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On January 24, Dr. Fauci said that China was being "quite transparent and cooperative" regarding the coronavirus.…
Retweeted by Brian KilmeadeCongressman @BrianMastFL spoke with me on #TheBrianKilmeadeShow about the 10 year anniversary of his Alive Day - th…'s time for more to know in a #NewYorkMinute for @77wabcradio! Dive into your weekend with the top NY stories of… McFarland provides reaction and analysis on AG Bill Barr’s criticism of his own DOJ prosecutors.… discusses the significance of President @realdonaldtrump brokering Middle East peace deals and the… NFL player @HerschelWalker, compares what President @realdonaldtrump has done for African Americans vs.… patriotic performance I have seen maybe ever: Old Glory. This was a presentation by…
Sen. John Barrasso, (R-WY), discussed the latest congressional efforts to pass another coronavirus rescue package o… 11:30 AM ET, I'll be calling in to @foxnewsradio to speak with @kilmeade about my new bill, the Support for Work…
Retweeted by Brian KilmeadeRandy Wade, father of Ohio State cornerback, discusses the announcement of Big Ten Football’s return on… congressional candidate @LacyJohnsonMN weighs in on @foxandfriends after Minneapolis City Council blame p… he have an editor? Volume 1? genius of @JohnKerry front and center Sure to be Biden’s SOS if he wins
US @SenatorLankford says it is an enormously big stretch to say President @realdonaldtrump was compromised by Russi… his conversation with @kilmeade this morning, Senator Josh Hawley explained the importance of his legislation to…
Retweeted by Brian KilmeadeWow, amazing and shocking intv on tonight’s show w @TuckerCarlson & Dr. Li-Meng Yan. Amazing details and allegation…
Retweeted by Brian KilmeadeMore to know in a #NewYorkMinute for @77wabcradio from 10am-noon ET: @NYPD retirement rate is 75% higher than last… highlights the first two weeks of college football’s return and previews what to expect from the… Pletka, an undecided voter, says the Democrat’s far-left push may sway her toward a Republican vote. journalist, @hayvibouzo breaks down the historic changes that can come to Israel and its Arab neighbors…
Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) joins #TheBrianKilmeadeShow to discuss Antifa's well funded leadership structure.… forward to joining the Brian @kilmeade Show on @foxnewsradio in just a few minutes! #TuesdayMorning
Retweeted by Brian KilmeadeClip: @Judgenap on the court ruling that overturns Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 restrictions: “This is a brilliant and…
Retweeted by Brian KilmeadeGun rights activist @MrColionNoir discusses the impact the Second Amendment could have on the election as @JoeBiden, co-founder and CEO of @FundtheFirst, helped raise more than $22K for the Los Angeles deputies tha…
#TheBrianKilmeadeShow is LIVE until noon ET! Listen to the latest and greatest here: chiefs across the country speak out on @foxandfriends after two Los Angeles County deputies were ambushed an… says ‘agitators’ are trying to invoke a war on cops as Los Angeles County deputies are recovering from… Carolina GOP candidate, Madison Cawthorn, reacts after the ‘liberal mob’ refuses to stand for the national an… as a survivor, it's important for me to always remember to alert everyone to please get scanned to mak…
Retweeted by Brian KilmeadeMost insightful non political science based assessment of what was happening as virus came it..!!
To everyone in the media who will feel like they need to write about whatever is in Durham’s report—don’t forget th…
Retweeted by Brian Kilmeade.@GovernorPataki joined #TheBrianKilmeadeShow and discussed what it was like handling the terror attacks on 9/11 wi… it...Jags will be better then anyone thinks this year!! reflects on the 9/11 attacks on this day 19 years ago when he was at the Pentagon serving as Vice C… Knoetgen, founder and vice president of ‘Love of Country,’ explains his business’s success under President Trum… this superficial lockdown is all about politics not people...who gets hurt the most ? The students..the kids.…
Watch my interview below with Hall of Fame quarterback @TroyAikman on @FoxandFriends! of Deluca’s Italian Restaurant is suing over indoor dining restrictions, calling New York City’s plan to open… good if not better a genius...listen to him's time for the #NewYorkMinute for @77wabcradio! Tune into #TheBrianKilmeadeShow 10am-noon ET for today's top sto… Wayne, Combat Veteran turned CEO and founder of Redline Steel, was honored during last year’s White House ‘Ma…
.@markschlereth previews what changes fans can expect this season ahead of the @NFL's return to @FoxNews, this morn… group of Connecticut high school football players speak out on their fight to save their season amid the pandemic… to know in a #NewYorkMinute for @77wabcradio: We're covering the purchase of the @Mets, crime in NY & the figh… During the Pandemic Is Pretty Safe - The Atlantic
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Genius is the media attention for this?! This is outrageous.
Retweeted by Brian Kilmeade.@chris_spielman joins @foxandfriends to preview the return of @NFL after a pandemic postponement. to know in a #NewYorkMinute for @77wabcradio: "The Gov Killed Nana" banner flew over NYC and LI beaches this w… EPA approves the first antiviral product for COVID-19. @DrMarcSiegel, University of Arizona professor of micro… forward to it
Thankful for the incredible people I work with each and every day! #HappyLaborDay
Retweeted by Brian Kilmeade...he then pivots to saying that Trump could not understand taking 90 minutes to drive to the cemetery. Bolton said…
Retweeted by Brian KilmeadeDo you have ANY idea who you’re talking to?
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Admiral @stavridisj (Ret) says Generals Kelly & Mattis should confirm or deny if President @realDonaldTrump called…
Ronna McDaniel on the RNC suing over mail in ballots and the importance of in-school learning with suburban mothers…'t miss the top stories of the day and tune into #TheBrianKilmeadeShow 10am - noon ET on @77WABCradio salon owner Shelley Luther was jailed for defying lockdown orders. She speaks out on @foxandfriends after…
Queens restaurant is suing New York governor, mayor, and attorney general over ‘unfair’ indoor dining restrictions.… to know in a #NewYorkMinute: NYC school openings are delayed, @NYGovCuomo accused of stonewalling over COVID-1…'ll be joining The Brian @kilmeade Show in just a few minutes on @foxnewsradio. I hope you'll listen in!…
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Is it time We start believing @joebiden ? says only reason @JoeBiden came out to address the riots is because he saw @ChrisCuomo & Don Lemmo… joined me on @foxandfriends to discuss Joe Biden’s return to the campaign trail, the mail-in voting ba… me this morning on @77wabcradio 10am-noon ET for all the New York news you need! #TheBrianKilmeadeShow @MarshaBlackburn joined me on @foxandfriends this morning and asks “will the persecution of General Flynn ever… writer @LevineJonathan goes inside his exclusive interview with a political insider who has been committin…
More to know in a #NewYorkMinute for @77wabcradio: @NYCMayor has an outright call to tax the wealthy, @NYGovCuomo s… Hall, a protest organizer, says ‘Let Them Play’ on the importance of allowing high school athletes to play spo… Marine Gabriel Johnson, who heard shots from his house during protests in Portland reacts to what needs to…
Our children and grandchildren may yet curse the day we began hyping race and ethnicity. There are countries where…
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Maybe -Lockdowns dont work? Prince addresses his role with the non profit @webuildthewall and the arrest of Steve Bannon on… says the @mets did the right thing walking off the field on #TheBrianKilmeadeShow @foxnewsradio contributer @Johnny_Joey reacts to Marsha and Carl Mueller’s speech at the final night of the #RNC on… to know in a #NewYorkMinute for @77wabcradio coming up at 10am ET: We're covering police reform, NYC school cl… of retired police captain killed during St. Louis protests says violence & destruction are not legitimate for…
Representative @michaelgwaltz says masks are mandatory at President @realDonaldTrump's speech tonight at the #RNC.… today
Retweeted by Brian Kilmeade.@GovAbbott on Hurricane Laura: Early reports show no loss of life. @foxandfriends this...heat of game things happen...just like in life...we should all be this understanding
.@RudyGiuliani says @DocRivers is seriously misleading the African American community and Rivers needs to stop the… Beth Stuckey on the Brian Kilmeade radio show! @kilmeade @conservmillen
Retweeted by Brian KilmeadeSenate Judiciary Chairman @LindseyGrahamSC weighs in on @realDonaldTrump's foreign policy agenda on @foxandfriends.…'ll be covering the news of the day & more on #TheBrianKilmeadeShow. Tune in on @77wabcradio from 10am-noon ET!… person then athlete...!! and @HeyTammyBruce debate over the first night of the #RNC. Watch the full interview from…
.@EricTrump responds to New York Attorney General @TishJames push to subpoena him in an investigation of the Trump… to know in a #NewYorkMinute for @77wabcradio! Be sure to tune into #TheBrianKilmeadeshow at 10am - noon ET. Carolina Republican @SenatorTimScott opens up about #RNC speech, President @realdonaldtrump's policies on… YOU watch, or listen to, the #RepublicanNationalConvention last night? Brian @kilmeade will react to night one…
Retweeted by Brian KilmeadeYou should be!! He was great
.@LindseyGrahamSC talks the FBI double standard against President @realDonaldTrump compared to Hillary Clinton and… with Fox News Radio Brian @kilmeade in just a few minutes. Tune in!
Retweeted by Brian KilmeadeMore to know in a #NewYorkMinute for @77wabcradio: The stars attending the VMA's will not be subject to a 14 day qu… Center for Urban Renewal and Education founder @StarParker calls removal a 'deliberate attack by B…
No wonder why Joe looked comfortable with his speech Thursday he’s been giving it a since 2008 !!and yet to deli…