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Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetI’m an Italian-American from New Jersey! Of course I know Yiddish!
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @bourgwick always hit this spot up before heading to a nice movie at the spec! miss it.I had to grind hard (pay $2.75) for this view:
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @shadowthumbs Enjoy and hold onto the handrail!
@mhfoto_ Oh yeah def got a bunch of these in like 2004Why do doctors insist on arriving early when they themselves can never be bothered to be even remotely on time? @charles_kinbote I mean yeah, the dude is 89 lol..The absolute greatest weather of the year. @MikeHamad Paid $96 after fees for mine. I noticed than any free 100-level seat I found was a platinum ticket and r… back half of KOTH season 8 has some deep cutsSpotted in Manhattan. H/T ⁦@Van_Tieu⁩
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British guy: “Is that a real moon, or a Hollywood moon?” Me: “that’s a balloon”
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @bourgwick this Easy Wind is interesting, because they don't quite have the grapple on that metric triplet modulati… @ShittyMods dropping a CRV or Forester should be a capital offenseHarold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Don't Leave Me This Way (Seth Moulton Remix) @carolineavenue Got a blank space where my mind should beModel poses in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden greenhouse for Vogue magazine, 1948
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Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophetbb's first at the Dunkin Donuts center feat. me and the fellas @AChutneyFerret @icntmx @legaladvice_txt Being woken up at 4am by the cops theme and passive-aggressively typing a… you do, do NOT eat Guitar Center’s chicken sandwich
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet13-year-old Stevie Wonder performs at the Fox Theater downtown Brooklyn at 20 Flatbush Avenue. 1963
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetThis vegan shit is easy
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetToday’s weather scene: tourists near Barclays wearing knit sweaters @henrymclay Not great! @spiffytoy I always just pretend it’s a shaker and listen to some funky jams!the weather this summer imo has been bad
@kingkroba 🤔
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @Gothamist Laughing so hard imagining any of the target audience living in Patterson!!Ah, there we go! could stand to improve its targeted ads a bit... @jacksonwhatever Deli mustardChoose your fighter
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetPHEASANT.BMF
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @frightwigwam @21stCenturyDead Or one who PLAYS it?! @kingkroba if the jazz jock was a fan of west coast jazz and, say, chet baker, i think i could handle it no problem…
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet🤔 @SpaceJamzzzz Guess I’m officially retired! @thejamescase @nytimes West Virginia University President Gordon Gee and former Ohio Gov. John Kasich create a nonprofit tha…
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetOur ability to take in the horror of what is happening environmentally & summon the courage to do something about i…
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @chillwig Have only been to the one in Montgomeryville but wow that roast pork sandwich was gooddon’t hurt em dave
@henrymclay 100% great response
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Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @otdispace @mhfoto_ 93 d>s is fuego as well, intro of space sounds like some shit I’d play live lmaoWonder if anyone headed downtown to David’s spot after the Fillmore let out..This is the exact date as the first official David Mansuso Loft party... @drw Where’s that money shot second piccc @residentadvisor on, preferably a Charlie Miller tape transfer @kingkroba @otdispace The THX sound premiered in May 83 for Return of the Jedi, maybe there's some real inspiration there
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @mhfoto_ @otdispace Lol right?! It’s THERE. Once again, disappointed that this energy didn’t continue into space.Big THX energy at the end of TDIT 83 drums @otdispaceKonk - Your Life
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet all of your troubles melt awayWith all due respect, you eat pizza with a fork and knife. Di Fara is overrated. The wait, the shenengans with the…
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetUnlike the history of organ duets, a chain of planed major triads rises to the level of being obnoxiously Viennese.
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @magicalbody I remember the first time hearing this at the loft was like 🤯🤯🤯🤯 @21stCenturyDead That’s a whoopsieLots of payola and overtime being handed out.Of course none of this is posted or informed before the closed intersection. You just turn off one road because it’… just don’t understand why they are working on literally every street in the gowanus or park slope area at the same exact time!This city is breaking me this summerlmao he's definitely talking about ketamine
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @NYScanner please drop bomb on me!"Our parents, who’d been introduced to the same drug bands much earlier in life, were ill-equipped to handle a gene… @tgrs someone who has received pats on the back wants a pat on the back and wrote an article?our compressor blew again and it's in the 90s so this shit just makes me seethe you wfh or watch tv when you work I don’t want to hear about it. @CosMichVoyager Fuck real lifeOur reality is so cursed. What is even real anymore?Remember when this guy was the voice of our president? ya dye this morn’m dead.
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @bourgwick @mhfoto_ @21stCenturyDead @kentdunne @ThoughtsOnGD It really looks like he’s holding a wizard staff in t…
@21stCenturyDead @mhfoto_ @ChompskyGnome 7 steps to HellLAPD was the whole run.
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @icntmx @kentdunne 🙏🏼 @kentdunne Bro imitates art, thanks @thejamescase for this insanely good candy from Sweden honor of the Dick's Plague, here's my favorite version of Phish playing Down With The Sickness 12/01/95 #phish
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @ChompskyGnome Fffffff / RagefulWorking an early shift is Good because I can practice parallel modes in a high register and not scare most ppl. Sor… hitting on a painting
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophetポテト先生 ( ˘ω˘)スヤァ Miss POTATO the Cutie :(: 3 #capybara #カピバラ #夏休みの思い出 #カピバラカフェ #カピバラふれあい
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetThey say jazz musicians don’t crowd surf? Someone hold my sax...
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @ChompskyGnome 76 was a damn fine year for music. @morenabasteiro @mikeodea @magicalbody Maubi ftwDi Fara, the iconic Midwood pizzeria that has been around for more than 50 years, has been seized by the state aft…
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 Prophet @NYTREBOT Yes pleaseA Fishing Shack With Sauna Potential
Retweeted by Cheetos 🎷🛸✌🏼 ProphetStrictly business. this point there are more single straight guys on Revel scooters than sitting alone at Xi'an Famous Foods
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