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@StephBMore Mouth all ready. @mrgartrelle And imma keep adding to it as the eps roll on @jessehawken Yeah. Terrible. You can see the rift happening starting season 3, he’s barely on the show and Anne Mar… The Loudest Voice series about Roger Ailes/Fox News (free on Amazon until 11/1) is WILD bro. days watching In the Heat of the Night. And the most epic side plot has been the evolution of Virgil’s hair from se…
Ok ACTUAL wait once they opened... 20mins. @AsiaChloeBrown 40 years. And no weed that whole time. some of ya’ll are in spiritual bondage w these hoes and I wish you could see they really ain’t even like that
Retweeted by I Voted @lmckr @djtara That being said, the line already been long since we walked up and is stretching around the block be… @djtara That. Never. Occurred. To. Me. I assumed hours were... normal. Welp, that’s a point for critical thinking.Just had someone email me about a “poor man’s copyright” at work and at this point I just wish Schitt’s Creek or Th… @fairyglowmother Lol gonna replace my “summary” with “YKTV” 😫Coming up on an hour waiting on line to vote (Hancock/Saratoga).I’m applying for jobs wildly out of my range tomorrow.I’m not qualified to be a Justice but somehow I’m now as qualified as a Justice.
2020 rocking the geppetto 11's
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Not Dr. Jill with the coordination!Trump saying “Black” sounds eerily similar to my cat casually pulling a “scarf and barf” on the rug. said “Queens” 😂“I am the least racist person in this room. Including you, Kristen. You racist as fuck.”
Retweeted by I VotedDeadass biden should’ve just been like wow fuck you ran bc of me? I’m so sorry, @america
Retweeted by I Voted“good”?’d be like bro, I may have built them cages but that didn’t mean you had to fill em with babies and sterilize women.I really want Joe to tell this man to he got one more time to say the word “son” to him and then he’s coming across…, Donnie going with the old “I’m rubber, you’re glue” strategy.Trump talking about New York like he hasn’t moved away, doesn’t have active cases against him there, didn’t enact p… really is comparing people dying to businesses dying and deciding businesses get the point. @donwill Not wash his legs (or anyone else’s feet) @shannboogie Lol you look like you do exactly what you do! @donwill I’ve never seen a failed “this you”. Fucking wow. @ramsincanon Influencer. Specifically, you claim clothes people leave at your dry cleaners and wear them on your ve…’m really surprised no one has snuffed Trum*. We’d take care of them, right? I’d make it a line item in my monthly…
@fwmj My cat sweats me every time I eat like I ever give her any or like it’s anything she wants in the first place…
@GeeDee215 @danyelletbw I can admit when I’m wrong!Fam. I’ve been slightly judging folks into their astrological charts and shit but I finally did one and wow, a read. @donwill I remember seeing one back near 2016/2017 that was kinda funny - “Make Collard Greens Cheap Again”. Or may…
I have been absolutely reckless with online shopping this week. Like wtf is wrong with me? Which one of the planets…
@MoreAndAgain He’s have had to go on back to Philly bringing all that sass and shenanigans into my house.Wtf I fell in love and now I gotta share a bedroom for the rest of my life??
Retweeted by I Voted @lmckr I truly want Kurt and Tabitha to tell me the news today. Then maybe it’d be a bit more tolerable. @JordanOnBrand Made some today. Black cherry. It was as tasty, cool, and most of all as FUN as I remembered. Like,… @Lenore312 @hotblackbitter Lol. She’s getting the best childhood.Is it old people shit to just casually eat Jell-O? (Jell-O shots don’t count) Kids don’t even eat it anymore do they?
@cspades Chile. It’s the same. nobody’s helpful even if they want to be. @aisha1908 Sis. I was about to share/vent and was like nahhhhhh *hits backspace* because once you hit send, it’s like instant regret lol @lmckr “hey, have you tried… <<insert a most primary and basic step that you, not a brain dead person, have certainly tried>>?"i don’t know why i vent on twitter. people always have the least helpful “advice” on here.
@JessieOnTheEdge @byjoelanderson @byjoelanderson Amen. I don’t know NANN about a damn Baby Ruth - what it’s ingredients are, what it tastes like. Ne… tonight I learn that he’s never heard of Nintendo Cereal System. 🤦🏽‍♀️ is going to wear the vid of homegirl getting smashed by that watermelon all the way out. And so am I.…
Retweeted by I Votedtrump has let white people, the only people in this country who supported him, get sick and die, but he has your pl…
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@afrobella @LilKim Me and my girls bought some (cheap) green glitter gloss for our lips and eyes based on this vide… Hope this email finds you well. How the email found me: 3pm, away from my desk and computer, lying in my da… off my reality dedicated twitter with #TheBachelorette and #AmazingRace this week over at @KiaTV7
30+ Twitter looking at this like “that’s too much sweet for me”
Retweeted by I Voted @kath_rothschild Immediately thought of Flowers in the Attic. No question. @AmeriKraut That house stay hella loud, I know
@Jovant_Garde Somebody asked a lawyer for proof? hate it there. Neck stays on swivel. why do they leave it like that?! @donwill I legit just wondered and didn’t ask bc I thought it was stupid
carl went to work, kept up the lawn and hasn't embarrassed our girl in public yet. definitely goals.…
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@MoreAndAgain Not once in her whole light life has she gone to shake someone’s hand and they asked “what are you” before touching her palm.It’s been 18 years. I can confidently say I will never outgrow this song.
Retweeted by I Voted @crissles Then again, dude like this definitely lives with the constant “yo batteries dead” beeping from any detect… can’t be true btw. The smoke detector would sing like Mariah.😳🥴😭😫🤭🤡 is wrong with Julie? #bb22
I’ve never once inquired about, wanted, needed, or even googled ghostwriting services. I have no idea how they have…’m being harassed via text message marketing by a ring of ghostwriting companies who have a ton of “fronts” as oth… many years I still find out new things about @RobCaveJr , like casually learning that he’s never heard of Lin… @AmeriKraut Not the alumnae slander’s the wildest shit I ever saw. @brokeymcpoverty That pause was pregnant with quints!moderator: what color is the sky? pence: i’d just like to thank the grass
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Retweeted by I Voted @Freshtine_ Omg that’s his lizard eye! @KiaSpeaks This explains so muchLOL. she aint taking that vaccine.
Retweeted by I VotedBoyyyy, Pence dodged tf out of that presidential disability question Senator stays on that IKYFL Face. 😂 @JerzeeJoker348 She don’t wanna get called out like the last nigga. @JerzeeJoker348 lying like we didn’t live through the past year. Gaslighting.
@lexlanham I wish I would’ve had you as a prof. Your classes sound interesting AND actually useful.I could not stop reading the replies! @jdesmondharris @Ngongang @byjoelanderson Why are they like this? My bf is the same!
@dopegirlfresh Is he cake?
every day is just Black Mirror combined with The Office
Retweeted by I VotedThere is no floor.
Retweeted by I VotedIs it 2003?
Retweeted by I VotedGeorgetown University Law School "has created fact sheets for all 50 states explaining the laws barring unauthorize…
Retweeted by I VotedWhat’s funny (besides everything here) is that so-called “feminine traits/skills” are actually quite helpful in law…