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Director & storyboard artist / Currently directing on CENTAURWORLD at Netflix / Previously, SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER

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support striking workers at amazon and instacart and DONT CROSS THE PICKET LINE!! they’re putting their lives at ri…
Retweeted by Kiki ManriqueWhole Foods employees want: - hazard pay of double the current hourly wage -paid leave for all workers who stay…
Retweeted by Kiki ManriqueFirst Instacart, then Amazon, now Whole Foods: workers are withholding their labor& demanding dignity. When people…
Retweeted by Kiki Manrique @meowcelot LOL THAT PAUSE
@sketchshark so cute!! that's a beautiful cheese board 😍 @Gingerhazing @Dihuh I'm gonna make a feast for all my friends after all this 😭
@MollyOstertag @SanteDOr I whispered "wow" to myself @breanimator a huge thank you to your mom <3 @_datto @hiamymai thank you..... @hiamymai i want....
@evantickles i love it @brinsonmarie he's a legend!!! @jessiewongg long live mr sherman 😭Every afternoon the mail comes 📬 @evantickles oooo what kind? tell us moreTHE BEST NEWS I'VE HEARD IN WEEKS HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR SHERMAN, I LOVE YOU @gostephgo @alexmchiu so wise....that's why alex is the director now.... @DafnaDOOM i was about to say, that's your whole brand right there @Jpolgar1 hell yeah jeremy!! @Jen_Benben sister michael is my hero @Jen_Benben my favorite disaster girls @jessiewongg Jessie!!! *feeds u* @akimillustrates saaaaame ;__; it's been such good camping weather lately too. i miss it!! @akimillustrates i look forward to the day this is all over and we can make nice meals for each other on a camping trip :') @absoliutely thank you Christine!! 😭 @gabs820 Gabby!! 😭 I can't wait to cook for friends again ;__;My hands actually went up in the air like I was spectating some kind of sport
Retweeted by Kiki Manrique @MattJamisonP it's roasted sweet potatoes with chickpeas and yogurt! I used this recipe:'m so sorry if you came here for art, I only make delicious food now
Preparing for a big campaign
Retweeted by Kiki Manrique @alexmchiu awwww!! I wanna join next time! @Jen_Benben @Gingerhazing following up on that, I would like to add, too baby @xabecv ah of course! enjoy :3I've been thinking a lot about this one too. If you haven't read it already, Carmen Maria Machado's book of short s… @Gingerhazing omg I'm honored :') by the time we come out of this quarantine I'm gonna be at catra level floof @Gingerhazing I wanna wear all of these
@Dihuh i'll make JL wave thru the window @Dihuh i look forward to our social distance dumpling trade
leaving the house for a walk
Retweeted by Kiki Manrique @quinnecl so gorgeous, Quinne! the characters are very relatable too :')It’s not OK to knowingly permit millions of preventable deaths just because you don’t want to make billionaires pay…
Retweeted by Kiki ManriqueHi all, I just spent my entire weekend trying to help get 30, 40, 50 year old #LittleTokyo small businesses online.…
Retweeted by Kiki Manrique @killlertune you're always hitting the nail on the head with these threads, Jasmine! truly so wise 😭
My mom has lupus, very luckily in remission right now. STOP HOARDING DRUGS PEOPLE WITH AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES NEED TO…
Retweeted by Kiki Manrique @_itsjackielee @sketchshark Jackie, you continue to be the most chaotic person i know
My favorite part of the day now is "alley time", when I walk up and down the alley by my house. It's a very good alleyspringtime in the alley never had "low-skilled" workers, just essential workers paid low wages. The grocery store cashier - essen…
Retweeted by Kiki Manrique
@Dihuh feeds u @Giancarlo_Volpe I want to make food for friends more when this is all over!! @Gingerhazing 😭💖 @Saturn_Police it's toasted garlic! super easy to make - few tablespoons oil in a small pan or pot, add some sliced… @MsShaneLynch I look forward to the day when social distancing can not save me :') @Saturn_Police A very lonely and delicious life :') @lisarwu it's keeping me sane haha @Gingerhazing I wanna cook for you and Molly one day when this is all over!! @MsShaneLynch yesss!! I've been enjoying your instagram cookin adventures too Shane :')All I do is cook and eat now @DafnaDOOM din tai fung is the hero we need in these trying times @gostephgo who knows what is behind that expression.....
@amudork I'll be honest, there was a bread bribe involved @Dihuh that's how it feels in real life too @emilyyyhu I think Meryl is the one with the most exec energy @raegeii OMG a missed opportunitysupervising hour: quarantini edition
you, dumb: shakespeare wrote king lear in quarantine me, smart: ursula le guin’s daily writing routine was as foll…
Retweeted by Kiki Manrique @MollyOstertag @Gingerhazing NOELLE I'M YOU
@Dihuh it's honestly the only thing keeping me sane @Dihuh all ive been doing during this is thinking about food, making food, and eating food @bluepaperplane I was actually thinking about it before all this!week one of social distancing is going well wanna hang out
Retweeted by Kiki Manrique @swamptomb i hope this isn't too weird of a compliment but mickey has like, a really nice shaped head LOL @cameronesposito @carmenmmachado @rgay @lpolgreen super glad I got to see this, thank all of you for doing it! @swamptomb omg....amazing...
@Jen_Benben @Gingerhazing I learn from the best 😌 @Gingerhazing @Jen_Benben Jen: I'm gonna make everyone cry watching this episode Jen: makes herself cry while working on the episode @Jen_Benben 💖💖💖We went into this giving it everything we could, and then some. I'm so excited for you to see it!
Retweeted by Kiki Manrique @Gingerhazing 😌It's surreal to have finished storyboards on the finale episode of She-Ra at about this time last year...!! The sho… season means so much to me. The whole crew pulled out all the stops for these final episodes and I can't wait… @MsShaneLynch CONGRATS SHANE!!! they're lucky as heck to have you! 🎉🎉🎉 @alexmchiu Happy first day!!! :')
@gostephgo wow so cute :') @brinsonmarie enjoy!! @swamptomb normally i really like rain and being cozy inside, but these past few days it's felt so weirdly oppressive @kyokisen I put them on a big tray, not touching, and put the whole tray in the freezer for an hour first! or yeah,… @jessiewongg yayyyyy...until we can make them together! social distance dumplings :') @brinsonmarie :DDHere is the recipe I used! are good to make because: you can make a lot at once and freeze well, you can use whatever veg/meat you have o… cooking: I made and froze several bags of dumplings today @MollyOstertag also....i think we might have talked about it but, Kentucky Route Zero! super beautiful, atmospheric… @MollyOstertag Night in the Woods! You get to be a cat
this is all I think about
Retweeted by Kiki ManriqueTo everyone in NYC but ESPECIALLY healthy people & people under 40 (bc from what I’m observing that’s who needs to…
Retweeted by Kiki Manrique @Lorie_O @DafnaDOOM @gostephgo