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@TeslaStars Truly remarkable! So beautiful it brought tears to my eyes a couple of times! @samrotberg Thank you!! @CathyKichler I want to go back and spend time there. Next time west. @WPipperger I think this calls for a bet.The setting sun after the rain and how it lit up everything is not something I’ll forget! #tesla #model3 #roadtrip onward through Capitol Reef National park -wow! #tesla #model3 #roadtrip we stopped for a socially distant beverage with @thudhead and his wife Linda at their amazing home! Look at th… through the Grand Staircase #model3 #tesla #roadtrip I headed to Moab via UT 12 eastbound - so grateful I got to do it in the opposite direction and that @bnkwupt
@BLKMDL3 @compu_85 @bnkwupt I think you’re right! (Though I did ONR it this morning. 😜)#tesla #model3 #toadtrip #model3 #roadtrip some of the Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive with @bnkwupt and @compu_85 ! #tesla #model3 #roadtrip @1LoafOfMeat @bnkwupt Oh don’t worry - she’s a shameless hussy who identifies as her. 👍 @1LoafOfMeat @bnkwupt It’s the red. 🤷‍♀️💃Change of plans! Bailing on Zion because I couldn’t get a ticket - but that’s ok because Joules hooked up with an o… @DaveSMT @elonmusk @InSpaceXItrust @RationalEtienne On the way home. @DaveSMT @elonmusk @InSpaceXItrust @RationalEtienne I’m in Utah! Bryce Canyon. Zion next. It’s all in my thread. 😜 @seanmmitchell What’s Teslas customer satisfaction score again? I forget. @DaveSMT @elonmusk @InSpaceXItrust @RationalEtienne No. None. @DaveSMT @elonmusk @InSpaceXItrust @RationalEtienne No troubles and of course masks!! @ILuvAmp Yeah it’ll happen lol @elonmusk @InSpaceXItrust @RationalEtienne Hey Elon I’m on a solo cross country trip in my P3D- now. 😃 @seanmmitchell Haha I don’t know who Am I ghosting 🤷‍♀️🤣You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by Kim Paquette 💫 @m40dotcom I pack pre mixed ONR in a spray bottle and a stack of microfiber towels. 😎 @nikolatrevor Funny guy.Camping again tonight! #tesla #model3 #roadtrip #solotravel
@seanmmitchell Who are you ghosting? 😂 @grantgerke The weather could not be more perfect. Clear, upper 70s during the day, upper 40s at night. Perfect tent weather. 😎#tesla #roadtrip #model3 #solotravel pics of Bryce Canyon! I hiked the peek-a-boo to the Navajo trail, up through Wall Street (that was a worko… @seanmmitchell @elonmusk Oof. 🤣Good morning!!! @TslaEu Only 103. I’m a wuss!! @GerberKawasaki @elonmusk 1200 is today so get to work planning. 😜Tesla delivered.... are you ready for this?? 90650 cars in Q2 During a pandemic And a factory shutdown Let that…
Retweeted by Kim Paquette 💫 @tom_string Not every state requires it. But this car is from CA, which does require it. Many people just don’t put… @Flavinrocks @WholeMarsBlog Live a little!! @DonStorey42 Haha. These chargers are wired dumb. First car has to hug wall so other can hug line and allow their c… @28delayslater I think it’s time to go a little crazy, Earl. @bnkwupt @compu_85 Hi guys!!! @spickett84 @DrivingSlate They both have their place!! 😜 @ing_lele @Kristennetten Mph because ‘Merica @DrivingSlate Boooooring. 👎😂Doesn’t this make you want to floor it? What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone in your #Tesla? 😎 #modelS #model3 @flyerandyp On to 4200! 🤓 @msoeden I wouldn’t know where to start! But I like the idea! @BarkMSmeagol Honestly I have barely been following Trevor since I’m on the road but he really is annoying AF. @phibetakitten They might be fighting. She is a very special unicorn. 🦄 @phibetakitten Oh no. I will have to have a word. @phibetakitten Congratulations on both counts!!Joules is heauxing again! Another red one - she definitely has a type. 😜 #tesla #model3
@ILuvAmp I am in Utah now - plan on Bryce, Zion, and maybe arches and monument valley if I double back? Not out of the question. @SCMountainDad Not too bad. 90ish today but just upper 70s the time I’ll be here! @kerrylikis Just my iPhone XS plus! @TravelComApp Just my iPhone XS plus. @liepa If only they had EV charging. 😭I arrived to the hotel near Bryce Canyon! Will shower (yay!!) and charge up - likely move to campground tomorrow! W… @GabeRitter1 I did that last year to Custer but might do again on the way home.Seriously - #bucketlist scenic drive! #tesla #roadtrip #model3 #solotravel #Ut12 some juice at a #tesla destination charger before I continue! Just need a little for buffer, since I didn’…’m driving to Bryce Canyon via the Utah 12 scenic byway. I’ve only done the first part and it has not disappointed… @mliebow Funny you mention. A IG I follow posted this yesterday. I’d prob do vodka. Or a watermelon margarita. 😋 was very excited to see the largest watermelon is at the Green River supercharger! Slight letdown. 😂 #roadtrip @1LoafOfMeat Yes!!!So long Colorado! Headed to Bryce Canyon for the next few days! #tesla #roadtrip #model3 #solotravel @msoeden ❤️❤️❤️ @ElectrifiedArt I’m staying at a campground inside the monument! Super easy - booked on
@srikandalu Not too far. I’ll try to do that after Arches. 😎 @grantgerke Colorado! Utah tomorrow. 😎 @FradetRon It was hot yesterday. 90s. This is western Colorado. @FradetRon 78 degrees today! Nice!! Cool at night. Perfect.I mean...... !!! #solotravel #roadtrip #tesla #model3!! just did the 5 mile lower monument canyon to wedding canyon loop! So pretty! #roadtrip #solotravel #tesla #model3 to explore! #hiking #solotravel #roadtrip @ShellyPRansom Haha if I can do it, anyone can! @TESLORD1 I did!!! 50s and rain - Great sleeping weather. It was my first test with this tent in the rain and it di… Good morning! First night camping was great! Rained for a few hours overnight, which sounded amazing a… @canuck_rusty Lol no these are taken from the rim drive. @FradetRon I have it only in certain spots and it’s extremely slow. My campground has it off and on. @m40dotcom Sorry. Just tequila in this tumbler. 😜 @kylaschwaberow Grand junction is only abo it 20 miles away. for the next 2 nights! #tesla #model3 #roadtrip #camping #solotravel
@JeffBridges It did great! I didn’t have to do a thing but enjoy the scenery! 😎 @TheRealA_Gent_K Charging there shortly!Here’s to the next 10 years 🥂 $TSLA
Retweeted by Kim Paquette 💫More of Glenwood canyon! ❤️😎 #tesla #model3 #roadtrip @afhallmd I am - it’s here: adjust absolute speed to a higher number as I just did lol pretty. 😁 @afhallmd I got it today 🙃 I need to go into my settings now lol. @tom_string Thank you!! 😊 @TESLORD1 @westcoteslaclub I knowwww Sean told me about that - wish timing was better!! I’ll be in Bryce Canyon then. @stiflerxavi @seanmmitchell I’m sure Sean is glad he won’t have to keep the tequila IV going now that I’m on my way. 🥴😂 @Tobeywankanobi @seanmmitchell @onepeloton It’s worth it, though. You can have as many people as you want on it and… the tent for the next couple of nights! #tesla #model3 #roadtrip #solotravel