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23 years old | Story Artist at DisneyTVA | Pixar@CCA Story Intensive '17 | Biracial 🇯🇵🇯🇲 | 🏳️‍🌈 | she/her 💕

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@GayBoyColor this is the cutest omgggg @mbrleigh AHAHAHA to be fair they do have the same hair color and also braids THANKUUUU <3 @averymuchsir girl protag from pokemon journeys! her name's chloe in the dub~komaru and koharu! both voiced by @CheramiLeigh fan art I did of @kianamaiart ‘s little cloud girl OC #art #fanart #kianamai #cartoon
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @adeliadrawstuff there she go! this is so cute thank you!!Character of @kianamaiart ! Does she splish splash in her own puddle tho? 🤔
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @imsleepyzen this is so goooood thank you ;0; love the stylized puddles! @cadoized been on hayashibara's btva page so many times and JUST NOTICED. shuichi is her highest voted role on the site too im a fake fan @JyuriaDunkel this episode was such a good love letter to her career ;0; i wish shuichi was in it then I WOULD HAVE KNOWNalso found out miki voices haiji towa 💀so who was gonna tell me shuichi and musashi are both voiced by hayashibara? to draw @kianamaiart's oc in the style of #BigCityGreens
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @BrooksTaevon AAAAAH THIS IS PERFECT! You nailed the style 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 @OnstaMonsta YESSS I love yamashita!!First directing credit and it’s this MONSTER of a special!!! It feels like ages ago now, but what a joy it was gett…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @Camperjon @caldy @farynheit13 @Hug_bees @montiray YOURE THE COOLEST JON!!! @dinoraye yep 🥲 @mbrleigh the full thing is even more extra than it looks here @lonelytruman excellent commenttoko's outfit is from this! komaru's not in it so i designed a simple dress for a simple girl'’S WEBSITE GOT A MAKEOVER!! Go check it out and explore the entire collection of Grubby the Grape comics, ma…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @TheFantasticIan so cleaaaaan
@RajBrueggemann It still makes me cryA fanart of @kianamaiart OC. Just wanna thank you so much for being such an inspiration for me and my art!
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @Phillertastic Omgggg this is so cuuute aaah! Thank yoooou ;0;She is too cute 🥺 @kianamaiart #procreate
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @ChimeO_clock ADORABLE!!! Aaaah thank you for this 😭💞 @hudkips YAY AMYYYY!!!red and blu— i mean LAVENDER! @StormYorha this is making me lose my mind @htoast_art I love your style smsomewhat related @vergolophus EXACTLY @Hvnnart THANK YOUUUU! @kaki_chang 🤗❤️💙 @SleepyMia145 they could pull off any hairstyle!! incredible @ykarps holy meowths! @theartistjulian in an alternate universe, this is the team rocket we got @legsweat she's beauty 🥺I drew another cloud girl!!💖 @kianamaiart #CLIPSTUDIOPAINT
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @wizzymmd70 WIZZY THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY COOL!!! i always love how you handle lighting. Thanks so much for this ;0; @kianamaiart would the snow be dandruff
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @Pooop_101 SNOW DANDRUFF!!! AHAHAHA i love this thank you! @TAHK0 i was a fool to try make them go away. i should have embraced them @HopCaterpie my brain would be so huge from following every topic. i'd know so muchNext mission: Friendship ⭐❤🌥 Fanart for @kianamaiart and @heybiji
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @SouthpauzArt @heybiji omggg this is adorable!!! i love these shapes and this composition aaaah. literally PERFECT thank you! @cactuskhee IVE BEEN WANTING TO BUT I CANT SEE TOKO’S WHOLE LOOK IM SUFFERING @cactuskhee yay the full outfits!! i need a high res version of these so bad 😭honey you've got a big storm comin character design by @kianamaiart, congrats on 250k!
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @dalaw_art OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COOOOL!! i love this graphic look so much aaaah thank you ⛈ @KrakenSoup this is exactly how they should be interpreted @greatestjubilee yes @RaakxChats very small white lines @_AGweirdo i use that one for quick comics usually! is the one most of my team rocket art is in but B4 is my current favoriteteam rocket color palettes i use! for trouble
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @huttaburger this is so COOOOOOL!!!! @TheFantasticIan man i wish i got juicy juice i keep getting random celebrities who i don't know dahsfljkgh @versatiledits ive been going about it all wrongwhat is it gonna take for twitter to stop recommending topics for me to followdown vs slicked back @mbrleigh thank you ;0; <3 @rorskie I need to draw her more 😭 and thank you!!! @kiana_hamm aaah thanks so much!! @cemilio_frank TINY!!! 💞 @Jermmgirl thank you 😭🌧 @poryphone these are adorable 😭 @TheFantasticIan i appreciated the breeze thank you richard
@TheFantasticIan he’s stunning @RexTestarossa Omg I’d love if they were friends 🥺is her! @HopCaterpie what’s the opposite of a hopcat victorypuddle @jessiejuwono You’re my favorite team rocket member 🥺JESSIE BY ONE PERCENT OMG taste☁️Rainy days⛈ @kianamaiart
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @lilollme Aaaah this is so good! Thank you 😭💞Drew @kianamaiart 's amazing Love Live! oc! LL is my favorite anime but my inner character designer screams at it,…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @SoapyMochi SHE!! I love the sparkles in her eyes thank you for this 😭💞I just think she's neat:D Character belongs to @kianamaiart
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @Sleepyateight AAAAH THIS IS BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU!
@kaki_chang 素敵な!
@EricThomasB OH NO MEOWTH DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT 🥺pitting queens against each other @rome_nomi HAHAHA oh my god @kartewnboi FIVE YEARS
"Somebody's got to look after you three..."
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @vergolophus YEAAAAAAH!!! an unstoppable team @trashgirlarts PRETTY!!!! @2ameyasan2 Wow! この絵描きに色が大好き!#ChipocalypseNow #BigCityGreens #Fanart
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @scaretactik oooooh these are GOOD @beverage2000 Yesssss!!!! @shanehoughton it aaaaall worked out @RedHerington Flipper, coming in 2025