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Why is Jiji screaming? He wants to sit under the heated blanket on my lap and also slap gandalf but I blocked him… @hibbary Pandora is many of us
Couch is gremlin approved have to say, though, the delivery guy telling me how he doesn't normally like cats as he giggled at Jiji jumping… @Blackwolfrost The sphynxes and Jiji could die of exposure so we are VERY strict about doorsGandalf and Jiji are smart enough to figure the zipper out in an emergency but kinda like the tent so they've never… Pandora is incredibly smart but also super fragile emotionally so she is a piece of work. I guess she isn't… time she got out was about 8 years ago and I had the door wide open and she was screaming and leaping face fir… am very pro indoor cats ONLY, but Pandora is a case where I know she'd be the type of cat to be okay if she got o…, being an extremely feral rescue, is extremely touch adverse and only likes being handled when she is very… instead of running for the open door she hid under the bed. The sphynxes and Jiji were VERY EXCITED to… locked up all 4 cats together to get a couch delivery. While it was being installed and my front door is WIDE OP… @CatsSurname Hopefully post covid we could have you meet!! My brother wound up moving in so I needed the space for him anywayI buy my shirts a size larger for this reason than I like offering to help, I WON'T offer advice that can hurt you if it's wrong. I see a lot of incorrect l…'ve had many people reach out asking for advice on production or plush or business. So some in general advice fo… Friday sale on my 100+ patterns and tutorials starts tomorrow 👀. I only run 2 sales a year so get ready
Retweeted by Kikidoodle & Purrmaids @visdevandbonsai @e1n That's what I feel, too, but it makes it no less acceptable of an email. The best I would do… @e1n My whiplash between wanting to help the person and hating then was very aggressiveNEW PURRMAIDS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! Purrmaids . com Includes ALL the plush launched during Sphynxalotl and Frie…
Retweeted by Kikidoodle & Purrmaids @jessiejuwono I’m teaching a character design class online y’all should sign up.
Retweeted by Kikidoodle & Purrmaids @Mighterbump I wanted to doodle that but I was too lazy to @Paperiapina OH HECK THIS IS SO CUTE!I may or may not be emotionally invested in this kickstarter.. Anyway! It's another one of the Purrmaid plushies I…
Retweeted by Kikidoodle & PurrmaidsHymmmm 7 tabs eh? Pictured: somewhat closer to the actual number of books I'd need out to represent my tabs @wolfinsheeps I want someone who is pettier than me with more free time to create memes of popular 80s shows deridi… @wolfinsheeps Shit's gonna come full circle as soon as someone calls anime art "calarts style" @Helikhana This siren call has caused me to eat Lunchibles, RESIST @TiffanyTurrill I feel like somewhere deep, deep inside Ready Player One there might be a good story about how the… REVEAL! 123 CATS by @lesleanewman , illustrated by ME! This is 1 of 2 #boardbooks coming out May 2021 by…
Retweeted by Kikidoodle & Purrmaids @TiffanyTurrill Ready Player One makes the writing on Big Bang Theory look like it's for geniuses.I'm curious if the Molten Toygershark will sell out as fast or faster than the Dimensional Toygershark despite ther… @NazFX_Studios I have this happen to me a lot and it's PAIN @CatsSurname yesss @oheysteenz We had pogs, they can have poggers @KurosixxTalks I highly recommend it! You walk around doing quests and collecting items and building a happy ship w… @KwillerQween As long as you let me know before I ship out packages I can add it!! @SylverTears Not yet, but my Purrmaids coloring book DOES have the Searval lion, a wilder Purrmaid who uses kelp in… @NoHairsNoCares Huh! That's a great idea and pretty easy. I can just clean up the lineart a bit and have a naked, f… @nimasprout THEY MUST BE PROTECTEDAnd because it felt like it deserved its own category, a Japanese Bobtail Betta enamel pin is also up for grabs! Wh… a TON OF NEW PINS! Limited variants of Toygersharks PLUS a brand new Purribbon Eel which was another sponsored… ran out of characters, BUT Bengal-leopard shark is of course inspired by leopard sharks! Leopard sharks are small… debut Tawny Bengal-Leopard Shark and Rust Domestic Toygershark Tawny: Rust:…'s a Purrmaid launch without NEW BABIES?! The baby Sphynxalotls have extremely fluffy gills but have yet to gr… Primordial Sphynxalotl is a bit more in touch with it's primordial self. An extra spe… Sphynxalotl was the debut Purrmaid when I ran the Kickstarter! They are a sphynx-axoltol mix and the FIRST amph… The Cosplay Guppkitty is a limited edition Baby Purr who loves Toygersharks! They want to… Mist Toygershark is another limited edition Toygershark variant and heavily inspired by snow leopards. They wer… squishy plush keychains are also coming out! Sphynxalotl: Toygershark:… if it was already hard enough matching specific gray tones, it was even HARDER to match very subtle LIGHT tones… The Charcoal Bengal-Leopard Shark, on the other hand, is inspired by a melanistic bengal c… The Snow Bengal-Leopard Shark is, non surprisingly, inspired by snow leopards, but is also… Baby Purrferfish was a backer sponsored plush based on their very ferocious kitty! Baby… Betta was also incredibly difficult to photograph. There's all of the details of sheer fabric, the fluffy b… Japanese Bobtail Betta was years in the making! I wanted to highlight this amazing breed an…'s start with Molten Toygershark! Molten Toygershark is the first Purrmaid to have glow…! It took me 12 hours to be able to function again (Don't stay up till 7 AM troubleshooting after 30) BUT LET'S… so I don't know WHY but if you're trying to pre-order Purrmaids AND add currently available plush to your orde… @oheysteenz Maybe shes LOOKING for her Newt? 🤔 @anne_d13 One of my original purrmaids concepts I let people vote on was a Narwhalsian 👀 @korybing I see flights leaning. What dumb countries are even accepting American travelers?"The Thing," a movie about a group of people who don't even really like each other stuck together in a single, snow…
Retweeted by Kikidoodle & PurrmaidsIf I stay up past 4am I am broken for a whole day afterwards, so here I am with my team of enablers 😎
@ELIOLIart Your work just transports me to a new and amazing world every single time!!!I don't have any ref sheets of my OCs, but I made a quick one for my sphynx cat Piggy so I could commission artwork… today after pulling a few all nighters to get those pre orders up @KingSabear Fell free! @KurosixxTalks Lots but Spiritfarer was the first game that got me to cry for multiple days in a row @auntkittycorner Kickstarter backers get their plush first @the_dragon_mama It took me FOREVER to get good photos of it because there are just SO many important angles to cap… @ErrantDreams @LaurenWalshArt @MyrDraws @riinksu I plan to leave them open, but I can only sell a certain amount of the limited edition items before I clos…'s a LOT! I even combined the 17 new pins into 5 listings so it didn't take a million… PURRMAIDS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! Purrmaids . com Includes ALL the plush launched during Sphynxalotl and Frie… @AzureBlueSky1 @jimhigdon @RexChapman It lists the subspecies: Yellowstone moose: 230 to 3… at this amazing gift from @MyrDraws! It’s a commission of my sweet Mishka by @KikiDoodleTweet. Thank you so mu…
Retweeted by Kikidoodle & Purrmaids @LaurenWalshArt @MyrDraws 🥰I'm so glad you love!!! @WickedSairahArt I feel like Amelia is just DARING me from HERE to sit on her stool. @Bigjohn921 It brings me joy every time!John is one of my favorite people on this bird site for the simple act of commenting "Sweet baby💚" on all of my cat… @stolenswingset @Twofishie @korybing @amandagaffeaday I think the answer to that would depend on what circles the p… @Bigjohn921 Y E S!!!! @stolenswingset @Twofishie @korybing @amandagaffeaday Oh I actually really like that film! The first is extremely S… @stolenswingset @Twofishie @korybing @amandagaffeaday I would argue they're less culturally relevant now. Spiderman… @jimhigdon @RexChapman I only recently learned that the Yellowstone subspecies of moose is the SMALLEST by a large… @amandagaffeaday This got me looking up lists of "Must see!" or "Culturally important" films and uh, the age of the… @korybing @amandagaffeaday I saw Goonies as an an adult and probably love it mostly for how much I know kid me woul… @korybing @amandagaffeaday There are SO many things that get randomly referenced by other things. Gosh like that n… @amandagaffeaday @korybing hahaa, yeah do yourself a favor and watch summaries of half of the films if you don't fi… @amandagaffeaday I will specify that all of 2001: A Space Odyssey is very important to science fiction but if you j… @korybing @amandagaffeaday I am entirely making this based on "Have I seen it referenced a lot" vs "I recommend thi… @amandagaffeaday My partner grew up in rural arctic circle sooo we've been slowly filling in the gaps. There are a… @amandagaffeaday Star Wars original trilogy, Aliens (specifically this one, but Alien is good, too), Ghost Busters,… should specify it's not JUST them on the tote bin, I have to have my legs on it with them between my legs and a p… wanted to kick my legs up a few months ago so I put a tote bin under my desk and covered it with blankets and now… @ShadowstarYAOI Ready to harvest!Stay in bed Sundays