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time traveling. writing here does not represent any academic institution on earth. it represents deez ...

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@HumaneSavage We got us.Let me just stop to acknowledge what is happening right now: Elizabeth Warren is on point. She is prepared. She has…
Retweeted by KieseThe way Elizabeth Warren speaks about almost every issue - whether it be the environment, healthcare, income inequa…
Retweeted by Kiese @katiemorrison WowwwwwI need y’all to put misogyny aside and take a REAL look @ewarren!!! She is the REAL DEAL. #WokeAF #DemocraticDebate
Retweeted by Kiese @ElleWCarter Not nan @MrKenShell We know @aminawilson33 I love it @KieseLaymon Warren to Bloomberg
Retweeted by KieseMy God! Internet is undeefeeeeted. is officially Elizabeth Warren day. Im watching her obliterate ol boy on loop instead of going to work. Join me? @Angelica_Grace6 I love wasting my time the whole team been running sprints, 400s, miles, half marathons and you ain't ran nan lap but you think you c… shit that make your soul burn slow.
@BrianaGKidd Yes indeed. Soon thoThankful to be coming back to Duke and Durham. saved Penny and the show @RealSkipBayless How are you still using irrational LeBron takes to sustain your career as a reality sports tv star? @unsocialrick Thank you bruh. Strictly businessWhew. One of the best #1619Project conversations I’ve had. Honored to share the stage with @KieseLaymon
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Some days and weeks are so (eek) heavy that only a "Him downstairs" can make it better. So yeah, him downstairs. @lorimacdon @MSVU_Halifax Thank y'all.Boosie is the same man who said he wanted a grown woman to have sex with his fourteen-year-old son. I think DWade…
Retweeted by Kiese @alexanderchee I'm in Texas. Headed home late tonight @dreamingofpeace Definitely. My city is just in bad shape. @hardykendall Tell them I said hey. And I dare them to describe characters in even fresher ways. I know they can. @blgtylr @riverheadbooks @harpersbazaarus @oprahmagazine @ElectricLit @NPR @nprAudie @rgay @KieseLaymon
Retweeted by KieseWe need help. @MostlyMax @nhannahjones @wordscience @youngsinick @michaelharriot @oureric @theferocity @VerySmartBros
my job just announced "recently found" bones of a Native American person(s) were hoarded for yrs in a campus office…
Retweeted by Kiese @carondbyrd Goodness I hope @fletchgirls3 I'm not sure if it's public to tell you the truth. @Hungry4GoodBook I mean she's probably want to meet Roxane Gay, but I get what you're saying. @MauriceRuffin So so sweet bruh. @HBCUstorian @loripetty Why is this so funny? @loripetty @HBCUstorian I got nothing. This mask hiding lips that ain't adequately glistening either. So maybe that's a plus @teamgraduation What!? Thank you. You already know. @HBCUstorian I mean, I heard the go to move when making moves on sisters over 70 is to offer hand sanitizer. But minessss gone. @_Hotpeeznbutta I know. I would like to apologize to all real niggas worldwide for my complete lack of game. @bichminhnguyen Nope. Like 8 folks with her @oozannesay Chile im trying to get some pies. @DrProfBlackLady You know I stay trying to innovate, cuzzo. Remember the origin.What are some good books about U.S. shipping and maritime economy in the 19th century (through the Civil War)? Thanks!!
Retweeted by Kiese @rlnave @michaelbolden @nhannahjones @Stanford She had a hmmm interesting experience in Holly SpringsIn Stefani Saintonge’s “Seventh Grade,” Patrice is stuck at curiosities about adolescence while her peer group seem…
Retweeted by KieseDwyane Wade calculating the score he needed to give Aaron Gordon to make sure Derrick Jones Jr. won
Retweeted by KieseWhat Aaron Gordon would’ve had to do to win the dunk contest #ATTSlamDunk
Retweeted by Kiese @TimoCTB stop lying2 🏆 should have been rewarded tonight that’s for damn sure!! Keep it a buck y’all. 🤦🏾‍♂️!! Them boys both put on a…
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@_JaBreeHarris Cuzzo this so kind.I’m excited & so nervous to have one of the most personal essays out in the world today @SycamoreReview! Here’s the…
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2020 2020 Longleaf Writers Conference will be May 9-16! Workshop spots available along with seminars, readings, soc…
Retweeted by KieseOne of those Thursday night in the Global South. DJ Summits Vol 2.
Retweeted by KieseOut of Prison but Still Not Free @StaceyJSpiehler Me too. Jackson and Oxford neighbors. @StaceyJSpiehler Thanks Stacey! We could've talked forever.
So many of y’all will just never be able to fully comprehend what the queer people in your life have done to make o…
Retweeted by KieseEleven minutes: A call from Kobe Bryant
@nhannahjones what!? I felt like a lil n word made I couldn't take out my phone and take notes. the patriot part, a… @janinezacharia @Stanford @nytimes @nhannahjones @michaelbolden Thank for dinner and the event.The 2020 Longleaf Writers Conference will be May 9-16! Workshop spots available along with seminars, readings, soc…
Retweeted by Kiese @dradambanks @nhannahjones Fam.Brilliant, brilliant discussion this evening 🔥✨@nhannahjones in conversation with @KieseLaymon
Retweeted by KieseSan Antonians, Mark your calendars! Author Kiese Laymon will be reading at Trinity next Tues (Feb 18) 8PM,
Retweeted by Kiese @nhannahjones is a kind of brilliant I just ... we lucky. We are so fucking lucky she loves us. How is every word o… @DrSubini @nhannahjones Ahhhhh. You were there? Thank you! @rlnave @michaelbolden @nhannahjones @Stanford You know what! I bet we can do that
@keldotjay Thank you!"It made me want to read, write, eat and wail." -Kiese Laymon Read Jasmine Settles' toothsome and complex story, "…
Retweeted by KieseUhm. I was profiled in the New York Times about my novel, Real Life, and also about my real life.
Retweeted by Kieseregina king isn't even nominated for anything and yet, she won
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@donovanxramsey Every fucking word. @LizWaynePhD @TheRitaPhD I so so feel this. @LizWaynePhD @TheRitaPhD writing about this right now. so so true. @flannelcactus @itmemel @Jouelzy yupI still cant believe they let Eddie say this on TV
Retweeted by Kiese @findtaraedwards UnderstoodRush Limbaugh's most infamous act was calling a young grad student a slut for testifying in favor of contraceptive…
Retweeted by Kiese @lisabeej Because I don't want to shame our people, it's like this but ... @lisabeej One second.
Survival Math. Please please do the math y'all. @rgay Can we please know the answer to this question. Niggas' hair just be sitting on heads like a book almost. @theferocity I listened this week too. I was like my fam is so fucking beautiful and brilliant. And an ol thespian… @blgtylr They just stare. I love you fam. @blgtylr Literally the blackest region in the country. @TheFakeJSands Cuzzo, you already knowAnyone who talks of throwing away Mississippi and the deep South because of what the worst of white folks have done… out to all the #GirlDads from last week who are now trying to justify calling Gayle King a “funky dog face b****.” I see you.
Retweeted by KieseHere are some stops I'll be doing over the next couple months to talk about my new book with @jppbooks. It would be…
Retweeted by Kiese @erykajackson1 Thank youyou can pinpoint the exact moment @ADBPhotoInc took that incredible photo of lebron
Retweeted by Kiese @AFROAMPHD It really can't. @DhalgrenHogg87 Chile ...
We Make Homes by megan stielstra in @gaythemagazine King doesn’t deserve your anger faculty and students at University of North Alabama in English and Black Studies had me breathless with their b…
Genius writes feature on genius who creates genius who ... @danez_smif New Book, ‘Homie,’ Holds Us, a review by @kylegpsn. @graywolfpress @beotiscreative
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