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22 | F/A IGL ?? Coach @Cloud9 TG Number 1 @Bankstandin Fan Content Creator Business: Discord: KillerMillerGG#2065

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We feelin good I'm next up best believe that @MagicEightBal damnAm I the best Astra NA @VisionStrikers and @Buzz_kr Fan now you guys are insane and fun to watch <3 @FrostyValorant Geng frosty is sick!
@OkinFPS Vouch!! @sfX_x1 Everyone has a different way of treating friendships while in a relationship, just kinda depends on the vib… @its_nyxi I’m crazy @ItzBoltzy @slaze444 sadge @KOLER1337 oh haven is at the bottom fk DMing on that map @KOLER1337 1. Icebox (great mix of long range, close range, elevation) 2. Bind 3. Split 4. Ascent (would be best if… @Cloud9TG #C9TG Reposting the edit in honor of the new discord 😇 @Cloud9TG @HyperX GAMER HOURSJOIN THE TRAINING GROUNDS COMMUNITY CORD MY FRIENDS @Wh1s2 😴 @IanImmi @GeorgeCGed Sen plays a reactive and punishing style, both of which icebox doesn’t allow for a ton of @J1mmyRS I would never vote no out of spite but this game would grow more in a year than it would in 5 if polls are gone @isolateFPS @Burse_OG Little harsh on the start of that comment but I agree with everything else 😂 @isolateFPS @Burse_OG ^ @yayFPS 10000% agreed @Burse_OG I’m kidding I’m not plat LOL explain what’s wrong with it @Burse_OG Plat @Burse_OG Yes Phoenix’s only real skill ceiling is his flash and the only hard part of jett is getting used to directional dashing @neT_valorant Viper isn’t too hard but I always found her requiring a good amount of intuition to play well. Idk I… @neT_valorant thoughtsIf you are gonna have #lft please dont complain after every death and try to justify why its never your fault Rank… @menace_val Content @MadySmacks @Justinovah out of pocket @jakeeVAL @Matt_IGL @sammiexdxd take it back or you are blocked @AjjEsports Best of luck my king and thanks for everything
@DeeGJB @zombs @dephhgg @oderuscs @tomaselli_nick @ball_ops @fireballops Happy to see the support you show! as someone who works closely with the you… @rileyjayyy @Zaniveus @sevvn ^^^ @Zaniveus @sevvn @rileyjayyy you’d like this thread LOLOL @Zaniveus @sevvn Running a character to get kills and kills only just doesn’t make sense to me excluding a few play… @Zaniveus @sevvn If you are trying to win via 1v5 you aren’t playing valorant right. Reyna can be enabled by like 4… @Zaniveus @sevvn You are literally playing a different game @slip4000 Yeah probably @sevvn I still think his flashed provide solid value but honestly his concuss and aftershock are what make him good… @sevvn Breach underrated, Reyna worst character in the game (assuming this a teamplay tier list) other than that 👏🏼 @crakdx V @rileyjayyy LMFAOOOOOO @HitBox_HirosBUMP (Roster I was working with is kinda on hold) Controller>Sova>Sentinel>Initiator>Duelist Tier 1 Coaching Exp br… @proxent1 ?????not nerfed tho all good
Retweeted by David MillerHi bjor @builtbygamers @SympulTV @TriumphGamingGG @flowstateval @FYBVal @Recon5VAL Vouch! @_vexel @Cloud9 Big @OkinFPS shoulda gave jett her own tier @Kasche1x LOL @Kasche1x cant be wasting util with those two @Yif_FPS @KnownAsLit Yeah you can say that about every agent though so @CarbynVAL It’s a lot of good intuition though @Drak1ous A little of everything but more team yeah @GolldenFalcon More generalized difficulty @gg_frantic Mainly util based thinking yeah but i still factor everything in. Not really using the list as guidelines for a new player @Yif_FPS @KnownAsLit idk i dont see any of her kit being that hard to master @Yif_FPS @KnownAsLit fair but she still is easy @KnownAsLit you have three so its only so hard plus theres no skill involved with that anyways @OkinFPS oops @Blur_999 idk you CANNOT waste any of her stuff which makes it pretty hard @NackeyTV @PrincessIcyTV im a lil biased for the record @OkinFPS she may have been placed a little high @KnownAsLit the only real skill gap is getting used to directional dashing and knives KINDA @OkinFPS yeah but we can say that for the whole roster so at what point do we actually recognize where characters a… @realPrainex Phoenix has a decent skill gap with his flashes @OkinFPS his util has to be really well placed for actual good impact @KnownAsLit disagree jett is one of the easiest characters in the game the skill gap is not that high imo @Matt_IGL my bad LOL @OkinFPS breach is kinda hard and idk skye isnt as easy as people think @PrincessIcyTV Idk you need a LOT of intuition to have good star placement and good utility but I am biased @OkinFPS Cap @luisjavierceja Skye in general is not as easy as people think @scrollval His flashes are the only hard part tbhAGENT DIFFICULITY TIER LIST (S is hard; D is easy) @Maxwaldo_ @IWDominateLoL @Fudgecakey gonna have to try it @LouVLRT_ FPS? VAL? Valorant? GG? @LouVLRT_ @theKingFPS_ lou ily but VLRT has to be the worst twitter handle to ever exist @TrickAIM @theKingFPS_ Her free ability is the best ability valorant has ever seen debatably behind astra pull pre nerf @steeFPS @itskaplan @ExaltVAL at this rate I doubt it @GMANVAL This is wild @slaze444 I’m on soon if you wanna run more @realmocking @OkinFPS @hannahmorrgan Vouch @VisionStrikers @Asunaa @kyedae vouch @TrickAIM @Juan_Beaufrand dash go crazy
@TrickAIM @Juan_Beaufrand Oh I think it’s way more for the record but those are the big ones @PrincessIcyTV broken @jkarvalorant @Juan_Beaufrand its literally the awp/ult being the issue tbh @builtbygamers Can I just come hangout with @Bjorlulu @soosleepyyVAL Sleepy is baiting us for impressions and I respect that @Justinovah Vouch @NackeyTV true @NackeyTV VS you goofIm scared for NA because of one single team im not gonna lie @kariurena6 @ARIANARCHIST pardon @ARIANARCHIST sentinels op i guess! @ARIANARCHIST but for the record i agree @ARIANARCHIST I love when people try to argue with me that jett awp is counterable it literally isnt