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I put way less thought into this bio than I did my AIM away messages in 6th grade. (She / her / hers) #LG4L

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But his -Taxes -Love of dictators -Affinity for calling veterans like my father “suckers and losers” -Unmonitore…
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Ur welcome for the laser beams too Bears fans
Retweeted by White and Soxy @RobHartWBBM I like it when you call me big POPPA#108ing @NRSC
I was a student at the University of Notre Dame Law School while Amy Coney Barrett was a professor.
Retweeted by White and SoxyOk, so neither homemade pasta sauce nor ice cream were the answer. Tomorrow, we try booze and a voodoo altar to br… respect for King George III's long game.
Retweeted by White and SoxyHomemade marinara and everything. Who is the god of Sunday gravy? I’d like to put in a good word.
@BTrevarthen @soxmachine_josh @TimAnderson7 RICE - Rest, Ice Cream, Compression, and Excessive #108ing. Pretty sure that’s how it goes.This is the opposite of what all Republicans say they want. She wants to be in your house, your uterus, your life.… decades now the Republican Party has engaged in bad faith politics, used violence, intimidation, and paranoia a…
Retweeted by White and SoxySee my piece in today's Washington Post⤵️ If you are Donald Trump, and your image is base…
Retweeted by White and Soxy @TheOnlyDetox So good. Their new Netflix Space Force flavor also hits right. @soxmachine_josh
I #VoteBecause our DEMOCRACY depends on it. @businessinsider Haven’t we suffered enough in 2020? @molly_knight @darth @LindseyGrahamSC Is he *likeable* enough for re-election though? He should smile more.
@kylegriffin1 @moderndaygrswld @soxmachine_josh Yes, in this case it was, “Dad, take the h*ckin photo so I can have the treato in your hand!”A virus that 'affects virtually nobody' is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.
Retweeted by White and Soxy @kdgg09 The 5 O’Clock World intro was better anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️ @eviljester99 @jaketapper You’re welcome to unfollow. Don’t need trash in my mentions.
PENNSYLVANIANS!!! PAY ATTENTION! if you’re voting by mail put the ballot into the “secrecy envelope,” then put THAT…
Retweeted by White and SoxyWe should grill out and pretend we’re tailgating @quernzy, @KRamos25 #108ing y’all not mad about this looting, right? lied to voters. Ernst lied to voters. Graham lied to voters. Gardner lied to voters. None expect any cons…
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God bless. 🙏🏻 speaks very loudly to me this Monday. LOUDLY. @SoxMach_pnoles Logical. And the axis labels? @soxmachine_josh Damn you, Taylor Swift is an evergreen mood.
#DomesticTerrorists @soxmachine_josh @MrDelicious13 We don’t slut shame here, sir.🚨GIVEAWAY TIME🚨 I’m giving my ORIGINAL painting enter: simply retweet this post and your in WINNER PICK…
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Here is where to contact Doug Collins: First you'll be asked for a local ZIP code. Use 306…
Retweeted by White and Soxy @senatemajldr You couldn’t even give us a day to mourn her, you pompous blow-hard. History will remember you as #MoscowMitchMcTreason."My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed." Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Retweeted by White and SoxyLace up. Fight on. #NotoriousRBG
@Mark_Bussey @soxmachine_josh Well, he is! Tune in now!!
@soxmachine_josh @MrDelicious13 @kyle321n @soxmachine_josh I love this gif like Kevin Arnold love Winnie Cooper.Who thinks I should get @soxmachine_josh wasted before #SoxMachineLive?!? You’ll get a much more honest performance. who “him” is, but I can guess, and I’m in. the Magic Number hits 0... WE DANCE!
Retweeted by White and Soxy @MrDelicious13!!!! time I think this Administration has hit rock bottom, they find a way to keep digging. @soxmachine_josh I WANT AFTERNOON BUBBLES!!!! @JBdouble_nickel @soxmachine_josh Every day is bubbly day if you believe.Ohhhhh, so it’s for your workforce then? Not your billionaire tax breaks or the fact that your user base skews old… @chrystal_ok @soxmachine_josh
@_AlohaMrHand @soxmachine_josh No seriously, I have to balance the checkbook 🤣 @soxmachine_josh @_AlohaMrHand How much did you pay him for that prime product placement? @DrJenGunter @parksandrec Ron reacting to Lil Sebastian is everything. me with your favorite @parksandrec GIF, that show is the gift of joy and we could all use some of that! I’ll go…
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@Chicago_Scanner any news on what’s going on in 019 near Lawrence & Rockwell? Lots of police & Fire activity. @MrDelicious13, a little birdie named @soxmachine_josh said I should sent this to you. Can’t imagine why. @_AlohaMrHand’s name on my tv #SoxMath
PRO TIP: No one is gonna watch your YouTube show if the app won’t even update. @soxmachine_josh @soxmachine_josh @bwrchicago @soxmachine_josh My sentiments exactly
I really have the flair for decorating. I did some at Hobby Lobby today for free. 🤣#TrumpKnew
Retweeted by White and SoxyOoohhhhh, wag your finger, Suz! That’ll teach ‘em!! @chorizy @robort_b @MrDelicious13 Illustrations by Betty DonntEvery 9/11, I think of the people killed on that day. Every three days in the United States, COVID-19 kills more p…
Retweeted by White and Soxy @chrystal_ok Do you have ESPN or something? @soxmachine_josh Yes, way to jinx it. So smart.
I don’t know guys, calling our troops losers and suckers just seems so out of character
Retweeted by White and Soxy @Cashewz @Paulcla30042081 @4YrsToday God, you’re dumb as HellWhy are we fighting to save CARBS?? On the middle of a pandemic?! @PupperNelson @dogfather Nelson!!! @soxmachine_josh
(Thread) Lordy, There Are Tapes We learned that Bob Woodward has tapes of Trump admitting that he knew in Jan. tha…
Retweeted by White and SoxyHmmm...could it be despotism?? @TIME @WNYC @propublica Anybody actually surprised? Anyone??'ll bite. ✝️ You have this. 🔫 No one wants your small arms. 🇺🇸 Democrats are largely capitalists. 🚔 Weeding out b…
Retweeted by White and SoxyWhat say you, @KenoshaPolice? sobering fact: The majority of Americans who will die from #COVID19 are alive right now. #HeKnew
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@PAVGOD A puffkin
Oh so the microphone just HAPPENED to catch the ONE TIME you slurred queer folks? Don’t take us for morons, Thom.… @soxmachine_josh @MySoxSummer @nellebynature @megynkelly Hardly a fair of those three is a CONVICTED FELON.Public costs estimated at $12.2 BILLION @aspen_tree_ From St. Kitts looking to Nevis @medburnbook Do I spy some sea salt on there? 👀Sound on 🔊
This would have been a slap on the wrist AT MOST of this student were white. Shameful. million lost + 10 million regained = negative 20 million #LaborDay2020 #math
Retweeted by White and SoxyTop 25 percent of earners Access to sick leave: 92% Access to personal leave: 63% Bottom 25 percent of earners Acc…
Retweeted by White and Soxy @KRamos25 @MrDelicious13 So sorry for your loss! We’re thinking of you and the fam ❤️ @soxmachine_josh @fromthe108 @MrDelicious13 Hashtag analysis @soxmachine_josh is Officer Jeromy Sanford of the Lafayette Louisiana Police Department. Last night he brutally beat a 16 year…
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@soxmachine_josh Amazing how it’s an Illinois Lottery commercial, but I only see it during Sox games.Idk why Jason is giving Steve a hard time about wanting 1000 @Ricobenes breaded steak sandwiches. Same, tbh. #WhiteSoxTalk
@pinepaula @soxmachine_josh “But for every dollar you spend, and every three the state spends, my family makes five… @soxmachine_josh