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23 years old | Story Artist at DisneyTVA | Pixar@CCA Story Intensive '17 | Biracial 🇯🇵🇯🇲 | 🏳️‍🌈 | she/her 💕

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@MicheleKnotz @DamanMills daman is a real oneDrew @kianamaiart cloud girl OC!
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @AceCanti_draws CUUUUTEEE AAAAH!! 💕 @kianamaiart had to draw her hehe
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @MUNEPHO Yoooo I love these colors!!!Drawing @kianamaiart OC cloud girl to warm up 😍 she’s so cute! Thinking of coloring it 🤔 should I? #kianamaioc
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @its_daisu THESE ARE ADORABLE! @kianamaiart I’ve been meaning to draw her for awhile now. Might post a tweaked version later
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @QueenVireness Waaaah so good!! Love the shading on this 😭💞drew @kianamaiart 's cloud girl, it was challenging and also fun
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @DebooArt WOOOOOOAAAH THIS IS SO GOOOOD HOLY SHIT!! this LIGHTING MY GODLowkey fell in love with @kianamaiart's OC and spent my evening making fan art. I haven't done anything Children…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @kat_blaque OMG THE DETAIL IN THIS!! I looove the way you drew her raincoat thank you for this aaaah 😭😭😭💞i drew @kianamaiart's cloudy girl, she's so adorable ; ___ ;
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @rainbowswirIs Omgggg this is so good!!! I love your coloring style 💕 @kianamaiart had a lot of fun drawing her. love your concepts so much!
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @cafeteriavomit omg so cuuuute!!It’s official! @netflixanimation has just announced the series that me and my partner-in-craft Patrick Harpin crea…
Retweeted by Kiana MaiToday in Rocket History: October 29, 1998, "Kusaihana of the Botanical Garden” aired in Japan. When you don’t have…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai#blacktober My boy Darwin as a human 🧡
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @mobsbentspoon I love thiiiis!! This design and his voice match so perfectly, like I can hear him just looking at t… crying at the thumbnail art in this thread!!! GOD!!!!’t not try ☁️☁️☁️
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @n_raidahmn THIS IS THE CUTEST OMGGGGG! @kianamaiart Practice drawing with your lovely OC. Sorry the details were off 😖
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @irenagracia so pretty! i love the stars in her hair! ⭐️Wanted to draw @kianamaiart 's cloud girl! She's so cute💕🥺
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @Chiisao woooowaaaah i love how you render! this is so pretty!I’m learning pixel art so I drew @kianamaiart’s cloudy OC 🌧✨ #blacktober
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @dreangeloart Ahhh this is awesome! i love it!!Finally colored @kianamaiart Cloud Girl. Sketched and colored on my Samsung Note 9. ♡
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @AundreyaRosas WOW SO PRETTY!!!!! AAAAH I CRIE <3 @kianamaiart just made a quick lil doodle, haha
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @starlet_furry OH PRETTY! I love the rainbow lineart??? @kianamaiart i’m Love her,,,,,
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @Glacie44 omg how cute!! cotton candy would definitely be her favorite food. but then the rain from her hair would… between my warmup sketches, I wanted to draw @kianamaiart ‘s weather girl. She has such a cool design and Kiana…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @SyncroTrace oooooo i love this pooooose! so gooood ;0;I doodled @kianamaiart ’s OC for #blacktober ☔️🌧💨 #ArtistOnTwitter
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @jasputing Aaaah so pretty!! I love how you draw eyes?? Amazing 💞I didn't participate much in #blacktober this time; it's tough to get back into the drawing spirit. I did get some…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @ebbywaffle Omg I love thissssss so goooood 😭I had did another fanart for the amazing artist and inspiration of mine @kianamaiart , she is such a positive influ…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @SolomonMuhamm4d Aaaah this is so good!! There’s so much heeeere I love it thank you 😭 @kianamaiart 👀
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @chalena_a PRETTYYYYY AAAAAH I LOVE THIS GRADIENT 🥺💞quick doodle of @kianamaiart 's cute little character! 😭 she gwumpy >:((
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @CartoonsSams GOD I LOVE THIS EXPRESSION!! So cuuute 😭😭😭 @paulT8199 @hannah_chapin who me?i haven’t been on twitter as much and i think i missed a lot of notifs 😭 if you drew fanart of cloud girl that i di… it's #wipwednesday !!! Here's a clip of the theme song animatic I'm making for my original characters
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @HotCocoCup23 oh truuuuue @TheOctoberScarf @Izogii I would give a kidney to see you work on a genndy show @hannah_chapin OMG DAT ME!! @HanashiroHana tru @THEofficeghey thank you!! @AlexTheCasual omg thank you 🥺MANIFESTING!! Get Carly in there!!!!
@RocketEevee YES!! @merbunny these are the cuteeeestttt[Obama voice] My fellow Americans.... @/msigaming fucked up my laptop repair and now I gotta spend 400 of my hard e…
Retweeted by Kiana MaiThe Crystal Gems say BE ANTI-RACIST! You have to acknowledge racism to act against it. Don't be silent, use your vo…
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @cubewatermelon why does photoshop do thiiiiis
@IGNWorseThan @MuffinRiolu @EinnyKosu GAHSJDSJAH NOOOOOOcannot get this video off my mind
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @mimiadraws WHAT IS THIS IM CRYING LOLLLL your drawings captured this energy perfectly
@miwwiew his name is nyoomer now. not walker @SucculentBud HAHAHAHHA YES @egoraptor and a sample of the lyrics adhsfjkashd @egoraptor please listen to this koiking song it's really good @MicheleKnotz OMG!! Congrats! On the road to 10k now 👀
@JEnder77 exactlyThey were so pretty it took me so long to go draw them @kianamaiart
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @ceejinary Aaaaah this is gorgeous! 😭id very much appreciate it if you guys would share this. millions of people live with epilepsy and most people have…
Retweeted by Kiana Maithis clip is killing me
TODAY!! Go visit @MicheleKnotz's Animal Crossing island and wish her a happy birthday 🎉 @itscalramsey LET'S GOOOOO! @7wariorlittle you’re right and you should say it LOUDERthis debate, again, is so unbearablePLEASE CONSIDER HELPING OUT OR SHARING! Alfred is such a beautiful soul and bright light in the animation communit…
@OnstaMonsta danka is really fun but i still like the other two better haha it's nuts that she hasn't had one yet… @OnstaMonsta maemuki roketto dan and roketto dan yo eien ni are both losing in the poll i qrtd!! im so surprised i… day musashi will get her solo song. one day 😔this is just a kojiro solo song but like 👀 the flirtiness and pokemon puns are so good dan yo eien ni until i DIE @Nebuxlae of course @imzeferino he is the perfect man 😭 @MarcyBones64 Marcy I love YOU!!! @UltimaShadowX trulySan Fransokyo is fine but what about ANOTHER big city #kingdomhearts #bigcitygreens
Retweeted by Kiana Mai @toppiegames This is incrediblethe looney tunes show (2011) has to be one of the best and most underrated shows put out by CN
Retweeted by Kiana Mai they’d both wear the blue shirt and meowth would wear the pink one @cookieposting AAAAAAAAHfunny love #blacktober #ParappaTheRapper
Retweeted by Kiana Mai