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And be performatively into itBecause she’ll know exactly what she’s getting intoTrump’s next wife is gonna be so weird @stevieboatleft YeahRemember bird boxMy face when I see a good bird box will they take it downAre you allowed to do middle fingers on Instagram @seanoconnz I can’t stop like gasp-laughing @seanoconnz Is he from SpringfieldThis is the funniest rich guy question I’ve ever seen.
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith @seanoconnz What @atpburke Correct! I wish I could tell everyone to put it under the tree but it’ll be a little too late. And I woul… @marykroeck @JenAshleyWright Unless she specifically mentions Pequod’s or something. @_BooksForChange This is so cool! @sassquachcomics check out the homemade ornaments.Books For Change is heading to Holdfast Beach school tmrw, to read ‘Santa’s Husband’ by @kibblesmith with special C…
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith"bring back manly men" is dangerous bc you're really describing a pretty narrow window of recent time like you over…
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmiththank you to my IG ads
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@skeletired I get the impression they weren't supposed to take and release the footage @dr_duus It's so rare that I can virtually guarantee something but yes, it is a blast. And every other story in there is just as fun.I have written for Kate Bishop and I have written for *a* Marvel dog, but I have not written for Kate Bishop WITH t…, here's a kid-friendly #Spiderman graphic novel I co-wrote where Spidey becomes an Instagram influencer and lea…
Retweeted by Daniel KibblesmithIt’s like the worlds most depressing version of the sorcerers apprenticeThis is the most dystopian thing I’ve ever seen and I go out of my way to absorb dystopian things @eelstretching @GameCatWalk It’s a little embarrassing/confusing because my full name is Daniel Michael Jackson Kibblesmith @GameCatWalk I get a lot of notifications that are just people saying "Daniel" to me disapprovingly and I always go…
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith @GameCatWalk I get a lot of notifications that are just people saying "Daniel" to me disapprovingly and I always go…😩😭 Will, the Bible teaches us that God loves us all. Please don’t ever forget that & live your life as authentical…
Retweeted by Daniel KibblesmithAnyone who owns a voodoo doll of me and promises to knock it off if I get jabbed for real @JamesUrbaniak Jacque Le Rippér @pixelatedboat That’s probably why they call it that The tower of terror @JenAshleyWright What jokeLet’s do this! know die hard is a Christmas movie because it opens with that guy on the airplane telling John McClain “Merry C… @musicboxtheatre @DanPatCa sounds like she’s talking to an Uber driver at 1:30 am. an old book out.
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith"Everyone's favorite holiday fruitcake #HarleyQuinn and her song-slaying elf Daniel @Kibblesmith have put together…
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith @EricaFails What is the point of being better than them if they don’t knowI want a ps5 really bad but I’m not sure I feel comfortable paying $35 dollars at the secret Best Buy for verified Twitterok so i got some constructive criticism from my first attempt at drawing birds. many people said the legs weren’t r…
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@thetzechun Next level.I did this, and if you’re not in immediate financial distress, please also do this. #Georgia #Election2020 In just 5 days, 125,000 supporters and counting have contributed to @fairfightaction and the…
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith @thetzechun Excellent Quarantine bitIf you are a SAG-AFTRA actor -stand with us. If you care about protecting the rights and benefits that union membe…
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith's so perfect.
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith @ConroyForReal WHAT GOOGLING[whispers] “That’s Pizza Dog.” @Randazzoj Oh wow that’s at least *two* nicknames thank you[Transformer comes to Earth for the first time and sees a car] Jesus Christ, she’s dead. They’re all dead. [sees…
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith @andylevy John Mulaney as Mick Jagger saying NOT FUNNY but also YESSSOr 100 Issues. lot of my Google search history is just different pasta names I looked up in restaurants because I was too embarrassed to ask.
Retweeted by Daniel KibblesmithRonald Reagan also presided over a plague where he simply allowed people to die through depraved indifference.
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith @Saskrotch ManhasapointEvery Spotify wrapped just looks like "you gave a corporation $120 this year so they could give $3 to artists" to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Retweeted by Daniel KibblesmithDear @BacheloretteABC please use some of my ideas for contestants next season:
Retweeted by Daniel KibblesmithAre babies hiring🎄🎁❄️☃️ On sale now! ♥️♠️♦️♣️ @Sum40dean Thanks! Yeah, it’s a real book in bookstores now, I cannot stress this enough. And short answer: Some w… @BlumJordan It’s great. I love the big head man. Congratulations!Comics are my first love. Comics saved my life. And today I get to buy a comic with my name on it. Holy shit.
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Retweeted by Daniel KibblesmithNormal guy doin normal stuff hope this is a review of a play. @jpbrammer @HelloCullen lookObsessed with these McDonalds character style guides.
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith @harrismayer Harris NiceBeing a hero isn’t easy. @Radthanael The real flash could’ve pulled it off. @MrWillMiles @NILES100 He’d be dead by now right The character not the actor @erikburnham @decider This is also three years old and I still have not seen the program but believe my guesses to be fully accurate.Hey, I wrote about #TheBachelorette for @Decider despite never having seen the Bachelorette, enjoy.
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@RegretaGarbo You ever seen a lil baby turtle hatch out though It's a sightPrimarily because of how many fingers it has cost me.I can't count the number of times I've bent down to pick up a quarter and a police horse has stepped on my hand.Okay NOW it is December.
Retweeted by Daniel Kibblesmith @Randazzoj Oh nickname all the way @tommchenry I understand this impulse because, among other things, if felt like a lot of scenes were missing and th… @jaketapper Thank you for wearing a mask, sir. @sandyhonig @pfizer If it needs to be refrigerated and given in multiple doses then doesn’t it make WAY MORE SENSE… @GumbyScreens Indeed.
Retweeted by Daniel KibblesmithI played a chapter of Memento as an RPG on this podcast and it went catastrophically, enjoy. make him stand on a big X and a push a button AM JOINING NXIVM IN 2020 @AnitaLaLouise What is movies!I am now UP ON THE ROOF yelling this information at CARS @ChrissaTodd1 @Lons It’s yer boy @McJesse @flyingnematoad Did you know Toolman also ToymanI just found out that SNAPE is in Die Hard (a Christmas movie) and I am SHOOK. We NEED to talk about this. LEAVE yo…’re playing ‘I Will Follow You Into The Dark’ at the dentist and I am positive I am going to die here.He keeps pulling out an iPhone 8.’t sleep.Okay NOW it is December. @JamesTheFourth I say we keep em around