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@FrozeNerdz Co-Host: My opinions are my own and im proud of that. Hunter, dog Dad, Gamer! Thanks for letting me derail your fun! Even for just a moment.

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@Cryssylol Another assortment of breeder pups
@Cryssylol 9000 why you always wash your produce… also how many times do we have to be reminded to never trust a fart… @Cryssylol @GamerDoc_ I got blue light glasses recently and my 35 year old Eyes feel so much less fatigue and drain it was night and day. @Thornbrow This should get you started. @Thornbrow Sorry, burn the clothes for warm and but new threads specifically found at fall state fairs with hot dog eating contests. @Thornbrow 6 black trash bags 20$ and a laundromat 1 hour and it’s all done. Or pay someone else to do itHe understands his role in life. @zerena_hoofs On brand. Thank you for always being a beacon of truth.Always in his chair.
@Kenichan Mostly donuts or donut adjacent itemsHis chair of greetings.
@SpookyYami Happy birthday!How’s the insomnia going Kilroy? Pretty good I cooked a lb of legumes and built a table at 1:00 in the morning. Thi…
He runs this town…
Coming home to sass… @JennMorton01 @MorisonWOW It’s be fun tho @talendril123 I wish maybe more like the Swedish EmbassyDark question: Who else has a “Jump Demon, where when you’re near a window in a tall building your mind immediately… @Cryssylol Too Canadian… but your counter is acceptable given your from Cananananananada @Cryssylol No it’s eyekeyuh @MissSalvira @MissSalvira Here you go Taters precious taters! @Avaltor05 Correct! @MissSalvira I know but getting older means I have to watch my glycemic load… 16 year old me would be pissed! @Malkarii_ @MissSalvira I will take your word for it, I am a carnivore! @MissSalvira Lol I asked for the sides for the Veggie balls lolBased on this plate of food where am I? the right idea. Nap sounds good… as a 35 yr old I feel my life was unfairly front loaded with naps… am saddened to say we could no longer handle Sherlock anymore so we donated him to the zoo.
Singing the song of his people. @Cryssylol The progression of realizing you’re on camera but not wanting any of that.Rawr. I said “RAWR!”
@ShaydeNoire I mean like the frying pan weighs so much I could use it as a weapon… @MorisonWOW They sure are. @Nimyane Such an even heat on everything never cooked better.Getting a serious pots and pans set is like a total game changer in the kitchen!
We had an interesting talk today and just on gut feelings and first thoughts who is the bigger British musical star…
Retweeted by Kilroy @Cryssylol Is… is… that a butt vase?…We had an interesting talk today and just on gut feelings and first thoughts who is the bigger British musical star…
@veroicone I use this one and I love it. Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, Black by this car was a little alarming at first glance this pup has seen some shit…
@zerena_hoofs Better than Oct 3rd?He was PISSED when I got home…
Had a baff ramen at the work cafeteria today. at her she is an absolute unit!!!! Alas she will not be mine but damn it my breeder is churning out some adora… at the CHONK on the left he looks like a gopher!
Please @WarcraftDevs put a time dragon in SOO with a skip mechanic to Garrosh. You can use final cinematic as the r… @Unpuntabledwarf Ah yessss the “Talk shit get bit” face… I know it well… @Unpuntabledwarf “Does this look like a game to you?! Bring me my cabbage and a bowl of water now…”
@GameMakeJake @Warcraft In case you’re wondering, we only want or expect to have to find a gnome or goblins possess… @Cryssylol Ah yes forgive me there would still be the unvaxxed ski crowd threat. @Cryssylol And it’s about that time of year, where not a single person is interested in traveling to CanadaFeels weird tomorrow I will be 35 and 1 day…. Means I’m closer to 40 than 30…Today would have been Sky’s 15th birthday and the pet store gave us his treat but Sherlock will enjoy it.
@VirtualGStorm It is a fantastic one. @LanceBlizzGamer It has been. @FrosteeFox Thank you, so far so good.Pie beats cake on days like this (Epic would’ve agreed) and Sherlock in the same crate giving me the business… (the door was opened but Sky wanted to eat Sherlock’s fo… old fashioned, because I guess today is special to me. @serephita And then all the randomness of getting good quality turn is it’s just a frustrating rep at least back i… @serephita Same but grinding it every day is a rough one. Especially the daily rift chests @serephita It’s not a system I can support for the sake of chewing up my time in stale content @serephita I gave up because it’s not even a 1:1 turn int ratio @_Gneisha Right I got into the Halo infinite beta so been kinda consumed by that @_Gneisha Good I’m kinda heavily interestedOur fav photo of Sky “He’s making that stupid face behind me is t he?” @Stonegrasp Thank you you are my first.Hygiene and health matter… @Cryssylol Don’t let people get triggered for someone trying to help this is an exciting idea.So how is Diablo 2 resurrected?
But whenever I need to feel best Sherlock knew exactly wat to do… burp on my food…. @VirtualGStorm His liver had a large mass that finally took his life.Thank you everyone for your kind words since we had to send Sky to heaven yesterday. He was well loved and comforta…
@Cryssylol It’s a pain I was not ready for, like adding 200lbs to my soul.Goodbye my sweetest boy.
@Cryssylol We always assumed y’all were ruled by Canadian royalty and a parliament of Beavers and Moose, and a prim…
My big stupid boy… @Cryssylol More!I'm raising money for Josh “EpicInsanity” Wieters. Click to Donate @Epic_Insanity @KilroyKT please pass this on!
Retweeted by Kilroy @veroicone Ooo dangerous thing to teach a husky lol you’ll get back and immediately back to ringing it.At the bar and “Don’t stop Believing” comes on and we all realize that this year that song turns 40…. 40… 4 mother… they bring this cart by at the baseball game and now I need an insulin pump…. night for a ball game
Doggo system failure, brain operating system reboot estimated time to Normal: Never….
Thought, if you are a company who buys 1 ply TP please make sure the dispenser does not have torque for charming ul…
@Cryssylol Unfortunately only answer we get these days for that is Life isn’t fair, and as long as it’s the same pa… @Cryssylol I mean it as a company would give you a home as long as you worked there free (obv reduced pay to accoun… @Cryssylol I mean I believe renting needs to be controlled for those who rent to understand it’s for people who don… can't do this alone. Sophie has a kidney condition and will require further care, upwards of $10,000. To date, I…
Retweeted by Kilroy @Cryssylol But then the “rich” who own your apartment will raise your rent in order to make up the difference. The… the collude together over what is likely an evil plan
@Cryssylol Well imagine that cost them money to send to a Canadian who has no legal voting rights. So good thing they wasted money lol @Epic_Insanity @KilroyKT
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Officially mid 30’s in 2 weeks so gotta wear ear protection to rock concerts…. going to his favorite store. #TikTok