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@kiloHearts @Hylen_JP Sounds right to me @therealshockone Haha yea you end up doing some things that are brilliant and then 90% of the time you do things in…
Love the new NIN albums but had to take a break because they made me feel like the world is ending @medwid_DXV3 I absolutely will man! Thanks! @Subtronics Sounds like a double breasted nut wobbler to me from that splice pack @spacenomad_ That’s what I’m workin on! @theFREQSHO exactly! I'm having fun with it, trying to get it running with live right now @PBSUCC it's not as literal as live having a live mode and a sequencer mode. but there are tools that can be used t… death cannot befall those who walk in his shadow... Got this at a @killthenoise show many many moons ago. In…
Retweeted by ЖTИa new program I've been taking a stab at learning is resolume and it actually is a really cool production tool, you… it’s on, having a birthday party livestream tomorrow night (3/29) on twitch and Instagram live Official invite…
Retweeted by ЖTИ @Gridlokp51 Absolutely and same to you my brotha.!So it’s great to reach out to friends, I think people have slowed down in general it seems like people are spending… for a lot of people to slow down. It’s scary sometimes to have to listen to your own thoughts...that can be s… good time for reflection and for re adjusting priorities it’s been a really uncertain time but it has also had mo… talking to my friends so much lately weirdly even tho I don’t see them that much I actually feel like I have… @svddendeathdub Been thinking this
@coekain_ @DJ4B This? 😍 @woolimusic @habstrakt well if dj's start making millions streaming at home I'm gonna move back to rochester for sure @HALIENE @SevenLionsMusic so good!!!New @SevenLionsMusic Ep daaaaamn
@MUSTDIEmusic This tune is so dope man love it @MUSTDIEmusic Too many cooks dubstep edition @JasonRossOfc Dr doom @JasonRossOfc Did u guys hear my vocal I recordedDaaamn look at this lineup @ProximityM @TeamBandL virtual party time eeeeee
Retweeted by ЖTИI was wondering we would all simultaneously post this pic
@SevenLionsMusic The challenge will be to surpass this level @BeyondWland @WaxMotif @hi_mija @jackbeats @Audien @partyfavormusic @DJ4B @CHEFSAYMYNAME @DrFresch @drezomusic @bDippy @ProximityM @TeamBandL @vibekiller2 @ProximityM @TeamBandL Haha dunnoDaaamn look at this lineup @ProximityM @TeamBandL virtual party time eeeeee @FuckMaster3000 @OfficialTaxon It sounds like a lot of people are suggesting whatever his voice was doin naturally… @FuckMaster3000 @OfficialTaxon Yes and no. Technically yes. typically I think when people talk about tremolo they a… @OfficialTaxon Yea actually on closer inspection it sounds like a really fast LFO on the amplitude @cdess_ @MrFijiWiji Interesting I noticed it suddenly and now it’s super distracting to me whenever the song comes on hahapost Malone - circles.. his voice does like a super fast vibrato effect what’s up with that is that his actual voice hahah @jonathanhartsf Deadmau5 and Steve dudas project! They’ve been doin it for at least 15 years! @Herobust yo smoke vip is so sick just heard it @omweyland Very good stuffnew BSOD ep is amazing of course
@porterrobinson Fucking so good @porterrobinson Woooo!👉👉 RZA - KILL THE NOISE @Griz Tame impala does this so well. A snare that smacks but also feels so musicalWe are offering 50% off some of our most deeply moving effects (VST/AU/AAX/Snapin). Flanger, Pitch Shifter, Frequen…
Retweeted by ЖTИ @Subtronics I have moments of extreme panic and then I’m like... well at least I’m early to where I need to be today @KimmerDubs I dunno! A lot! Including the moksi and Rickyxsan remix prob like 5! @lanceanjuna 🙏🙏🙏 @DillonFrancis @dylanfrancess @DillonFrancis Nice 🥰 @DillonFrancis Play dill the noise @AzureMycelium @madeon @Virtual_Riot The middle part is the best @AzureMycelium @madeon @Virtual_Riot Remix of without a trace we did a while back this is the middle part that Vale… key nice @madeon @Virtual_Riot
@kennybeats Damn you just made me notice that shrek actually legit looks like corona virus @AbrellaMusic with that being said i know u didnt mean it as an insult, but its worth addressing cause there is a r… @AbrellaMusic but those tunes sound the way they do because of when they were written thats why they are dope. in t… @AbrellaMusic i think what people regard as "better" or "updated" in 2020 means just louder and cleaner, which to m… @AbrellaMusic i think maybe its worth talking about, i disagree with everything you are saying, for the same reason… term gains for long term problems this is america @manfightdragon @BeyondWland Hahaha thanks for checking it man!! @cameroncote @killthenoise @feedme The KtN hoodie is: MO-W5NW-5R3F-T922 The Feed Me hat is: MO-8FW7-T4MV-5YNM
Retweeted by ЖTИ @DREAMEATER222 hahah @AbrellaMusic how is it not modernweek 2 of the quarantine, i have like 10 different fragmented conversations with the same people on like 10 different platforms
@droidson i love bald people @NinjafarOh @ultra @SIRIUSXM Yea tryin to figure that out now @droidson Alright that’s enough baldly 👏 @jasooo Hahah my kid has been screaming this whole week in the background of everything @droidson @MUSTDIEmusic I actually like this a lot @OGCrank_Sinatra @ultra sugar is the only thing that matters apparently 😭 @DreamchaserFL @ultra @SIRIUSXM FOR SURELive now haha! @ultra 😍😍 mins 👏 @jedwill1999 @ultra @SIRIUSXM Yes indeedGonna drop a mix TODAY for @ultra on @SIRIUSXM CH. 52 here’s today’s sched! Stoked to share the virtual stage with… @NickThayer Sup Nick!! 😍😍 @jordnmedeiros @JulioMNoisia @jordnmedeiros @JulioMNoisia It’s actually free right now for 2 months @mattesyn Feeling like you suck is part of being good (I tell myself this ) and I have ur artwork in my house I’m l… @Rusty_James10 @BeyondWland Vip I made with @SevenLionsMusic and @DREAMEATER222 @JulioMNoisia Although adobe is annoying @JulioMNoisia I don’t torrent software and neither should you! @gldworldwide I use blender!I reinstalled adobe creative cloud that’s where I’m at
i know we are only at the beginning of the quarantine i suppose, but little things make me optimistic about people… enjoy streaming, and watching others stream. i've seen some cynical comments about it, i dont see why people are… @mattg00d dude same we are drawing the routine up and putting it in writing or else everyone will go insane like the shiningfor those that have been asking the sets from the @BeyondWland rave-a-thon are all up on the insomniac youtube yay… @snailmusic @SullivanKing 😂😂😂 @HybridBlood Surreal isn’t necessarily weird, just feels like an alternate reality to see the same people from all… everyone is posting their custom merch I dont see why I shouldn’t
Retweeted by ЖTИPeople are partying and bouncing around live streams all weekend it’s surreal and I’m all about it hahah @woolimusic @uburdub But ALSO music is not cola, I do however believe there’s some parallels. I think the move is,… @woolimusic @uburdub Also I’ll bet Faygo makes millions but still it’s Faygo. I’m not hating it’s just a knock off… @woolimusic @uburdub Yea but also then ur always gonna be waiting around for someone else to be the one originates.… @uburdub The next evolution is short boys better watch out