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@cozyjozie actual turbo flick jeez @aEvilcat dont think i know that guy @aEvilcat star - KingFPS smokes - KingFPS flex - KingFPS IGL - KingFPS sova - KingFPS coach - KingFPS @rizajpg sounds like a team that would choke VCT Closed qual twice @zekkenVAL @rizajpg @PrecisionVal facts
@bumpaah i got u @Vansilli wrong, KRU 26-0 Fnatic then 26-1 Gambit (nAts gets an ace) then its the longest bo5 in recorded history all maps going OT @Easilyy new minecraft 1.18 update is actually a banger @MikesHD_ NRG FTX C9 100T SoaR FaZe V1 T1 GenG MikesHDStill open for 2022
Retweeted by King @shoukrrrr i took biochemistry in university i dropped out after 1 semester @Apidaez people dont know the pain of turning into a lobster after being outside for approximately 4min @zekkenVAL u peaked on phoenix1 @VellyCardwell shes seeking a submissive to explore with her, you failed the test /s @hoonmaru i didnt wake up in time to make changes… its too late… im sorry @902Creed oh yea? name every artist @mac1_val yeah def agree, either way i think this is a very entertaining playoffs seeding @mac1_val they got the brother buff and they havent lost a series with nivera yet... idk they look pretty good @OsiasPH i feel like dyeing @Boltzy__ i want to do the heart pickems cause if by the chance it happens it would be cool and ill look really sma… brain vs. my heart @Vanityxz HAHA
@pay3n im actually thinking pretty similarly. i want C9 to win but i think Liquid is winning the eventguys do we all just retire? is NA done? @miniatureVAL pati has signed a contract with the LA Gladiators for OWL next year @zacklombardo hes re-negotiating the contract rnall of this just to leave for OWL... yikes @aEvilcat oh? chloe gaming pays you FAT STACKS huh? @gleamval tragic @nateschanker @SOFAFN 2nd to zachary patrone.@teamsecret making playoffs after not being able to play Berlin would be an amazing storyline @Catinator3k @THESPIKEGG i wonder KAST percentages will be higher on average than CS:GO due to the nature of "easier" assists with utility @khanartistval @Nurfed its 1pm... im sorry for whatever happened @khanartistval @Nurfed bro i already linked it...we need to lock this man up hes too dangerous for society @erasthamus @khanartistval even if he did theyre not gonna say no to potentially taking away their competition @khanartistval VS bought him out from Nuturn to take their best player and ruin their competition and it clearly worked @cozyjozie @cozyjozie i instalock support and go negative what does that mean for me @902Creed milk @StinkyWetFarter @MoonBlueFPS moon who?best marshall in the world 😳😱💯
@shotoftodoroki @repuncn @menace_val @zombs @menace_val @zombs 😔✊ im sorry @zombs @menace_val i hate you @zekkenVAL when are you joining Team SecretNEW MONTAGE ❤️ + ♻️
Retweeted by King @KushayVLRT its just regional fans mainly predicting their region and some luck @CarbynVAL whoever gets it right better also get playoffs correct too... @iconicval_ i deleted the tweet but i said KRU beats SEN then KRU wins champs @Tanner_Metro looking like youre about to ask to see the manager @Critical_Val @PioneersGG this isnt BBG @ExaltVAL @Glorinsz @Nurfed dont worry, Phoenix1 did. that makes them the best org ever!! @JoshNissan @T1 this severely hurts the chances of KRU steel @neT_valorant you can individually disable sounds in the notification settings or you can go into your volume mixer… @Klamran go look at the results lmao @Klamran champs @aEvilcat @Phy_Casts @chloe_hime7 L @Phy_Casts @chloe_hime7 tempting @mayuhri_x1 okay kal @neT_valorant hbd!!! @neT_valorant its like NBL vs NOBLE, just made more sense to use the full name since its only 5 letters
@SyykoNT @zekkenVAL zekken not reading the rules just like... nvm @ec1s_ i have the sheriff but i do not remember buying it @zekkenVAL amogus @333dun @BlackHeartVAL @khanartistval @Deagle_Demon nice fortnite clip 👍 @khanartistval @cozyjozie hope everything is ok @witnessqq @OkinFPS yes @witnessqq @OkinFPS its bad @witnessqq icebox @bumpaah this is sexist!!! #cancelled @MikesHD_ what about nukkye, nieSoW, pAura, AvovA, and lowel @zombs this shit spawned with 2k likes @GeorgeCGed @m1rukii nah im playing DM with phantom and its not going well @rickyeffps nah ive been a vandal player since like act 2 i just have months where i use phantom @FlippyBitsGG @cozyjozie i ate them all @Dark3stVal @cozyjozie you must not have seen the OW community @Ryan_G2B @aEvilcat oh no my other dad @Ryan_G2B @aEvilcat THIS IS A JOKE MY DAD LOVES ME @Ryan_G2B @aEvilcat yeah he did that too @aEvilcat dad? @regan_travis @Critical_Val damn they really downgraded for your replacement @cozyjozie man im just here to eat some snacks, shitpost on twitter, and play videogames. ppl gotta be cringe @Glorinsz jesus can never take away my fat dumpy 😔✊💯 @Lear_VAL i retired from that game i kept getting shit on 😭 @EleyCSGO wdym my KAY/O is insane... @zacklombardo "2 friends playing Overwatch" sounds about right @Boltzy__ @nillyazVAL if youre surprised by the this im not sure what to tell you, these algorithms and data collectors know everything
@9nerve @metroesports ration20K likes and im going full bald for playoffs
Retweeted by King @Boltzy__ @L1NKVAL !sens !crosshair !resis it any coincidence that all the bald players are popping the fuck off in champs rn? Sacy now L1NK... @GeorgeCGed @OPERATIONFORK alright @lafonh nah not your fault def your teammatesvalorant ranked