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NGL i am also an agnostic atheist. i don't think it's an intellectually weak "position" to hold as some might say.… @android_stern hahahah @RoboRobMusic someones gotta turn that rage into policy. that's how you make meaningful change. Is joe biden gonna… @morriganVS ableton groove pool for the win @ImperatorTruth I think a lot of people would definitely agree with you.You got it. It’s disheartening. I think the thing some of us want to avoid though is “pulling on the knot” so to sp… @android_stern I mean he has. In the sense that he won’t back down and leans harder and harder into his base which… do this on here too. Don’t worry doesn’t mean he isn’t smart I think intelligence is hard to quantify sometimes. I think trump is a classic vil… don’t actually believe trump is a far right anything. He’s not a politician he’s a crook and a con man. He will r… @RoboRobMusic Yea but what does that look like? I personally would rather avoid civil war 🍻Trump has skewed the party lines so far right into nonsense that people are settling. Not just democrats but republ… @CasualHyperbole We are ALL learning a lot. Many of us are coming of age, understanding the bleak reality of the wo… tripped up in the partisan BS if you want, THAT is the fake news. The real news is this; get real and take a lo… by gov’t, I mean = ruling class.Cause systematically BEFORE trump, the people have been handing over more and more equity to the govt. You’re a foo… is why many of us are voting for Biden. This isn’t about partisan-ism . I love my country and all Americans an…’s not it. You like the style of politics that’s goin on today? Think of the long game genius. Trump won’t alwa… @invisiblemagixx @eprombeats Because I have to install creative cloud and have a subscription and their software ha… you are posting about this election and encouraging your followers to vote, thank you. I’m not gonna go outta my… @WtfPae ❤️❤️❤️❤️
We are going to go live with Glork who designed many of the wavetables you will find in your copy of Phaseplant. Go… @woolimusic @Subtronics Classic. whistle tips wooo woooooHey I’m just sayin this, I’m voting against trump not only for my own good but also for the good of people that are… @bruhmomentguy69 People are goin out of their way to find places to be butt hurt about the election. I’m just sayin… voting, will bring out the trolls. If it wasn’t important to get out there and vote you wouldn’t see so… early in person if possible, if you fill out your ballot that came in the mail you can drop it off at your vot… @eprombeats Adobe in general is annoying
2020 @TrivectaMusic this is me too but with complaining @CalculationsOf @mrbillstunes @gardnsound @enamourmusic @jonogrant definitely. this is such a nuanced subject. also… @lsdream I didn’t know this till you mentioned it, I learned something too! Big up brotha! @JasonRossOfc @TrivectaMusic Yessss @sethparkermusic Hahahhha
@BrenPonder @djvanic @Fluxpavilion The reason I’m saying it’s not so simple is because I do realize there is a symb… @BrenPonder @djvanic @Fluxpavilion not exactly this simple, but in the spirit of what u are saying, i think the pow… @djvanic @BrenPonder @Fluxpavilion the way im looking at the problem we have with artists having more "equity" in w… @djvanic @BrenPonder @Fluxpavilion it would be wrong to think that "platform" exists --> so people make music. Its… @djvanic @Fluxpavilion complaining and being grateful are not mutually exclusive. iwhat flux said was on point. in… @djvanic @Fluxpavilion "fame".. to me is much more nuanced than you are making it out to be. "fame" and "success" i… @djvanic @Fluxpavilion i read flux's tweet not as entitlement but more of a realization. i think because of the fac… @djvanic @Fluxpavilion does spotify bring listeners? i think one of the big realizations people are having recently… @djvanic @Fluxpavilion Artists bring the fans to the platforms. Artists being the integrity to the platforms. I thi… @djvanic @Fluxpavilion It becoming much more of a topic to examine how unfair these Faustian deals are. Especially… @djvanic @Fluxpavilion Some Labels and most platforms are nailing creators coming and going. The LAST place that mu… @Au5music I always approached it as a “reinterpretation” of the source material. Extract the underlying musical the…
@gmills85 And Akylla @gmills85 It’s my remix of only want you by snails and nghtmre @ALRTMUSIC @tisoki All transient no decay @tisoki I bet it’s the sub / kick sub relationship? Or like the low-mid punch. I’m tryin to picture it in my “minds ear” right now @TrivectaMusic My man 🍻❤️ no pressureThe best yelling at dubstep kids on the internet well into my older age dressing up as shrek I hope u ready for your fu…🍻 @ShipWrekDJ remix @MitisOfficial @OpheliaRecordsHope to see y’all tuning in 🍻🌭
@OfTheTrees @tisoki I’m giving myself a crash course in all this, it really is fascinating. What I’ve found so far,… @mattesyn You already knowGuess I’ll have to lean into itPut green face paint on my face and arms yesterday and it still won’t wash off this is my punishment for fucking wi… @DougNieto @Skrillex @Zedd @Pendulum @porterrobinson Means a lot brotha! @spicer_zack @Marck_Mares @oddprophet @woolimusic @yookiemusic You’re late tough guy @dannyunited I was there, “father said” right? This was the night I met Sonny with y’all haha seems like yesterday @shadowcliq even better 😃
Uterus sounds like the name of black metal band @EffinOfficial @Herobust @woolimusic @Subtronics @Jauzofficial Yea it does give you new perspective like I can hear… @woolimusic @Subtronics @Herobust @Jauzofficial i think of it like the cohesiveness is more obvious to me thru the… @Subtronics @Herobust @Jauzofficial bounce listen on iphone, but also the record a video and listen on iphone, that… @Herobust @Jauzofficial iPhone test is crucial @HalcyonLV @automhate_dub It’s is crazy 🔥🔥🔥 @mattesyn @mckennabryn Yea it’s quick to learn but it has its bugs. If you like Adobe stuff you’ll prob get the hang of it pretty quick. @mattesyn premiere is honestly such a mess :( @OfficialRezz I’m not surprised we are on the same page about all this 👍 @OfficialRezz telescope music i like it @BallTrapMusic 🤯 @peekaboobeats @GREXbeatz 👀👀 @Skrillex Yesssssssss @mattesyn Now I gotta see itI listened to scary monsters and nice sprites today hard to believe it came out 10 years ago. Such a timeless recor… am goin so fuckin hard this Halloween I am immersing myself in this one to escape this hellscape Shrek costume stays on @eprombeats “Do you know squarepusher”vibes love it man
@Herobust For sure dude I’ll txt ya @SevenLionsMusic @GemandTauri @MitisOfficial for a spooky night with @GemandTauri, @MitisOfficial, and @killthenoise RSVP:
Retweeted by jake the human @ph11smith Hahaha I had to buy it for this reason @eprombeats @kaiwhiston praga khan 🙏 @ExostompMK @NawtystepBlog u tryin to start another fight i swear to god @NawtystepBlog this one better be good or im calling the police @Herobust *z @Herobust you are spicy too, there's some good ones still on here, i liked dubloads tweets too @AbrellaMusic XDJ-RX2 sorry got that flipped around @AbrellaMusic pioneer rxdj2 @Herobust im always gonna be talking shit on here until i am an even older pissed off man than i am today @IndividUtility @woolimusic @Pulsar_Official @FuntCaseUK @Subtronics @NawtystepBlog hahah the first one. x @toothluhs @FuntCaseUK @woolimusic @Subtronics @NawtystepBlog Yea I mean the way I see it what goes around comes ar… @Vetvla you started tweeting at me, begone. @Vetvla its more of assertion of your attitude than anything you are acting like a child playing these semantics games my friend... @toothluhs @FuntCaseUK @woolimusic @Subtronics @NawtystepBlog yea the only problem here is that when he was critici…