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@vytrxn I love u @yesiwatchanime0 @morganidk welcome to the club of people she fucked over 😭 @swayable_ love thatsup im high @ca_antho_ this meat body is just a prison @ethanhkelly ur choice @deeplyblessd I produce more saliva than the average person @deeplyblessd okay but would u @OkagePC LETS GOO @APiratesLife4mi nothing o:lmkif I filled a cup up with my saliva would u drink it @MonkehRay thank u c:I should text her @lilthunderbird !!!!!!!! @wuvbear u... can? @badsambam omg I love that
@c8trin! I created a petition to urge Texas A&M to lower the costs of tuition and fees for this fall semester due to…
Retweeted by 145 IQ @APiratesLife4mi it was limited edition @KaleyKujo pls @Pocajong they took audio notes away from me @hkittylovebot was hacked @hkittylovebot idk who that is @hoIypurifier skydiving @SanjisBlack LETS GOO BULMA @hoIypurifier lets gooooo @lillievukin thats so cute!! @j6ckal love her @yuqibasu what uno cardswhats the back of everyones phone look like? this is mine @macon_tm what a beautiful cow @urlocalfrickboy pls ma’am ONE CHANCEfeels like 4ever ago
Retweeted by 145 IQ @feitanbot ONGThis type of excess should not be admirable..
Retweeted by 145 IQI can’t believe y’all donated thousands of dollars to a white man that works at Starbucks while there’s black trans…
Retweeted by 145 IQ @Argi_Nemo oh my god the nostalgiamoo love cows now a cow pic thread cow pics under this you have a bunch of pictures of cows in your camera roll or are you straight @the_1795 ....eye.. dude 😐also when I found out she was with both of us she tried to convince me into being okay with being the “side piece”… @isslouis @isslouis its okay u been muted @yuqibasu lol hope u have a good one @hatedvon why @sk8boiuwu u shld be @yuqibasu 🐒 @hatedvon pls🤍 @wuvbear DUDE LMAO 😭 @nek0grrl yes @wuvbear nah u coolI hate when men @BrieBeecher lmaoooo 😭 @h8tns I love calico cats sm @nxxaysa wtf I want thatwhy
@y2cchi YESSSSS @whodoubee so cute omfg @StayKozy I want it @pumpkinking39 whipped up the glizzy 😈💅
Retweeted by 145 IQ @y2cchi ILY @annouwu thank uu c: @vixenesha wld u like to touch.. the butt 👉🏻👈🏻 @BrieBeecher GO OFF CUZ!!🤍 @BrieBeecher why do they do that 😭 @KoyaHasNoPants JON @dreamygio @imawhore4bleach doesn’t really matter cuz I dont have a playstation anymore @dillbuns BB!! @erikfontaney pls yaoi @APiratesLife4mi they can stop fr 💯 @uwujulss omw @imawhore4bleach thank u cutie 🥺 @qtgamergf WOOOO @tomboysanyu I wish I was lyin ex: toxic ex keeps trying to sign into my Sony account and it texts me a code every time pls give up bruh 😭what a wonderful day to remember that marceline is black
Retweeted by 145 IQ @notchaselyons .here y'all go
Retweeted by 145 IQ @yodogloI RYAN ASS ON THE TL @yodogloI NO WAY @kanekisb omg plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsPLSPLSPLSPLSPLEASSEEEEEPLEASSEEPLEASEE MEGOMGPLEASE @dragon98_dark 🤍🤍 @tomboysanyu UNPROVOKED LMAO 😭 @notchaselyons hewwo chase hope ur days going well @uwujulss aha sup @nxxaysa wanna grab it? @tomboysanyu I have 😭 it was me eating hamburger helper without the beef cuz I couldn’t afford meat dosmzolsaloa @envoerr I dont know 😭😭😭 @HanKami_ nothing @yodogloI 🤐me distracting the TL from the hamburger helper tweet @rychiha am I forgiven for the hamburger helper