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Social Justice Wizard. Kindness/Politics/Sci-fi/computing/geekery/costuming/history/gaming. Gender is...uh? Pronouns: he/she/they. Polyam/Bi/pansexual.

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@Pixelfish I swapped my portfolio to bonds at the end of LAST October and I'm so pissed about being right that things were headed to shit. @Pixelfish tfw you're way more paranoid than everyone around you AND you're still not paranoid enough. @ElectricClair If you mean just soothing here's 3 easy ones: Great British Bake Off & Sewing Bee Home Is Where The Art Is
The fact that the Seattle Garages somehow made it to the finals and now we're going to get our butts kicked because… if you had the 6 months worth of emergency funds they told us to keep IT'S BEEN MORE THAN SIX MONTHS. honestly did not know this and UGH. @veryheathmiller @Iheardthisonce yeah, but at least we're seeing them all online these days. Trevor Noah's book selection makes me laugh. @veryheathmiller Different niche, but I seriously judge people by their bookshelves, so I do try to scan them in an… @AnxietySong @WeAreNIM Someone hire me to write like, Little Women Except The Sisters Are All Asteroid Miners @MortuaryReport My family was right aggro about it, or antichuffed, or whatever they say over that. We were pissed and I yelled at the TV. @TamsinSometimes @girldrawsghosts Hot ice and wond'rous strange snow! @pixelpeony I don't know what my next con will be, but whether it's the WSCTC or the SeaTac Doubletree, I'm going t… @jon_bois I learned absolutely nothing about football from 17776 or 20020, but I thought a lot about the ineffabili… @unclepilot @blaseball That's just how good of a job the commissioner is doing!I love how well our voting system works here. Everyone should be able to like we do here in Seattle. @SoupGargoyle Yes. 1 and 3 go into the freezer in this house. @SoupGargoyle have you tried freezing 3? @chalkyheart @Helikhana some of them, anyway, we've seen your Twitter
"The ideal world for an imperfect being is an imperfect world." --Jon Bois Gonna be thinking about that one for a l… of our city's three ineffectual police oversight bodies backing up another. Sigh. #DefundSPD or no deal. If you… writers deserve a shot at the white characters too, and also Marvel Comics has had way more amazing Black wri… @Emmy_Zje I'm queer and grew up in rural, Mormon-controlled Arizona so... @Pixelfish @AnaMardoll I'm doing my best to cover friends and internet acquaintances emergencies and basic survival… @SheFell4Russia @veryheathmiller SQUIRREL @AnaMardoll And we should retroactively approve all the people who applied and were denied first. I know someone wh… @vintage_katie_ (Also, it's pegged to CPI here so it keeps going up and we don't have to have a giant fight a decad… @vintage_katie_ Here in Seattle we phased it in gradually and how fast it got phased in was based upon number of em… @MortuaryReport Gotcha covered. @vintage_katie_ @HTHRFLWRS Meatpunks Blaseball coming when @GoldyHA Ah, the good old days. @MarbleMint17 @blaseball @wherecardsfall Garages 4 LIFE @TwitterSupport unsuspend @XandraXero, please. script your mail carrier finally decides you're not a Replicant @sextoyspolitics tbf, your state is too big and should be split into multiple ones. @amyewalter He Gish gallopped the whole debate AGAIN. How is that "very disciplined"? @daeshikjr If it helps, Ocean Spray is an actual co-op: @Pixelfish My brain also has a very difficult time with podcasts. I find I either CAN ONLY PAY ATTENTION TO THE TAL… @RikerGoogling the aliens who kidnapped Geordi to fix up their spaceship, basically.I enoyed myself for a while tonight. I'd honestly wholly forgotten what that felt like, it's been so long. @HillaryMonahan Twitter doesn't let me put in enough heart emojis for this, thank you so much. @students4marko @babycornobi That's good, but also Twitter isn't votes. Keep your eyes on the prize. @SadMeganGirls that one makes me cry. Such a beautiful ep.
IT'S NOT FAIR @adampknave @Massawyrm at least until they film the sequel, Yo, Frankenstein, Where's My Car? @clairewillett Anthem (The Future, Leonard Cohen, 1992)If you would be kind to somebody else who was having the kind of problems you're having, then you should be kind to…
Retweeted by Kindly Wizard Voted Biden/Harris. You? @GoldyHA i've got D&D tonight, please add a third option :P @babysnakebaby @SheraeForState I no longer reside in the 43rd but I still actually am curious. My bet is chicken no… spent my teens as a Boy Scout and this is known as the "campfire rule": leave it better than you found it. It's t… @bigredrobot @adampknave someone once said that in Star Wars nobody fucks and in Star Trek everybody fucks and I've… and Frances for judges, keep Noel, bring on Ramesh Ranganathan as the deadpan "Straight Man" for Noel to bou… to the top of this thread and read down and laugh. You need it today. @germanrlopez so you would support, say, a 50% tax increase to make that happen? @LWardwood what if we just got within a few feet of a unmasked fascist-sympathizer during a respiratory virus pande… @trgrrl FemShep (Mass Effect, BioWare, 2007) @BrettHamil if you're going to draw him in, you could've just tagged @paulconstant @OhNoSheTwitnt Thank you, us queers do not want to be tainted by any association with that asshole @pixelpeony @jelenawoehr buildbackbetter @autotectonic That hair is flame emojiThe misogynistic and racist attacks from the shitty minority of the fanbase against the actors and production teams… that Eddie Vedder loves you more than you could ever imagine @GoldyHA it's insane that we haven't updated the apportionment act since 1929The "Bork" that they always whine about getting voted down was the eventual "hit man" in the "Saturday Night Massac…, a moment. I don’t really think any of us are okay right now. We’re all trying our damn best, and that i…
Retweeted by Kindly Wizard Voted Biden/Harris. You? @EvolBrew @TurboJehtt @Peanut_Crunch cc @boomer_kid @TaffetaV me too.1) Copious amounts of splenda. I usually like soft sweet teas like honey chamomile, or peppermint.what the hey, I'm bored have more respect for people who don't fuck with theory and just do mutual aid than those who only fuck with theo…
Retweeted by Kindly Wizard Voted Biden/Harris. You? @sextoyspolitics On the plus side, the "days without cis nonsense" counter will finally be free to count upwards? @sextoyspolitics I suspect there won't be lesbians after about 10^1000 years from now, but to be fair, the universe… this look like an appropriate Father/son interaction to you? is shutting down. It lasted just over 1 Friedman, 18 Scaramuccis, or 28,584 Quibis, to use the time measurements of the modern era.
@margaret_adelle She's eligible in 4 years and I would literally max out donations on that one. @veryheathmiller good kitty, good Twitter frens Kindness above all. @QuinntoBean 4 now!Support trans lives. @DanaSchwartzzz NASA TO REVEAL STRANGE BLACK MONOLITH WITH PROPORTIONS 1:4:9 didn't start the fiiiiire it was always burnin since the world's been turnin @Emmy_Zje someone on here described Fleetwood Mac as not being one band so much as two bands stapled together and I went ooooooooh @MortuaryReport Please be vocal about pre-order links, I want to give you dollars for this work.Masturbating: no issues if that’s what you want! Masturbating in front of consenting adults: no issues if that’s w…
Retweeted by Kindly Wizard Voted Biden/Harris. You? @LesbianLaMaupin this pic is HAWT, tbc. @HillaryMonahan I'm kinda stunned at the Toobin apologists. He was never a good legal analyst? And even if he was,… @PurplesparkSt @AnxietySong me too, although my femme version was born in May so that fits.320Kish young people tuned in to watch AOC play a digital version of Mafia/Werewolf, and listened to explanations o… @TamsinSometimes 💙💜🤍💜💙 @HillaryMonahan the well-trimmed beard is what sells me. He looks too young without it, tbh @GeekGirlsRule mornings are to remind you to go to sleep am i doing circadian rhythm wrong?Remember ACORN? They're gonna try to do it again. @GoldyHA tbf, that's because SS works to help people be secure in retirement whereas 401k are mostly about helping… @Pixelfish @veryheathmiller Easy Cheese: It's what's BELOW the barrel. Dungeons and Dragons: Coasting for decades and proud of…