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Amateur keytarist and No. 1 Priest Boy of Apocrypals Nation (Fr. Stephen Vrazel)

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@Capnhoppy Finn: “We're drawing up a plan for world domination. The key element? Coffee makers that think.” 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆… @frathermatt I want to be confessional advisor for movies/tv. @AhoyMagpie I haven’t seen 5,6,7 in over a decade. @MudblodCatholic I have... no memory of 7. We’ll get there, eventually. @JdLycanthropy Well, “Hush” is a treasure as well.Season 4 might be the worst, but it does have an excellent finale. #OctoberofBuffy @DanielUnoffical No, Padre Pio reads those. @Joe_Slama “It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you.”Christ reads all your tweets. @MtrKDJoyce You’re a good friend, and I’m glad to know you.I tweet a lot about liturgical changes that we’re making for the better in my parish, but I want to be clear: Thes… @bnyescc I think it’s just trying to rhyme with divine, and while it’s a good song... can’t say I love that. @DoomsdayPicnic @littlehummer @FatherSund Not in TLM maybe, but it’s in the Bible. 1 Corinthians 11:26 @16bitCatholic Excellent @littlehummer “Bread of Life” is straight from Jesus’ lips. And what you’re thinking of is straight out of the Roma… @BraamyBraam @JohnDeGuzzy @jdflynn #BasselinSwag all day long man @Uncouth_Bard @Joe_Slama @jdflynn JD’s and mine are JCL and PhL - a fourth horn would signify a doctorate. @Joe_Slama @jdflynn You see blue in the velvet on any PhD hood, because, you know, it’s a Ph[ilosophy]D @Joe_Slama @jdflynn Red: Theology Royal Blue: Philosophy Green: Canon law @Joe_Slama @jdflynn For academic attire, yes @jdflynn Greetings from the school of philosophy! @jdflynn Yes to green for canon law.(I’m realizing this might be taken as a further insult in the mean WCT saga. That’s unintended. I thought of it for unrelated reasons.)All those people who’ve been “sorted” on Pottermore? They’re muggles, every last one of them! It’s a complete sham! @dhconway I’ve got no qualms with a scriptural song like One Bread, One Body. In fact, it will be in our new parish hymnal.If that’s God, where is the light coming from? @katn_america @dccalvaro It’s a masterpiece.No more communion songs that call the Precious Blood “wine.” Thanks. @dccalvaro @katn_americaAfter celebrating mass at one of our nursing homes, an older lady came up to talk to me. She said, “I love the Sac…
Retweeted by KeytarCadaver @canonlawyered @MichelleLa_Rosa @JoeQ_sd @cnalive Michelle, he’s giving you so much power here... @MudblodCatholic @theghissilent A number of Catholic churches do it for Good Friday Adoration of the Cross. (We do.)Ummmm, I’ve been wanting to say something about this for years, but never had the words. @theghissilent Correct. “Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.” @Daniel_bearman America needs more roadside shrines. I would stop at every single one. @lapittenger @MudblodCatholic @goingblondzo @quthbert @areyousurebruv @evetushnet @FrNickOFMConv That’s the nicest… @EfficacyOfGrace @TauPower public mad indeed
And if you’re wondering why that sounds like @jdflynn’s perspective it’s because I stole it from him.This is not to say I’m convinced that the images we’re seeing are inherently non-Christian. I have never been to th… people were to gather in a circle for prayer around a careful arrangement of more typically European Christian s… @lapittenger Is this Praise and Worship?For anyone out there who, like me, has been missing the magnifying glass cursor control in iOS 13... Apparently th… Breath of the Wild energy @FatherSciarappa @Joe_Slama Excellent survey of patristic understanding of angels. The chapter on guardian angels is fantastic. @Joe_Slama Have you read The Angels and Their Mission? @CHUCK_BANE @flakypickle Excellent use of the wordI don’t see any good fruit coming from the developing feud between Catholics and Episcopalians happening on the tl… @njnelson18 Latin
@Capnhoppy That’s not what bugs me. I’m still annoyed that the post went viral. (Granted, I shared it on Twitter, b… @Daniel_bearman You mean they’re disagreeing when they go back and forth? I can never make sense of what either is saying."high potential reach" for a K-5 grade school. Great. @DanielUnoffical @SteveMissionary I thought crust subduction was the name for when kids don’t eat their pizza crust. @lordofthyme @stevielark (I’ve been saving that for months.) @lordofthyme @stevielark Stevie Lark get set, GO!My parish will chant In Paradisum as the closing song after every Mass in November (with the exception of Nov. 1).… @SteveMissionary @DanielUnoffical New conspiracy theories based on crazy common denominators between the red spots please!Do you want to see 50 images of people suddenly dying horrible deaths in Chick comics? Of course you do:… @DanielUnoffical @SteveMissionary It's where the ark is. @deo_favente1 @RevDaniel @joelburdeaux @NickQuient @Fundiestan @KaraNSlade @kristenrudd @SEOsbornIV @ChuckGrantham @CantareAmantis huge if true @theOGmelon1998 strong reply @TheresaZoe So good“Love one another as I have loved you.” #NewCommandmentsJust pulled into the Winn Dixie with the Beverly Hills Cop theme playing, like a boss.
tomorrow is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day and I would be forever grateful if you could offer up even…
Retweeted by KeytarCadaver @lordofthyme @Goodtweet_man Dang it that’s good! @Goodtweet_man The asteroid scare is so twenty years ago @Capnhoppy How dare you?There’s a right answer... #goober #gooberpea @RosieHill425 I’m giving it a shotNeed to fill one gap for meals... Ideas? Monday: pecans Tuesday: almonds Wednesday: cashews Thursday:  Friday: ma… @RosieHill425 Is this a new meme tweet format?Detective: “C’mon Kate, everybody knows you’ve gone all Scully.” Kate: “Mulder’s the believer; Scully’s the skepti… @lordofthyme @Joe_Slama Not during any weekends unfortunately. The pilgrimage is from Nov 4 to 15, and it begins and ends in Rome. @Joe_Slama @lordofthyme I will be in Rome in November. @pippanie moar Spirograph™ content please @kev_jg @SteveMissionary 1:1 Perfect. those who feel compelled to slander the pope and/or the pope emeritus are so desperate to be heard that they mus… @lapittenger @carlstuvek Little boy @carlstuvek @tobaccodad The same reason the word abbreviation is so long @EfficacyOfGrace Hey, that’s the CBP edition of the Roman Missal on the credence table. 💯 @GraceofGod33 Oh wait, I posted a picture of those last week. Not so deep @Joe_Slama Developing a whole spirituality around middle aged men who identified with Thor in 2012 and Fat Thor in 2019. @GraceofGod33 Deep cut @TheHappyPriest The nose ring IS the halo
New goal: become a saint, but don’t get canonized, because there would be some really weird holy cards made... to make a holy card of this pic of new Saint Dulce playing the accordion (busking was one of the ways she rai…
Retweeted by KeytarCadaver @2Woke2Catholic can’t wait @AmbieCoco @Klamachpin88 @FrMatthewLC @RileyMcCatholic I hate Twitter.This is what it originally looked like... @beckycloonan @MondoNews I ordered the tshirt, but I could only find the plague and blight variants of the cup. Did… the mentally ill but it’s woke
Retweeted by KeytarCadaver @flinnie @EmperorCoolidge @apocrypalsLord, make me better at praying than at preaching. @RileyMcCatholic @favourite_uncle @peternguyenn From the side, not the armpit.