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King Mac @KingMac1129 Chicago, IL

Believer of The Most High, Englewood Finest 058, White Sox Fan #southside, #108tourney participant(2020),Growth and Development and Progress over Pride 16-13-12

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Greatest license plate I’ve have ever seen🤣😂🤣 legendary’re moving on up @KenWo4LiFe @_DJVestus I like Steve but I agree the rest leave a lot to be desiredI wanted to quit but I had to man up🥴 got whipped on MLB the Show. Damn it was embarrassing. Back to the labWeirdos in the background💯🚫🧢 @Brownbrown83 My point is if you’re going to lock people down and force them basically not to be able to make money… the era of pragmatic people dead? It seems that you must hate everyone that doesn’t fully agree with your ideolo… a hell of a list agree with this. Big business making plenty of money off of the pandemic. Also if you’re going to shut people dow… @KFidds Good job
Life is beautiful & of course you’re going to continuously strive for more. While striving for more though don’t fo…,Rodon,Collins and Fulmer all not get choices for the White Sox in the first rd. Thankfully with LaserShow and… @chicago_sports9 @Wsoxfan2524 @2080ball I agree with that @chicago_sports9 @Wsoxfan2524 Fam I followed the draft closely. He wasn’t the consensus 1 at the time of the draft.… @chicago_sports9 @Wsoxfan2524 That still has nothing to do with the fact he wasn’t the consensus 1. What are you no… @chicago_sports9 @Wsoxfan2524 The point being basing a consensus 1 off bonuses doesn’t make sense. Bonuses are base… @chicago_sports9 @Wsoxfan2524 Trout was drafted in the 20’s because he was terrible at SS as well and some teams couldn’t see beyond that @chicago_sports9 @Wsoxfan2524 That’s because of Aiken medical or he would’ve been the highest paid. Once again Rodo… @ltaylor_22 I don’t know. I’m just wondering would they take a shot at him @Chisox4ever 🤣🤣 @chicago_sports9 @Wsoxfan2524 It was multiple outlets. He wasn’t the consensus 1-1 and bonuses have nothing to do w… the Bears go after Dak @chicago_sports9 @Wsoxfan2524 White Sox mostly always go after a guy MLB ready if they’re going to take a pitcher i… @chicago_sports9 @Wsoxfan2524 He still wasn’t the consensus number 1. He was anywhere from 2-4 in most rankings. @BigSexxy_75 @KenWo4LiFe I don’t know @The_Xsport It’s plenty others as well that had Aiken 1 @The_Xsport @The_Xsport That’s has nothing to do with the fact at the time he was considered the number 1 guy not Rodon @KenWo4LiFe @BigSexxy_75 😂🤣😂KenWo you only threw like 60mph in high school I doubt it. You probably couldn’t hit the ball to Chicago🥴 @The_Xsport He wasn’t 1-1 then. Aiken was more consensus 1 than him. But ok @KenWo4LiFe @BigSexxy_75 Exactly just say you from Argo and people will be like where the fuck is that. Then say ra… @KenWo4LiFe @BigSexxy_75 They don’t belong together. You’re trying to claim association with Chicago @KenWo4LiFe @BigSexxy_75 Stop putting Chicago and burbs together. We don’t claim you guys. We may adopt you😂🤣😂 @KenWo4LiFe @BigSexxy_75 Macho Man was the best intercontinental champion ever. The GOAT. Oh Yeah😂🤣 @KenWo4LiFe @BigSexxy_75 That’s BS iPhone and I corrected it @KenWo4LiFe @BigSexxy_75 Ric Flair** @BigSexxy_75 @KenWo4LiFe 😩🥴😂🤣🤣 @KenWo4LiFe @BigSexxy_75 Stop it. Rick Flair, Macho Man and Warrior all better options than Hogan @BigSexxy_75 @KenWo4LiFe I have to do some research now. If true I bet it was weak as hell @KenWo4LiFe @BigSexxy_75 I’ll take the undertaker over Hogan @KenWo4LiFe @BigSexxy_75 I don’t remember that @BigSexxy_75 @KenWo4LiFe Facts @KenWo4LiFe That’s because all the little kids were upset at the time🤣😂🤣 Hogan was the kids choice @KenWo4LiFe No he didn’t. He sold a ton of toys and other items @KenWo4LiFe Warrior was never overrated. He whipped your boy Hogan in a major match @KenWo4LiFe I never liked lex. @collin_mcqn She missed it but still got it @KenWo4LiFe His promos were horrible but he had a decent followingThis was hard @KenWo4LiFe Damn garbage? That’s strongOne**This is a hell of a BP session. Majority was up the middle and she missed on and still went oppo over the fence. Im… I long for the days of good shit talkers that can talk sports. Let’s bring sports and shit talking back. It ain’t personal it’s sports🤣😂This guy is a bears fan legend is scary good. I retweeted this before but damn what a swing @rodon_s I mean I appreciate the guys that can hit to all fields. I really appreciate guys like Frank Thomas who wa… @slydanno70 Exactly the problem is the player not the strategy. @KenWo4LiFe is Sting in your top 5I agree with this. I think the problem is the hitters and the fact everyone is trying to pull everything for more p…🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 @moscow_dave My only point and it’s a logical one but got people hot and bothered. I guessed it’s because of who I… @moscow_dave Bro I’m not disagreeing with you. My only point is calling that man a steal in anyway is a stretch. I… @georgyjj09 Yeah I don’t get it.I don’t understand why people let these organizations off the hook when their talen… @RecoveringProf I don’t get what you’re saying fam but have a good day as wellI don’t know if he saying yes Mac you was right or what but that’s not important. The important part is reading the… @unclesteve1983 @ChiSoxFanMike Still not a steal bro. It’s simple that’s the only point. Just a simple fact the guy was never a steal @Wsoxfan2524 That’s still not a steal. Aiken was the consensus number 1 so was he a steal because he was drafted nu…’s not tell the people @RecoveringProf @usblues23 Logical fallacies. You haven’t made on e tweet to disprove anything I said. As a matter… @RecoveringProf @usblues23 He was picked where most thought he should go. It was never a steal but whatever makes p… @ArkansasBrett I followed that draft like I do most. I be wrong on players like everyone else. Rodon was not the co… @RecoveringProf Also BR didn’t have him 1. Aiken was the consensus number 1 by ranking industry I believe @RecoveringProf He was not the consensus number 1. It’s plenty of publications that do a better job than the known… @WhiteSoxLex Still not a steal. That’s what my point is @RecoveringProf It was never a steal. Never. I followed that draft closely like I followed most draft. Someone I re… @RecoveringProf No it wasn’t. Also Aiken was considered by some at the time to be a better player. He was supposedl… @RecoveringProf It wasn’t a steal then @socavalier @ChiSoxFanMike You still can’t call a player who was unsuccessful that was drafted high and nowhere nea… @usblues23 That’s still not a steal. @ChiSoxFanMike An unsuccessful player is not a steal. Once again an MLB organization or any professional organizati… @usblues23 Yeah I don’t see how you call an unsuccessful player at 3 a stealWhat. The White Sox didn’t get a steal by picking Rodon at 3. The A’s drafting Chapman would be considered more of… @DianaCzone345 Exactly @BDunnChiSox1 No problem. Thanks for correcting me. Forgot about the bracket part of it. Great bracket as well. Wou…,Blues Brothers,Home Alone and league of their own. Blues Brothers 500. The first two I did all wrong people do stuff like this I’m appreciative. Takes a lot to put stuff together and people use their own time wh… Brothers, Home Alone, Fugitive and Backdraft. Winner Blues Brothers 500 deadline is Noon 12/3. Dear friends this is for you. @MrDelicious13 @KRamos25 @KingMac1129 @KindaBleu
Retweeted by King MacBlues Brothers, home Alone, Backdraft and Fugitive. Winner Blues Brothers cousin calling me talking about you recommended me to a great barber “he was very particular about how he cuts h… @mares62J Man you great. I swear you should be on a radio show or podcast somewhere. People don’t know talent when they see itHe is great man. One of the best follows on Twitter
This is true and funny as hell on the South Side @Thecat0818 I don’t know call themExclusive got PS5 for those looking for them is the way a lot of people feel believe it or not. It’s ton of people grew up in shit talking families. Where…