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@otdispace @lilcarlmane picture (not OC) is too good I've reached my destination but the jam is still raging recommend zooming, lots to take in.Bless this mess of grey. Whole lots of shitty.
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetThe Morning Stretch with Kroba until 10am |
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @moonshinedub Caves is my fav Steely songUncle, That is stronger than I'd imagine catching their post-Pigpen peak.
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breweries are where ppl who accidentally had kids bring their families to get drunk and listen to eclectic indie rock
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetCelebrating Albert, Moses, and Jesus with tributes of meat and beer on this are UNHINGED funniest thing about this is that when he gave a master class at my school in 2008, he said the EXACT same thin… grade 9 I smoked a j with a boy I was into and he tried to impress me by swallowing the roach and he threw up ev…
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetHappy Easter, y'all!
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetHappy Easter
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetYou, a pathetic troglodyte: David Crosby tweet about the Doors Me, a god of superior intellect: Branford destroyin… crazy looking wattle cup caterpillar has an extremely painful sting.
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetMy eating and sleeping schedules have fully unraveled this holiday weekend @slimylittlepile Delicious corn pastaI played the B-side of Low (and extras) for my parents on the return drive from Seder...back road darkness complime… @thejamescase James you know this is a jam band account right?This song makes want to quit my job !
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet come on @slimylittlepile Just wait until you step outside!Officially too old to be included when the teens sneak away after Seder meal and too young to hold interest in the elders’ conversations
Passed a church with a sign that read: “Adultry is a sin: you can’t have your Kate and Edith too”50 years ago today @GratefulDead played Clark University in Worcester, MA. Sharing the bill was Rahsaan Roland Kirk.
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet’s hard to celebrate 4/20 when so many people of color are still being arrested for pot. We have to do better. Le…
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @RoyalFineArt my saxophone: @carolineavenue Print the legend*Luke 4:20* New International Version Then he rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant and sat down. Th… @worldswrstghost @jondotd It always seemed like a half-baked holiday to me..Started the day off with 4/19/82, now locked to for Footsteps of Reggae! “Big up to all th… for the Season
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Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @21stCenturyDead They keep making em smaller and smaller! @kentdunne 😩😩🤪
SPACE the Devil! Does anyone remember a good year were on the Mountain!! Love ever was simply taking the decade! 1991 shows
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @CosMichVoyager you firstKroba’s Passover Survival Guide“A hundred and twenty years we’ve been eating this crap.” - @kingkroba
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetKey Food Employees Say They're Entering A Third Week Of Lockouts
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Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @charles_kinbote Yesss conjunction with today's holidays, I have recorded a spacejazz medley of Passover tunes. Feel free to download… @thehill
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @CosMichVoyager @21stCenturyDead the mob hates mental freedomhappy #BicycleDay
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @carolineavenue Wired for the dosed @mikeodea @carolineavenue back AGAIN with those glatt-rockin beats! @mikeodea @carolineavenue back again with those antioch-rockin beats! @carolineavenue @mikeodea yet i bet it still tastes just like an unopened box! @mikeodea @carolineavenue lives
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetMe every single time during the bridge in my old school
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetThank you Albert @garageclassics
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Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetAlso everybody needs to get in the habit of throwing parties for trees. Really thoughtless of us not to fête the foliage more
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @carolineavenue @CosMichVoyager Winner pays for therapy! @CosMichVoyager @carolineavenue It us @CosMichVoyager A reason for the season, in my youth many a blunt was clumsily smoked outside after dinner but now it’s all about #vapelife @CosMichVoyager @carolineavenue Yeah I could do it
*sad line in a country song* me: 🙁 *pedal steel riff meant to accentuate sad line* me: 😫😭😫😭😫
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @ScreenSlate @carolineavenue Jon, sonfuckyea @CosMichVoyager Next up @hirshi @otdispace @hirshi @mikeodea New York, baby! The Melting Hot-Pot!Welcome, this is a White House. We have Buttigieg, alas. And this time of year is bad. We are so very sorry There i… @sadbrewboy @mikeodea Soy Vey!Phish Hate > Dead Revival @therealmarkasch There’s already a hipster coffee shop off rockway ave C @carolineavenue @jhoffman Howdy, Quaid! @blankemon @carolineavenue It’s in the works...slowly but surely. @21stCenturyDead Check out the 30 min of jams I posted and let it all dissolve!Full jams from this session are now up on YouTube: tuned indeed 🔥🎷🎹🌬️🌬️🌬️🌬️
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @xhillzy pretty crazy that Lot Meemaw bubbe dosed the entire seder table full of her weirdo boarders @xhillzy i associated strongly with the dreadlock muppet who shares my name and likes to time travel @xhillzy it ALL MAKES SENSE NOWrhino serving extremely downtown Lurie vibes @termite_terrace very much same, even though i tried to rewatch last year and didn't really make it through. i enj… i had no idea!!!! trippy shit strictly for the VHS heads @usermadeline beep beep!Between the time construction began on Notre Dame and when it was completed, all Jews had been expelled from France…
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetThing Drums>Space is the tune, truly nasty solos and it'll shake at the city parking lot of St. earlier when it must have
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophetour favorite trucker returned today, leaving me with this wisdom: "God loves all his children, bless the freaks"