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@khanartistval people know lyrics?found @tdawggVAL’s tiktok @snirot @TenZOfficial hope he sees this @mayuhri_x1 i plead some other number @mayuhri_x1 i plead the fifth @Glorinsz you had 3 in a row on bind cause we kept throwing LMAO @Glorinsz raze clutch god @frostyZK @PrecisionVal yeah fuck you colin @ecrudox samesimply too easy 🧠 twitch .tv/KingFPS @Tanner_FPS @Sham1eVal @jacobcavern this too @Sham1eVal @jacobcavern nah happens to me and i dont use a dpi switch @cozyjozie @krakenblackval lets goooooooo good shit @melanji hbd! @jacobcavern yeah thats lag @TrickAIM nah im dead serious bro @OhgrrYT @Nepriix nah im good. @bumpaah i never really got the whole "funny" thing down, apologies. @ltsCamo maybe i shouldve said 1, 2-3, 4-5. gg next time @bumpaah not on a keyboard @bumpaah wait is that a good thing or not @bumpaah @bumpaah good to know im tier1 @Warbirds_ soonTM @snirot bro? @BlackHeartVAL hi tier4 sova 😍i really didnt think id need a joke indicator but here we are @dazzLeGO youre tier2 youre good @Warbirds_ nah we're tier7 bro @BlackHeartVAL @KnightsGG the last time i hope i dont have to say it again: Tier1: top1 team Tier2: 2-5 teams Tier3: 6-10 teams Tier4+: anyone else @BlackHeartVAL @KnightsGG look outside. @BlackHeartVAL @KnightsGG "LETS FUCKING GO" @realmocking @NYXL lenny time bootcamp hitting different @CoachJoe__ @witnessqq ok good @CoachJoe__ @witnessqq what kinda tier2 you guys talking about tf. tier1 is like top10 how is tier2 40 wtf @Nurfed @witnessqq i filled for FLICKBAITERS (OXG Academy) so i have tier1 experience @OsiasPH fuck you @BlackHeartVAL @Nurfed you didnt deserve it @mac1_val @GeorgeCGed @snirot @BlahstVal 🦑💦guys @BlahstVal bought the neptune vandal and he kept dropping it for me and i actually kinda like it... am i stupid or
ive seen enough, fade is the best character in valorant @cozyjozie good luck! @SyykoNT @seangares put cryo on omen coward"ranked is my favorite... builds character" -@KingFPS__ wise words
Retweeted by King @cozyjozie arent you already 7'1? @Critical_Val @thechrishowardd @ethoz mad? @ScrewFaceVAL @PlayVALORANT elo gains are only temporary kyle. remember that @Critical_Val @ethoz only th8? cringe
@zekkenVAL @kunehosamuel validbro how are you short HAHAH like just grow LOL @st9llar @zekkenVAL @realmocking @ApothVal yeah… @venture_fps @TSM shit on tbhEarly exit with a 1-2 loss to @TSM Academy. GG's and good luck to them tomorrow. 🏳️
Retweeted by King1-2 @TSM Acad not our best CT Icebox, GGs to them they played wellShaky start but we come out of groups 2-1 which puts us up against @TSM Academy in Playoffs. #VRTWIN
Retweeted by King @Klamran also yall go the whole colony in discord wtf @Klamran i literally called "hes going for the ace"
Back at it for this week's @nerdstreet Summer Champs $2.5K Open 7! Our opening match against Tyler's Corgis will be…
Retweeted by King @PrecisionVal colin "colin" colin vouchOfficially parted ways with TSM and am now an unrestricted F/A. I am completely dedicated to VALORANT and would l…
Retweeted by King @EleyCSGO @Glorinsz @mayuhri_x1 im leaving the team @Glorinsz ggs LOL @Glorinsz luck @902Creed what is itwe got one @Hanannekko @TrickAIM yeah lemme pull up their birth certificate real quick @CarbynVAL good luck soldier @cozyjozie we need a 2nd production team to fix the tech issue for the production team @BlackHeartVAL @Bjorlulu @frostyZK @6syfi @ScrewFaceVAL girth? @zekkenVAL @NRGgg
@Apex177 yeah i basically deserve bdog's salary.... @Apex177 i mean not like they were unknown at that point but i told rubyz to bring them in for the trials @Apex177 i scouted both bdog and levi do i get a cookie @FrosTvsYou @PrecisionVal this is fucked @CoachJoe__ @TrickAIM sovereign best, tree close 2nd @TrickAIM @CoachJoe__ says the judge user @CoachJoe__ @TrickAIM what @in0Xfps we got 8 rounds i take that as a success @Glorinsz @TrickAIM @Glorinsz @ecrudox @TrickAIM if youre not trolling youre doing it wrong @Glorinsz @TrickAIM you dont need to put it in your bio for us to know ur good @TrickAIM nah i love it @TrickAIM side note, i hate when people dont put their age in their bios, both men and women. i wanna know if im ta… @karriganCSGO @HLTVorg @FaZe_rainCS @BitSkinsCom @FaZeClan deserved @super_sophia11 theres just no way these people are real @Ban_Val ive got an alt but barely have any time played on it. just play main account 99% of the timenah bro what is happening in the VCT EMEA stream @Bawnval mf clicking porn ads @Bawnval u good bro @C0Mtweets do it in a scrim kid @Boltzy__ i do i just flick up when i go to shoot @Governor_Val please tell me shes jokinghow do i stop going for headshots with op asking for a friend