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@thi9f @FaZeClan Next time @WheatiesJN Bike is better for my knees. And now I do 3% incline 3mph on the treadmillat this point, hating on Drake’s music is clearly an attempt to look “cool”. makes no sense. he is a legend.
Retweeted by robbie @WheatiesJN More will power than me bro. I’ll stick with walking ty @sfX_x1 That was the dead giveaway LOL @sfX_x1 @428Light @oPOWA @Torrify_ Damn is torrify like 50? @krissiyells @KonekoLiz is the bestONE OF US, ONE OF US!
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@mooseloff @TSM good shit @SPL_illume @TTVHollywood tell em @SPL_illume thank you for using our logo LOL no one else used itI’m being harassed @TheWarOwl @SvBreaker Excuses @thi9f Gl broProof is in the progress, moneys not an objectreminder that hating on popular things isnt a personality trait
Retweeted by robbie“Drake didn’t start from the bottom he was on a tv show” He started from the bottom of the rap game and now he’s the bestDrake really doesn’t missI’m making a change today the liquor been takin the pain away
@alexismarieNY Ur welcome @ToastVAL Make it 2$ @nguyen_CS Cmon u gotta wall over the slow and help himMy goal on a f/a team is to get the whole squad signed. Not just myself. @sfX_x1 @MrFrizzyTV @dudeitsaduck @ExaltVALThis dude is a slug lmfaooo @onevoltage Nah g2 will be in contact with you soonWhy didn’t EG just pick up the whole moon raccoons roster @thi9f Gl bro @RenZCSGO @DonHaci @seangares lmfao i did @DonHaci @seangares facts. you need raze to take hooka control fr @xoxCheIs It worked so fast it hit me like a rock @ohaaiii Bruh I was out like a light slept through the flight not for the nightGood night worldI have found out that melatonin works @ohaaiii Thanks for the sub @agmFPShit a 305 squat pr today i used to weigh 305lbs
@EquinoxOKC i found the next team @EquinoxOKC wheres Russel Westbrook when you need himDrain out bad energyI miss driving down college parkway with the windows down back in MarylandAt the gym before noon shits crazy @zerodata3 where this guy gowhat ever happened to STD13376969
@MrSkeleetal I got tired of my sister roasting meWhen did the world switch to ankle socks???This is my fav song rn @CoachRuin The laundry mat I go just added credit card so no more quarters :) @GregAbbott_TX
Retweeted by robbie @TTVHollywood @HSPercentValAnother promising t2 team bites the dust @DonHaci @C0Mtweets Prime axe gang @MrFrizzyTV Nopeyep not playing ranked this seasonI have left @HSPercentVal and I'm currently F/A seeking opportunities with Established rosters. I am a Duelist/Flex…
Retweeted by robbie @HSPercentVal @miniatureVAL @ExaltVAL @JSUNGv1 @JoshRTz @nosyy_tv @Phazahp @RealStrongLegs.@KonekoLiz's first time using skye LFT After nearly 6 months I've decided to step down from @TeamTrojanVAL. Agents : Omen / Breach / Sky…
Retweeted by robbieAnd a coach who wants to play with unlimited money so he can play with an Odin every round lmfaoowhy would play on a team with a brimstone who only uses the odin/ares
@Unholykid3 I played first c9 once can I put tier 1 xp in my postim on the come up ur shot miss or not be proud that ur a shooter - NiaC
Retweeted by robbie @001laura_ @AddyFitness All facts. He set me up for success and I ran with it.bird can't fly in a cageWhen you see jared Dudley on the floor you might as well turn the game off. Games already overTalen horten tuckers arms are bigger than his body holy fuck
is this how you play jett? @margielaVAL @alexismarieNY @mel_anji
@sfX_x1 Bruh that’s not fair 😂😂😂She’s already got it all planned out. Harness the cosmos and control the fight as Astra, the newest Agent in VALORA…
Retweeted by robbieDriving at night with astigmatism
Retweeted by robbie @WheatiesJN @RiotZiegler @riotgames I will never launch valorant again until he gets his vp
@eezyajt Kiss meClips, clips. Ammo @dudeitsaduck @cmxCSGO Thx bro! You definitely know what it takes to get to this point @IvoGrissom Chest tris / back bis / legs shoulders repeat. 1 rest day a week @mooseloff yessir! 🦾 @NVS_x1 just let me use ur pc from the jump @moxier4wr thanks!! @tconnors555 no stoppin on the swole train @jennd383 thx jenn! @nat_bambi ???????? @diorVALORANT yessirshout out to @TTVHollywood for my beautiful picture @boqcasts thank you! @AddyFitness 🍳 @DarfMike thx bro can't wait to see u at lan :)Big kilroy Lil kilroy life is not yours if you constantly give a fuck about what other people think.
Retweeted by robbie @JoshNissan @RiotNu Have u experienced the bug where u can’t pick up ur alarm bot after u go out of range( @alexismarieNY It was our warmup scrim frThe only good thing from losing is the gym session after @OfficialXETA gj broi love renya!!!2-0 first series
2021 will give me powers