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extremely on brand the only place in the neighborhood that didn’t shovel is the police station
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophet @carolineavenue hand feed her sometimes and she wont immediately snap out of hunting mode haha
Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetSpare no Drums really hard to be taken.
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophetsuper silly that there are still people who won't listen to post-7(?) shows....this @charliemiller87 AUD of today's…’s average donation is $27
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@bourgwick @jhoffman @carolineavenue just trying to imagine Ann listening to this "jam" live @kentdunne LMAOOOOO @kentdunne was prob either one of these: Carlson the sort of head who talks during the opening of Stella Blue @cgduckworth @jondotd this company is disrupting horny caffeine culture! @jondotd Buddy they won’t even let ME fuck the beans @hirshi they lost our business on the headiest day of 2018“Excuse me, @carolineavenue? I love your @ScreenSlate write ups! ...oh, my apologies, ma’am.”'ve never seen photo documentation of phil lesh & steve reich's brief musical path crossing til this.
Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetThis is fucking gross. An NYPD cop got killed by another cop, but the cop actually who pulled the trigger isn't gon…
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophetpeople who refrain from making phone calls in a waiting room are braver than the marinesextremely dosed 73 herbie and the headhunters tape @shdwbxng last day of scorpio season yall
lol yall voted for this guy!!! 90 min improvised performance !!! 🎷🛸✌🏼 Stream/Download:
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Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetSomeone freaking out and rediscovering something and it going viral is a metaphor for our current garbage world. I… you turn off the sound, 'cotton eye joe' is indistinguishable from a nirvana video
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophet @21stCenturyDead Perhaps they're better left unsung
@otdispace Paulie Gees does this wellShusei Nagaoka
Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetKeeping Saunas at Bay
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophet @dnorsen1 @ericslickmusic
Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetIn 20 years North will launch a perfume line called North by North West
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophetcam unfortunately has had cancer come back in his leg and it's shit. and here's our gofundme. help keep him here. w…
Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetMorning Stretch with Kroba until 10 |
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophet @icntmx You know it @hirshi @TheLotRadio You catch that heady fabric floatin on thru?The boy @kingkroba on @TheLotRadio this morning is all you can ask for
Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetGettin vibey and at em somehow, playing 30+ min originals on @TheLotRadio from 8-10 EST!!! googled the artist playing in my cab home and, frankly
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Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetWhy does Jackie Coogan look like he’s gonna read my tarot in the back room of a Bushwick bar
Retweeted by Cheetos Propheti feel like this dude is clueless as to what masterpiece he is creating
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Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetBeer nerds be late every day to work but instantly pop up for that Saturday 5:30am stout release alarm like
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophetthe woodwind online community is wild surprised at @BilldeBlasio’s hypocrisy, but I wonder if he even recalls this former quote? His @nytimes op-ed i… @NYCMayor Hey Bill, can you confirm that these words came out of your mouth? Thanks! you’re honestly shocked by that omelette bar, then you truly are a “coastal elite” @21stCenturyDead @gratefulmaggzzz I’m fortunate enough to live above landlords who enjoy my saxophone playing! I us…
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophetgarfield 6.25.1983
Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetEvery single person in jail right now for smoking pot should be released yesterday
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Retweeted by Cheetos Prophet @ryan_deepclub u don’t even kno lol @williamlegate BEC on a roll salt pepper and ketchupneed an ekg machine to see how the plants react @thejamescase Total Recall LiveHigh Time is fantastic, I see them as often as I can! This week, it'll be nice to get a tad more crispy and stick… day weekends are cool because I can finally rest enough to party on a Sunday!! look a mobile toilet a great idea
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophet @MikeHamad Amen bro“Total Niceness Guaranteed”Couch-locked saturdays with @charles_kinbote Someone is hittin that OSTSold
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Retweeted by Cheetos Prophet @moby_dickhead Smalley’s Tavern. They really lean into it around Halloween the night with a new jam...#planttest #theycanlisten @carolineavenue @mikeodea Ouch @krucoff That’s a good one! Come to union pool one next time you’re in bk @JoePerticone I’d imagine it’s hard for lonely cynics such as yourself to understand the genuine happiness that the… @mikeodea Sponsor me daddi I need that electroacoustic vape klout @mikeodea Buy it for me and I’ll play it. @USCPSC proper dryer maintenance is a charmin quality in a partner!Love is about the lint filter #ValentinesDay
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The beautiful GREAT HORNED OWL couple on Valentine’s Day at Hempstead Lake. His body was facing away from the sun…
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophet‘Wait, Mr. Bezos, You Forgot Your Tax Subsidy!’ Says Andrew Cuomo Running Behind Limo
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophet @drw gdi I should’ve gotten pizza when I was out like 15 min ago @drw Worst is when you get that slimy broccoli :( @drw Veggies look fresh-ish, which is always a good feelingthis mans offers to serve ur girl some ladyfingers dipped in moonlight wyd? @LukeDoesStuff hmmm maybe if you just focus on the production of said movie @KimKardashian Hey Kim if you like ambient saxophone you should check this out! was obvious to everyone but Andrew Cuomo: Amazon was never planning to pay their taxes.
Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetActual goals @carolineavenue in
Retweeted by Cheetos ProphetImagine being as spineless as @BilldeBlasio @jacksonwhatever Valentine’s Day y’all
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophetyou: I saw u at Citi Field but u didn’t say hi me: refreshing Andrew Cuomo's TL
Retweeted by Cheetos Prophet the L train shutdown ends up happening, will we ever see @andrewcuomo again? should I talk about re: my penthouse condo on Vernon Ave? Will my infinity pool increase in value?