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Pete @Kibbled Manchester, England

Southerner in Manchester. Geek. Dungeons and Dragons nerd. Critter. I'm not controlling, I'm just aggressively helpful. BLACK LIVES MATTER. He/Him. 🇪🇺🏳️‍🌈

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@wilsonmd85 @CaptainCaveSam Exactly. He trusted it not to scratch him and it did :P
@NotThomas91 @jaidaehall This is EVERYTHING
@CityOtterx Wait, what..? @seanactual There's a multitude of different file types, but I'll give that a go on the word ones @sailoryen Tried already - it's more a decryption issue @MysticSeraph Yeah it frustratingly corrupts them @sailoryen Windows @Alex_Hardmanxxx Yay! Fingers crossed lovely xSo, some dickhead saved a load of files on the work shared drive as [filename.doc].icloud Anyone know how to covert them to be usable? @chrisgriffinis Happy almost-Birthday!
@DeathAndDumb 1) Oh no! Hopefully it's just a cold (weird thing to wish I know, but you know what I mean). Feel bet… @thatgregperson Yes but he is likely to turn 1 before I actually get to meet him because of these stupid people non… @thatgregperson Go meet my nephew for the first time. He's almost 1. @bencstweet happy birthday beautiful xxx
@TheFlemishSeth You beaut <3 @CityOtterx 🤗 @CityOtterx I'll protect you @CityOtterx Plenty of room here @CityOtterx Check me out, just hanging with Dionne...
@chrisgriffinis @AWorkOfStuART She didn't exactly have the best record though Chris... @jonomorlandx Seriously, rather than subtweeting them, name and shame / report them to the police. They are literal…
Retweeted by Pete @jayinbold Yeah, it now only has one leaf that doesn't look like it's dying, so I'm going to have to get another on… @jayinbold Yes but be careful. Mine threw a massive strop after I repotted it and shed almost all of its leaves...… @TheBetterStuart @GMB I just don't know why he keeps getting interviewed. I don't remember any other family member… doggo suddenly smells her owner
Retweeted by Pete @KillerKoalaz Aww bless her! @philford Happy birthday love x @GatzReborn Is this the guy that accidentally tased himself and died? Not saying he literally died from stupidity… @TheBetterStuart yaaaassssss
@AJReboy Thanks lovely! It took some trial and error! @jtkearney Where is this?! It looks lovely! @paulnorwich @AttitudeMag I know... they're so small. @AJReboy Blonde looks cute on you! The best results I had for silver is the Jerome Russell BBlonde kit and toner. I… need your voice! I'm putting together a choir for the @Eurovision 2021 song. Here are the voices I will need:…
Retweeted by Pete @adamrbaxter Let them die.Today I am mostly distracting myself by thinking about Daði Freyr – Think About Things and how it would have won Eu…
I came out 20 years ago in November. That's insane. do you cope when the world is burning? I like to put on eyeliner, sit in a dark room and listen to jazz. @jayinbold Yay! Looks amazing! Hopefully we can see it for realsies at some point soon :)This Friday three women from Manchester campaign group @TreesNotCars are taking the council to court to block car p…
Retweeted by Pete @LeeButterley Well we're just about to lose one just over the canal from it as the council decided it needed to bui… @CityOtterx Warmth 🤗 @LeeButterley I'm so happy it's just on my doorstep. A little oasis in the city @TheBetterStuart @philford @ChrisK300 @iamRyan_ Plus that generally only technically counts if you (or the person y… give them the fucking pay rise they've been asking for (and deserved) for the last x number of years. That'll… @TheBetterStuart @ChrisK300 @iamRyan_ Of course. I forgot that if certain people don't have sex they will wither an… @TheBetterStuart @ChrisK300 @iamRyan_ We've technically not been allowed to have sex with anyone other than a partn… @Mr_ChRiSsI_X Happy day! x
@DeathAndDumb That's a good approach. I used to do slimming world and honestly the obsession over numbers made me m… did check with the addressee anyway and they said I could have them - yayWhile I wasn't in there was a delivery to the office for a former tenant that left 2 years ago. They requested that… @daddybearcub Mawnin' DBC <3Remember, it’s okay to be nice to people you aren’t attracted to.
Retweeted by Pete @bjcamplin Happy day, lovely! @ShepsTScoundrel I'm so happy for you lovely <3 @DeathAndDumb Gilbert is *so* squishy I adore him <3Just a friendly reminder 🖤
Retweeted by Pete @DeathAndDumb This is a mood. I'm determined to have a fitness glow-up this year as I put on about 2.5 stone in 2020.
We are here for you! 6.30 on my insta on Friday xxx
Retweeted by Pete @jonboy_p16 I mean you whipped it out the first time I met you so that's hardly a threat JP 😂Cool. Now arrest Dominic Cummings
Retweeted by Pete @Joshuajhatch91 Happy birthday sweets x
@wilsonmd85 It's cos you're old now @TheBetterStuart Obviously you're Jessie and I'm James...'s me and @TheBetterStuart next Halloween 🎃❤️ January 2021 challenge is no takeaways. Shouldn't be that hard... Right?
@spacedog17 Oooft your Paladin(?) Is a hottie!my last two brain cells beginning 2021
Retweeted by Pete @CityOtterx Always. Hurry on up. @weyland76 I mean, global pandemic and all that...I hope I get to have a kiss and a cuddle with someone this year.Important thread. Love you @executivegoth
so far all i understand about devil may cry is (1) handsome and (2) pizza
Retweeted by Pete @NetflixUK Uncle Buck ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @TheBetterStuart I already know who is in mine so I don't feel the need to check lol @aj_malakai @chris83pres I mean in another time/dimension that sounds super hot, but not when there's a global pand… just cried watching this. The light at the end of a very tough year. @simon_duchess Good lord I fancy you 😍whomstever has my voodoo doll please do this
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@NeverBeScaredO2 Maybe he'll fuck you like he's fucked the whole country @NotThomas91 @wilsonmd85 @TheBetterStuart @jayinbold Omg gimme @wilsonmd85 @TheBetterStuart @jayinbold @chrisgriffinis Ugh I miss you boys x @wilsonmd85 @TheBetterStuart @jayinbold @chrisgriffinis I mean, you're both pretty shit company so... 😂🤣 @jayinbold @wilsonmd85 @TheBetterStuart @IAmSimplySamuel OUCH @TheBetterStuart @jayinbold I'd love to go to prague @jayinbold @TheBetterStuart 🥰😂🤗 @CityOtterx Mines just gotten bigger but not in the good wayThrowback to February when I was in Oslo with two of my favourite people to see one of my favourite artists ❤️ @jayinbold Yes. Teal is an amazing colour to go with, but I'd go with a lighter one to make sure it doesn't darken the room too much. @marsne93 Happy day lovely xTomorrow we will post “The Dogs of 2020.” If you’d like to mentally puppare for it, you can find our previous yearl…
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@IAmSimplySamuel @IAmSimplySamuel LLAMA CROFT :D :D :D :DEw, throwback! Know Your @SchittsCreek ▶️
Retweeted by Pete @RL_Morris @ryar And me please and thanks xreasons to ship david rose and patrick brewer from schitt’s creek, a short but necessary thread:
Retweeted by PeteThe King of Mandalore. @PedroPascal1 #TheMandalorian #Darksaber #PedroPascal #Kingofmandalore #starwars #Grogu
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