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Nick Russo @Kingnickrusso Houston, TX 77003, USA

I'm a dj for @thebullhouston on @radiodotcom Expert in tacos. Law of Attraction. Telepathic. Stock Investor. Golfer. Love Spreader. Life Giver. Poker Player.

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Fleet is still super glitchy on my endStapleton - Fire Away in Blake Shelton Sangria 👑
#TenManJam means you'll be hearing @codyjohnson on Saturday, December 12th at 5pm as we launch Ten Man Jam 2020 pre…
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@caitlynbeth_3 Time for you start playing from the men’s tees. I shaved off 5 strokes this summer to be a 10. Eyes on the 70’s. Well done!Both places are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and comfortable place to be social and hear s… @caitlynbeth_3 I'm here for the golf tweets; what'd you finish with @Kingnickrusso we LOVE 100.3 rn
Retweeted by Nick Russo @caitlynbeth_3 i followed for this update honestlyReply with the must watch Christmas/Holiday Movies for you Christmas Story and The Santa Clause for me @Kingnickrusso
Retweeted by Nick RussoMoon Is flexing again @JohnTrader4 If I knew you I'd hug ya
Tell me a quote about money
Retweeted by Nick RussoLong way from this day @HardyMusic Congrats on the #1 my dude! officially enter the age of aquarius and leave the age of pisces on Dec 21 I heard - I think 2021 about to be un… moon looks so beautiful 2Nite !!
Retweeted by Nick Russo @theweeknd feels like yesterday because the album is timelessI hope 2021 brings an end to people saying "oh a hundred percent" when they agree with somethingIt’s getting dark a little early but tonight at midnight we’ve got a surprise for you! Make sure you download…
Retweeted by Nick Russo @ChaseRiceMusic @FLAGALine Sounds like a Sunday night in Texas! Looking forward to it, dude!On a real note. Don’t have covid. But I’m dropping a single tonight. With 2 guys that I learned a lot from. Respect…
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@Kingnickrusso “I got 5 on it”
Retweeted by Nick Russo @Kingnickrusso All in
Retweeted by Nick RussoI know everybody says money can't buy happiness...but it can buy me a boat!!
Retweeted by Nick RussoTell me a quote about moneyIt don’t matter to me Where you are Is where I wanna be
Retweeted by Nick RussoAs good as @Kingnickrusso Wisdom!
Retweeted by Nick RussoWiz putting on a whole concert before this Tyson fight. #tysonvsjonesIt’s really about to rain all night in Houston. Be aware y’all. Don’t get caught up in a high water spot.What are some of your favorite country songs post 1985 0_o I've spent a lot of today talking on the radio and also searching through country music from 1987 and lemme tell… @WhiskeyRiff prolly ridin with Chris Stapleton since his last album
Thinking of adding custom personalized stickers to my holiday cards this year and you should do the same. Found an…
Retweeted by Nick Russo @leebrice this album freaking good. Memory I Don't Mess With gonna have the Rumor kind of run, I think.… get down gotta get down to arkansas had so much fun and its prolly a little bit against the lawSiri: Play Chris Stapleton ColdI swear after a night of dj'ing I could dj till I fell asleep. The adrenaline rush is insane. And @ChrisStapleton #Cold is so freaking cold.Cause I know you and you know me and we both know where this is gonna lead
Blake Shelton is a major star of Country Music and you'll catch him Saturday, December 12th on Radio or…
Retweeted by Nick RussoY’all this @micoshotchicken sammich hits
JJ Watt pick 6! Happy Turkey Day!
Retweeted by Nick RussoIn light of being thankful, @ParkerMcCollum says it best here and it still applies about a year later. 🙏🏽😎 Thanksgiving y’all!yall can see mars right above the moon
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Retweeted by Nick RussoAshley McBryde is a STAR! That's why you'll hear her on Saturday, December 12th at 5pm with The Bull's Ten Man Jam…
Retweeted by Nick Russo @LopezOnSports @GameDayOJ Cheese is fine on a taco, put enough to seal it and it forms a quesadilla. I like cheese… network is your net worth
Retweeted by Nick RussoYour network is your net worth @RichOToole @erinaustin probably would go hard with some hot sauce honestly
@TheMattCastillo thanks big dawg!Hell yea! Congrats, amigo!!
Retweeted by Nick RussoJust like you start thawing a turkey before the big day we're going to get you in the Country Music mood before Tha…
Retweeted by Nick Russo @cowboytroy @TheBullHouston thank you, sir! Hope you have Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! @VickyFlake @TheBullHouston 😂😂😂I love autocorrect and thank you Vicky, that means a lot to me. ❤️
This year has been so rough they’re changing Black Friday to Black & Blue Friday.Congrats Brother! One of the best on the radio.
Retweeted by Nick Russo @ClintStoerner Thanks Clint! Onward and upward, lets go!Congrats my brother!! 🍻
Retweeted by Nick Russo @Hayden_Haddock my man! Looks like I may be runnin into at the Lucchese event! ;)Congrats man!
Retweeted by Nick Russo @Kingnickrusso @TheBullHouston Congrats, Nick!!
Retweeted by Nick Russo @Kingnickrusso @TheBullHouston God is good! 🙏🏼 Congrats @Kingnickrusso May God continue to bless you 😊
Retweeted by Nick RussoA ton of people to thank for getting me to this point in my career but after 17 years in Radio I'd say the list is… if I broke the news on Twitter or not but last week I was promoted to Music Director for @thebullhouston and it…'re looking to make a virtual buffet but we need to know what you think we should put on the table! What are the…
Retweeted by Nick RussoThanksgiving is approaching and for some that means stress. We're here to change that for 500,000 families! Join t…
Retweeted by Nick RussoWOW! WOW! WOW! Plan your party Now!!
Retweeted by Nick RussoMaren Morris, Brantley Gilbert, Blake Shelton, Cody Johnson, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Justin Moore, Ashley Mc…
Retweeted by Nick Russo @PanalezJoseph @KoeWetzel we play his music on our Texas Country station every day. Check out the @radiodotcom app to listen! @TimmySampana @KoeWetzel Good Die Young is my favorite track so far, almost through it all but it's a hit for sure.Also, I'm really glad to know the NRG Roof works and clearly we should have opened it a long time ago. #WeAreTexans I cannot use my phone for apps until December 8th. It's a really long story but unless I'm connected to wi-fi i… just started @KoeWetzel new album "Sellout" and immediately started laughing. This dude gives no fx and is probab…
Dolly once again saving us from ourselves. 🙌🏼
Retweeted by Nick RussoOomf 😏73 more miles to San Antone!Ngl it’s never going to feel normal for all of my top viewers on my IG story to be people who never talk to me. @rnbrns he shreds on that oneChris Stapleton "Starting Over" album is really becoming my favorite album of the year. It's just so pure.
Damn the whole timeline just got a makeover 🧐I have a non profit in Houston looking for a Mariachi Band for December 12th. If you know of one let me know!#UseFleetInASentence we fleet you a Merry Christmas we fleet you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year#UseFleetInSentence I looked at your fleet today, you could sell that.The Carter 3 still bangsThey really took till now to tell us this?! Come to find out avoiding bad breath may have helped to prevent COVID-1… @ValSantosOnAir Twitter story. It’s all the rage. Honestly it’s just okay. A little glitchy but it’ll get better.Btw you gotta double tap thru fleet videos. The first tap pauses it.Did hot yoga tonight and left the gym feeling like I took espresso shotssome of you hating... but we see you Fleeting 🧐
Retweeted by Nick RussoOh what a feelin Picasso baby
@babkangel I mean it is a semi charmed kinda lifeA group of emus is called a mob. @_ChloeeeAnn We switch it out each day with another artist but so glad you love it!! @GameDayOJ Only 288 expressway from what I hear for the rest of the weekWow stories on Twitter. Idk how I feel about it but considering how much I love Twitter imma deal with it. @alainawmarie Do it make me feel like I've been locked out heaven for too long oh yeh yeh oooh @MissDarlaMarie every. single. day. I'm over it.and concession workers and ticket/gate workers and they work every event all year round (non pandemic) He did grea…