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@geesiluvmac praying for my boy apollo 🙏
@letarchiecook happy bday my brudda
@notmillrr whats up man @slut4theresa @wocktris my tip sticky might be the worst text ever sent
@F33ILik3Dyin happy bday my boy
@slut4theresa ykb my brotha
@llunzerr tyler, but kanye’s will be really iconic i already know
@slut4theresa my boy @slut4theresa like 6 brah 😵‍💫
@BludOnTheLeaves ok i see why u dont like it, if anything i thought drake tried to sound like cudi a bit too much but cudi did well imo @TheTraeYoung tf @DavidDiller8 L uts goodyoooo im feelin this feature you killed it this week man 2/2 @KidCudi @jenova_fr im almost done w my first listen its good but donda better, clb def not bad tho @KidCudi my goat @BludOnTheLeaves still not on the track but i heard a lot of great things what did u not like ab it @ma1tai this beat is infectious wowdrizzy does not miss on his intro tracksSHANG CHI LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS THE ALBUM. MIDNIGHT WHEREVER U ARE. Love u 🌹🌹🌹
Retweeted by migo @Connor21__ travis and drake dont miss tho but sameCLB later heres my top 10 drizzy tuscan leather over my dead body nice for what feel no ways HYFR pound cake/pmm2 j…
this album was literally out for 2 days… @FUCKUTR0LL clown mentalitydonda would be perfect if god is was on there instead of tell the vision @FUCKUTR0LL me when i lieCudi not on remote!! HOW SWAY?!
Retweeted by migo @ThatSexyGuyDrew swap praise god with hurricane
@motmrager cudi on moon hit different bro @SkankToTheBank @Fourgoblin you know ball 🙏 @Fourgoblin tlop doesnt have carti @F33ILik3Dyin im not sure if i like the pt 2s more than the og ones tho @F33ILik3Dyin honestly all that matters is that theyre great @F33ILik3Dyin frnew layoutbest 3 track run? how can i forget moon @slut4theresa you know ball heaven and hell has a different energy fr @OscarVsTheWrldd notop 3 hurricane believe what i say jesus lord @BludOnTheLeaves well ig lauryn counts as a feature? or no @CEOofYEEZUS change that bio bro @slut4theresa LMAO I ACTUALLY HEARD IT ON JUNYA @saintjeffery whole album dudeBELIEVE WHAT I SAY (snippet)
Retweeted by migo @Fourgoblin i cant pick a favorite from this album but this is definitely up there @slut4theresa LITERALLY JUST GOT HERE TOO @SOURIsAn11 @slut4theresa holy fuck this is the perfect tweet to describe donda @DownBadLuLu ??? @BludOnTheLeaves it has to be believe what i say or hurricane @nazisoverparty happy birthday 🎉jesus lord @slut4theresa my boy 🙏 we makin it out the streets 🤯kanye dropped album of the decade twice in a row @TrilladeIph the keem one too @the_Davy_ @joodiwulf whats poppin still a hit @BludOnTheLeaves features, tracklist, everything so fucking stacked @ghostgang111 its top 5 so its closer to top 3 than it is to meh but not quite magnum opus @aIIypriv spotify moots 🔜!!! @WeHateLuca donda season my brotha @TrilladeIph indeed he does thats song bangs @aIIypriv @KingsSeeGhosts jack harlow ruined this ratio @slut4theresa 4 5 SUMMASLFG @Fourgoblin YESdonda wallpaper @RobTGF_ me when i lieHOVA AND YEEZY LIKE MOSES AND JESUS @RobTGF_ common wobGUESS WHOS GOING TO JAIL TONIGHT @slut4theresa julian my brotha !!!!
Still can’t wrap my head around Cudi being cut from Moon
Retweeted by migoif kanye can wear a mask this long y’all can wear one walking in the store for 10 mins
Retweeted by migo @slut4theresa who 😐MOOOOONno cudi :(THUGGERIF CUDI ISNT ON THIS IMA CRYi swear this song…I CANT BELIEVE IT HE PUT IT ONHOLY FUCK THE LAURYN HILL TRACKBANGAWON WITH THE BUCKS BOY LET ME GIANNIS4 5 SUMMERSJUNYA WATANABE ON MY WRI @bluntacion why the fuck is it still hereFUCK THIS POP SMOKE TRACK WHERE IS MY NOOSEso much better than last timeSHEESH KEEMthis has to be top 10 yeABEL MY BOYYY U ARE FLOATINGSEE THIS IN 3DWE OFF DA GRID @roof4L ?fr aint no way he just switched the greatest rapper of all time for a homophobic mf @JJBrewstrr im actually madimagine switching hov for dababy holy @ThatSexyGuyDrew why dababy i dont get itkill me lol wtf dababy