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katie price and tony bellow both on #SASWhoDaresWins will be some craic😂 @dandefc22 hahahahahahah no comment
i doubt it'll happen anytime soon but i can't wait until 6ix9ine is back on Instagram😂 @jhill497 girl refused to kick her dog out cus it would go nuts in the hall and the dog kept just staring at me while it sa… @LuuigiLM as the big fella says...oh yes, oh yes😂was peaking when this happened and its one of the highlights of my entire life @AvidMuzikFan thank you serge👊🏻
naaah mate all this is driving me insane @grailed @grailed HAIRCUT @MMAFighting
@SirJaysonWaller @MartinSLewis you must be fun at parties. 😘 @BatchelorCl Yeah mate i know. Been on twitter long enough to avoid folk like him. 👊🏻 @BatchelorCl @JonBenja @MartinSLewis i do computer science darling so english isnt my strongpoint 😘 @propermong madness isnt it mate😂honestly just sitting here thinking about how good the first rave after all this is over is gonna bealso, my sleeping pattern is fucked again
@NoContextHearn him about getting Khabib out while you're at something Cocksucker!
Retweeted by Kieran @MartyMcFadden_ @MartyMcFadden_ fank u @MartyMcFadden_ that a yes or no martintiger king worth the watch then?looking through videos from it now and fuck me😂 seen nina kraviz in some village outside of london, then was in E1…'t recommend doing 4 events in 28 hours😂this day last year i was in london for ben klock @ printworks and ended up near dying on a nightbus😂 @CTaylor_96 or maybe he seen that on the internet somewhere and re-uploaded it?🤷🏻‍♂️ @emskizz brilliant game, you're in for a treat👊🏻 @emskizz first time playing it?🤔
until we meet again.
Retweeted by Kieran😞 @Wrathul we'll get through this fell...stay strong💪🏻
miss that steel yard @ericprydz @Creamfields Day 12:
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@Round5R i normally eat decent enough but the chinese is closing sunday, so this is my last one for a while😂times are tough in west belfast travelling across your city on public transport to join a bunch of other DJs, club staff and friends to do a l…
Retweeted by Kieran @ukmele @DefectedRecords that firestarter poster is sick👊
This guy has just won the internet.
Retweeted by Kieran @MartyMcFadden_ should've just took a selfie
@johnmooressu Hi, who do i contact regarding an issue with a landlord?a pair of 18kg dumbells are going for £250 on ebay🙃 @kirsteenx26 thats a better word for it fella#Bloodborne #Bloodborne5thAnniversary #JAPANStudio
Retweeted by Kieranall seasons of the simpsons on disney plus, yeeeeesssss @CllrCalvin Hi, Calvin. Im a student that currently rents a house in wavertree and im just wondering who i would co… getting back into web development/design - but is there even a point due to websites such as wordpress/wix/square space?🙃Pornhub gives NYC coronavirus workers 50K masks — and free porn
Retweeted by KieranItalian mayor addresses his citizens about their irresponsible behavior (in a very Italian way). “Doing your hair?!…
Retweeted by KieranRegarding Cody Pfister, who filmed himself LICKING store products on the shelf
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been waiting for this since the whp videos 😍 @adambrown93 possibly folk on way to work? no way unemployed people would be out and about this time if they didn't have too.
At least we’re in a lockdown with a roof over our heads and food provided. Be grateful
Retweeted by Kierannaaah it'll look more like this rosie😂 me it feels like we’re in an episode of black mirrorThis isolation is making a lot of people realize: 1) They don't really have any hobbies 2) They don't really have…
Retweeted by Kieran @Maclifeofficial @RusHammerMMA if the goat says, then we stays @iamtomskinner what's your PSN name big smoke
americans are such weird species my life
2020 this day in 2006: the first tweet is sent.
Retweeted by Kierana new luttrell album came out last week and id no idea 😳
To all Prodigy warriors throughout the world , Look after yourselves and all your peoples around you , Hold it toge…
Retweeted by Kieranwhat is there to do during quarantine other than drugs and masturbating
Retweeted by Kieran @AidanTorbitt i cringed as soon as he fell throwing a leg kick and got his back took🤦🏻‍♂️ @mau5mom looks smaller than i remember.
My Quarantine Schedule
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Here it is, I bring you another fast, heavy & rolling Techno mix!🔉🚨 1 hour and a half of the purest 140+bpm!🎛 Any…
Retweeted by Kieran- @ericprydz // @Printworks_LDN
Retweeted by Kieran @agostinhozinga strong statement that mate😂Sky News understands that schools in Northern Ireland will close to pupils immediately and to staff from Friday amid the COVID-19 outbreak
Retweeted by Kieranlistening to boris johnson makes me wanna drink bleach‘The Simpsons’ never miss
Retweeted by Kieranwe all – and i cannot stress this enough – need this right now. possibly the greatest short film ever made.
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YESSSS Punk really said "Around the World" for 5 minutes and made it a banger
Retweeted by KieranMacron: “Not a single company will go bankrupt, we’ll pay for travel and accommodation for healthcare staff and uti…
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If you want to know how serious the #COVID19 pandemic is, Ireland is closing its pubs. To put that in perspective,…
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2020 @MMAFighting @guicruzzz is the mind-killer
Retweeted by Kieran @jhill497 no longer a tech snob, be growing a ponytail nextariana grande has some tunesdrive home vibes @dancingastro
“Are you actually Irish? I love an Irish accent, you don’t look Irish tho? So basically you’re from Belfast? Heard…
Retweeted by KieranThe whole of the UK panicking about Coronavirus. And then there’s Cheltenham...
Retweeted by KieranI’ve been practicing Social Distancing my whole life.. Just sayin.
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OK. Until this thing is over we’ve all got to be helpful, friendly and kind to each other, understood? Hatchets bur…
Retweeted by Kieran @MMAFighting @DamonMartin hes not even the best british fighter of the month @petetong @BBCSounds Bring back the @EssentiaIMix account plz lad, dont know who the fuck is making one these days @PaulWoolford @erinbest123 @PaulWoolford sync or no sync?🙃 @Aguuber hahah its easy fixed, just more than i thought!even worse is im heading home next week and all i do is eat goodfellas and drink harp :(