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@DLZMKSBTS Got it!! I’ll let you know!!!Watched The Girl With All The Gifts out of the UK last night I’d give it a 3.5/5 now watching #Alive out of S. Korea. @jodie_anna_ @JayTriiiple @bobguidomusic @shawn_westlake @WongKarWax @ashlynanarchy @JessieM212 @MutualAid4a @frostbyte2222 🖖🏽🖖🏽🖖🏽🖖🏽 @DLZMKSBTS Hit me!!!me w/ that inner peace:
Retweeted by Kid AstronautWhen you’re called to speak your truth and let go, you have to do it whether other people are ready or not. Sometim…
Retweeted by Kid AstronautIt’s time to upgrade my midi controller.
So @DaveedDiggs is one of the realest dudes ever.
@justinforrest I wanna film any and everything!!!6 Days until the album drops ! #FeaturingTyDollaSign
Retweeted by Kid Astronautnew music? new music. ⏳
Retweeted by Kid AstronautRIP SANDRA BLAND.The books you haven't read and places you haven't journeyed to yet are more valuable than books you have read and places you have journeyed.
Retweeted by Kid AstronautThis is the one! @sassymacymeow't be concerned about what was, focus on what is.
Retweeted by Kid AstronautYou’re close. That’s why it’s getting tougher. Don’t quit!
Retweeted by Kid Astronautplease share this.
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“The struggle is real but the hustle is too” -@BennyBsf 🔥
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @BryanneElaine @CartonDeJugo_ 100% can confirm. @DeEttaJain Can’t wait to see!!! @sassymacymeow @lazyeyez 👀👀👀👀 I’ll check it out!!! @Theory901 WowwwwwHow it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @sassymacymeow 😜😜😜im going to create an environment that is so loving 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @sassymacymeow Hahaha I’m being patient!! I would just loveeee to be filming already! 🙄😩 @lazyeyez Good look! I’ll check it out!!air signs ✨ something very reciprocal is on its way to you, weather it be love, money, job etc. its here to match…
Retweeted by Kid AstronautCrazy part about it is half the mfs that try to manipulate you only do so because they know, see & feel your power.…
Retweeted by Kid AstronautIma be 10X better 6 months from now.
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @sassymacymeow ??? @Greeblehaus Saving and raising for thisss... and HELLO!!!!If any of my WOC mutuals wanna learn about Cinematography hmu anytime - I have a fully built out blackmagic ursa pa…
Retweeted by Kid AstronautDear God, I'm patient and stuff but I'd love to get this camera soon. @DNAPicasso First!This synth makes this crazy wobble sound and it’s 🤤DENVER! Pull up next week. Wear ya mask!!! Kid Astronaut performance & DJ set! is in reggaeton so I'm realigning my chanclas
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @kannasaraptor Send me one!Again, unless you’re voting for T*umpito in which case, stay ya ass where ya at.TURN IN YOUR BALLOT.With that said...time to make new music.Dawg. DMD hooked me up with compression and EQ tips. Love it.Got more joints coming for you soon then LA.Ima handle whatever life throws at me and alchemize it into a stepping stone for greatness & elevation. Every time.
Retweeted by Kid AstronautRelated - @Name_Backwards, Carrigain and Memry snapped on these photos of the Full Moon Tee. Get yours here:… Tees, Posters and more stuff coming soon to the merch store. biggest listener count on Spotify is....Los Angeles. Love to see it.Trying to plan rn seems....difficult.Tonight was again...productive.Director’s Caps now available online at !!✨ 1 for 30.. or grab all 3 flavors for 75.. fam.…
Retweeted by Kid AstronautSome people will always create drama in your life, because they are no longer allowed in it! Keep building, Let th…
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @_blvckson_ Thattttt partttttttt @shaezilla I concur.Halsey goes hard.
@mrmarstoday 15% is standard. @kyra_naomi Hahaha love it!! ready to learn my lessons in joy
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @kidastronavt (because it's usually a bottle of smirnoff ice)
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @kidastronavt Ice. Like you got iced or you're icing someone
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @kidastronavt its called icing someone bc you use smirnoff ices
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @kyra_naomi SMIRNOFF ICE!!!! THAT’S WHAT IT IS! Thank you! I couldn’t think of what it was! @krause_tobias Nah that’s not it but it is like a light alcohol like that though! What is it!!!stop worrying bout the numbers and just put the content out there
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut*hideWhats that game where you hit a bottle of some alcohol drink and if someone finds it they have to chug it on one knee?“Do you wanna smoke ?” My love language
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @gothmoneytkeyah Yeah I love it! Breaking down music and seeing how it was made is my favorite. @YaSimuse @gothmoneytkeyah Yes and they’re all amazing. Can’t wait for more!! @gothmoneytkeyah Song Exploder!Come Over: The Spooky Collection is available now on my website! LINK IN BIO!
Retweeted by Kid Astronautmy plastic vampire fangs thay ON during thex
Retweeted by Kid AstronautDon't be afraid to start over you just may like your new life better.
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Retweeted by Kid AstronautThose are my goals.Outlive my time.Become legendary.Was thinking about Dolly Parton today and lo and behold a Netflix movie about her. Let’s do this.Productive week. I love that for me.And a lot of the ideas actually came from indigenous people. @Tess_Swickard_ The answer is yes.Just healed some mindset things that were holding me back.oil on canvas paintings by minna sjöholm
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These are soooo cool
Retweeted by Kid AstronautConsistency.It’s not talked about enough that you can actually appreciate, support, and love someone, and still keep your dista…
Retweeted by Kid AstronautBlack parents trust a broom to sweep, a mop to mop but won’t trust a dish washer to wash dishes......
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @a_Nilli_a_Nilli EmpathyThe ability to not address everything is an underrated quality
Retweeted by Kid AstronautCool to see the phases of life even though some aren’t easy/fun — to see get through and blossom each time is the part I love most. 💭🌹
Retweeted by Kid Astronaut @Ghost_Robot88 10/10 would do it. 10/10 would suggest they make a better game. W does not need your energy, your reaction, or your response.. Protect yourself.
Retweeted by Kid AstronautDate women who communicate and apologize >>
Retweeted by Kid AstronautIt truly is time for more tattoos.Speaking this into existence. I’m writing songs for animated shows and video games one day.In love with @theestalliontrusting the universe and God to only bring me opportunities that are worth it and a reflection of my value.
Retweeted by Kid AstronautOther than racism... chapter of my story is titled discipline.