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The misadventures of Mister Robin. Philly 🛫🛬 (D)MV

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PISSES ME AWF.’all think Ari was talmbout Robert K, cuz I do 🥴 @a_blizzle You’re welcome Babe! @blacctimus The taste!Lawd 😍 @_TonyChilds_ @whoisapollo @DawnRichard @4DaLuvOfDeevyUs @jsullivanmusic SAMEEE @chucka_khan I love thisA full Bottega moment
Retweeted by Charming’s Tale @JovonnieC Valid, it’s exactly what I expected @JovonnieC I trust you, lemme go listenToday was as busy as I thought, lemme siddown smoke and pack @_devilwearprada 💍💍💍
Me - “the girls are trying me” My therapist - “who are the girls, you always refer to them” Me - “....everyone”
Retweeted by Charming’s TaleBitch do you know what google says @dontmakecentsss I’m crying! 😭😭😭 @____Kollin @KeithHollandd LMFAOOOOOOOO @____Kollin 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @KeithHollandd @____Kollin I just rewatched the video and I can’t connect. It was cute seeing Drew tho 😍 @JohnyLovely_ 😭😭😭😭😭 @KeithHollandd @____Kollin Lmaoooo Why’d you turn fake on me?! Wow @____Kollin Mad. @____Kollin Indifferent @____Kollin No thank you ❤️ @____Kollin I just don’t understand @_SubtlePower You do! @____Kollin It was? @Jamezsey Anna oop!I thought I had bank... I need more 🥲 @blade_weiser 😭 @paufrancisko What’s wrong friend lolIce my wrist new Patek We'll never ever have static @djordxc Lmao I was! @djordxc I’ve caught a few episodes And I couldn’t stop laughing, I need to get in all the way @4ever_Evolving Figuratively but this shit hurt lolHiding in the bathroom so I can take this fucking mask off. My ears are bleeding 😩😩😩
You've been on my mind, I've been tryna let it go @ESQSOUND @capedcrusader21 And where do we feature? @DigbyDeej The fucking worstLook how you hatin on a bitch and you my momma age @KeithHollandd 😭Tomorrow is gonna be so busy 😩 catering order Last minute shopping Mani/pedi Washing Cleaning Packing And some… thread. Please read.
Retweeted by Charming’s TaleLast day of work until Tuesday! And I might make it a half day 😛😛😛 @KeithHollandd @MaryJane_NoPaul 😭😭😭😭 @RomePointOfView Lmaoooo oh yeah they wearing your ass out 🤣 @AgentWilliams21 Thank you! @RomePointOfView Lls thank you, don’t rain on my parade! LolBruh! My mom just told me that my lil brother’s girlfriend is pregnant (he is pissed🤣) but I am so excited! I’m gonna be a Guncle 😩☺️ @yeatre Go for it 🤣Yo. Everyone watch @AOC Instagram live. Here’s a clip of the whole dang truth.
Retweeted by Charming’s Tale @a_blizzle @nice_two 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 @manmanatl Yep. I’ll be seeing you soon. @____Kollin We see each other @rhazybaby Watchu gon do wit it? Lemme see!Pure Evil. Y’all see it. @FootBruh @____Kollin Lmfaoooo You’ll heal beloved
@himjiggy Thank you!! ☺️ @quentinbrock97 Lol thank you! It says “Peace and Blessings”Search the word “sky” in your camera roll and post your favorite pic! Backgrounds on “Bodies”!!! OMG @jsullivanmusic @Euphraxio Lmao the claws are clawing holding on to the seats 😭So tell me why yoOu deserve it @nickystizzy I still haven’t been is not Anxying today. GratefulKaty Perry:“Ima write yo number in the palm of my hand Oops I forgot I got a man” Beyoncé was fucking trying it 🤣🤣🤣 @_ROCKZILLA I paid mine last night 😭 @JovonnieC He ate that ✨ @j_s3ph 🤣🤣🤣Sleepy time tea, do yo thang Isis! @djordxc @jsullivanmusic @thevoiceofjp Yes, I have a sharpener I just want some new ones lol @bitesizedLarin Oouuu I’ll definitely look into that , I love EmerilI need a new knife set cuz I done WORE my lil babies OWTJust used a vacation day for Thursday want tacos
@LcLUXX @_ROCKZILLA Lmaoooo I’m screaming!And Raquel TAKE THAT FUCKING JACKET OFF!! @nice_two I love me some Beisha 😍 @manmanatl @manmanatl @quentinbrock97 @itz_travy @nboogz @GregStayUp all my bitches got Butt shots @RobbYGunnZ Lmao this was so gooood! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @____Kollin @DimmyThePlug @MaryJane_NoPaul @manmanatl But you still gon be in niggas 5’8 and up faces on ya nigga @MaryJane_NoPaul @DimmyThePlug Lmaoo chill! I just asked a question @DimmyThePlug @MaryJane_NoPaul @____Kollin @manmanatl LMFAOOOOO @MaryJane_NoPaul @DimmyThePlug @____Kollin @manmanatl Pick a side. Quick. @MaliseTweets 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @DimmyThePlug @MaryJane_NoPaul @____Kollin @manmanatl *screenshots for evidence* y’all are going to jail @DimmyThePlug @____Kollin @manmanatl Liars gon lie @____Kollin @nice_two @DimmyThePlug @manmanatl