymeIord I maybe would have followed for that. @thymeIord Ok, but it says wrong answers onlyAnd no, I’m not limiting this to people I follow.In the replies, quote me the tweet that convinced me to follow you, wrong answers only. @ChivalryFella I still like it, but it *is* the reason we have to hear about redpilled this and blackpilled that al… @alexthe0k You’re saying water, bread, and wine are commonplace. I’m saying anointing with oil mixed with balsam is not. @HaleyCarrots I just baptized a child this morning, chrism scent still lingering on my thumb when I saw something a… friend’s church wants to have music but discourage congregational singing when we go back to Mass next Sunday so…
Retweeted by Fr. Stephen Vrazel @Apocrypals I’m listening to the episode on Ezekiel while sitting at the drive through and they’re about to talk ab… I had no idea. We made up a word in the 20th century and it means the opposite thing of its modern usage in it… @BresnKC On the contrary, it turns the smell into something commonplace, ordinary, everyday. @cinephileo YupVindicated after all these years favorite tiny but important hill is the word “normalcy.” present common use coined by Warren Harding. it predate…
Retweeted by Fr. Stephen Vrazel @goingblondzo ❗️ I remember encountering ‘normalcy’ in a book in high school. Maybe Walden? I laughed and said that… @HelmickeyMouse @heyitsmattbaker They also love to take exception. @HelmickeyMouse @heyitsmattbaker Priests love to be exceptional.I don’t think chrism scented products like candles or beard balm should exist. It’s a beautiful scent, and we shoul… @FrHilderbrand @FrHilderbrand Don’t some Eastern rites use a stylus or brush for Chrismation?I just left the house. They have a congratulations sign for her in the front lawn for high school graduation. Devas… pray for the repose of the soul of a teenager who was killed in a car wreck tonight, and for the consolation of her family.I made a new level! "P Balloon & Optional Boss Fight" JY1-JLF-X7G #SuperMarioMaker2 #NintendoSwitch
@frajds Hey, female peafowl are called peahens.Wait, you’re telling me female pit bulls are called still called pit bulls? @lilpastagoblin The name of my current vehicle is the Blue Bomber, which is a nickname for Mega Man. It’s a blue truck.if you have a car, did you give it a name? and if so plz reply how you picked the name bc i am doing some Research
Retweeted by Fr. Stephen VrazelThe grade school definition of a simile is a comparison between two things using like or as. @RosieHill425 The peas are pleased. @fightygee ahem @LarryGoosetrain Fatboy Slime @TeawithTolkien ❤️ @katrinaltrnsl8r Yes. I love this.