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born at a very young age • top .70% on onlyfans • i only respond to dms at the link below • she/her

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My teenage daughter is missing. I’m a mess! I feel so helpless and scared. She went missing in Ashland, Oregon yest…
Retweeted by ken 🌙I just scrolled thru twitter and realized this has been tweeted approx 1900 times sorry to contribute to that
i like big butts and i cannot lie is the only rap song i do not find annoying -grandpaplease watch this so i suck at taking photos of other people im learning how to use my camera at the time so we can ignore the qua… being told you’re an essential employee during a global pandemic and then being told you don’t deserve a livable wagetime to drive through the mountains and cry ttyl twitter
gonna get drunk and sleep in the background
Retweeted by ken 🌙i keep getting targeted ads on hulu telling me merry christmas
Retweeted by ken 🌙 @excesstential don’t give him any ideas @StephhwithanF if you have brown hazel or green eyes id def recommend. I have green eyes and they make mine pop so… yes i still have pumpkins I have 4 and they’re still alive I plan to keep them until they rotoh no i must watch tiktoks with my tv playing too mustnt let a single thought inupdate on my sweet neighborhood stray ive adopted 🥺
the sexual tension between me and the victoria’s secret employee measuring my titties @dovenymph i wish people would just shut the fuck up @X_BonerGarage_X not sure hoping permanent they probs lost a lot of businessidk who needs to hear this but march 11th Taco Bell is bringing back their potatoes @Elias_Jonas_ @___jkd Shut up @RainbowTittiez THIS IS SO CUTE LOLOLId buy tinder premium for this (if I wasn’t banned) (again)
Retweeted by ken 🌙
Retweeted by ken 🌙 @ballofchlo proud of u @SarahhMcCaff thank you🥺 @SarahhMcCaff i almost replied to this that this makes me happy i love dads and then i realizedNot speaking from experience or anythingDon’t cry with burgundy mascara on it looks like bloodIf broccoli had an ass I would suck it
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trump just shouting into the void of his notes app rn
Retweeted by ken 🌙 @nataliexkhalill It’ll come back just give it a few days! @anactualfairy making predictionsthinking about all the resin art that will fill thrift shops in the next 5 yearshow could you really think your soulmate is in your hometown of 5000 people?? @_cakelynn it’s sooo discouraging to try and get help and be treated like such a nuisanceis the queen going to die on mondayjust found this event in my calendar? @penny_macOF 🥺🥺 @penny_macOF god you are absolute ARTim just ready to shoot in the sunshine again brain really is reminding me im a mouse, duh
Retweeted by ken 🌙 @brihindthescene proof she is an angel
tw // execution hello im pushing this again because there is limited time, but Dustin Higgs is set to be executed…
Retweeted by ken 🌙 @Dogchamp123 omg u are correctnot so loud replies on this are so disappointing @ashtapp youre very pretty :)being on food tiktok makes me get up to make food even though i ate 4 minutes ago @spacebrat_ YOU ARE SO POWERFULdid u know that it's my birthday?
Retweeted by ken 🌙the internet is one strange ass place @aliyahingenito i love u so so much. the internet is a weird placei miss my best friends while they’re at work so bad i just sent one an in depth review of the ingrown hair i plucke… @ballofchlo red lights stop signsrelease everyone in new york who is incarcerated for selling or possessing cannabis
Retweeted by ken 🌙can y’all like... stop traveling out of state??? even if you’re getting tested before and after you’re wasting valu… @hawkhatesyou you’ve got my vote @dietcokehead_ please im begging u
even the bot knows how much I love sarah have a pretty face small waist and a small bank... is that okay or are only big banks allowed?fuck it im applying to be a park ranger @kickeep also u should send her $ just saying she looks like she deserves it
Retweeted by ken 🌙 @spacebrat_ i can attest that she deserves ityou better go tell her happy birthday or else!!!! @spacebrat_ oh shit i wasn’t prepared for this answer you haven’t already text “impeach” to 50409 it takes 10 seconds :)a wise man once said does ur dad have a girl best friend??? .... i didn’t think sohi twitter I need a bad bitch
Retweeted by ken 🌙im dying my hair this week wish me luck
i don’t have dentures just invisalign i dont like to brush every time i take out lmaooothis inspired me to buy a mirrored nightstand realtor apparently thinks i have a $1m budget for house #2 and buying denture cleaner at the grocery store @X_BonerGarage_X YES literally 🥺my vets office stock email photo looks so much like my dog i think it’s him every time they email me being said do whatever you gotta do to get through this shit is hard for everyone @lynndewitttoya “i really shouldn’t buy more of this” “eh, it’s helping me not kms during a global pandemic so I probably should”surviving a global pandemic has made it very easy to justify my reliance on weed and nicotine @madzjelly i love him so so muchworking as a background actor has ruined movies and tv for mei had a chunk of blonde hair in the front of my dark hair when i was in hs and people bullied tf out of me for it..… 14 year olds in public lobbies on among us is a form of self carejust sprayed 150° water in my eye at work I would like to pass away
being called my full first name triggers my fight or flightall of my family slowly getting covid is a sign it’s finally starting to get really bad in Oregon and im STRESSINokie does anyone look at a newborn baby and think it’s beautiful @dietcokehead_ how are you real honestly @kornliketheband ty hammy needed thistrying to keep the addiction out of control but I WANT IT 🤠the second I start craving nicotine when i have a dead vape is the second i know im addicted and can’t buy another ugh
Also thanks @kansassykat for the cutest mask everdo u like my glasses? of things to keep in mind: 1. It’s also bad when cops kill people you don’t like. 2. We should be critica…
Retweeted by ken 🌙the literal second i tweeted this it stoppedand people have the audacity to say this 110 year old place isn’t haunted anyone checked on the girl bosses this week?? all their fiancé’s were in dc right?accidentally opened a pussy pic in public today i hate it hereim sorry is she rubbing ONION ON HER EYES????