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Kim Aman @KimAman_abe Aberdeen, SD

Elementary Principal, Adjunct Instructor, Life long learner, Growth Mindset seeker, Mom to 4, Gigi to 1, SDAESP Area 3 Rep, SDAESP Rep on SASD Executive Board

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@gatztasha @BrennanGoehring This makes me LOL!!
@BrennanGoehring Oh, of course that too!!A5: Recently, my new art teacher created some amazing bulletin boards that go with our camping theme to share stude… By noticing and highlighting students and staff who are being creative and sharing it! #PrinLeaderChat I have loved playing around with canva to make notes for the staff. #PrinLeaderChatA2: Constantly working on creating and strengthening relationships with staff and students! I try to create opportu… Anywhere and everywhere. It is an extremely useful tool to help remember material and help process it.… The first think that pops into my head is doodling! I am a big doodler and it helps me solidify my thoughts.… We need to constantly be modeling what we want our students to do! #PrinLeaderChat Sunday Evening! I am an elementary principal in South Dakota! I am so grateful three of my four kids live nea… Sunday Evening from South Dakota! Kim, elementary principal here! I loved any and all art supplies when it cam…
@nicschutter Me too!A2: Breaking the assignment into pieces, teaching them to use graphic organizers, let them use work banks or word w… From shutting down to full on refusal. #Hacklearning Morning, Kim checking in from South Dakota! #Hacklearning
My Simmons school community is definitely more than enough!!! #Happycampers@SE By continually filling their bucket so they know and believe that they are capable. #edugladiators Using restorative practices effectively in my school! #822chat @mafost Acutally today is supposed to get to 40, HEATWAVe! A1: For me it means you are confident in your vision and… Connect with my WHY! If you are constantly in check with this then you can easily navigate the ups and downs in… Morning from South Dakota! #822chat : I am up for either! Anytime I can learn something or make a new connection I am happy! #822chatA2: I would love to be an author and possibly move on to higher ed when this path is completed. #edugladiators @PaulONeill1972 I also love the variety and how each day is new. The amazing outcomes we get to encounter everyday: smiles, hugs, learning success, & emotional growth!… Saturday morning from South Dakota! I love being an elementary principal. #edugladiators @MonteSyrie @specialtechie Instead of smiles and frowns, I use Glows and Grows. @saldanact @Tellez2u I do the same. @specialtechie I will check it out.Some grade levels, not all. #PD4uandme do PLCs monthly with each grade level, but I would like to made these meetings even more productive. #PD4uandmeGood Morning from South Dakota!#PD4uandme Every classroom in our school implements Feeling Circles everyday. Every student talks about how they are feeli… We need to find ways to hear the quiet child's voice everyday. This could be through journaling or sharing circ… I think the personality type comes out the best when a teacher is delivering lessons in front of their class.… I think an introvert is someone who is quiet and introspective. They like to process a bit longer before they t… We need to be working at meeting all of our students' needs. Maslow before Blooms! #SatchatHappy Saturday Morning! I am an elementary principal from South Dakota! I am grateful to be with you all today.…
Love the gratitude that is being shared at school! #Happycampers@SE
@spqrmiguel @CharityDodd @mgrosstaylor @carlameyrink @BrendanFetters @latoyadixon5 @emsamuelsen @clegleiter @gatztasha You deserve a high five!
I am so happy I work with many charming gardeners! #Happycampers@SE
@RobertaYeske Adorable!I already know what an amazing staff we have at Simmons Elementary!! Thank you for everything you do for our kids a… Simmons Elementary Staff is going to be focusing on having an attitude of gratitude this month with a Twitter p… Observation and any formative assessment. I love chatting with kids when I am doing walk throughs and observati… @MoniqueWatford Great point! There are so many other factors that could be causing students to not meet mastery.A2: We analyze the data to pinpoint exactly where they are having missteps, then we come up with interventions to t… I check over their planbook every week. I compare and analyze one grade level a week and ask questions. I also…
@KStally Congratulations!A3: Working through implementing standards based report cards with my district has taught me so much over the past… By being honest and forthcoming about any and all situations, #Hacklearning @SylviaEllison I have also made this mistake!A1: Moving too quickly with new ideas and assuming everyone is on board with me and in the same place. #Hacklearning @conniehamilton My son is also a Marine and has been deployed for the past year and I can't wait to see him at ChristmasHello from South Dakota! I am an elementary principal here. #Hacklearning @saldanact Love Rudy
@JaniceWyattRoss @spqrmiguel @CharityDodd @mgrosstaylor @carlameyrink @BrendanFetters @latoyadixon5 @emsamuelsen @clegleiter @spqrmiguel @CharityDodd @mgrosstaylor @carlameyrink @BrendanFetters @latoyadixon5 @emsamuelsen @clegleiter We have put several things in place this past year. I think we need to pause and check on the effective… By implementing a more cohesive and organized system. At this point it is more happenstance finding a great men… We are working on fine tuning our SEL for our kids. #822chat By encouraging them to take the lead on projects and events. Letting them know when they have done a great job!… Many times I move too quickly when I am excited about a new idea. My superintendent has warned me to slow down… Morning! Kim, elementary principal in South Dakota! I am grateful for this beautiful fall morning, my deliciou… @sarahpedrotti @MrDelliSanti I completely agree with this! It doesn't always work the best when the coach is also the elevator. @CharityDodd YES!!A2: When these things are put in place with fidelity and best intentions the outcome can be amazing. #EduGladiators @carlameyrink @latoyadixon5 @CharityDodd I completely agree about how difficult it is to truly connect. @mgrosstaylor Good Morning, Marlena!A1: When you have specific feedback from an expert you are more likely to show improvement and growth!… @D4Griffin3 Happy Saturday Dennis!Good Saturday Morning! Kim, elementary principal here from South Dakota! #EduGladiators here participating in Jumpstarts Read for the Record this week on November 7th?#PD4uandme @emilyfranESL Thank you.Good Saturday Morning! Kim here from South Dakota. #PD4uandme I have committed to get 10000+ steps everyday. I've also recently started yoga! #satchat Connecting with as many students and staff members as I can on a daily basis. High fives, fist bumps, and Hugs… Our school mantra is "Kids First". Every decision we make goes back to this mantra! #satchat @wkrakower Good Morning!Good Saturday Morning from South Dakota, I am an elementary principal here, #satchat
@PrincipalFrench @Scholastic Wow, impressive! @MissMeyerITJHS I love costumes, but I think my favorite was when I was a shark and my husband was a fisherman. #waledchat My office manager and my two counselors are magnificent sounding boards. I also have several teachers I like to… @loliveira55 Making sure I connect with families. I love connecting with students, but I need to make an effort to make sure… Building relationships and providing engaging lessons and activities, so they want to work hard to be in class!… Halloween! Kim elementary principal from South Dakota! I love anything that is dark chocolate. #waledchat
Excellent point! When families are transient their child loses all of the data and interventions that might have been working for them.A3: Try to visit every classroom everyday even if it is for 2 mins. Also make a point to do a read alouds in every… @jimgmartin29 Completely agree! That is my go to spot when I need a lift!A2: We need to have our data to show the need for interventions and budgetary increases. #EdChatRI My office manager does a great job of taking care of a ton of little things so I can be out and about.… By doing their research and knowing what is available, realistic, and effective. #edchatri Emails for sure! #VAESPChat from South Dakota! #edchatrI @DShun21C @SJCheetahs What city is San Joaquin Elementary in? I used to live and teach in Lodi. @posickj Hello!