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time traveling. writing here does not represent any academic institution on earth. it represents deez ...

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@FirstTake @stephenasmith Just apologize and/or take your Black history and jurisprudence lessons from Max "like a man." @KieseLaymon @Basseyworld If you're new to @4nbodies or just simply curious: We're a mental health and well-being n…
Retweeted by Kiese"We will not think or talk about mental health or normalcy the same after reading this momentous art object moonlig…
Retweeted by KieseI heard this live and thought it was my dog. It was not. Turn your sound up. No, really. #hardball
Retweeted by Kiese @edpavlic Thank you. @row_ie_argument Elbow. @thenellyjay That makes me feel so thankful. We working.
BBC News - US says Israeli settlements are no longer illegal’s the Waiver Colin Kaepernick Was Asked to Sign to Get Back on the NFL’s Plantation via @TheRootGalleys are here! Coming in April from @penguinusa & @orbooks with pieces by @MargaretAtwood @legroff
Retweeted by Kiese @Wrldacrdng2Teef This a short story.Again, Max Kellerman holds us down more than the black men on ESPN. Shit is sickening. #FirstTake
Retweeted by KieseWhen the culture has to rely on Max Kellerman to say the right thing because its own is unwilling/unable too.…
Retweeted by Kiese @Wrldacrdng2Teef This too funny. And beautiful. @Wrldacrdng2Teef Did your teammate make the layup @Wrldacrdng2Teef Ahhhhh @beoliu That partHe should have said, “I was racist. I was classist. The policies were racist and classist. I encouraged my police f…
Retweeted by Kiese the illest pass I've ever seen. Tried it hundreds of times and it never worked for me. @stephenasmith fam, just stop. seriously. stop. what is wrong with you? you are doing the NFL's ass shady work for…"I think we stop minorities too little." -- Michael Bloomberg. ain't shit if you ain't doing this right now in your living room watching Morris Day #SoulTrainAwards
Retweeted by Kiese @juliaamccurdy thank you, for real. @alexislsmith @gbthreezy I was shocked how dope and progressive Reno was when I was there for work a few months ago.
Sunday edition of Commercial Law 101: If you’re Colin Kaepernick, under no circumstances do you sign this Release,…
Retweeted by Kiese @stephenasmith @E_Reid35 Stephen A. Fetchit, please please stop.Years ago I wrote an article about how Barack Obama articulated a critique of Black politics and the call for Black…
Retweeted by Kiese"Poetry offers a space for voices that are not always amplified by the powerful.” We look forward to publishing 2…
Retweeted by Kiesebig ups to @MSTODAYnews for running this @reveal investigation bright and early. it's already reached so many Missi…
Retweeted by KieseNow playing on @Netflix from your friends at @ARRAYNow. Thanks for talking with Phillip, @sonaiyak!
Retweeted by Kiese“Ball’s in their court. We’re ready to go.” - @Kaepernick7 being a whole grown black man with no fear and no foolis…
Retweeted by Kiese @aminawilson33 Chile @KieseLaymon My Brother’s Keeper was my tipping point. He was more concerned about changing boys like Trayvon, than…
Retweeted by Kiese @writer_heathen We really did. And im sad and thankful for that.
Nick Saban makes 4M this year, Tua Tagovailoa works for free and his draft stock goes down.
Retweeted by Kiese @TheKostos Bruh, he won't have a choice. Look at that hit. Look at Bo Jackson's injury. Fuck Saban. @theferocity They fearless or crazy? Or BofA. @theferocity Yooooooo. @ashedryden I love so many pieces in that book. Thanks for reading it, Ashe!Ja.
@dstfelix Yes indeed. I think we now own marinate and prerogative too.Gorgeous film. Painful & poignant. Mining the tension between Martin & Malcolm. A deeply thoughtful Meditation on B…
Retweeted by KieseMy chapbook, ''REVOLUTION OF THE SCAVENGERS,'' will be published May 5, 2020 as part of the New-Generation African…
Retweeted by Kiese @LRiddickESPN Can't you say that about every play in the NFL?Mason Rudolph trying like hell to get Myles Garrett’s helmet off his head
Retweeted by Kiese @SolilquyofSoul Whew for real!Being careful w/ my words b/c this is a touchy subject. I’m speaking only to Black ppl here as usual As a Black th…
Retweeted by Kiese @SolilquyofSoul Thank you for listening when you could be doing anything else!
The first vlogger, a pioneer.
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I keep thinking, I wish Lorraine Hansberry had had a love like Robyn Crawford to tell her story.
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It’s so interesting how many poets who started in or moved thru slam are formalist now. We talk about slam like it’…
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@FaylitaHicks Your book is that fire.Medgar Evers was, among other things, a Black veteran. Medgar Evers was murdered by a white veteran in his driveway… Garner died just a few short years after her father’s tragic death. Atatiana Jefferson’s father died one mont…
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2019 to the white supremacist group that visited our marker to 14 year-old, Emmett Till. Because of you: we raise…
Retweeted by Kiese“Bama making the playoffs after losing to LSU?” Nick Saban:
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Texas prepares to execute Rodney Reed amid a flood of new evidence pointing to his innocence by @chronic_jordan
Retweeted by KieseThis week in GAY Magazine, Kelly Dawson writes about the added costs of making a largely inaccessible world more ac…
Retweeted by Kiese @loripetty Not in the castle chileI hate guns. Can we kill them all?Holy lord, the pushback I’ve been getting for my Bloomberg tweets is wild. Imagine being a billionaire apologist.…
Retweeted by Kiese @lostinmylocs They were so kind'David Makes Man' Writer Breaks Down Season 1's Final Scene And Much More #shadowAndAct
@ItsDrLittle You do not play. This means so much coming from youEvery word.'all. Y'all!?, I'm so so thankful. @carolinergreene @dgmcdowell @alexislsmith @hardykendall @ellenjfoster @SamiSaysRead @KieseLaymon @laudie_dah_
Retweeted by Kiese @jamiattenberg I love you and I wish we read together!
First time any book has been #1. It feels pretty sweet. More patience. More persistence. And I’m grateful for this…
Retweeted by KieseIf Ms. Fat Booty was called literally anything else, it would be on top ten hip hop lists AND taught in schools. Th…
Retweeted by Kiese @Basseyworld @tamisawyer Me too. I taught this song for years. Still wondering about Charisse.Big structural change can’t wait.
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How Do You Reclaim a Massacre? by Dr. Cynthia R. Greenlee
@KieseLaymon with the word! #abolitionistteacher
Retweeted by Kiese @wtc465 Me too. And then I'm putting my foot all up in his second worse ass. @parisreview Spitting more hot fire than Dylan, Dylan, Dylan @_rimabasu Y'all were amazing. I'm thankful for your patience tonight @jonievulcano Nah. I bombed. @Ivyleaguephoto @aimeenez @MississippiMFA Tim this a classic
I want to officially apologize for ALL Lamar Jackson slander I have spewed over the last year and some change. He i…
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Last night was the Closing Night of a gorgeous six week film series curated by our own MercedesCooper at @ARRAYNow.…
Retweeted by Kiese @EmmeTillcenter Here's our story in @jxnfreepress on the white supremacists who the @EmmeTillcenter caught maki…
Retweeted by Kiese @thrasherxy Uhhhh
@tressiemcphd have mercyI find it moving that even a writer as successful as the King can be dejected by a bad review. Remember that when…
Retweeted by KieseFRANK OCEAN - IN MY ROOM
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Retweeted by Kiese @MarcosSGonsalez Y'all caring about it is the greatest gift ever. @MarcosSGonsalez I believeHere is the sweetest piece @NOLAnews from the inimitable Susan Larson on me & @MWilkers13, our friendship, our book…
Retweeted by Kiese @GrandmaCheesy77 He read that!
@Dr_B_Pearl I'm really thankful you came out. @lebron_chris @TheAtlantic Fam you launched that book. Period. I know it. And I'm so so thankful for that loving ri… we need a break after this book or do y’all want to hop into another one?! If yes, then what should we read next? #Ekpesbookclub
Retweeted by Kiese @kat_kniss Thanks for coming..@barry no longer works at Deadspin and that means I no longer work at Deadspin. Bye!
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