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Fabinho, Ox, NABY, best midfield trio of all time no doubt

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@RcsMs123 @TheEuropeanLad They did the exact same against us at Anfield. Don’t let them nick a lucky goal or else e… @punitanasazi @strickyfootball @HarryScousser @BurtReynolds0 @DaveOCKOP @LFC Definitely is in terms of how he fits into it @punitanasazi @strickyfootball @HarryScousser @BurtReynolds0 @DaveOCKOP @LFC My man complex complicated what’s the… @LukeGladman @bankrobbah @RifatAzim @pclfc8 Klopp hasn’t lost a European tie since joining us... @ZwebackHD Should I get him and RTTF Jesus, or is Rousillion Futmas and RTTF Konate a better pair? @lfcollie9 Never. Keita much better in his defensive work, and only slightly behind attacking imo
@KunMerchant @Gomez_Showbiz @ftblnik 4/1 is 4, 1/0 is infinite 👍 @UnitedConnor @bernardooooV3 Hakimi isn’t even a full back anymore lmao @LfcThewool Behind closed doors maybe? Idk how that works @JonBaxFCB @EnriqueMuller42 @ftbIdave He’s vulnerable defensively, his positioning is very poor. He’s still young t… @_MattTHFC @Ifcmatt Just because Gnabry can outrun Vertoghen (who can’t at this point) doesn’t mean they are winning the CL pal @FtblMason We scored 4 away though so don’t worry, we wait for then @FtblMason We didn’t last season either 😭 @LFCVik2 Looks like a pure slap on the face @V1Loxzi @BassamLFC Don’t think the time he took to tweet this affects him watching the game tbh @Toluwa_OG @The_UnbearabIes @FTalentScout Yes, I’ve also watched him as a winger. Tbh I’m only really looking at as… @Toluwa_OG @The_UnbearabIes @FTalentScout Has. And while there has not been a top attacking full back. Seems simple @Toluwa_OG @The_UnbearabIes @FTalentScout Not the point. You can’t call him a full back if he doesn’t even play there @abzzzw @ShaunlfcT @Vintage_Utd Man united ain’t fine with him either so it don’t matter @roca0409 @SSIIIIUUUUU @goal Unless he was asked, as he probably was as he doesn’t say Liverpool in the quote. He’s… @abzzzw @ShaunlfcT @Vintage_Utd I’m sorry but that’s because most of your squad is shit. Firmino makes everyone loo… @OxladeLfc @_hadi123_ But definitely far off I have to say @Logan70116193 @LFCOwen96 @CFCBen__ Yeah guess he put his body positioned like that so he could see how good Bowen’s ankles looked @roca0409 @SSIIIIUUUUU @goal All I’m saying is there is no need to not respect each other. Which is all Pogba did.… @Antwa_gardner @IT201988 @SimonBrundish @callel671 @KevinH7988 @Carra23 @SkySportsPL No mate, he contributes to our… @tom_dicicco @DrippyMartial Why though? @LeFootCestLaVie @empireofthekop Not an entire season, an entire league season. Surely 10 wins and 1 loss is far mo… @LFCData He’s coming for De Bruyne and Salah and Sadio coming for that boot as well @roca0409 @SSIIIIUUUUU @goal I don’t see Liverpool fans pissed because Jürgen said nice things about a United fan.… @ZwebackHD Tbh if they are going off what people say so so many people would get banned. It’s only because Kurt has a following. @magicalmo_ That is what would make it that much more horrific. United would be in the relegation zone. @rmatmari747 @M_CLAYTON1 @MarkJessop14 @sportbible Firmino gets 4 g/a in a CL semifinal. Let us know when Martial i… @magicalmo_ We will be 1-0 up, then 2 late late goals probably against United too smh @magicalmo_ 99 then we lose I’m calling it @JanaMS11_ @MWael706 @JamesPearceLFC Never @MoussaB99432425 @alexbyger @AnfieldWatch Think Ox coming on for Naby was/will be a lot better than Naby coming on… @Kush30806923 @LynchStandard Lets be honest though Ox always pulls his best out against West Ham. Keita much much m… @magicalmo_ Swear he could have scored 3 times and people would somehow say Hendo was better while on the bench 😭😭😭
@ciano5678 @LakerAffiliate_ @ZwebackHD West Ham scored their only 2 shots on goal. West Hams second goal was a blin… @ahmedIfc @lfcwiII Salah can hold off any defender in the league, he has proven that. Multiple times. @LFC @premierleague Never in doubt 😬I swear people will call us lucky but I don’t think VAR has once looked at Van Dijk getting tackled and held in the box. @LFC LMFAO @MajesticKDB @SuperbiaProeIia Which was only allowed due to the rules, which have now been changed. So I don’t know… @LFC And Keita starting. Win and the night is perfect @Moses__MD @AnfieldRd96 @LFC @WestHam @JamesMilner S+Z+N @danielr_lfc @LFCVik2 Ahhh thought he meant winning after the Salah goal, so I just assumed late. Makes sense now @LFCVik2 Why winning late? @Jonavfc16 @BenBCFC34 Nah it will be reserves as well, so more like the team that beat Everton @ShadowUTD Yes definitely. Couldn’t be anything else @SeventySixRole @FalseFMatt The description perfectly fits Werner as well as the price tag....
@ftblbrian @JoeGomezEra Fuckkkkkk @ftblbrian @JoeGomezEra Then let’s sell them to Bournemouth 😂 @ftblbrian @JoeGomezEra Tell that to Solanke and Ibe @ftblbrian @JoeGomezEra My guy Michael Edwards is getting 40+ for each of them @ftblbrian @JoeGomezEra Selling Karius and Lovren!!! @JoeGomezEra Yeh it’s my idris window as well @FtblMason Not denying that at all. Realistically though it’s either Rose/Chilwell. Sadly @FtblMason Chilwell will start I thinkSaka went from unknown 2 weeks ago to getting 700 assists what is this Arteta magic?? And Nketiah scoring? Best you… @h17haaland Perfect imo @Firminomeno The scenes if we don’t sign him now @billyjones1988 @TheAnfieldBuzz And Karius added to make it just 25? @ClassenalAFC Nah bro Lo Celso is actually class, Sessegnon >>> @OxladeLfc Mane Bobby Salah Ox/Gini Naby Fab Robbo VVD Joe Trent Andy
@glenryanbennett @lowkeynadex @FIFAXVII @TobyFowler17 @AI75169233 No, it’s sarcasm because your argument is idiotic. @glenryanbennett @lowkeynadex @FIFAXVII @TobyFowler17 @AI75169233 You’re following more people than you got followe… @glenryanbennett @lowkeynadex @FIFAXVII @TobyFowler17 @AI75169233 Imagine telling me I’m wrong but not have 100 fol… @glenryanbennett @lowkeynadex @FIFAXVII @TobyFowler17 @AI75169233 It’s deadLeicester passing it round the back with less than a minute left and while losing. Elite mentality @ShaunlfcT @JoeGomezEra Lmao have we even missed one this season? @FalseFMatt Love when our loaned players scoreI swear VAR has to be trying to be this shit. 0. Consistency.Here comes ManchesVar City... @HerschelWatts4 I swear I’m blind as shit though because it seems obvious now Ffs @HerschelWatts4 I thought he hit him and then the ball lmao I’m blind sorry @CitySection Tbf I actually agree, I thought Iheanacho got hit and then Ederson got the ball. My bad I was wrong @HerschelWatts4 He got a red for that challenge, and I want him to punch above his head, like a normal keeper. @CitySection Why everywhere else on the field is there excessive force? If you win the ball but flatter him on the… @ZwebackHD Acuna date @HerschelWatts4 I guess giving people brain trauma is ok because the ball hit you @mcfcryan03 Leicester 2 shots on target 2 goals @RedAnfieId Glimpse because Werner is behind him? @DavidMegicks That’s the thing, I know he’s trying to protect his face but I think it comes to the point where he g… @DavidMegicks I can see both ways tbhIs that a Handball on De Bruyne? @fucked_20 @IeNDK8 @128_jack @AnfieldEdition So that’s one injury, like I said. @fucked_20 @IeNDK8 @128_jack @AnfieldEdition He is though, people just assume when he plays we are at our best but… @fucked_20 @IeNDK8 @128_jack @AnfieldEdition Tbf Keita has only had one injury, the other was caused by a manager n… @fucked_20 @IeNDK8 @128_jack @AnfieldEdition Gini has become very very overrated. People are seeing him as a world… @fucked_20 @IeNDK8 @128_jack @AnfieldEdition The only midfielder that we have a better defensive record with than K… @fucked_20 @IeNDK8 @128_jack @AnfieldEdition You can say a lot of things, but to say Naby isn’t more effective than… @MCFC__Adi @ftblnik You really think I thought that he was 31, and played in the 2002 World Cup at age 14?Chelsea really can’t catch a break with player punting each other on the ground #CHETOT @MCFC__Adi @ftblnik Now? Have been the whole time @MCFC__Adi @ftblnik Did you not watch the most recent Copa America? He’s like 31 @ftblnik Maybe in your world, but we both know he won the World Cup in 2002 so he’s been around too long to be 25 @ftblnik I can take who I want. Kovacic is like 31 so not long until Ndombele is better @ftblnik This season yeah but future I’m taking Ndombele @RizAhmed98 @LFCredNation @WhoScored Which is why he’s one of our highest performers. Called reading