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Kim Bearden @kimbearden Atlanta, Georgia

Cofounder and executive director of the Ron Clark Academy. Language arts teacher. Author. Speaker. Wife. Mom.

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@ECUcrystalECU @FCSchoolsNC 🥰🥰🥰 @GeneinLetford Thank you, @GeneinLetford, for this beautiful video. Wow!❤️🥰❤️Sometimes you choose your books, other times the books choose you. Thank you @kimbearden for another 💎gem💎 that w…
Retweeted by Kim Bearden @Lindsay081 Honored to be sitting on the porch with you! 🥰 @MsCallieGodwin @mrronclark_ @HamiltonMusical 😌🥰🥰🥰
@steph_frosch @dbc_inc @drvcjones @DrJamesWhit @burgessdave @TaraMartinEDU So blessed to call you friend. ❤️ @mrronclark_ @HamiltonMusical Yes. Remembering when we didn’t want to leave the theater, and we stood with tears streaming down our faces... @MrBlackburn_SL What a kind thing to say! Thank you! @MrBlackburn_SL Thank you, Joshua!
@ECUcrystalECU @FCSchoolsNC Love you, friend! I hope you enjoy it!Excited to dive into this awesome read. Thanks @kimbearden for your continuous inspiration. Educators within…
Retweeted by Kim Bearden @docholliday747 @RiceMSPenny @burgessdave @ronclarkacademy @mmurphyBES @txchris67 @literacy_kim @TAYLOR_does_IT’s more about what they see in your eyes than what others see on your social media feed - @kimbearden #FightSong
Retweeted by Kim Bearden @PrincipalGarden @burgessdave @TechNinjaTodd @adamdovico Ah, yay! Love to be with my buddies @adamdovico and @TechNinjaTodd! @JayBilly2 Yes! Hopefully! @JayBilly2 @dbc_inc @TaraMartinEDU @nbartley6 @burgessdave @teach_n_boots @BethHouf @DrRackleyCCMS @Greg_Moffitt So honored. Thank you!Getting the holiday weekend started with #FightSong by @kimbearden and early morning at the beach. I’ll be gone by…
Retweeted by Kim Bearden @MissMoeTeaches @KristinOropeza @SuzanneCollins1 @EliaEliamoreno @dbc_inc @noexcusesu I am honored to be on your list, Lisa!
@julie_haden hooray! @edtechsavy @steph_frosch @Region10ESC @PinkElementary ❤️🥰❤️ @teach_n_boots @dbc_inc @TaraMartinEDU @burgessdave @MrsHosmer_TBHS @MrsMasnicatbhs @sgteach_sari Yay! 🥰🥰🥰I’m not sure what your Wednesday mail looked like... but mine looked like this!!!!! “There is a song within you ju…
Retweeted by Kim Bearden @docholliday747 @burgessdave @dbc_inc @burgess_shelley @TaraMartinEDU Thank you, David! @teach_n_boots @TaraMartinEDU @dbc_inc @burgessdave @MrsHosmer_TBHS @MrsMasnicatbhs @sgteach_sari So grateful🥰🥰🥰
@KNicoleStrick Love you, Nicole!❤️It’s here!!! It’s here!!!! So incredibly grateful and proud of @kimbearden !! Fight Song is out now!!! Can’t wait…
Retweeted by Kim Bearden @BurchBears3rd Thank you so much, Michael. Grateful.Fight Song by @kimbearden is a powerful & uplifting guide to turn tragedy into triumph! A timely book to find your…
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@PrimaryShannon @mrronclark_ @kirkandre 🥰🥰🥰 @ECUcrystalECU @FCSchoolsNC Thank you, Crystal!
@MsBraun_AMS @TaraMartinEDU @dbc_inc Thanks for joining us, Denise!HIGHLY recommended!!! #FightSong by @kimbearden This is NOT just for educators. This one is for everyone. This b…
Retweeted by Kim Bearden @julie_haden ❤️❤️❤️ @kateipsen 🥰🥰🥰 @thriftfamily Grateful!🥰 @SarahHoerrVT Thank you, Sarah!❤️ @KimCHarris3 Thank you so much, Kim!🥰❤️I’m on chapter 4. Grab your tissues! This book is profound, inspiring, filled with abounding joy, and will fill you…
Retweeted by Kim Bearden @jrhobb01 Honored!❤️ @burgess_shelley Thank you, Shelley!❤️❤️❤️ @mrsericachick Thank you, Erica! @net_shelly This means so much to me! @Cooper_FME Thank you, Cassandra!❤️ @Lindsay081 Grateful! @dphelps1113 Thank you, Darius! @abbyhbryant I am honored!
@mjmcalliwrites Thank you, Melody!❤️❤️❤️Fight Song: Six Steps to Passion, Power, Peace, and Purpose is available now. Watch to learn more. 💪🏼🎵❤️… @ECUcrystalECU @FCSchoolsNC Thank you, precious friend! @CounselorLady08 @teamcopelandATL @burgessdave You are amazing.Thank you @kimbearden ❤️for including us in your amazing book “Fight Song”. Educator family make sure you get your…
Retweeted by Kim Bearden#FightSong by @kimbearden is officially out!! 6 steps to passion, power, peace,& purpose. Such an inspirational rea…
Retweeted by Kim Bearden @susanblowey @ronclarkacademy @dbc_inc Thank you, Susan!My copy just arrived and I’m ready to dive into a great book with @kimbearden! #KirkAdventures20 #kirkroar #ClubRCA
Retweeted by Kim Bearden @AmandaWhite1981 Thank you, Amanda!❤️So excited to start this book! @kimbearden has totally changed my outlook on education. She makes you want to be be…
Retweeted by Kim Bearden @JulieRatcliff2 Thank you!❤️ @adamdovico Thank you— so blessed to call you friend! @Ryan7Read @dbc_inc @burgessdave @burgess_shelley @TaraMartinEDU @tishrich @AnnickRauch @tamaraletter are proud to release our second project with the wonderful @kimbearden ! Fight Song is now available at Amazon…
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Retweeted by Kim BeardenThank you so much! @jeffsheehan Thank you! @DuncankTeacher Let’s have a great day!🥰 @MelRickli3 Thank you!FIGHT SONG: Six Steps to Passion, Power, Peace, and Purpose is available now! 💪🏼🎵 It is my anthem for how to ident… you, Erin! I hope you enjoy it!❤️🎵💪🏼 #fightsong @sanders_rm410 @mrronclark_ Thank you so much, Sarah!
@kimbnov16 @dbc_inc @burgessdave @adamdovico @TechNinjaTodd @burgess_shelley @TaraMartinEDU That means the world to me! Thank you! @BrowardElem @JBernadin @PrincipalLivi @HCPSTitle1 @jprewitt61 @bishopteach So grateful to meet your team! @mssmedina3 So honored to meet you! @PrincipalLivi @BrowardElem Thank you!🥰 @principallyyou @HillsboroughSch @ronclarkacademy @HCPSGraham Loved spending time with you! @Cice3Preston @LukeErfman @KidsDeserveIt @booksamillion @brewerhm Thank you! And @brewerhm is awesome— I agree! @Lindsayjean21 @PrincipalLivi @BrowardElem Thank you!🥰 @RyanMoodyHCPS @JBernadin @ronclarkacademy @BritneeCunning1 So grateful for our time with you! @sharonwaite 🤗🤗🤗I enjoyed spending time with you! @BritneeCunning1 @ronclarkacademy @JBernadin So great to meet you! @BritneeCunning1 🥰🥰🥰 @HCPSForestHills @ronclarkacademy @mssmedina3 @_MsMcCarter @MsClarkRm125 @mskatrivera So honored to spend time with you!❤️ @kinderteach571 @JBernadin @HCPSWoodsonPK8 @ronclarkacademy @Ovettwilson @AddisonGDavis @franchino_mr @CCopeland01 @mssmedina3 You all were wonderful! Thank you for having us! @mssmedina3 So great to meet you!❤️
@kimbnov16 @RebeccaCoda @sheehyrw @jmattmiller @MathDenisNJ @DanielPink @TaraMartinEDU Thank you! Honored to be included with these!
@TallTechy @ronclarkacademy @mrronclark_ Thank you, Ashley! @JulieRatcliff2 @mrronclark_ Thank you for being a part of Club RCA, Julie!
@mrsmooneywh @drvcjones She is AMAZING.
@kirkandre @br0wn24 😂 @CoachReid6 Thank you! 😌 @McRaeChris @ronclarkacademy 🤗🤗🤗
@_8dawn @GarrettRachelE @snyderk0819 @AmyDearmon @DrIbram @BDTSpelman Thank you, Dawn! @thriftfamily @msatwell_kinder @sheehyrw @mrronclark_ Thank you! I am honored! @JBernadin, our dean of students, is taking over @ronclarkacademy IG today. Please hop over to watch and listen. @CarolineWigger @TeachingLoL5 🥰🥰🥰 @happyhaysteach @TeachingLoL5 Wow, Heather! Thank you. 😌Kelly, I am so honored.
@khargitay @RebeccaArtsy @ronclarkacademy Honored, Katharina!