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Instructional Coach, Friend of the yoga mat, Buddy of sweets, Pal of nifty stuff, Learner @ SD113a, Twitter before I get out of bed. Yes and...

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"What bothers you?" 8th graders are writing original blues songs. #sd113a
Retweeted by Kim DarcheFeeling decorative for this Festive Friday! #OQMS #sd113a
Retweeted by Kim DarcheStudents turned into Revolutionary War soldiers today to learn about life and conditions at war. #sd113a Thank you…
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It was so wonderful Mr. B!!! Thanks for having us! #owbears #sd113a
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Kindergarten practicing a snowman digitally before they paint it physically #IWB #artsed #problemsolving #edtech
Retweeted by Kim DarcheQ4: We have been working on a proposal for eLearning day - excited about the experience for our students. If anyone…
Retweeted by Kim Darche“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” – Buddy. This totally made my day…
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An awesome source of information for #hourofcode and #csforall curated by @nmzumpano!
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Here’s another from Wednesday night 😂 #sd113a
Retweeted by Kim Darche @JoyKirr @MrsKField @AHSD25Thomas @TmsDelta You are giving me all the good feels :)))How do I spend my Thursday evenings? Making videos for my students of course! #sd113a
Retweeted by Kim Darche @kimdarche It's REALLY exciting to see how the kids are writing, writing, writing in response to the stories!!
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#sd113a @jesgarrigan @SchittsCreek @danjlevy YesssssssIt's #12DAYSofCREATIVITY DAY 3! 💌 ANIMATED HOLIDAY CARDS w/ #KEYNOTE! ➡️ Directions & Template…
Retweeted by Kim Darche @its_morgancave @kheiladunkerly Fun!!I never bought into the "Elf on a Shelf," but THIS elf I can get on board with!! #elfontheshelf ➡️ #KindnessElf
Retweeted by Kim Darche @JoyKirr YayayyayayayyaCheck out the latest episode of I'll Jump First! In this episode #EngageD64 Coaches @teacherMrMic & @jpowellteach
Retweeted by Kim Darche @TerriO kicking off the 10th annual Hope and Friendship Dodgeball Tournament! #sd113a we go #oqfamily Dodgeball @TerriO Hope and Friendship! Woot!!! #sd113a
This is so exciting to see this happening at so many school districts!! Eeeeep!! a local school district tech leader meeting today... Used a modified ransomware drill from @cosn and @il_etl Went well.
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@JoyKirr You are so incredibly kind to me. Thank you Joy!The Harlem Wizards prepping for our big game on January 10th! @SD113a_EduFdn @mistergaw @joseph_sweeneyC sighting in the December issue of AASA magazine! @drorzel - “A Role Model Who Lifts Others” - Couldn’t have s…
Retweeted by Kim DarcheQuestions are out for the upcoming #IASASuperWomen chat next Tuesday at 7pmCST...tag all friends (all are welcome!)…
Retweeted by Kim DarcheCheck this out!! It is Day 1 of #12DAYSofCREATIVITY and you don't want to miss what @its_morgancave has for you!
Retweeted by Kim DarcheI’m moderating the #RCSLearn Twitter Chat next Tuesday at 8 pm EST. Put it on your calendar to participate.…
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@kimdarche I’m not crying, you’re crying! Thank you my friend. You make me a better version of myself. I am who I a…
Retweeted by Kim Darche#DoGoodDecember Random Compliment incoming - @iCoachLindsay I admire how you find joy even when times can be tough.…
Retweeted by Kim Darche#DoGoodDecember Random Compliment incoming @julnilsmith I appreciate how you don't try to be anyone but yourself. I…
Retweeted by Kim Darche#DoGoodDecember Random Compliment incoming - @iCoachLindsay I admire how you find joy even when times can be tough.… Random Compliment incoming @lhimpelmann181 I admire the way you don't take learning experiences for… Random Compliment incoming @julnilsmith I appreciate how you don't try to be anyone but yourself. I… Random Compliment incoming - @Hansen617 You impress the heck out of me how you have challenged your… for an incredible cause to donate to for giving Tuesday? Look no further! @Erikas_LH is an incredible organ…
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#d181proud Thinking of you all! #sd113a #edtechusf my golly!!! That means so much ❤️ @drorzel @JanaMrszipfel I get blamed for a lot :X @JanaMrszipfel @drorzel ha! it wasn't the whole ignite, just @drorzel slidedeck! @drorzel @JanaMrszipfel Oh my machine... duh. I have all the good stuff. I had to remake it.. I couldn't find the i… @JanaMrszipfel @drorzel Dang.... I just rewatched that Ignite... it was really good. @JoyKirr Awwww shucks!
Retweeted by Kim DarcheMark your calendars for December 2 at 8:00 p.m. for #ILEdchat as we discuss Hour of Code. Don't forget to bring a…
Retweeted by Kim Darche @FerraroOnAir @N_Ciesiun @kindramhall @Oratium Ordered both! Dang you :)
@FerraroOnAir @N_Ciesiun @kindramhall @Oratium Thank you!!! -always- jump in :)
My interview with Dr. Courtney Orzel for The Wired Educator Podcast. Ep 145. Hope you will give it a listen, a shar…
Retweeted by Kim DarcheOur December #ILEdchat is coming fast! Join us on December 2 at 8:00 p.m. as we discuss Hour of Code. Don't forge…
Retweeted by Kim DarcheHere we go, #IASASuperWomen ...IL female supts...I cannot tell you how amazing the #ILwellsummit experience is...le…
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@kheiladunkerly @BSMS_Eagles I miss YOUR face! Come visit!!! @fuglefun @AaronSouzaTech @NevinM_17 Ahhhhh! These are incredible :) watch out #ideacon20 You won't want to miss our session ! @BarbaraKarrel Hello you!! It's crazy I was just thinking about you last week. Congrats on becoming a principal :) @bethrihtar IKR?! @kheiladunkerly @BSMS_Eagles They are some lucky teachers to get to mess around with you....can't wait for #iste2020I can't even... @oldquarrycheer @MrsPaczkowski She is a machine!I had the pleasure of chatting it up today with two incredible educators @fuglefun and @AaronSouzaTech !! Talks lik… is something I put together for my friends at #OQMS Sharing it out in case anyone else in the Twitterverse wan…
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#proudmom.... And he wants to play it at Thanksgiving.... @YodaMatt68 @ILEdTechCon Woot! Put it to good use :)Q1: Welcome to the #323learns feedback #slowchat. Today's question is really a 2 for 1 deal. Reflect on your feedba…
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@ChrissyKeith11 I leave the usage to the much more talented peeps of #oqms! I'll see what they come up with :)#118FullPotential. Our students submitted their games at the Young Inventor Challenge. Congratulations to our stud…
Retweeted by Kim Darche @i3algebra @LabNamedSailor Ha!! Literally just took this picture... (and I have to pee so badly) @iCoachLindsay Woot! @iCoachLindsay *puts her hand up* I made it for 12 days before break soo December 5th? @iCoachLindsay I would have come if it meant free ice cream! @N_Ciesiun We have to get them to be better storytellers!! :) @sonray10 is something I put together for my friends at #OQMS Sharing it out in case anyone else in the Twitterverse wan… @drorzel @TonySandersU46 @drkevinbrussell Yeah I totally knew it :x
A fantastic Today at Apple session at the Michigan Avenue Store on jump clips with some fellow #ADE classmates. My…
Retweeted by Kim Darche @drorzel @TonySandersU46 @drkevinbrussell You know how many times I had to stop myself from asking "was that an approved pic???"You two have nooooo idea how happy I am to see this! @DrPeteSullivan @DeannaDoliver @droZel @drkevinbrussell Grey hair occurs more quickly for those whose children play hockey #proven. :)#iljac19 Proof in the Pudding @drorzel @drkevinbrussell Show yer peeps :) @BethanyMartino1 @drorzel @drkevinbrussell oh yeah! Now we did !! @BethanyMartino1 hahah no different!! Mine is a calendar.. I share it with my students when they need to participate in a chat :)This is truer than ever. #ILjac19 @Bellv118_Supt @drorzel @drkevinbrussell Have fun on the Tweets! #ILjac19Man I wish they still had eggs... there were so many more puns than with the head... is a fantastic tool for scheduling Tweets - #iljac19 is also a fantastic site for finding Twitter Chats: #iljac19 @DeannaDoliver @droZel @drkevinbrussell It so great for posting cross-platform on social media. #iljac19Is she doesn't mention it... ask @drorzel about the Twitter fairy. important!! The more we have the more disjointed our story becomes. #iljac19 way @orzel encourages us is to reply to as many tweets as possible. #iljac19 @Buck_JacobT @drorzel @drkevinbrussell Have a great time!! @angieruebush @drorzel @drkevinbrussell Have a great time!! A great way to help your staff start using Twitter is t… @MrsBornhoeft @drorzel @drkevinbrussell It's so easy peasy!! And will keep you on the up and up during Twitter chat… @kimdarche @BethanyMartino1 @drorzel @drkevinbrussell @JenPierson1 @jhaf1133 @lhimpelmann181 Yes!! Twitter FTW!!! 🙌🏼👌🏼👏🏼
Retweeted by Kim Darche @kimdarche @drorzel @drkevinbrussell We're pretty lucky to have @drorzel in our lives! So glad she encourages us to…
Retweeted by Kim Darche @BethanyMartino1 @drorzel @drkevinbrussell You know it!! Just ask the peeps in the Hinsdale #edtechusf cohort - rig…