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This is, unequivocally, the most disrespectful thing ever released on this app. For a multitude of reasons. wins again. Undefeated. Promo code KFC.New Viva brand tie dye hoodie coming soon! Plus a cropped hoodie for the ladies, as well as a set of matching color… #LGM REY ORDONEZ! Dope edit. 🔥
Retweeted by KFCHow have Amber and Johnny not just called a cease fire at this point? I mean Christ almighty nobody is gonna win th…
What a ride this was
Retweeted by KFC @LukeQuincy @twobitsportz They are random murders that happened because the town established a don’t ask don’t tell policy on MURDERVery soon Vibes Only for the king of Faturday @WorldofIsaac Keep battling bro 💪🏻 Night Pints live from Barstool HQ tonight, 6pm EST. #FridayFeeling may never take this off when it arrives. Obviously a bit of a stoner vibe to it, but that lime tie-dye also just…
Retweeted by KFCI mean when you’re right, you’re right. Not gonna sit around talking to the wrong guy all day. I’m busy. Being righ… Bomb has a whole new meaning🚨 MY MOM’S BASEMENT MERCH DROP 1 INCOMING 🚨 3PM 👀
Retweeted by KFC @EKANardini @nickhammy5 GROOMED 😂😂😂 like I’m a goddam golden doodle👽👽👽👽👽👽 Ep.55
Retweeted by KFC @CupCrazy100 @nickturani @KayceSmith @BarstoolRundown I honestly didn’t hear that. I woulda stopped the whole show for that oneKid Cudi and Eminem??Another day, another Minifan with an absolutely horrendous example. Put a muzzle on these stray dogs @kirkmin, they… @anontrvlr @bigmakball @BigSteve207 @PoliticsatSea @AOC I’ll believe you that the article explains better, but that’s not the excerpt I’d…'s home. Season 2 of The Boys returns, September 4.
Retweeted by KFCthis is one of my favorite episodes ever. it’s fucking hilarious
Retweeted by KFCBro I’m fucking screaming about this dude and his butter fetish “he’s slamming it down the shower drain” 😂😂😂💀💀…
Retweeted by KFCSteve will give him 500 mill it to the bank. Second highest bid is 1.7 and he’s willing to throw around 4? could legitimately cry. He’s going to absolutely do it. I was 99% sure and now after seeing 4 BILLION, I can say… Billion. Straight cash, Cohen Repole with a not-fuckin-around bid niece/nauce(forgot what the word for boy niece is) looks like a chihuahua lmao
Retweeted by KFCKing.
Retweeted by KFCNo One Saw It Coming is the most depressing, bleak true crime doc I’ve ever seen. Absolutely atrociousWe will treat him well. Legendary baseball Mookie’s just belong on the Mets
The setting at Barstool HQ for tomorrow night’s Friday Night Pints (No) Dine & Dash Gawd @nickturani gets the people goin found @BarstoolBigCat’s belly button several years ago, scientists on the @BarstoolRundown - @nickturani gets hazed and makes his Rundown debut. So I took it easy on him with t…’d be so pissed if my friend sold out my covered wagon dick you miss out on the retail drop but the plug comes through anyway @HalfsiesCookies @ColeyMick Every single one of us idiots since our Joined date:
Retweeted by KFCCuncel imminent is the SIXTH person associated with Glee to die. That’s absolutely tragic. life I will do nothing exceptional in the fields of math or vaginas
Retweeted by KFC @TreeZero_ @BigSteve207 Yes, no, no @Chadguysleclos @BigSteve207 It’s true. People can, in fact, get fired from jobsI’ve been paying for this hellscape with my sanity and soul for a decade now
Retweeted by KFC @BigSteve207 Agreed. Come talk to me when you join us here in the real world @BigSteve207 But nobody’s life is being ruined. It’s an irrational fear. @BigSteve207 So now you’re complaining about people with different political views arguing in order to advance thei… runs around cones slowly does @iamgreenfield think Nick Miller should’ve ended up with?
Retweeted by KFCman baby builds legos for pornstar with terrible audio
Retweeted by KFCToday’s opening segment may have been the most preposterous segment on @KFCradio since the voicemail about the dude…
Retweeted by KFCMe, @FeitsBarstool and @nickhammy5 trying to learn about vaginas on today’s @KFCradio give em a light shake, see them move and breathe, then pray they go back to sleep @KFCBarstool I'm awake
Retweeted by KFCWhenever my kids sleep in I automatically think they are dead. Every single time.These are the exact things I say when I know I’m beat too. Feel free to respond to the actual criticism that you… ok so as long as you guys admit you don’t know what the fuck you’re even arguing cancel culture is anymore. Carr…’s so INCREDIBLY far off as an example. It used to me losing your livelihood being completely banished, then they… Drew Brees’ feelings must be hurt. CANCELED! 7/8/2020 - the day @kirkmin made his cancel culture crusade abou… sharpe being a hypocritical tv host is an example of cancel culture?? @kirkmin PLEASE tell me this isn’t ho… @DougieP2016 @kirkmin @FolesFootlong @RiseOfFoles Cancel culture is now about people’s FEELINGS 😂😂😂 @kirkmin Woof. This is a man scrambling after realizing the grave misstep he just made in his multi-year cancel culture argument @twobitsportz Legend @giggitygreg @kirkmin You’d have to be an idiot to argue that point. That’s not even remotely close to cancelingThis is sad even by looney tunes @kirkmin standards. Moving the goal posts an entire football field to say that bei… Amazon Prime. Basically the plot of nightmare on elm street. They decide to murder this guy and years later the… barstool reader @twobitsportz recommended “No One Saw A Thing.” Rural town in Missouri goes vigilante, murders a… @vman954 @SendCatPicsToMe OOF. That’s a gut bunch. I got my OG ones though sorry fellas @SendCatPicsToMe This Holiday they drop @HaroldLStokes No this happened 20 yrs agoAdidas Garwen Spezial x Union. Criminally underrated shoe’s Alissa Turney definitely doing some sort of sign language. People say it looks like she spells “M-A-K-E” and…
#BUY $DOGE #BUY $DOGE a great AMA with Action Park’s founder’s son. He’s very honest about the 5 ppl that died… Portnoy - the Kanye West of Barstool Sports. New @BarstoolRundown is out now Park was basically Westworld for the 1980s. You could do whatever you wanted news for a very niche group of people from NY/NJ tomorrow's episode 👀 Reply with your favorite Schmidt quotes/gifs Subscribe here:
Retweeted by KFC @jpierce18 @MailtimeShow MakeI don't know how this is real... @KFCBarstool @BarstoolRadio @KayceSmith @Jared_Carrabis @KFCradio @FeitsBarstool
Retweeted by KFCEat your heart out, Twista. @KFCBarstool
Retweeted by KFCBritney needs help. My man @howiemandel is completely fine. This is preposterous. Don’t muddy the #FreeBritney wate… call us up. Open season for the next 30 minsThis week Alissa’s case has been talked about by @barstoolsports @miakhalifa @ELLEmagazine @KateCasey and more. All…
Retweeted by KFCAutomatic repost every time I see this
Retweeted by KFCEngagements fueled by @highnoonsunsips @KFCBarstool
Retweeted by KFC👀why you make me do this Neega @MichaelBlackson voice 😆 This the first song i’m a play you so Tuff T.O.S…
Retweeted by KFC @Dubeski18 @BarstoolRundown @FeitsBarstool @BWalkerSEC I think the disclaimer would be when you look at the video a…🤔🤔🤔 food situation inside the NBA bubble is a DUMPSTER FIRE @KFCradio @KFCBarstool
Retweeted by KFCHere is the video we talked about on the show where Alissa Turney might be using sign language to signal for help
Retweeted by KFCMy salvation has arrived on @MailtimeShow, we talk about #justiceForAlissa, the teenage girl who disappeared 20 yrs ago and her sister… @robinson_rules Is anybody losing their livelihood here? It’s an article about a letter?I officially rebuked Laura on today’s @MailtimeShow. God I hope she’s right about Steve Cohen buying the Mets but I… on @MailtimeShow - Ghislaine Maxwell deserves to die of gonnorrhea and rot in hell. Want some cookies? Also…