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23 years old | Story Artist at DisneyTVA | Pixar@CCA Story Intensive '17 | Biracial 🇯🇵🇯🇲 | 🏳️‍🌈 | she/her 💕| pfp by @thefantastician

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@NeoZedekiah I only use photoshop and storyboard pro for drawing! As far as resources I truly just google. If I ne… @Gnollregard Yeah nothing wrong with fanart!! It’s fun and you can still get original ideas out through it @charles_draws Yeah I hate saying “ugh having a big following sucks sometimes” bc it is a privilege and it sounds w… @meikiran57 I hate saying “push through it” but you gotta push through it. There’s just some off days unfortunately… @meikiran57 There’s a lot of factors that go into how well a post does. Could be subject matter, could be posting t… @meikiran57 Part of it is working the algorithm. I’d spend a lot of time staring at my analytics and figuring out i… @poppolio Ah thank you so much!! I’m not actually a character designer haha. But I enjoy trying it on my own time every once in a while! @meikiran57 I don’t think that’s you! There are A LOT of bots on Instagram and I think they periodically get weeded… @melancholicMuun The art community here on Twitter is largely against art theft and if your art is being stolen, re… @melancholicMuun I don’t want to dance around it but you will get hateful comments and you will get art stolen when… @melancholicMuun As much as I hate to say it I think it just comes with practice and getting used to your work bein… @melancholicMuun Hm I had the opposite problem of getting anxiety from NOT posting. despite having low self estee… @ZiggyZagz It sucks!! So many of my relationships suffered bc I’d just lock myself in my room to draw and make sure… @MilkKandae That’s kinda where I put my work at. It’s not technically the best and I’m in no way great at coloring,… @MilkKandae That’s not to say sketchy stuff can’t do well! Just look at some comic artists/board artists! Their wor… @MilkKandae That usually comes down to the taste your audience has. I personally prefer looking at people’s sketche… @poicyss I only have one OC. Her design drew people in but it wasn’t until I did a little comic of her being a dumb… @poicyss People are drawn in by stories and characters they can relate to. Which is why fanart works! There’s alrea… @poicyss I didn’t do OC art much in the past for that reason. I thought fanart was the only way My OC stuff never… @LeafyAkiko I’m in a much better place now thank you! The thing about wanting a big following is that if you have t… @cringeposter69 you’re gonna have to be way more specific hahaKeep in mind that I mostly do character/comic stuff. I can’t really speak for layout artists, writers, musicians et… don’t talk about how I got my following much bc the road to get here really affected my mental health and I had a…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @hudkips GOOD!!!!Hi I'm Kaity Moy! A Stopmotion/2D animator and illustrator! #NobodyArtistClub
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @_kaitymoy KAITYYYUnder 1k? 🎨 Post your artwork here! Let's have a space for those who might get buried easily! Show them some love!…
Retweeted by Kiana MaiThis is exactly why I’m staying TF home. I want nothing to do with any of this.
Retweeted by Kiana MaiProtests are still happening. Cops are still reacting with violence. Don’t forget. Keep looking.
Retweeted by Kiana MaiMust read article!! So thankful for and proud of everyone at @Blacknanimated 💞 @Anim_Freckles Thanks!! My work unfortunately gets stolen regardless, or the signature get edited out. I’ve found… @mace_long didn’t really /make/ them. just kinda fused some characters together~ hehe but thank you! @dresdoodles Aaaah thank you Dres! 💞💞💞 @fergiedraws Waaaah thanks!! 😭 @mbrleigh hehe thank you 💞 @SAZKUS love 💜#NobodyArtistClub HELLO i'm saz!!! i love animation and illustration and i'm.....close to 500 followers..... 👉👈
Retweeted by Kiana Mai#NobodyArtistsClub *does a pose* do you like cute girls and sad comics
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @Hirisson love your stuff! excited to see more in the future~It’s Darllow! @kianamaiart ‘s kid I couldn’t resist drawing them!,, so cute💫
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @_descentofman_ waaaaah adorable!!! I LOVE 😭❤️ @chiliflakess ASDFGHFDSA IVE NEVER SEEN THIS KERMIT IMAGE BEFORE LMAOOOOheads up burbank
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @dinoraye RAYE YES you could so pull off this lookfrom this!! need *everybody* to retweet this immediately. Da’Shawn Miller has been missing since July 5. Y’all said Black L…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @my2k this is the cuteeeest!!!So how about them new episodes #BigCityGreens #Amphibia #TheOwlHouse
Retweeted by Kiana MaiTwitter Superpowers
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @RajBrueggemann tag yourself im uh,,, 4 probably. unfortunately. @vergolophus the money it calls him @bryce_lavender @TheFantasticIan my heart 🥺
@vergolophus ASTFJFSAHK LITERALLY @SinfulHime I WAS LAUGHING THE WHOLE TIME I DREW IT @funkiguana debby ryan who @TheFantasticIan god giving me the power to draw was a mistake @Fireyone i watched nadia a couple years ago for grandis exclusively @_marshiyan 😏 @mbrleigh him and jessie share @prinxeMu she'd be PISSED @troubledmn IT IS YOUR TIIIIME*kicks down your door respectfully* DID SOMEONE SUMMON ME
Retweeted by Kiana Mai#NobodyArtistClub I'm Jonah, just a gay Hawaiian boy who just wants to draw children's books, gay boys, and dnd cha…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @jonahbuu jonah you're the best @wyntonred WYNTON HAHAHAHA @mlm_lucio from what i've heard, he's going to be but you have to scout him (whereas with jessie you just do the event and get her)the fact that they just give you jessie and you have to earn james in pokemon masters @hamishsteele "feels like we're forgetting something..." "SHIT"oh my god hahaha WHAT
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @miggsboson ASDFGHJKL MIGGSTONIGHT!!!
Retweeted by Kiana MaiTHEY'RE COMIN ATCHA!
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @JennerallyJenn JENN!!!! OMGGGGhello. by popular demand, you can now buy Little Turtle art prints here.
Retweeted by Kiana MaiIf you're seeking non-binary voice actors for your project, please don't say they have to "sound non-binary" or the…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @childishgamzeno Yuta’s channel is great 😭 @childishgamzeno I don’t think people are /as/ aggressive about it as people here just bc it’s seen as rude to be overly opinionated @childishgamzeno I watch yuta’s channel a lot and he did this interview a while ago! seems pretty split like it is… my god cuuute i didn’t know we had these 😭
@SinfulHime ITS CANON PERIOD @SinfulHime LMAOOOOOOIf Lady GaGa was in charge of the Bayonetta 3 soundtrack, the gays would eat for centuries.
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @eliasvonhelios right? I’m a fan @itsmorphineeeti AGJAJSDJDH YES whenever people ask I’m just like “it’s you know,,,, ‘da kine!’” @sonililmustache I just went with it hahaha. She goes by Tingzit’s just the hawaiian pidgin word for “things” 😭 i put “oc tings” or “oc kine tings” in my first drawing of her… @evergreenqveen if you go on straight tik tok long enough you’ll see it A LOTSo y’all finna profit off her but not get her justice ?? Noted ✍🏾
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @pansypapi me, last year, watching the finale icon commissions made up $5000! Some people bought several, so over 200 people helped me raise $5K to donate to…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @niceytime YOURE AMAZING!!!my sister was being mean to me until i drew this for her she is 24
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @getvent AJDHSFNDJAH they are the white mom blueprint @my2k @Danny8bit there is one designer infiltrating every video game and animation studio to get their OC in @parkerrsimmons YESSSS!!!! @Danny8bit in my opinion, no but i couldn’t tell you why 😭😭😭