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Total capital invested Quibi: $1.8 billion Female founders in 2020: $1.9 billion
Retweeted by tahai am nearly in tears at this video. taiwo’s anger is how any decent person would feel about free school meals. food…
Retweeted by tahaTime we worked together.
Retweeted by tahanasa vagueposting ‘about the moon’ as if we don’t all have enough to panic about right now wow read the room
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Ready to make iconic tv with @ziwe
Retweeted by taha @sallylepage GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time :)Honestly, all of these people are GOATEDD am currently self isolating (due to contact tracing not because I have symptoms) and my laptop has broken. I am… @Cyarine Manifesting: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯…
Retweeted by tahaY’all be talking about toxic masculinity when we should be talking about venomous masculinityThis legacy of AOC’s campaigning will be written about for the rest of time. is having hbomberguy and Pokimane explain how nationalized health care works in the UK and Canada for an audien…
Retweeted by tahaI just woke up to discover that @mxmtoon played among us with AOC. I am content and life is good. Everyone, vote. @MaryAkemon they were literally 5 years old when Friday came out let them live
Still short of $383,pls help me reach my goal im begging you. i still have 1 week to pay.. my first salary will be…
Retweeted by tahai think about this every day.’s the, making three clones of myself, 4 me. @MaryAkemon they were literally 5 years old when Friday came out let them live @RayRobertsFilms @una_10bananas Incorrect but forgiven"Facebook thrives on erasing the past and presenting every scandal as a problem that is new. That’s why it is cruci…
Retweeted by taha @Evecornwell I am going to put “all rights reserved for my nan” on all my projects instead of “all rights reserved”calling someone a grifter: - overplayed - watered down definition - weak insult with only 2 syllables calling…
Retweeted by taha @RayRobertsFilms I will be abstaining as leg is not one of the optionsStudio Ghibli designed this dvd case so it looks like the characters are checking their reflection in the water and…
Retweeted by tahaAfro-Pakistani experiences show that anti-Blackness is a global struggle.
Retweeted by taha#MinecraftManhunt out of context. issue with American progressives is that they still bask in American exceptionalism and in doing so are entirel…’s nice I guess.
@mxmtoon @AOC i would like to see you play among us with Maiaif i were to play among us with AOC and if i was the imposter i would simply let her do her tasks
Retweeted by tahaY’all. I need to see this.
Retweeted by tahaAny analysis of social media’s obvious toxicity and spread of misinformation, without looking at legacy media’s tox…
Retweeted by taha @thenotionbar 100% yes @doddleoddle ur telling me u watched one john mulaney video and u haven’t become his biggest fan ,, at least make ur lies convincing
My Minecraft horse when I've not built a stable yet
Retweeted by tahainktober seven ; bugs they r having a tea party :) #peachtober20
Retweeted by tahathis is art
Retweeted by tahagotta give a shoutout to growing up in an immigrant household - it's pretty easy to battle consumerism when you fee…
Retweeted by tahaseems a little extreme
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@hankgreen Where do I apply @jarvis @TaylorLorenz Whatdo u ever come up with an incredible lyric or rhyme scheme but know it will go to waste because you are not a rapperHUGE props and respect to all the editors, researchers, assistants etc who are making YouTubers look good every day…
Retweeted by taha @firewordsparklr What you just want a photo of a perfect beard ??
@marsupialpuddng 🥺 @pant_leg THIS SHIRT IS GREAT !!! @cavebugs hater @itsjourdann What are the connectionsAnd I was successful,,, anyone who thought otherwise is a haterI accidentally shaved a chunk of my beard and spent the next hour trying to save it. @hanabryanne could win you the presidencyThis sounds like a question I would answer in an episode of my show on @NerdyAndQuirky’s channel 🤔 trump really do be looking like magikarp thothe more i work for other people the more i realise that i will always be building their legacy not my own.I'm opening my annual call for guest videos! As usual, I'll be taking January off, and I'm looking for YouTube crea…
Retweeted by tahaCavetown - Sharpener @ItsJustHedy What server?These commentators emphasise the “white” in the spurious formulation of “white working class” because they have no…
Retweeted by taha @pitnoodle this is a pretty bad criticism because they pay taxes on sales and use the donations to offset the taxes…
Retweeted by tahaReally starting to think the tories don't think that we are all in this together lads
Retweeted by tahaReminder: I'm hiring a Marketing Designer to join my team at @ConvertKit! Looking for someone with strong web des…
Retweeted by tahawhen ur the deciding vote in a 50/50 and the two accusers are yelling at each other (via @Cyarine’s stream)
@hanabryanne so YOU’RE the type of person that means we’re all in the middle of a pandemic rn @chiwithaC u are right and u should say itour project is finally banner official ™ @oesterzwamsnack @emeaton14 omg !!!!Whenever I hear that y'all talk about my vids with your friends at school and whatnot it legit warms my heart so much, thank you 💛
Retweeted by taha @livnsdm 🥺🥰 @its_jessico oh not rn just in general lol i just woke up,, do u have discord?? @its_jessico hello play among us with meeeremember when billie eilish slammed body shaming and did that
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It is what it is 👀
Retweeted by tahathis is what twitter feels like
Retweeted by tahaI see it’s #PortfolioDay again! I’m Abeeha, a Pakistani and Irish illustrator based in Edinburgh! 📷:…
Retweeted by taha @AbeehaTariqArt @Maddyology omg !!!!! i am a big fanRT if planned parenthood was helpful to you or a friend in some way
Retweeted by taha @sararahmcb I would’ve preferred your support but your suppose is fine tooshe is standing in front of the iphone box for scale me direct an apple advertisement one day plsany of my mutuals interested in playing among us? i wanna see if there are friends that i might not have thought of that are down! @hankgreen i request an audio file with the low sad noise you are referring to @lydiaslifeyt thank u for thiswhat is wrong with just saying “online etiquette” pls grew up here. am a man of the people @AniaMags I audibly chuckledFatima trained fast
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Framing Triller as a viable TikTok rival is so insane. There’s no proof that it’s anything but flash and show, they…
Retweeted by taha @VidCon whose idea was it to: a) announce a rebranding with a cryptic tweet or b) announce the end of vidcon wit… cast: the writers’ room:
Retweeted by tahaTomorrow, Apple will unveil a new iPhone that some people will think nothing of dropping $1,000+ on. Meanwhile, m…
Retweeted by taha @NerdyAndQuirky wow,, @foundhergrail THANK U 💛 @foundhergrail omg,,, OMG !!!!!!! @jarvis i may be a nerd but my theoretical thanksgiving meals are perfect,, enjoy ur mismanaged kitchen and ultimat… @jarvis me too, i also think it is great for cooking big meals (like thanksgiving) and having everything hot and ready at the same time