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@MoonBlueOW 0.0 @MoonBlueOW was 3-8 yesterday. All good.Incoming desk slam cause I'm dogshit...
Retweeted by 303 | khanartistvibin with the boys that we have announced the roster. We are in search to recruit a tactical/mental coach, that will take this te…
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Retweeted by 303 | khanartist @PlayVALORANT KAY/O when he practices in the firing range
Retweeted by 303 | khanartist @Caders_ All good. @rev0hh @PlayVALORANT You are the most passionate person about this subject LOL @ItsMonSiii @shoukrrrr new squad, aiming for the horizon and beyond, LFG! Players/Staff Followed. @royaldemise @xFlippsy
Retweeted by 303 | khanartistBRING BACK 5 STACKS, i don’t give a fuck about my rank im just trying to game with the boys!
Retweeted by 303 | khanartisti only won one game today stacking with the boys, but ive never had this much fun playing ranked lol they NEED to b… @calph0n @303esports @seeEscape @nrt_styx AYEEEEEEEEE @Scrounge_ fs gonna be weird with franchising coming @Scrounge_ thats what im saying bro they're up next its prolly only a matter of time @Scrounge_ yeah bro like they are a really good example of putting in the work with a 5 to grind upVirtuoso literally makes it deep every week in NSG... so goodguys guys guys serious question here. where were these demons literally 10 hours ago? @shoukrrrr HHAHAHHAHMY STACKS ENERGY > YOURS
going live in 5 minutes. SPAMMING KAYO as much as i can @Jeeiro That’s what I’m sayingnow we just need bots in custom lobbies to test things with @skrtSpace Bro you can’t be replying with ratio then liking your own comment 😂Kayo is soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun holy shit @TheRealPateK All good.1-13 first game, nice start to the season xdddI'm back bitches. LFT: better than your favorite pro, best Jett NA. Dms open
Retweeted by 303 | khanartistthe new skye flash animation and being half flashed when a flash is behind you is my favorite part of this update so far @jawgemo @tarik @FreakazoidA bro jaw its insane how good you are @rev0hh You can, full sprint inaccuracy is unchangedRANKED DOWN Q KVL @FrostyValorant @TeamBasiliskGG shhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh @mintiikae Its good for a few games @careertwitch @Ban_Val @Jonaaa6_VAL @rxprive @Virtyyyy Virty for SURE LMAO @Inf4mousEnergy @PlayVALORANT would depend on the design but i think they would do a good jobRadiant jackets when? @PlayVALORANT @afkmattyy damnnn @ozoFPS Same here!ending around 174 this act poggers! ranked games today were all good even when we lost simply because my energy was good. Focus on yourself kingssorry about that stream my val crashed hard for some reason. Either way was a banging stream NGL ill try to be more…
@OkeanosQT 4skintaker carried me bro @fireballops 😈😈😈The boys are eatin this NSG huh 😳😳 @mheggs_ All good.LFT - Duelist pref, CAN play Initiator/Controllers for the right team - prev. FUNSNATCHERS - T2 scrim and tourney e…
Retweeted by 303 | khanartist @chiwymiwy tyNASTY 3K, just hit the head l0l inting lets go you're gonna stay up all night gaming, look good doing it. Cop the @HyperX Cloud Stinger. Now in pink:…
Retweeted by 303 | khanartist @jenvalorant thank youlast day of act inting @derekmrda LET’S GO @ShiftyVAL @Agr0fps @jenvalorant you guys gotta a lot of tension between each other 🥴🥴🥴 @ShiftyVAL @Agr0fps @jenvalorant bro.. @Agr0fps @jenvalorant mcdonalds salads are fucking goatedteammates dies in a 1v2, i say all good i wanted more kills, all headshot ace next round..... shadow off bc i was m… @ChurmZz @VanguardChamps COREY SAN
I’m making a team. No more trials or waiting around for potential offers Who wants to make a winning team? DM me
Retweeted by 303 | khanartist @ManbowOfficial @egggs831 ggs brohad a lot of fun playing sentinel today in vcs. its honestly not that boring of a role imo if you set yourself goal… WITH PLAYOFFS @Murdoc_18 @sYnCeR_gc Don’t worry bro I clown on you a lot but I’m taking notes. @KillerMillerGG LOL @chiwymiwy Deadass 😝😝nothing is better than the sound of the phantom 2 tappin heads @AYRINval It’s not cap it’s just sad 😔 @oPOWA SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESHpuggin vcs for fun
Retweeted by 303 | khanartistOk how tf can a dog tell if you have low blood sugarHappy Father’s Daybro kayo is so much fun to play wtffffffffffffff @sebasshere @BlackHeartGMG OMGGG UR SO HOT STEP BRO @BlackHeartGMG gives me sova inspiration
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This is just perfectly accurate... #VALORANT
Retweeted by 303 | khanartist @shenFPS Hotttok im back some games
@shenFPS and lose all my gamer juice? im good.Metas are in every game lol, why are ppl angy at riotKilljoy Ult? Say goodbye in 1 second.
Retweeted by 303 | khanartistRemember to go outside it’s a buffThese changes are goodStill LFT exploring Options due to some trials/conflicts - Mechanically Gifted Jett OP - In it for the long run - A…
Retweeted by 303 | khanartistcode red highlights
Retweeted by 303 | khanartisthit this nasty fucking flick dash in 10 mans 🤒🤒
Im free to sub for tourneys this weekend! I can play any role but astra, hmuLFT POST - Mostly Sova - Astra/Omen flex - Available mostly everyday - Let me know if you need anything RTs Appreci…
Retweeted by 303 | khanartist📈 Let's mix up our data post and showcase YOU! 📈 We're looking at some of the top players and top stats that ruled…
Retweeted by 303 | khanartistCyber bullying is fucking real bro @fireballops @PlayVALORANT bro ur a fraggin machine 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫LFT can play any agent but sentinels dm me if you have any questions I am currently in the…
Retweeted by 303 | khanartistSo the ppl at COD really thought adding a TURRET TO THE BACK OF A TRUCK WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA??????????????????? @amcatxx @MysticGamingNA lets go broWith VCT being in the middle of my vacation @FFraggers is looking for a sub. Looking for a Sentinel/viper IGL to pr…
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