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comedy felon. Filmmaker: Shitfaced Co- Host of Frantic at @TheStandNYC Seen on: @TLC #mbffl , @ComedyCentral & @Trutv

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Thursday. Me @attell and some very special friends. @KFreehams @IANfidance and more. Use code CONEY20 for discou…
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanDemocrats must be so proud.
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Nvm I shot itAnybody know an emergency nyc cat rescue? Les preferable - I hate cats but a kitten was hit by a car...My mama was a’ English teacher I know how to use correct English But Sometimes I just don’t feel like it aaaand I ain’t got to ⛷
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanThis Sat outdoors. Also on the show is @KFreehams and @ciphasounds. Tickets
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @AOC Yeah the spelling/writing legislation was a lay up @AOC You get the W here AOC🥰
Lol! For a second I thought it was @KFreehams
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanSome exciting news! We're bringing back the 50's with drive-in shows at the Coney Island Amphitheatre! 🎡 It's been…
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanOmg @MykaFox w the @DevonESawa rt
Take a look at this muuug fffft fffft 🤘🏼 @ChipChipperson
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanTo the douchebags who suddenly speak in a Spanish accent when speaking to restaurant workers: how did you stop?
It’s actually 4 I’m such a dumb female criminal @KFreehams @NYPD She’s a rebel.
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @JShelley37 @NYPD @Mrjimflorentine 👂🏼I’m on 3 illegal comedy shows tonight catch me if you can @nypd ! @BarstoolPAT I worked out, only one load though...Is it #christmas yet?
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehanwhen you ask the guy at the dispensary what he recommends
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I high fived @RichVos this morning bc we’ve been married 15 years and no one thought we could do it.
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanJim must really need the money
Kanye be streaming
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @luisjgomez @ChrisScopo @KFreehams @ZacIsNotFunny Feehan? Fuck yeah, I'm tuning in! #FeeStan
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanAwww shit. Getting real ass this morning with @ChrisScopo and @KFreehams! Watch live and always free 11am ET…
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@BarstoolBrkfast @LargeBarstool Hoping gravity makes it longer? 😜😘❤️ @PhilanthropyGal @levfersh @ChloeLaBranche @ryanlongcomedy @Dannyjokes Different but we all use the word buoyantI bet @levfersh feels just like Drew does in this vid when @KFreehams @ChloeLaBranche @ryanlongcomedy @Dannyjokes &…
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanI love the drunk brother on 90 day fiancé ... “America is gonna talk now. Are you gonna fight me in Moldova?” 😂😂😂
Thanks fo coming out to the burbs to visit the dojo, show was FUCKING HYSTERICAL!! @aaronbergcomedy @KFreehams
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanI always wear a mask when I go outside. But something about it was leaving me anxious and unsettled. I thought abou…
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanYou’re an idiot if you think Joe Rogan should host a presidential debate instead of a presidential episode of fear…
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @thekidjared Do you really be tweeting be?Congrats. One day at a time.😂😂😭 @large is this bc I referred to @willcolon66 as a Thick Maxwell?... I ❤️ these guys.
I like him already.
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanNow he’s saying “let me slide into your bms”My non comic boyfriend keeps saying mean (not funny) things to me & saying “Roasted! Call me Tommy Boston Market.”Mama Mia!
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanIt was so fun. Thanks for bringing me @aaronbergcomedy ❤️ one tell my daughter this isn’t a pony
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @bonniemcfarlane @realjeffreyross Bonnie Maaaaaac 😭😭😭😭How was cuties, @realjeffreyross ?
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New merch!!
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanDabbling John @ChrissieMayr
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @BarstoolPAT Let’s hear it for those bisDamn. Forever mood
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanOne of the best things about my dog is how much he hates horses and their horse bullshit.
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@franciscellis You’re sickI’m still doing this to every Republican who sends my mom a SASE. ⁦
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @BarstoolPAT YesI was going to write an essay about how brave I am to stay in NYC, then I walked by a line 5 blocks long full of pe… I’m not a feminist because I criticized another woman’s work and said she wasn’t funny. If feminism is l…
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanFamous podacast couple @ChipChipperson and @KFreehams have adopted an abandoned dog. @travistefft @jimandsamshow
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @AminStereo Mine are perfectI moved to NYC for college 3 days before 9/11. After the attack most of my freshman class moved back home. I got dr… the cuties have bigger tits than me.9/11: My Reflection
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanKerryn is absolute fire!!! 💥
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @misstrionics @MykaFox There you go spelling words wrong again *pRetty. You’re writing unfunny shit left and right gtfo. @misstrionics @MykaFox I was using slob to critique your writing.. Lazy, slovenly, boring if you will. And for the… is a funny tweet about cum that made me laugh and she didn’t even go to Harvard. @misstrionics @MykaFox Maybe read what you wrote and ask yourself “does this stink?” & then press deleteGet her Mickey!’s gum stuck to my dog. Used to be a lot more. This is fine right.
We’re doomed
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan“Sex and the city isn’t realistic”
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanUnreal! @NYGovCuomo and @NYCMayor allow events like this in bryant Park but comedy clubs are getting harassed by th…
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @nypost She went to Harvard but spelled slob wrong multiple times.“Me and my friends are staying.”
Cool gripe 🙄 flames die hard cc: @Mrjimflorentine @KFreehams
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan"So Ellen wants to tell her side of the story, what do you think? - @willcolon66 "I think she should admit to bei…
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehanmy worlds on fire how about yours
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanThe Queen of Mean @KFreehams has entered the building
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan"How should I lose weight." - @LargeBarstool "Drink Visine, get in a sauna, don't eat, drink water, go diarrhea."…
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @BarstoolBrkfast @LargeBarstool @KFreehams Great trio here! Glad she's back in studio
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @notsam @KFreehams @ClaireTheScare If there isn’t a bidding war by @barstoolsports and @gasdigital for a @KFreehams
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanShe’s baaackkkkkk @KFreehams joins the program tomorrow at 9:00 AM plus a special surprise caller. See. You. Then.
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan
Fun time back on the air this morning. @KFreehams & @ClaireTheScare are gems.
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanReal quick: ghee sucks @KFreehams Crushed it today and look into CYDY.
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanCatching up with @KFreehams and @SorryDontClaire right now on #JimAndSam!
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @jimandsamshow @KFreehams @SorryDontClaire @SIRIUSXM
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanBack at it again with #JimAndSam! We’ll check in with @KFreehams and @SorryDontClaire later this morning. Tune in o…
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Wet Spot Labor Day Surprise Bonus episode!!! Taped last week for your enjoyment 🙃 TONIGHT 7:30pm EST with…
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Yoooo I wanna perform WAP so bad with a lot ass crowd.I miss shows and festivals..Yoooooo I would of went crazy 😩
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanBeautiful shithole.
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehanposting this for @johnlegend and @JheneAiko only❣️ Happy Saturday tho❤️
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$10 she’s an art teacher started this new thing whenever I see a man parallel parking, I stand behind his car and give him directions park…
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanApparently now mask holsters are a thing. What could go wrong?! 🙄
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanMy husband can remember every karate kick he ever landed in competition but not the buttons on the dryer
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanWife: The baby's not breading! Husband: breading?? Wife: Breathing! Stupid autocorrect. Lol! Husband: LMFAO!
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanTell them they have to get high before the test too. Your brain remembers something best if you replicate the circu…
Retweeted by Kerryn FeehanSEND Me Money!! With @KFreehams Watch full episodes at
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan @sambanks2 @ChipChipperson @KFreehams
Retweeted by Kerryn Feehan
The great @KFreehams teaches me about sobriety and alcoholism on today’s new episode of The Lev Fer Show. Up now on…
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