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@esfoobar It’s Hallmark. Their idea of diversity is ‘please insert another token’. @geekgalgroks News is complaining that the tents homeless people are living are ‘too nice’, and are ‘McMansion tents’. You s… timidly put this forward: @evanpro I’ve literally done all of the above.This is all the input the AI needs. Coming soon: “Holly and Douglass: A Christmas Story” @dbfish I’m not sure if I still have my BMUG mug.Paging @replyall @PJVogt god Trump’s lawsuits are 1-38. @CharlesGedeon I’m not convinced they weren’t.Progress report: actor (Extra) BMUG helpline volunteer MacWeek reviews intern Newton software developer Sales & Marketing assi… CHANGING THE CALENDAR!!! I repeat: we still don't know why Trump was rushed to Walter Reed more than a year ago.
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I wish Trump would pay more counties $3mil to recount their votes. The communities can use the money.hello who made this, truly would like to credit its beauty
Retweeted by Kevin Fox 🦊😷The more times I watch this the more I internalize the fact that cardboard boxes are just scored cylinders and we c… @deepbluecea I have a sorting algo that runs in O(n) time if there are only two candidates, but it’s proprietary an… the last hour I’ve gotten an email insisting ‘Black Friday is still here!’ and another affirming ‘Cyber Monday h… too can definitively prove that Trump won the election. I just need the most powerful Mac ever, a monitor intende… @odannyboy “Bubble Sort” @shellen That said, I do wish Twitter would add ‘make tweets editable’ to their roadmap. @shellen I really do wish they’d have a more original take rather than look to their competition to define their ro… @chrissyteigen This is a list of everything Sirius XM played on Channel 47 today: That’s awesome. @shellen I just have Fleet blindness, as I have Stories blindness. I just see the circles as UI cruft and carry on using the core product. @solomonsucceeds @asusarla Honestly I have powers of 2 memorized. I know that 16 is 2^4, so 16*16 is 2^(4+4), and that 2^8 is 256. @turadg @GeorgeLakoff Wow, thank you! @Folletto Looks like it’s a market-driven shift, but may not be permanent. @vixter55 I took a quick look at Common Core math when trying to help a relative with their math and it boggled me… @TaylorLorenz Serendipity? 😬I literally see the ‘About This Mac’ dialog box in my head and see where it says ‘Memory 384 MB’ @CharlesTwisted Good for one day only! @asusarla That is actually a lie because as a kid revealing my eidetic memory made me a bit of a freak. In truth I… is actually a lie because as a kid revealing my eidetic memory made me a bit of a freak. In truth I know the a… @gnuconsulting Wait, there’s a flag for nudity in imdb? @gnuconsulting Not sure. Were there any in Risky Business? If not, maybe it was a few frames in Secret of My Success.This is a fascinating question. The responses in the actual thread are amazing. They’re so diverse, all make differ…*24 24 is 16+8 so: =16*16 + 16*8 =256 + 64*2 =256+128 =384 (Mind you this happens in pictures in my head, not f… @AFNovakATC If they’re made in Asia and basically drop-shipped from the manufacturer I could see this price for a r… @realTuckFrumper @Michigrimk @rklau They took video. It had rivets and a silicon caulk on the bottom edge for weatherproofing, so at least we know it’s not alien. @cosmiquemuffin Those are some big ears you have there... @asusarla =16*24 24 is 16+8 so: =16*16 + 16*8 =256 + 64*2 =256+128 =384 (Mind you this happens in pictures in my h…'d express surprise that Mike Tyson is still boxing but I know I'd get an earful.Can we all stop calling them 'Covid restrictions' and instead refer to them as 'Covid protections'? Every time we… excerpt from @HC_Richardson's latest newsletter really sums up the presidential situation nicely: @jkw_iii @ChrisHarihar anyone know how to get a refillable Visa cash card without actually going in to a store to buy/activate it? @serlindsipity Via a promoted tweet of all things. Here you go: man if I had places to go I would go to all the places in this thing this winter. Alas. @scottjenson @leland When I want more my iPad with the new magic keyboard case is amazing. I’ve never been much of… @moskov The only advice I have is wearing it higher up on the nose. @scalzi My favorite was the one where Keanu went back in time to woo a sexy contessa with his music and ends up in…🤞 @PaintYourDragon That’s a beautiful cat.For reference, "Friends" premiered 26 years, 2 months and 6 days ago. @evanpro Or "That '90s Show". Or just start binge watching "Friends".Wait, is Betabrand all feminine clothing now?Trump: “Biden cheated!” America: “Do you have any proof?” Trump:
Retweeted by Kevin Fox 🦊😷 @scottjenson @leland I’ve done this! Not with the mouse, but yeah, an iPhone and a small keyboard is my ideal minimal travel writing setup.The first episode of "That '70s Show" was set on May 17th, 1976 which was exactly 22 years, 3 months and 5 days bef… @thehardmenpath I could totally see Trump leaving but setting fire on the way out, saying 'If I can't have it, nobo…<mutter>I’ll set the building on fire.</mutter>’t let anyone tell you you can’t lawyer. You can lawyer wherever you want, even if it’s in your bedroom, spinnin… @cdibona Once you go full electric you never go back.
@mattturck @sebprovencher Are you seeing $100M pre in software/saas startups? Or just ones that are hardware or hw+saas?Wow. Several GOP members of the PA legislature really are planning a coup. Remember, it’s *usually* the case that… @alephnaught2tog Oops! I thought you misread my tweet but I misread yours! Sorry for being a doof. @alephnaught2tog Yep, I cited LA County as someplace taking proper precautions, unlike San Mateo where limiting gat… @kane @joshu are... kids, you can now only gather with other households between the hours of 5am and 10pm. (SMH) LA County ha… is the new normal. @johnholland Oh it's probably still Eric. @joshu An Integral Tree! @johnholland Oh I think he knew he was lying, but that if the strategy worked on Election Day it woldn't matter tha… @cabel It must look beautiful when the myst rolls in. @SFGreek Yup! Between my freshman and sophomore years I was in a summer theatre program at the Royal Court Theatre… @SFGreek Passfield Hall, Summer of ‘92. @policies4poland @forinfan That makes sense. There have been spans when I’ve had to log my every stool with the Bristol scale... @SFGreek A lame one, yes. :-) BTW once upon a time I spent a summer living in an LSE dorm! @CarlosPero @inafried Timing! @SFGreek Do you live in Blackfriar? @CarlosPero I used to watch it. I probably internalized that part though I don’t specifically remember it. @policies4poland @forinfan So you... pee into a graduated cylinder every time? Hmm. @forinfan That's what I've been doing so far. :-)If the things people say about you when you pass is a measure of your worth then Tony Hsieh is one of the greats. RIP. @deepbluecea Scab. @inafried You know the most important thing in entrepreneurship, right?Someone’s getting disbarred by the time this is all said and done and their name rhymes with kidney bowel. @JackDMurphy @mulegirl I think we fell down the same Reddit rabbit hole today! Did it start with a squirrel enterin…, Trump is a textbook example of the first stage of grief: ‘Denial and Isolation’. @MarcelChastain I have something in mind: I have a bunch of RFID tags that I can put at various checkpoints and can… if Vader *isn’t* Luke’s father? What if it’s actually Rush Clovis? @odannyboy The outside world is a pleasant fiction we tell ourselves to make it through another day.Screw it. My wife and I have offset sleep schedules and I get up several hours before she does each day. I’m doing this.Thank god I don’t live alone or I might go full video game, trying to make the environment variables identical ever…