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a young guy with a ghost presence online while trying to have fun streaming and youtubing part time basically Twitch:

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Go check out Atha on Trovo she an all around nice streamer and goddess
@Strykurs There there Strykur it will be ok 🥺 @Onizuurin @LiLi_Pupp @Ti_TymeGames @capt_hokage Dang I forgot about the Scream outfit 😓 @AthaMoonGoddess U too 💚💜♥️❤️🧡💙Morning moonlight butterflies! Hope ya slept well. I would like to try for a continuation of Kena stream (dual stre…
Retweeted by JetGhostZero ( Making a comeback) @_Aralene_ I mean I could call the horny police but I always been pretty amazing so I don't mind. @ItsMeAmberAbby It's understandable Amber hope u better. @LunariValkyrie I still do the habit of saying sorry even if there is no need it feels good to make right with othe… @Peach_Twilightt Yeah I heard ya @JusagiChan Could I still be a streamer with the Vtuber part? @LottieStarshot U too👻Phasmophobia Collab🔦 Today at 8pm EST I will be playing Phasmophobia for the first time with @AmatsukiLuni
Retweeted by JetGhostZero ( Making a comeback) @CourierOfC69 KFC huh? @Ginger_Kitsu Gosh dang that is a Kitsune @BriAtCookiebox I needed this thank you @OsakanaNemu Dear lord that is gorgeous XD @AzaleaMark @strawbunn_y Yeah I think we are all were at that point I think it best to go with what u know and learn from there in Chai @RieBrehd Really wow that's a first I heard in awhile @ChrisVenusAngel @SalubriousKang @YukinecchiVT @GrimmSong1 @MiraPanku @UzumiyaGo I like to take a family photo to celebrate the moment 📷📸 @RaineYiVTube Borgor @lokisandwich @YRMQAcanthus Just DIY Minecraft I see @DonKoala4 It's cuz I voted this time for Yaoi my mistake was not doing that last time. I'm surprised too but hey a… @TheLonelyKitsun Let's go even loners can get to the top yes @ohnoitsnero Congrats u just believe in your community and they threw milestones back keep improving and doing what u can @FaeKitsuneLIVE Rest off well @moggiijunkit Agreed it's so cool to listen to the sounds......🥺 @AutotuneReady I remember Subaru found that out and thought it was lewd XD @YanchaGogo Always do thoTHANK YOU to everyone for making today such a special day for Marky! It was Marky's first 12 Hour stream and it wen…
Retweeted by JetGhostZero ( Making a comeback) @KazumaVT Well as finding streamer friends regardless of Vtuber or not, clarifying that you can be any streamer o… @KazumaVT Well I wanted to just help others out with being happy in daily life, and seeing how far I can go persona… @Comrade_Del Always Comrade I recall a double interrogation stream with Sal and how u and Papi turn the tables it was very funny. @Im_Rawnnie See u then you come along way since getting over it then becoming a mod outside of streaming. Still the same cool hoodie man @DonKoala4 No unless your finally admitting the taboo @domoarigathanks @PapiTheLichKing That is true doing a double interrogation stream with him Sal and Comrade Del and… @dere_tsuki @Vivi_the_Dragon Yes Dragon consumes all the vtubers @MARIMARI_EN @RoyalSpeedwagon And Squidward just running like a mad lab trying to figure out what's going on XD @DonKoala4 I am kinda a allergy to Eucalyptus tho @KazumaVT @capt_hokage Dang @YanchaGogo Yancha just wants to get wet? 🤔 @hellfangz Can't wait hope it works out Fang @Onizuurin I'm reminded of the super Mario will intro meme it pretty funny @ichiigoma I hear it just not enough @aeronychus Yes maid @DonKoala4 @HiiragiEmuri Cuz it Anime Man XD @sensei_yami Just testing out the gears for a bit nothing wrong here XD. Also it looks like Glitched Levaition XD @zentreya Come here Dragon let's get you to bedI wouldn't be a VTuber if it weren't for you Thank you so much @mugisays (Their art below) And thank you everyo…
Retweeted by JetGhostZero ( Making a comeback)HAPPENING NOW!
Retweeted by JetGhostZero ( Making a comeback) @KumaKumataroEN Octoberfest? @belbeeps That just shows your hard work pay off @StarcrossedCh @CaptCrabs @MilkSparkling @DokiDokiMOON @cherifishVT @fuwatopia Very interesting definitely got to m… @AkamiHebiko @Teallif That is so corny I'm going to bite the Snake tail as part of my ghost ways @chiitrus That a first holdback on graduation but overall i hope it goes well and that u find the peace of mind u need @YanchaGogo I knew u come around to the switch side for the Nintendo galatic empireSoo awesome @_Aralene_ In more ways than one. Sorry it best I could do plus corny ones XD @_Aralene_ I know a few the first two are u from Tennessee cuz your only ten I see( I know cringe) Did it hurt when… @Onizuurin Time to sleep Yes @capt_hokage Holy Moly another Spicy challenge? XD @Fafrotsky They throw shade and you throwing some shades back why!? 🤣 @SinnamonSucc Aww lay down Cat we see ya next time @puppsicle God I'm good at being an Owl (TF2 Sniper reference)🐍 Psssst. Hey morsel.~ 🐍 I'm back! And we got a, uhm... 🏵️ !! DEBUT ANNOUNCEMENT !! 🏵️ 10/5/2021 - 1:00 PM EST (1…
Retweeted by JetGhostZero ( Making a comeback) @SSSoybean Good luck looks like u did well and swole er muscles too @SSSoybean Ahh well sorry I haven't been around much Luca or Soy XD but here is what makes me laugh… and gentleman it is time MY DEBUT IS FINALLY HAPPENING
Retweeted by JetGhostZero ( Making a comeback)【 IT'S MY TIME TO SHINE BABY! 】 your local wolf girl has finally been released and NOW OUT ONTO TWITCH AWOOOOGA LES…
Retweeted by JetGhostZero ( Making a comeback)
@artumis19 @coqui_monster So I should dare I mean I'm a ghost no way that bat was crafted to the hit the likes of me 😎 @SalubriousKang Good Sal hope it gets figured out#TwitchStreamer #ENVtuber Don't u just hate it when some people asking for anyone down in a game: U look at the t… @Loch_Niise I thought she always was just never debuted this is good news @sharksprite I'm already there I'm a ghost after all @ZetthaVT U too XD @_Aralene_ I have a gaming PC and yes Ara come over can't game without ya
Retweeted by JetGhostZero ( Making a comeback) @ayuu_chii Hmm not bad 👀😳 @ElaraVtuber Ummmmmm hmmm um ma'am,? 😳👀 @Buffpup_ Dang caught in 4k and a half @ThighsVT That is usually the sanity saver yeah @Luxilun A ghost hooded boy that plays a variety of games @Fafrotsky Just butter come on u need more than that Faf like Alfro butter @sensei_yami That may just be being on twitter too much but I will find a way out Yami no worries @SleepyGhostTV @BenosphereVT Nobody expected the top tier family sphere humor in this one stream @FennYuzuna So Beno is the beeg baby noted @Swooncraft Congrats Swoon @Kinny_Chan That is a scary thought but I thought like Dyanmax pokemon but as a Vtuber XD that works too 👍 @ItsMeAmberAbby Get well soon Amber @_Aralene_ You are more worth it everyday just chat interaction that's what matters thanks for being a friend @MARIMARI_EN That is quite the sword size I didn't u were this big Mari @aeronychus Yes @aeronychus @Toransu_Megami I pray for your successful partnership @LunariValkyrie I say all three and it be weird to marry a mom plus idk love just sounds more genuine hope u been well Yakuza Mom🥺💜 Had to change the "Marry forever" to "Love forever" cuz....You can't marry Mom!
Retweeted by JetGhostZero ( Making a comeback) @ichiigoma How I didn't meet your mother @AirinTV And some outside of the community @ratanak_45 I be sure to check them out thanks Rat#SmallStreamersConnect #Trovo #EnVtuber Morning my moonlight butterflies! I will continue Kena gameplay. I will go…
Retweeted by JetGhostZero ( Making a comeback) @SASSHLEEE Very true Sash is a great nation all her own @PapiTheLichKing That is awesome never stop