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Been a Cramp a Gun Clubber & a Bad Seed. My band now is Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds. Latinx Groover.

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Lydia Lunch's "Dump Trump" ad.
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersToday is the day to buy from & support Black businesses. 🖤A Black IN. Try the fab Eat Okra app if you are searching…
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers @DrBeerButch @PadmaLakshmi Miss you too .. a new Pink Monkey Birds record out in next few months .. but no live sho… @DrBeerButch @PadmaLakshmi I identified! Great talk.. about La Puente and identity in general.. #GenteFromLaPuente
How to mask
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersAll hail Ennio Morricone for The Spaghetti Western guitar that launched a gazillion twangs... Here’s Booker T & The… hail the Greatest , Ennio Morricone . Truly great beyond great. A lifetime of soundtracks. #rip 💥 ✨🏆
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And that’s the truth, Ruth 🙏🏽
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powersthere is a Hell
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The best of Dexys 80s albums: Don’t Stand Me Down #TimsTwitterListeningParty next Friday 10pm. Featuring, Billy A…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersUnhappy 4th of July, colonizers, from all of us "merciless Indian savages".
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersCorrection: The land owner summons his ancestors (not merely a ‘man’)
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Look at these maskless dipshits at Trump's weird Mt. Rushmore 3rd of July mass suicide party.
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers @marcrileydj what on earth could it be? @Andr6wMale Thanks. an aside, but fact: I think I met you at the time because I was hanging out or on Mark Eitzel… @Andr6wMale My band from the 90's, Congo Norvell, used a Rhythm Ace on this song .. Warm Tonight only get my full digital @bandcamp discography for 75% OFF that's 22+ years... 77 releases for $123.25 ! pa…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersThanks @Bandcamp for waiving artist fees today! If you don’t have my latest solo single “Frankenstein” b/w “Peanut…
@divinehorsemen1 @AmyRigby Also at the end where Amy sings “we’re really fucked now because the president can’t read” truly prophetic . @NancySinatra @BlondieOfficial @chrissteinplays I saw you performing at The Bottom Line in NYC (great show) and Deb…
Play this song One more time .. The President Can’t Read by Amy Rigby @AmyRigby . the president CAN'T read.. can't thank you enough for listening to my cover of @bobdylan's beautiful song 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue', wh…
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Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersDaily delight: Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Say A Little Prayer @curthopkins No news but have not inquired! Let’s hope so !
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersYour horoscope for June 29th Aquarius :wear a mask Pisces wear a mask Aries, wear a mask Taurus, wear a mask Gemi…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersHey, guess what. Same sex marriage has been legal longer than the Confederate States of America was around. So, I g…
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers @suzannaregos All is well . Thanks! Same to you ..Happy Pride ! Queer Books from the shelf of my late great friend David Morrison . 🏳️‍🌈 #queer
Compulsory mask, brought in to combat the flu epidemic after the World War, 1918-1919 / Sam Hood Photo State Librar…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersMay I please get 2 friends to copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.…
Jeffrey Lee Pierce was an inspiration to his friends. He encouraged each of us to pursue roles that we continue tod…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersGay Pride! Here’s to once ubiquitous Sean DeLear peeping at an in-store show in LA Some years ago. We salute and… Birthday Jeffrey! 🎂 2 a ⭐️ #jeffreyleepierce #thegunclub Uncle Gustavo opened a chicken restaurant and because of Covid-19 he is about to lose all his assets. Could you…
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Breonna Taylor’s name is no longer trending and the police that murdered her are still free. If you see this please…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersGo DC ! #NoTaxationWithoutRepresentation the porch . By myself . In 108F weather. However texting friends #stayhome #tucson #WearAMask
Carlos Ingram Lopez should still be alive today. Resignations won’t bring him back or prevent the deaths of other p…
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers @cashmusic I used your tools and was a member for quite some time. Thank you , you really helped with my merch ! A job well done . Know thatIf you Don’t know who @Nath_Brudenell is and how he runs his venue look him up the Brudenell club is the Best venue…
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers#Pendejavirus outbreak in Florida
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersUm, yeah...and, just so you know, the recommendations to wear a face mask didn't come from your average Joe. They c…
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Alice Coltrane holding hands in Japan with her husband John.
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersPresident Super-Spreader Went To Arizona via @EvanHurst
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersTune in to @NTSlive at 7 PST tonight for a Cold Cave / @marklanegan DJ set. We’ll be playing some favorites as well…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersNo No NO! Look at this crazy white lady! Idiot! No moral compass. No brains. And while we are here… @jlfvrs @InTheRedRecords Than ye. There’s another @Wolfmanhattan Project album in the can. Keep an ear to the groun… was Essential: Sign the petition demanding #JusticeForBre @LMPD, @LouisvilleMayor @GovAndyBeshear
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers Mark Stewart & Jeffrey Lee Pierce (feat. Thurston Moore and Jim Sclavunos) - 'Shame And Pain'
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@jlfvrs I have no idea about what stores have our records .. maybe write to @InTheRedRecords and they’ll know more.. thanks for lookingYou can deposit a check and have the funds available in under 60 seconds with your phone so why is election voting…
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers @JonSavage1966 @ALANVEGAHQ so amazing .Happy Birthday Alan Vega. Would be 82 today. Really the best. We thank the universe you were born . 💥 @ALANVEGAHQ sign this petition: Justice for Breonna Taylor.
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How to empty seat
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers.@kidcongopowers has curated a @marklanegan playlist for 'The Vault.' Unlock the door and step inside.…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersBreonna Taylor’s name is no longer trending and the police that murdered her are still free. If you see this please…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersThis is NOT what is meant by inclusion: her image was hijacked (w/o pay- note), w/ no links to her causes or pertin…
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Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersPlucked!
Me and my awesome Dad . Miss ya much . All hail! Happy Father’s Day to all who function as fathers, regardless of… Petty Estate Demands Trump Stop Using His Song: He Wouldn't Want His Song Used For A "Hate Campaign" -…
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Only a movement can beat Mitch McConnell. We are the people he has ignored for decades. Black, Brown, and White Ke…
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powersracists in CA will really be like “tHiS iS aMeRicA sPeAk eNgLisH” but live in a place called Los Angeles or Palos V…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersTalented crew at @LATACO . Fan of @ErickGEEE @DrBeerButch and just discovered @el_tragon_de_LA work. Support them.…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersBuñuel movie: PAN from these youngsters jumping with joy with the love of Trump and Jesus in their hearts to a pile…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersBasquiat walking the Comme des Garçon SS87 show — I’ve already discussed how much equity Black talent has given to…
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Lydia Lunch vs Donald Trump via @DangerMindsBlog
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersKid Congo & Lux Interior (Rouen, 18 Juin 1981) #TheCramps
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersKim Weston performing "Lift Every Voice and Sing" at Wattstax in 1973.
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersStarting now, for the next 24 hours, Bandcamp will donate our share of sales to @NAACP_LDF. Here is a list of artis…
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Preview a previously unreleased track "Friday The 13th" from @Wolfmanhattan Project (Mick Collins, Bob Bert & Kid… Premiere of #WolfmanhattanProject's "Friday The 13th" from @alzassociation benefit "The Longest D…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersViva #Dreamers !
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers @3particles He touched that white lady's last gay nerve!The NYC vigil for Toyin just keeps growing. #ProtectBlackWomen
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersPortland last night. One of the cities that just won’t stop until real changes are made. #BlackLivesMatter
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That moment you realize you're a dumbass fake soldier right-wing militia moron. #abq #NM
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New Order, Moby, Anna Calvi, Algiers, Wolfmanhattan Project & more contribute songs to Alzheimer’s benefit…
Thank you, Aimee. We couldn’t have done this without you. Rest in power.
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers#YouGotGoodTaste, tonight's show feat. a pleiad of some of my favorite artists & bands among which @kidcongopowers,…
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersYES! Hurrah! @davegraney @ThatEricAlper Bad Like Jesse James by John Lee Hooker
New Yorkers turn up at @brooklynmuseum to stand up for #BlackTransLives! #BlackTransLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersRampage
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers @subject_eye @apaindoc @Anni61Hogan @littleannieb I’m going to listen to these !! Grand list!
@punktuation_mag @SkotArmstrong I made this!Last 6 artists I listened to: Sparks Nicole Atkins Atom Jim White and Marisa Anderson Eindsturzende Neubauten Secr… Paris #BlackLivesMatter protest today has to be seen to be believed.
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersHey @JonSavage1966 saw you RT'd my post. Just by coincidence, or not, we have been reading your book "Teenage: The… to water
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersFucking shitheads , of course on the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shootings. Fuck off already! and thousands silently marching from Judkins Park during an official #BlackLivesMatter #Seattle march. No…
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Thank you Bob - great interview, almost makes me hopeful... via @NYTimes
Retweeted by Kid Congo PowersTHREAD: The President of the United States said today that "domestic terrorists have taken over Seattle," the 18th…
Retweeted by Kid Congo Powers @TheresaKereakes We can see it but are in the city ... thanks for looking in on us.