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Thread of women not making any sense at all.
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Is it crack? many games did their OGs draw in that unbeaten* run?Eritage.
Retweeted by Medellín.SUPA HOT BACK
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Retweeted by Medellín.Oh yeah, Raheem's going under the lights when I'm ready.Bark like a shepherd, bite like pennywise.And I oop. he's ready, Rashford catching life with that injury. @Ge3Free Lmaoo, I’ll flog you tomorrow, wait on it.Chessi fans are paying for their Tomori sins, should’ve never called Jomez outside. #TouchlineFracas @Ge3Free Sksk, where are you getting all of these vids from kmt. @Damtastik 😂😂😂 move.Don’t worry chessi fans, we’ll do you a favour tomorrow. @Damtastik Emi granddad. @Damtastik Awon enjoyment.Search 'kepa' if you want to laugh today lmaoo.We’re watching closely.’ll hear sumn? @Ge3Free @vsrsus alone and provide my own supper. @Ge3Free @vsrsus Soon tell mason betha to come outside 😂 @Ge3Free Lool, you’re only saving grace innit.Fernandinho own goal, league done man.PALACEEEEEEEEE.I swapped Jiminez for Ings, yeah FPL isn't for me. @_NOMICS @_oliwalters Don't care, virgin.Crystal Palace I'm on my knees.ARTERY WON'T SAVE YOU. @Arsenal @ManCity
Retweeted by Medellín.Trossard on the bench. ball watching sksk. are in hell. @SwansOfficial @RhianBrewster9 @SkyBetChamp Took your time. pussy can be great but the headaches attached to it ain’t worth it
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Retweeted by Medellín.Spelt my name wrong, I'm gucci. Bruno deal in the mud? Woodward makes Ayre look competent lol.Howard Gayle: Liverpool’s first black football player - He was nominated for his work with Show Racism A Red Card,…
Retweeted by Medellín.Thank you Lord 🤲🏾John Wick. 🤝 bad loanees. @Ge3Free Definitely. 👊🏾 @Ge3Free In the crib fam.Must be nice.
When you’ve been in the talking stage for just 6 years and she wants to introduce you to her parents
Retweeted by Medellín.Seeing everything but minding my business in this life. @Ge3Free Sksk, Sunday make sure you’re active. @delusss_ When she shows you the tattoo right before you bout to beat
Retweeted by Medellín.Shawn Michaels is my 2020 pose., 9 AM and mason betha at Anfield on Sunday. it. meet the woo 2 drops, ffs. government
Retweeted by Medellín.Frank Bruno won’t save you. Fernandes, Maddison, Sancho, Jimenez, Dembele, Longstaff, Grealish, Declan Rice, Koulibaly and Emre Can on th…
Retweeted by Medellín. @Damtastik @Damtastik Horr.DigDat prison bars are flawless man.Pcx. 99 season 6, I’m crying man.Loved you enough to let you go.Dfkm. artist who go Africa and respect and adjust to the customs. @Damtastik bag I’m afraid. @_NOMICS Even signed Minamino who is Buddhist, they're going undefeated
Retweeted by Medellín.So Firmino gave his life to Christ and got baptised? So the front 3 have both Islam and Christianity covered? Y…
Retweeted by Medellín.My goat, I’m awake.
Retweeted by Medellín.Thank you Lord 🤲🏾 @Damtastik Kmt. @Damtastik’s meet the woo 2?WAIT IM RELOADING 🗣
Retweeted by Medellín.Man said elite, get a load of this n!gga.
Sksk. of that just to hold slaps, it’ll end in tears. up suckers.Meli told me to come outside sksk, dkm.New album this year. Summer or 4th quarter 🤔
Retweeted by Medellín.Kmt. hours.Carry your hood, see and walk it as much as you talk it.
Retweeted by Medellín. @SlimTing_Tee Rest. 😒Sucker. @Daviid_Meli Lmaoo, nah you’re my boy, need a new EP please I beg.Thank you Lord 🤲🏾Mf. you look thirty 🤣🤣💥 #BadBoysForLife
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this the main reason i hate recording at concerts
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