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I put way less thought into this bio than I did my AIM away messages in 6th grade. #LG4L

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Ok, this one got me. 💔. Thoughts and prayers for Vanessa and the girls. of giving birth: 🇬🇧 $2.3K 🇫🇷 $2.5K 🇩🇪 $2.5K 🇨🇦 $3.2K 🇦🇺 $5.3K . . . 🇺🇸 $10.8K Infant mortality rate (per 1K)…
Retweeted by White and SoxyI don't know why more people aren't noting that the *way* Republicans are arguing for an end to the trial not only…
Retweeted by White and Soxy#NeverTrustAPersonWho doesn’t like cheese
Retweeted by White and Soxy @schraderbrau88 @soxmachine_josh Yep! @MrDelicious13
Gong hei fat choy! Happy #LunarNewYear2020 at these stunners! @quernzy, @KRamos25
@CoveysBurner I'm #TeamWarren, but I don't have any major issues voting for Bernie. I like her plans, and I'm tired of old, white dudes. @CoveysBurner Politics has always been and will always be a short-term game trying to solve long-term problems. It’… @CoveysBurner By 1% (12% of Bernie supporters voted for Trump), but huge numbers voting for 3rd parties in both ele… @CoveysBurner 10% of people who identified as Democrats voted for McCain in 2008 (same as Bush in 2004). Some poll… @CoveysBurner All I’m saying is if you’re boom or bust on your candidate and your candidate ONLY, you were part of… Bernie Bros and Yang Gang - pull your heads out of your collective asses. Thank you. @hazymania 2*Y'all peep @jasonbenetti on @WGNMorningNews! He's finally hitting the big time...meeting @WGNRobin. @MrDelicious13 Scrunchie or it doesn't count.BREAKING NEWS (at CBS NEWS): Trump Camp Threatened Jurors at His Impeachment Trial That Any One of Them Who Voted A…
Retweeted by White and Soxy @MrDelicious13 @soxmachine_josh @fromthe108 @SoxMachine It’s only wise @meganamram
@monorailpilot @NBCSBears @NBCSChicago @NBCSBears @NBCSChicago No. Next question please. @soxmachine_josh @KRamos25
@MrDelicious13 because he’s tryib* to take this country back to, give or take, 1842. #MoscowMitchMcTreasonWeasel
Hard to underscore sufficiently how devoid of legitimacy in fact or law anything Cipollone is saying is I'm unclea…
Retweeted by White and Soxy @cmclymer you, Mr. Leonard, for summarizing all of the reasons I am, and hope to be #TeamWarren in November.
"Perhaps it is easy for those who have never felt the stinging darts of segregation to say, "Wait." But when you ha…
Retweeted by White and Soxy @cmclymer They want to play soldier, but they suddenly have bone spurs when we start talking WWIII.To Nazi’s who try to quote the Bible tomorrow as justification for the hate they spread “Blessed be the peacemaker…
Retweeted by White and Soxy @MrDelicious13 @soxmachine_josh Not gonna lie, one of the better t-bones I’ve made in a while.
Weeks of paid leave for mothers: 🇪🇪 166 🇸🇰 164 🇫🇮 161 🇭🇺 160 🇱🇻 94 🇳🇴 91 🇰🇷 65 🇨🇿 63 🇱🇹 62 🇦🇹 60 🇯🇵 58 🇩🇪 58 🇸🇪 56…
Retweeted by White and Soxy @TrooperGalactus @soxmachine_josh Question: was he a complete idiot before or after being punched in the face really, really hard? @soxmachine_josh How does one become a moron in boxer briefs that makes obscene money? Asking for me.
Who is cutting onions? Seriously. #HockeyIsForEveryone I would have known that all it took was a Star Wars themed pressure cooker... @lovablelout @espn Women everywhere like: I most strongly align to @ewarren, and I’ve been #TeamWarren from the jump! Last place for me is Biden. So… @tedlieu @DevinNunes I’m the Democrat running against @DevinNunes. He has sued an internet cow, media outlets, co…
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Bless up, Ted has had the time this week! @CoveysBurner @CoveysBurner @chorizy @quernzy @jasonbenetti
@soxmachine_josh Frank @ me @CoveysBurner @andrenow12 It do be like that sometimes.Like 51% of the population. We all been knew. WTF? knew? Uh.... literally every woman who’s ever worked with a man.
Retweeted by White and Soxy @CoveysBurner goodest of bois @soxmachine_josh
@hazymania My favorite campaign slogan.Hot damn!
@CoveysBurner Yes, this checks out. @ShaneHarmon @soxmachine_josh TL;DR cheatBreaking: another never-before-seen picture of Mike Huckabee and Lev Parnas. Retweet to share and spread.
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Cc: @soxmachine_josh YORKERS. please keep an eye out. jenna is only 14. 🙏🏻
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The #Chiefs Wideouts today... #NFLPlayoffs
Retweeted by White and Soxy @EndlessJeopardy What is “whip one, purl two?”
@PhiPhiOhara Howwww?! The glitched odds are killing me. I was hoping the patch would fix it, but nope.Total # of jobs created in 2011: 2.08m 2012: 2.17m 2013: 2.3m 2014: 3.01m 2015: 2.73m 2016: 2.32m 2017: 2.15m 2018:…
Retweeted by White and Soxy @soxmachine_josh STOP. TELLING. PEOPLE.
@ChiSoxHaze @soxmachine_josh The egg contained enough of a genetic mutation to make it what we call a chicken even… @soxmachine_josh Your knees say... @soxmachine_josh Gonna be that person, those are XLB, not pork buns, but still very delicious. @soxmachine_josh I told you that you needed Global Entry... @ChiSoxHaze @soxmachine_josh The egg laid by an animal similar to, but not a chicken.It is even greater than you think. It's a grandma and her grandsons. The kids were trying to prank her and she one…
Retweeted by White and SoxyHello Oatie, I would like one of each please, if you can pencil me in. percentage of your life the U.S. has been at war, by birth year: 1977: 44% 78: 45% 79: 46% 80: 47% 81: 49% 82…
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@tedcruz Pipe down, Teddy. The grownups are talking. @soxmachine_josh Tokyo DriiiiiiiiiiiftThe Good Place returns tomorrow. That is all. ⁦@nbcthegoodplace⁩
Retweeted by White and SoxyHER HUSBAND
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2015: Trump as president? Yeah, right. 2016: Wait, what? 2017: Shit. 2018: Fuck. 2019: No, seriously, fuck this shi…
Retweeted by White and Soxy#Indiana friends, your state legislature has introduced bills that would affect transgender and non-binary people.…
@CoveysBurner It’s Fern Gully with CGI. @pasoxandswim @soxmachine_josh This is the way. @soxmachine_josh @JimScheffres @MrDelicious13 Me @soxmachine_josh if he thinks he can get the jump on my corners.
Mitch McConnell has blocked: --The release of the Mueller report --A Supreme Court nominee --Legislation that woul…
Retweeted by White and SoxyPlease RT if you are done forever with Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)
Retweeted by White and SoxySometimes it do be like that."Women, please vote in your own self-interests. It's what men have been doing for years, which is why the world loo…
Retweeted by White and SoxyNot to be dramatic, but I would die for Ezra (or pretty much any dog).
What the actual fuck, @NYPDShea?
@IUB1G @Mikel_Jollett Oh, I ‘member a former Shia militia analyst who served multiple tours in Iraq and worked at the White House under both Preside…
Retweeted by White and SoxyFor those of you who didn’t live through the invasion of Iraq, here is what is about to happen: 1. There will be a…
Retweeted by White and SoxyDon't worry Minnesota Vikings fans -- we got you covered 😉
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Latinos are not a minority in Texas. We are 40% percent of the population, and half of children under 18 are Latino…
Retweeted by White and SoxyOk, so Australia is on fire and has been for over 6 months now and it's constantly getting worse. People and animal…
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#Goals2020’s putting his pussy in the wind for a pardon...