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Kim Aman @KimAman_abe Aberdeen, SD

Elementary Principal, Adjunct Instructor, Life long learner, Growth Mindset seeker, Mom to 4, Gigi to 2, SDAESP Area 3 Rep, SDAESP Rep on SASD Executive Board

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A4: That I need to be with the kids!!!! #PIAChat I would love to try blogging. #PIAChat Where we are stuck in a rut that all kids receive the same instruction. #weleaded That relationships with family, students, staff, parents, and friends are the ultimate goal for life. #PIAChat from South Dakota! I am an elementary principal here. #weleaded everyone! Kim, elementary -principal from South Dakota. I always wanted to be an artist or a teacher. #PIAchat people followed me and 7 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by I want to implement restorative practices from the start of the school year. #champforkids My staff worked very hard this year to learn about and implement restorative practices. #champforkids Wanting to be able to fix every situation can bog you down. We can only do our best. #champforkids I bring a positive vibe to my school and I see the good in all of our kids. #champforkids, elementary principal from South Dakota. I love Pink! #champforkids
A4: By modeling these skills and having high expectations for all students to use them. #learnlap If a student is able to consistently use critical thinking skills they will have success in other areas. #learnlapA2: They will help lead our students to life long success. #learnlap Critical thinking skills, the ability to work with a team, & the ability to advocate for your own needs.… Evening! Kim, elementary principal from South Dakota, stopping in. #learnlap
Grateful for the great chat this morning! #nt2t On a daily basis with staff and students. #nt2t Twitter has provided so many resources and amazing people to follow and learn from, I will continue on this pat… From all of the great teachers I have had and all the amazing educators I have had the privlege to work with ov… @hturk139 It is #1 goal for me, and yes it can be overwhelming, but so rewarding. @MathDenisNJ @justinwmcmillan @RACzyz @SteeleThoughts @DavidGeurin @iluveducating @TaraMartinEDU @TechNinjaTodd… My role is to support my teachers so they in turn can support their students. My role is also to build a relati… @dcpsmoss @StratfordLndgES My why was fueled by my amazing 3rd grade teacher Mrs. VanPatten!A2: Absolutely not, moving into administration heightened my need to help student progress and succeed in all aspec… @craigyen I was thinking the same thing! @JeremyDBond I was always bossy and loved playing school! The first "AHA" moment I had with a child when I was a babysitter… Morning from South Dakota! #nt2t people followed me and 5 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
🎉Countdown-to-Piglette #giveaway ! I’ll send #swag to a bunch of lucky winners in honor of my new #picturebook PIGL…
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@DairyQueen My favorite!
A6: My family and my career. I feel so fortunate and grateful.#cultureed By setting the example of following your own heart and path. Encourage others when they have a vision or plan b… I take stock in what I have accomplished and the wonderful relationships that I have developed along the way.… @PrincipalFrench Me too! Definitely need a getaway!A3: Take a breath! I actually have been sick and at home the last two days, which never happens! #PIAChat We did a 5th grade graduation drive through, it was so fun! #Ruraledchat Passing out lunches 3X a week. Just working on the logistics of getting set up 3X a week. It was rough at first… I did some games and giveaways for staff at our Zoom meeting. We did a drive through graduation for our 5th gra… Every school is submitting a 3 Tier plan to our Superintendent. #Ruraledchat Evening from South Dakota! #Cultureed, elementary principal from South Dakota, dropping in. I miss hugs and smiles from kids. #PIAchat A copy of the choice boards for each level and letters written by students. #Classroomchampions We just had two days of distribution, where families had to pick up anything that was left. We are also adoptin… people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by Last Friday was our final day. If the topic is relevant. Getting to connect with peers and students is always a plus. #Classroomchampions Sending out an agenda prior to the meeting is helpful. I feel keeping the participants to under 25 helps the me… here from South Dakota. i am an elementary principal here. #PLN365 Evening! Kim , here from South Dakota. #RuralEdChat! Kim. elementary principal from South Dakota. I like the graphic with kids in it. #Classroomchampions! Kim, elementary principal from South Dakota, stopping by. #Champforkids
This would be awesome!
@jillmclean27 @tiffanytruitt I asked my staff for ideas. Many minds make light work. @tiffanytruitt My district is working on our 3 Tier plan for next year. At this stage we are just brainstorming all… @susankotch Great show!Good Morning from South Dakota. I am an elementary principal here. #sunchat Tag teaming with other staff members to stay in daily contact with our ELL students. #hacklearningA2: Lack of devices and wi-fi. Some of our families are unable to support their child with their distance learning.… @ChristineBemis2 Yes, I am lucky to have them on our team.A1: Our ELL teachers are working very hard to stay connected with our ELL students. They have been delivering meals… Morning from South Dakota! I am an elementary principal here. #Hacklearning people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by
A3: The true connections with students. #CrazyPLN @CarlaMeyrink @Leadupnow @JazmineLFrias Keeping exercise is key for me. My favorite is Body Combat, punch away the stress. #LeadUpChat, You! Kim, elementary principal from South Dakota, looking forward to our chat. #CrazyPLN @mrscflores @simonsinek @cdmveep @MichelleObama Leaders Eat Last is great. @iBrandyPearson I've heard this is great! @matthew_arend @Greg_Moffitt @OhmTurk Just finished Win Time by Stephanie McConnell and Morris Lyon, it was very good. I have been reading all o… I have a huge stack of books to catch up on. #LeadUpChat @kld12 So important!A1: Connecting daily with every student possible. #LeadUpChat Morning from South Dakota! I am an elementary principal here. #LeadUpChat Connect, connect, connect! Once we are truly connected with them we need to listen and help where needed.… This is the ultimate question. So many issues have come to light showing us what our kids are dealing with in t… 1-1 devices is a start. Our local cable company provided free wi-fi for families who needed it for distance lea…! Kim. elementary principal, popping in. #edugladiators Morning from South Dakota! I am an elementary principal. I use FB, Twitter, Insta, and Snapchat. #NT2t have learned that I miss the school experience terribly! I need daily interaction to survive! It worries me about… @cyant76's new? Kim here from South Dakota. #PD4uandme My district uses Seesaw for students to post their work online safely. This app has been our saving grace durin… @HeatherLieberm2 @ScottRRocco @wkrakower @TheBradCurrie Access to devices remains a huge obstacle. Also the lack of support from many families stands in the way of our… It is being available to walk any student or parent through any assignment or low spot with grace and compassio… Ensure the students have the necessary supplies. Give good specific directions. Make the support needed readil… and Shine! Kim, elementary principal from South Dakota, jumping in. #satchat
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#Simmonsrocks I have been so fortunate that my kids are grown and self sufficient. I feel for staff who have such a big load… Laughing is the best medicine! Here are two staff members horsing around at lunch pick up. #piachat Staying in contact with friends and family. Also talking to staff frequently. #PIAChat Daily walks #PIAchat