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Professional artist & creator of Purrmaids!! Email: (she/her)I post lots of cat pic

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@mcjamie I assumed it was a bug but my worry was that after fixing the bug I'd be left in forever Facebook jail @jam_etc Facebook is incredibly confident in it's longevity considering not a single Gen Z uses it @blizzardfox It super did 😹I AM FREE FROM MY 2 MILLION YEARS DUNGEON! thank you everyone who helped me get emails. I'm not sure if the bug au… @Raleda1 Yeah but there's a difference between "I'm doing these minor chores at a good time" and "I have a deadline… @CageyRatfish SHE IS @90sCat They're very different! @WickedSairahArt That will be CUTE
@tugrik Wooo! I recently refilled mine with raw meats for the cats! @Cat_Cosplay @stormrevoIution As a note I think you can access page support manually. Just type it in and if it's legit it can't redirect @Cat_Cosplay @stormrevoIution I always triple check the sender then open in a private window to see if it redirects… wants to hang out with Grunkle Jiji 🥺💕🐾 Jiji's twin brother Eli used to spend a lot of time cuddling her,…
Retweeted by Kikidoodle & Purrmaids @WickedSairahArt Oooh what color 😻 @fabianHarrychuk @carissadraws My account isn't lost it just has a block on it @mmdaviesostrom Yeah I just was in the habit of eating later if I want hungry and realized it was rolling the dice… @rozlovesfood Always better to have extra!! @mmdaviesostrom The bed flinging one is GREAT 😹 @DulceMeowed @NoraMunro No toilet paper is safe in this household. @captain_narava She was a bit nervous that she couldn't make the jump and wanted me to be around just in case 😹💕 @mmdaviesostrom I hope it helps!! Words of wisdom: plan meals around your doses because a suppressed appetite is a… @jam_etc @DarlesChickens_ @Jess_inthewild I made an outdoor catio out of a dog kennel and some mesh. It can be very… @mmdaviesostrom I've been taking screenshots of Very Crex Behaviors to show people who are interested in future kittens 😹 @MangouDraws I think it could but it's great uncle and taken from Gravity Falls. Jiji will surely teach the kitten crimeHahaha ADHD brain. But add a cat. @mmdaviesostrom Oh no it's ADHD brain! @DarlesChickens_ @Jess_inthewild Me side eyeing people typing "I would be so SAD to be stuck inside" on their phone…😂😂 My 3 indoor cats and my 4,871,003 outdoor blue jays appreciate this
Retweeted by Kikidoodle & PurrmaidsSekhmet wants to hang out with Grunkle Jiji 🥺💕🐾 Jiji's twin brother Eli used to spend a lot of time cuddling her,… @Boingloins Honestly the most important thing is taking her in as soon as you noted the problem. Lots of healing vi… @Boingloins I'm so sorry. I'm sending tons of love and well wishes your way 💕🐾I heard a lot of tiny cries and found the kitten had made a mistake. Don't worry, after I finally helped her get d… @mmdaviesostrom Your kitties aren't giant so it's a good size for them! Jiji is probably max weight at 9 pounds. Un… @mmdaviesostrom @mmdaviesostrom That one is actually really nice! It's called Kitty City and is modular so you can put parts togeth… @mmdaviesostrom Yesss! I went to one of those ONCE and was in heaven. The little kitten fortress I made her has sim… @mmdaviesostrom They may tighten as she keeps growing but wide tight curls are super plush 🐾💕 @NoraMunro I have lost many a pepperoni @mmdaviesostrom That sounds amazing!! It's funny because my breeder doesn't have many toys but has a very fun house… @mmdaviesostrom We will see how long these last 😹 @mmdaviesostrom Maybe it's the aggressive play then. My house is a wonderland of cat toys 🤗 @CouchCrusader_ Technically Grunkle! Her grandma is his sister @NoraMunro They're also inquisitive, curious, daring and athletic so get used to a lot of crimes! @mmdaviesostrom All of my mentor's crex have whiskers. Jiji's fell out and don't really grow back even when he has… @mmdaviesostrom Muscle needs to be fed and the energy crex have plus the lack of fur means even more food. I feel l… @mmdaviesostrom I've found you can't really follow a manual for crex or sphynx. By the manual all of my cats are he… at these CURLS THOUGH!! 😻 She's STUNNING! guess the novelty wore off. I let her out of the bedroom and everyone is just chill as if a kitten has always liv… @mmdaviesostrom She's eating MORE than the adults right now @NoraMunro That's how they do! I just happened to choose breeds that eat more than an average cat on top of the kitten hunger!She ate with the other kitties and I had to hold her back as she went nuts trying to steal their raw, licking every… kitten is VORACIOUSHey! Anyone interested in coming up with a super-weird 5e/DCC/agnostic creature or character for the Cryptid Issue…
Retweeted by Kikidoodle & Purrmaids @RowanRowden My favorite coffee here is located near cannon beach and I just order more when I run low so I am no h… @bmoriyam It's part of the joke @mrdavidpacker @wisploid @Facebook Yours is in the PAST however. @alisonnichole15 @DanaStorms Several people reported it. Bug gone wild but ugghhh hope they fix all the accounts affected @craftyhedonist This area gets a lot of shade buuuut I was thinking about it and recently we had tree trimmers prun… @Ahkahna Also Milwaukie just a hint south of Portland proper. If you're headed out this way please shout out! I'm s… @Liberty_DW Oops my math was bad. Okay it's a tiny bit longer than expected. @ArminReindl This is art @klcg77 @wisploid @Facebook Also a multi thousand year ban? @ChelliosCoyote Yeah... I'll make a new account if things are BROKEN FOREVER. I figure the one thing going for me i… @ChelliosCoyote YUP that's why I'm throwing feelers out for people to look into it. If it was an incorrect temporar… @ChelliosCoyote Thank you. I'll just keep poking periodically until something happens. @LilBeastWorld I thought I found it and then it said it no longer is in use so 😭😅 @ChelliosCoyote Thannkk yooouuuuu @DeeplyDapper some emails for you too @Zara_Sabercat Oh nooo. Thankfully I have a couple people who may be able to make sure a ticket is seen by a real human? At least I hope so! @DeeplyDapper oh nooo! I hope it's resolved. I've reached out to a couple people who hopefully can have a real human look at this. @Rattlesire It aggravates me. I know WHY they want to make it insanely hard to contact a real human, but it is also… @Elliofox Thank you! I just sent you a DM so I can shoot a message if it's not resolved. @wisploid Yeah I had an accidentally flagged post in 2019 for gun violence or something that was easily resolved. I… @wisploid The problem has been finding anywhere to file an appeal. When I went to the link that I thought was filin… @Facebook Can you tell me why I received a 200,000 year ban for talking about catfood and/or maybe posting a pictur… @Medoria Yeah probably. I can't seem to find a help email so if you still have the one you used saved somewhere I'd… @Medoria Thank you! I'll try BOTH of these. @MissGloop I've had that happen a lot, but the issue is HOW To message Facebook. There's not really a way to message them I can find. @jonathanvair I'm trying to see what could even BE an adult word. Wet? But yeah this is stressfuuullll. Pretty cert… a lot of people are kinda "LOL THIS IS FUNNY Facebook DUM" but it's LESS funny because I use those groups for… mean this is almost certainly a coding error mixed with flawed AI but Facebook is notorious for not giving a sing… anyone know how to get in touch with a REAL human at Facebook? I was banned from groups for 200,000 years for… @90sCat Same I was just at one in our trip because it was too late for other stores to be youth @DutchDogStudio RIGHT! Gandalf finally gets to be the large woman @KariDru Thank you! It is a pretty floor 🥰 @90sCat It was at WalMart for like $2 so it's probably widely accessible!Piggy has realized the kitten just runs REALLY FAST in random directions and that's actually more fun than scary. does not wish to share the Friendship Frog 😹 @rozlovesfood I'll be keeping her locked into the bedroom part of the house when not supervised 💕🐾
The truce is rocky but it holds for now ... put her under a blanket so we could watch an episode of something (since I couldn't watch her) and Piggy came ove… discovered the bay window. I doubt she'll allow me to keep her in the kitten room by herself anymore 😹💕🐾 @jam_etc It has AMAZING cedar woodwork all throughout the main area. Honestly I have no clue how I managed to be lucky enough to snag it 🥰 @Storyorioreo He aggressively defines his namesake @SunGryphon At least. 😹I'm letting Sekhmet wander (supervised) as long as all the cats are being friendly. Piggy finds her less scary wh… @RipleyLacross Sekhmet's POV @Patchy_art They're all so silly!Oh good, Pandora walked over so I finally got a photo of the size difference 😹 Jiji is the tallest, but Pandora is… has acted as if the kitten does not exist, and things will remain neutral as long as the kitten ALSO acts as if she doesn't exist.Honestly the other cats reactions have been as follows: Jiji: I kinda like you/kinda scared of you Piggy: *BIG BOY… I only allow new kittens into a room or two at a time and slowly introduce them to a larger part of the hou…